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As the name would suggest, we at 4BusyDads (being in large part BusyDads ourselves) understand what it means to be a dad in 2012. While it may seem obvious, the sheer chaos of our lives prevents us from fully appreciating the forest for the trees.

Fortunately, the good people at Salary.com* and  Insure.com*  have taken the time and energy to quantify this harried life with what Insure.com refers to as the "Father's Day Index".  This tongue in cheek effort strives to categorize and value the things that dads contribute at home. The results are clear. Don't quit your day job.

Salary.com pegs the value of dad's services to the family at $36,757 (up about 10% from 2011....not bad in this economy) while Insure.com takes a more conservative line at $20,248. Either way, both "studies" agree that dads are playing an ever growing role in the home, a fact which is not lost on our readers. 

Though these reports acknowledge that dads still tend to be the primary breadwinners, the value of dad's "honey do" work tallies up to a mere 34% of what mom's provide. The list of roles is conveniently broken down into jobs such as "bbq", "chauffer", and "handyman". While this is all good fun, there really are a few serious takeaways. Roles such as "coaching a team" and "scout leader" have taken their place amongst the other roles, reflecting the increasing importance of the father/child relationship.I think that is cool and I can live with the glass ceiling it it means more time with the kids. 

A link to the full article can be found here: http://lifeinc.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/12/12168909-dads-household-duties-worth-less-than-moms?lite

If you want to know more about our roles in the home, check out Becoming a Dad: How Fatherhood Changes Men


* we have no affiliation with either company other than our unending love of statistical trivia

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