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September 2012

Master Suite Remodel Project

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The project du jour is the master suite which was comprised of the bedroom, an incredible cheaply done and inefficient bath and a just-barely-usable closet. So, my wife and I decided we were going to pick a project and figured this was one that could help make our daily routine more efficient. The prior set up was a single vanity, a small shower and the a closet that was "L" shaped and difficult to use to any real extent. 

Fall Festivities

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As the season of fall approaches, leaves reveal their true colors, nights become cooler, and the time is ripe for spending time with your family. From orchards to pumpkin patches and nature trails to hay rides, the many fall activities provide the perfect opportunity to plan that family outing. Not sure what to do? Do a little research and load the minivan.

The Challenge of Chores

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Grumbling, complaining, and outright refusing: these are a few of the responses a dad might receive when he begins the dreaded task of assigning chores. Kids will never find chores fun, despite what Mary Poppins might say, but being consistent and offering rewards can result in a happier household.

A chore chart is the basic organizational tool for scheduling and assigning chores. These charts can take different forms according to how relaxed or strict you would like them to be. For instance, assigning a specific chore for each day of the week, such as "wash dishes on Tuesdays" is great for younger kids who respond well to routine. As kids become older, you might want to let them have more control over their chores by putting a list on the refrigerator and giving kids a week in which to complete those assigned to him.

Weekend Activity: Kite or Charlie Brown Again - Oh Brother!

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Recently my wife was at a much needed Girl's Getaway and I found myself lost for a great activity to do with the boys. I tried to think back to the cool stuff that I liked to do as a kid…and flying kites popped into my head.