Beginner’s Kitchen Favorites

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Much like a car without a steering wheel, a budding cook without the right kitchen tools has the potential to go nowhere.  I’m convinced many a carry-out-on-speed-dial fanatic could become culinary connoisseurs with a little help.
One of the greatest and most unique gifts I ever received was a Beginner’s Kitchen.  The gift came with love from two friends who stand squarely in opposite corners of the love-to-cook camp.  I received the box in celebration of my first college apartment.  Thirteen years, a marriage, two children, and a solid recipe repertoire under my belt later, I still use several of these quality pieces in my home today.  
Love to cook or hate it, everyone needs certain tools around the kitchen, be it an ice cream scoop (have you ever tried to serve ice cream with a serving spoon?), decent knives (to cut open hot dog packages, if nothing else), or a variety of spatulas, to name a few.  If you’re a subtle supplier, consider the .  If you think big, think this: .
So set someone up for success, then invite yourself over for dinner.  Bon Appétit. 
Want to be a rock star gift giver?  Outfit your chef-to-be with the whole shebang.  DISHES, GLASSWARE, UTENSILS, NESTING BOWLS, POTS AND PANS…
My favorites include:
This Cuisinart Cookware Set () is an incredible steal and has every pot you really ever need.  I bought it on recommendation from a friend and haven’t been disappointed a day since.  For everything from popcorn, to meatloaf, to cornbread, these bowls are absolute must, especially for space savers, which most new apartments need: .

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Hmmm…Coffee. Whoever said ‘Love makes the world go round’ obviously didn’t need black gold to get his day going. Nothing makes an early wake-up call more bearable than a steaming cup of caffeine. That being said, I’m kind of a coffee snob insomuch as I’m definitely not a bad-coffee-is-better-than-no-coffee drinker. No day old or instant granules for me, thank you. That’s why I am positively in love with Keurig. I’ll admit, I rolled my eyes when I first saw my mom’s deluxe edition. Really, such a contraption for a simple cup of java? Yes. The answer is yes.

Children's Books Recommendations for Story Time

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Looking for a good book to read to your child? I have my master list of books that are can't miss choices on the first go around...and many subsequent re-reads. These books will not only be big hits with your child, but they’ll also be interesting enough to entertain you as well. After two years of children’s stories, I can assure you your child isn’t the only one that can be brought to tears with the wrong story time choice; too much of a bad read can bring a parent to the brink as well.

Kids, Cats and the Toilet Paper Roll

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At one point during a party to watch NFL football on TV, one of my over-educated friends pointed out that he had “fixed” the toilet paper roll in our guest bathroom.  Evidently our TP roll was on backwards and (obviously) it should always unroll over the top, etc….  I quickly pointed out that the error of his ways regarding the installation was the simply because he didn’t have any children – or cats.  I’ve already raised my kids and numerous cats along the way too.  Now if your house is like mine, both cats and kids have an uncanny knack for spinning the toilet paper off the roll!

Fatherly Love on Valentine's Day

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Though Valentine's Day may seem like a yearly tribute to Hallmark, this holiday revolves around expressions of love. You give a card to your mom, roses to your wife, but what about to your kids? They may not be expecting a Valentine from you, but such a surprise could show them how much you truly care.

Amazon Prime Membership

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amazon primeAbout a year ago, a friend of mine was blathering on about how cool the Amazon Prime membership was and I was mentally rolling my eyes and thinking blah, blah, blah… So a few weeks later I took the time to read up on the program details and decided that since it had a Free Trial option to give it a try. Besides, it couldn’t really be much worse than having a Costco or Sam’s Club membership – right?

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