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December 2012

How About an Associate's Degree?

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GradI understand that what I am about to tell you goes against all the normal career advice you’ve ever been given. It probably goes against what you are already telling your kids, and what you’ve also been telling yourself. So entertain me while I show you some analysis and information describing why your child may be better off not going through the 4-Year college route.  It's possible they may be further ahead to consider getting an Associate's degree....

How to Build and Use a Water Level

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Plumb BobI had to lay some buried drain lines on my property to address problems where water was pooling and causing mud holes. Once I had dug the trenches my next problem was to figure out how to accurately measure the slope of the drain lines to ensure the water would go where I wanted.  I’m basically too cheap to buy a laser level or a transit; and too inept to use a string level with any accuracy.  So I decided to build a simple water level to make sure my drain lines were right.  Here's how I did it......

Becoming a Better Husband

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CoupleI have read a ton of books on parenting, marriage, relationships, communication, listening, etc. You’d think by now I would know it all…or at least have seen it all as well. This past month I read an astounding book that I am using to help to improve my relationship with my wife and my kids too. I cannot believe something so simple could have had this much impact in my family. So if you really want to be a better Dad, you may want to consider becoming a better husband first. Now about this book……

How to Read the Mayan Calendar

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Mayan TempleI found this article online and thought it was interesting that such an ancient civilization could develop a complex and mathematical system for tracking time.  Here's a summary of how to read the Mayan calendar.  But you'd better hurry in case all the doomsayers are right.....

YouTube Trekking

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PC UserEven though I'm usually busy working, I enjoy watching YouTube videos. I get to see exotic places; thrill seeking adventures; how-to videos; music videos; pranks… you name it and I’ll bet it’s on YouTube. I also go there to find out how to do most anything, as the How-To videos are my favorites.  But lately I’ve developed my own version of a YouTube game that I play to pass the time and also expand my exposure to things, places, and people that I normally would not have watched.  I call it YouTube Trekking…..

Convincing Kids to do Homework

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StudyBack when I was in school, I needed someone to push me to do the right thing. We were encouraged (told) to study the material and not blindly do homework problems. My parents always made sure we did more than what was expected. Some of their methods may not have been very forthcoming, but eventually we understood the need to work hard in school and do our homework. Some of those strategies can still be applied while others may not necessarily work that well today (like a willow switch).  Here are some approaches to getting your kids to tackle homework....

Teach Your Kids How to Ride a Wheelie

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BicycleThis article is going to share with you one of the keys to teaching your kids how to pull a great wheelie on their bicycle. Not one of those quickie almost flipped over, slammed it down, flopping around wheelies that any dufus with a bike can occasionally do by accident. You want them to learn how to ride a controlled and smooth wheelie down the street and around the corner while people stare. A wheelie so good that other guys want to be your kid.

Tackling Clogged Drains

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PumberI guarantee that one day you will have to deal with a stopped up drain. Whether in the kitchen the bath or the toilet…it’s inevitable as death and taxes. The other given is that you will already be busy doing something else when this emergency occurs. Here are some helpful techniques for tackling these various problems.

Organizing the Garage

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GarageEver wished for that perfectly organized garage? I’ve always dreamed that my cluttered and overflowing garage would somehow become perfectly organized – the absolute man-cave of garages, and the envy of all my neighbors.  Well mine is still not perfect but you can easily turn your nightmare garage into something more reasonable in just one weekend.  Just like the motto on our BusyDads website - These tips will not give a busy dad the perfect garage, but they can certainly help you to have a better looking one!

Make it a New Year's Date

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GlassesToday it seems like 24 hours is just too short for one day - and forget getting your work done in just 8 hours. That does not include traffic; travel; shopping; taking care of the kids; mowing the yard; making meals; and taking out the trash. No matter how busy we get, there’s no excuse for compromising or giving up our role as fathers and husbands. Speaking about taking out the trash, when’s the last time you took your wife for a special New Year's night out?