4 Busy Dads

Cleaning Your Motorcycle Helmet Face shield

Everyone who rides motorcycles (and wears a helmet) will sooner or later need to clean their face shield. This article is about a simple and easy (home made)way to clean yours without a lot of effort and without scratching the shield either.

The Mouths of Babes

Anyone with kids can rattle off countless stories of funny (or embarrassing) things your kids have said. I myself bought a journal at my son’s birth with the grand intentions of writing down every interesting anecdote of his childhood. I had visions (see also, illusions) of handling him a dog eared book at his wedding and imagined the hours of joy he and his new bride would have reading it. That journal is still empty but the stories are forever (I hope) burned into my memory. They provide seemingly endless entertainment at his expense a la “____ my Dad Said”. Still, the stories always lose something in the retelling.

Camping Gear Top Picks for Backpacking-Updated

I have been involved in some “hardcore” camping in the last year. No, I haven’t trail run the Grand Canyon from rim to rim. Haven’t base camped at the foot of K2. No, I have done something far more dicey. Camping with kids my friends, that is where the action is. In my last few articles, I have talked about some of the challenges I faced camping with kids. To be clear, when I say “camping” I’m using it in a specific sense. . . people+tents+wilderness, preferably light on people and heavy on wilderness.Before my “Let’s Go RV’ing” friends get up in arms, I think “campers” are a fine thing but a far cry from “camping”. I think they bridge a necessary gap between “Holiday Inn Express” and backpacking but it isn’t really my cup of tea. So, if you’re looking for places to plug in, that’s cool. Just not my thing. I’m looking to “unplug”.

School’s Out – What To Do Now?

School’s out, for summer! School’s out forever! Well, school might not actually be out forever as the 1970s Alice Cooper rock classic declared, but if you’ve grown to accustomed to your free time during the last academic year, it might feel that way during the summer months. So what’s a parent to do now that you have to once again entertain, inspire and occupy the eager minds of a child who’s on summer vacation? How can you once again fill 24 hours and seven days a week with your child?

Baby Advice – Don’t Do What I Did!

Few things disturbed me more in my pre-parenting life than the “I’ve Been There, You Haven’t Done That” crowd. They’re the type that are loaded with parenting tips and advice, generally all the things they did to perfection to shape their wunder-kid into a, well, wunder-kid. They’re also the types who will say your life has had virtually no value before you brought a child into the world, and who swear you have no understanding for what tired, what love, and what hard work mean before you add parent to your list of titles. So, with that in mind, today I won’t offer a list of To Dos when it comes to being a parent of a baby/toddler. Instead, today’s advice is…don’t do what I did!

Why Mother’s Day Matters To Dads

Children’s Books Recommendations for Story Time

Looking for a good book to read to your child? I have my master list of books that are can’t miss choices on the first go around…and many subsequent re-reads. These books will not only be big hits with your child, but they’ll also be interesting enough to entertain you as well. After two years of children’s stories, I can assure you your child isn’t the only one that can be brought to tears with the wrong story time choice; too much of a bad read can bring a parent to the brink as well.

The #1 Thing to Teach Your Kids About the Internet

At some point every parent will eventually realize that our kids are more technically savvy than we ever will be. What was innovation and magic for us is commonplace for them. They grew up with computers; cell phones; tablets; ipads, ipods, iphones; i-this and i-that devices are everywhere. They don’t have conversations…they text; tweet; post; blog; and Reddit / Pinterest their daily encounters. So here is the hardest thing you will ever teach your kids about the internet…

Kids and Camping 2.0

So, when we last talking “camping gear” I had left off with the “don’ts” or, more accurately, why the camping gear I had  (car camping gear that is) was not really suited for my more recent adventures in backcountry camping. My Coleman sleeping back and camp cookware have held up to 15 years of work and are very little worse for the wear and tear. That being said, they simply don’t work for backpacking, let alone backpacking with kids. Any camping with kids is about creating a level of fun and safety (secondary to fun in their eyes). If the kids are burdened by too much gear, or if you spend all day setting up and tearing down camp, then the kids won’t have a good time. This is Variation 1 on the old saying “if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”. A frustrated or bored kid will result in a frustrated and more frustrated dad and will end up only one way…no more camping.

Should I Let My Son Be a Cubs Fan?

One of the jobs of parenting is providing guidance and direction to your child in their developmental years. Sometimes, that guidance means helping them avoid some of the mistakes you made when you were growing up. So with that goal in mind, do I really let our son become a Chicago Cubs fan?