Beginner’s Kitchen Favorites

Much like a car without a steering wheel, a budding cook without the right kitchen tools has the potential to go nowhere.  I’m convinced many a carry-out-on-speed-dial fanatic could become culinary connoisseurs with a little help.
One of the greatest and most unique gifts I ever received was a Beginner’s Kitchen.  The gift came with love from two friends who stand squarely in opposite corners of the love-to-cook camp.  I received the box in celebration of my first college apartment.  Thirteen years, a marriage, two children, and a solid recipe repertoire under my belt later, I still use several of these quality pieces in my home today.
Love to cook or hate it, everyone needs certain tools around the kitchen, be it an ice cream scoop (have you ever tried to serve ice cream with a serving spoon?), decent knives (to cut open hot dog packages, if nothing else), or a variety of spatulas, to name a few.  If you’re a subtle supplier, consider the KitchenAid Cook’s Series 17-Piece Starter Tool and Gadget Set, Black .  If you think big, think this: Hampton Forge 52-Piece Kitchen Starter Set .
So set someone up for success, then invite yourself over for dinner.  Bon Appétit.
Want to be a rock star gift giver?  Outfit your chef-to-be with the whole shebang.  DISHES, GLASSWARE, UTENSILS, NESTING BOWLS, POTS AND PANS…
My favorites include:
This Cuisinart Cookware Set ( Cuisinart 77-10 Chef’s Classic Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set ) is an incredible steal and has every pot you really ever need.  I bought it on recommendation from a friend and haven’t been disappointed a day since.  For everything from popcorn, to meatloaf, to cornbread, these bowls are absolute must, especially for space savers, which most new apartments need: Trudeau Melamine Mixing Bowls in Assorted Bright Colors, Set of 6 .

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