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April 2013

The Speed Square

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speed squareIn my never-ending and epic battle to remodel our son’s 1960’s built house, I’ve had the added perk of getting to buy some of those unique tools that make guys happy. We all know that for guys it always boils down to “tools and toys”. Either one enables us to hold an animated conversation with a perfect stranger. Well this past week I spent a lot of time on my knees working on either vinyl flooring or wood flooring at the house. The Speed Square was just the ticket for a number of tasks and it will stay within reach in the workshop. Handy doesn’t begin to describe it….

Survival Essentials: The Spring Cleaning Legacy

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As children, many of us probably envied our parents just a little during spring-cleaning season, particularly if they were the type to respond to declarations of boredom with a list of apparently nonsensical household tasks. With heavy hearts — sprinkled with a smattering of annoyance — we'd get to work on the washing up, finish the window cleaning, or begin sanding the stair rails.  Parenting styles have evolved significantly since those stair-sanding, dishwashing youthful days of yore. Even then, discipline levels and communication techniques varied from family to family: now, however, we have parenting globalization to contend with. Today, child-rearing demonstrations exist on television, too. Radical approaches, contentious debates, an ever-increasing list of long-term consequences and "super-nannies" with a sixth sense akin to Mary Poppins remind us — on a daily basis — that we could be doing just a little better. Refreshing, no? As parents, the full complexity of life suddenly becomes apparent. Then we realize that we have to somehow equip our joyous little bundles with the know-how to navigate the world. We have to teach them survival skills. 
"Wait: Spring-cleaning is a survival skill? The kids won't buy this…."
Why yes, it is. Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we'll begin.

How To Guide on Supporting a Working Mom

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More moms are headed to the workplace these days and more fathers are staying home to raise the children. But even in this new era of parenting, an old motto rings as true today as it ever did.

“A happy wife is a happy life.”

While more moms are saying goodbye to husband and child in the mornings and headed to the office, the tug to stay at home is as real and strong as it’s ever been. Add in a healthy heaping of guilt for being the Mom who isn’t staying at home, and you have a recipe for disaster.

What’s a daddy to do?