Braiding Hair and Having Tea: Not Just for Mommies

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I was six years old, wide awake despite the late hour. Christmas Day had been full of shiny packages and warm hugs, and as I sat near the glowing Christmas tree, I twirled my new doll’s hair. Mom had fallen asleep on the couch, Brother had gone to bed, and Dad was reading in his chair when I heard from across the room, “Do you want to learn how to braid your doll’s hair?”

I replied, “Daddies don’t braid hair!” Without a word he came over and sat beside me, perfectly braiding its silky hair. I was speechless, and taking in my expression, he laughed and kissed my cheek.

With little girls, some things seem to be for “mommies only.” Tea parties, fingernail-painting, and braiding hair seem to be activities reserved for moms. However, moms can be asleep, on a business trip, busy, or just not there, so the task then falls to the dads. How are dads supposed to survive such girly undertakings? A little patience, a fun outlook, and not taking oneself too seriously will serve dads well in such endeavors.

To look at one “mommy activity,” tea parties are special events for little girls. If this invite somehow lands on her daddy’s doorstep, here’s a little advice:

  • Let her be in charge (to a certain extent)
  • Show her you know a few things, such as lifting one’s pinky finger when drinking tea
  • Use real food if you can (I always begged to use real food when hosting tea parties)

As for braiding hair and painting fingernails, little girls won’t know that their dads have no experience in either of these, so dads, don’t feel you need to buy a For Dummies book. The real catch is letting her know that you care enough to spend these little moments with her because these moments, at least for me, have become long-lasting memories.


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