The Challenge of Chores

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Grumbling, complaining, and outright refusing: these are a few of the responses a dad might receive when he begins the dreaded task of assigning chores. Kids will never find chores fun, despite what Mary Poppins might say, but being consistent and offering rewards can result in a happier household.

A chore chart is the basic organizational tool for scheduling and assigning chores. These charts can take different forms according to how relaxed or strict you would like them to be. For instance, assigning a specific chore for each day of the week, such as "wash dishes on Tuesdays" is great for younger kids who respond well to routine. As kids become older, you might want to let them have more control over their chores by putting a list on the refrigerator and giving kids a week in which to complete those assigned to him.

Of course, rewards, monetary or otherwise, are the motivation behind completing chores. "How much?" is a personal choice, and money is not the only option. Again, age plays a role in this decision. Little kids might enjoy a special trip to Toys R Us or Chuck-e-Cheese for completing all their chores over the course of two to four weeks instead of cash. However, older kids can learn how to budget their money by being paid for chores at the end of the week. Another option for older kids is to cover their expenses for certain activities, such as going to the movie with friends.

Though kids do not find chores pleasurable, they will enjoy the rewards from responsibly completing them as well as praise from you.

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Kids Toys for Christmas

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It's almost Thanksgiving and the wife and I are already thinking of toys to get for the boys for Christmas.   John Deere stuff is big this year as we watched the combines harvest the corn fields next to us.  We have beans planted the last few years and the deer population has been affected.  Now, we should see lots of deer wandering around plus maybe even a few lost turkeys.  The coyotes have been loud at night too.

Making time for your Kids

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Developing a strategy for becoming a better dad can sound like a big joke. To use the term “busy dad” in the current world is really an understatement. A lot of us dads have a difficult time trying to balance our professional or personal demands against spending valuable time with the wife and kids too. Just because your schedule is tight should not mean that you are destined to fail as a parent. 

Benefits of Reading To Your Kids

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Reading kids mom dad booksWe used to read to our boys all the time when they were little. It was a special time for each of us as parents to have a quiet time to connect with them. The rush and worries of the day were put aside and we all took the time to relax and recharge our batteries. And the boys loved it because we were giving them all of our attention and meeting their emotional needs. This simple act was a critical time for us as parents since we both worked full time jobs.

Your Kids' Bedrooms -- Cool Themes Are Easier Than You Think!

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Kids' décor? Let's face it. We dads aren't Martha Stewart. We don't have craft parties, we don't sit around watching HGTV (at least so far as our wives know), and we don't know the first thing about color palettes.

But we do want our kids to have cool bedrooms. Why? Their bedrooms are their first "territory", the first flag they plant in the ground of independence. Having that bit of control can be the same feeling of sanctuary that we feel when we soak up that extra hour of sleep on a Sunday morning, or flip on that Chuck Norris movie as a guilty pleasure.

So, when your toddler proudly proclaims that he's a "big kid", here's how you can turn his baby's room into a cool big kid sanctuary -- all without losing your mind!

Kids, Cats and the Toilet Paper Roll

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At one point during a party to watch NFL football on TV, one of my over-educated friends pointed out that he had “fixed” the toilet paper roll in our guest bathroom.  Evidently our TP roll was on backwards and (obviously) it should always unroll over the top, etc….  I quickly pointed out that the error of his ways regarding the installation was the simply because he didn’t have any children – or cats.  I’ve already raised my kids and numerous cats along the way too.  Now if your house is like mine, both cats and kids have an uncanny knack for spinning the toilet paper off the roll!

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