Cool Gadgets for Dad's Car

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Although fatherhood has many of its own rewards, the drawbacks may feel a bit discouraging at times. While you once had a vehicle in which you took so much pride, a vehicle where you spent time every day making sure it was perfect, it is now a taxi service for your kids. So, just how can you pimp a ride that has felt the full effects of fatherhood?  Spicing up your car can take as little as adding a few cool gadgets that it didn't have before - gadgets that can prove to be not just decorative, but useful, too.

If you have not yet installed a GPS system in your car, you know what to get first. The price can range greatly depending on where you are shopping and which system you are buying, but if you know where to look, you can likely find one for for any budget.  Not only will you never have to worry about your wife insisting on stopping and asking for directions again, but the sheer convenience of these systems -like the portable size, location detector, and voice capability -ups their coolness factor by that much more.

Since safety should be one of your top concerns, this next gadget is a great addition to your car.  It is a rearview mirror monitor that is actually a backup camera with night vision. When backing up into a tight spot, for example, the monitor will automatically switch to a screen that shows a view of what is behind you. That's an invaluable tool to see any kids playing in the drive behind you or to avoid crushing Junior's bicycle (and more work for you).  Its night vision capability is a plus, and that is not all.  When not in use as a type of rearview mirror, it can be used as a monitor for playing video games or watching movies - an excellent way to keep the kids occupied while you are driving.

You may very well be one of those dads who had to give up his beloved sports car for a minivan or other family friendly vehicle, and you are not alone. That is why they invented the Vroominator, a small device that plugs into your DC adapter. For just a fraction of the cost of a new Porsche, you can experience once again the sound of your vehicle revving like the sports car you once had. Even for a brief time, you can remind yourself what it feels like to have the best vehicle on the road, even if you have a car full of kids.

Whether it be to document family road trips or to just capture snapshots of unique moments, you definitely want to consider a mounted HD camera for your dashboard. Take a quick family snapshot or use the video recording feature to make a home (or rather, "car") movie.  Either way, your children will appreciate it and so will you, especially years from now when you are looking back at them in their (and your) younger years.

Just because you are now a dad, this does not mean you cannot have a sleek, stylish ride. With the addition of a few simple devices, not only will your wife and kids love riding in your car, but you will, too.


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Road Trip Games for the Family

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Most Dads feel obligated to give our kids as much fun as possible every time we take them for long road trips. The point is to keep them fully occupied hopefully guaranteeing us smooth rides without all the whining and crying...and hopefully keeping our sanity as well.  Here are some fun activities and games to consider playing on long (or short) car trips:

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But we do want our kids to have cool bedrooms. Why? Their bedrooms are their first "territory", the first flag they plant in the ground of independence. Having that bit of control can be the same feeling of sanctuary that we feel when we soak up that extra hour of sleep on a Sunday morning, or flip on that Chuck Norris movie as a guilty pleasure.

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