Essential Office Goodies

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So you’re now a Dad....Spending every spare moment you have doing things for someone else in the family.  Whether for productivity or to add a little fun to the office, these gadget suggestions are your way of saying thanks to yourself…..

KEYBOARD ORGANIZER – My office desk always collects garbage.  The more stuff you want to get rid of, the more that comes your way.  Since you can’t stop the debris from piling up, why not simply better organize it instead with a Keyboard Organizer.  This simple add-on is really quite helpful and functional, especially if you have limited drawer or storage space….and its wireless too! 

WIRELESS KEY FINDER - Ever find yourself rushing to leave for the office or trying to get out for a meeting, but you’re wasting time frantically searching for your keys or wallet.  Plus it doesn’t help that your spastic search is cheap entertainment for everyone else in cubicle city.  Good news for you – with a wireless key finder you not only can locate the wayward keys, you get to look cool doing it too.  This clever device is helpful in quickly tracking down your lost keys, wallets or anything else it’s attached to.  Hey - Maybe you could put one of these on your absentminded kid who is always wandering off at the mall!

DIGITAL SMARTPEN - Sometimes it becomes impossible to avoid taking meeting notes, or perhaps you are either too slow or too cool to actually do it.  This awesome smartpen comes to the rescue.  With the internal 4G of memory, you could record hours of audio as well as pages of written text.  Anything you write down is saved in memory and can be uploaded via wifi.  Your boss will be amazed at your power of retention and ability to recall every detail of those meetings he likes to call “coaching & mentoring”. 

PRIVACY FILTER – Do you share a cubicle or office with the resident busybody?  Here’s something to ensure your on-screen privacy These screen filters help to avoid someone reading your sensitive material, either in the office or on a plane, or anywhere.  They have them for laptops, desktops, and your Apple iPhone too!  So remember – what happens on your PC, stays on your PC…….

DESKTOP PUNCHING BAG - To err is human, and to get stressed out in the office is a given.  You need a stress buster to avoid telling your boss exactly what you think of his “strategic” views – and even more so to have a shot at leaving your problems at the office and not dumping on your kids when you get home.  Shouting, screaming, or throwing your prized red stapler is frowned upon (don’t ask how I know).  The Desktop Punching Bag is a perfect and safe solution to relieve your stress.  Keep on punching and I guarantee the bag will never ask you for your TPS Reports.



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Cool Gadgets for Dad's Car

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Although fatherhood has many of its own rewards, the drawbacks may feel a bit discouraging at times. While you once had a vehicle in which you took so much pride, a vehicle where you spent time every day making sure it was perfect, it is now a taxi service for your kids. So, just how can you pimp a ride that has felt the full effects of fatherhood? Spicing up your car can take as little as adding a few cool gadgets that it didn't have before - gadgets that can prove to be not just decorative, but useful too.

Your Kids' Bedrooms -- Cool Themes Are Easier Than You Think!

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Kids' décor? Let's face it. We dads aren't Martha Stewart. We don't have craft parties, we don't sit around watching HGTV (at least so far as our wives know), and we don't know the first thing about color palettes.

But we do want our kids to have cool bedrooms. Why? Their bedrooms are their first "territory", the first flag they plant in the ground of independence. Having that bit of control can be the same feeling of sanctuary that we feel when we soak up that extra hour of sleep on a Sunday morning, or flip on that Chuck Norris movie as a guilty pleasure.

So, when your toddler proudly proclaims that he's a "big kid", here's how you can turn his baby's room into a cool big kid sanctuary -- all without losing your mind!

Benefits of Reading To Your Kids

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Reading kids mom dad booksWe used to read to our boys all the time when they were little. It was a special time for each of us as parents to have a quiet time to connect with them. The rush and worries of the day were put aside and we all took the time to relax and recharge our batteries. And the boys loved it because we were giving them all of our attention and meeting their emotional needs. This simple act was a critical time for us as parents since we both worked full time jobs.

The Big Guns of Closet Storage

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With barely any space for shoes, coats, and clean clothes in a college closet, dirty laundry is squeezed into any nook and cranny available. The inevitable result? Clean clothes fraternizing with the sweaty, haven’t-been-washed-in-three-weeks enemy. Secure an easy truce in the battle between clean and dirty laundry with these five Bed Bath and Beyond closet organizing essentials.

How To Guide on Supporting a Working Mom

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More moms are headed to the workplace these days and more fathers are staying home to raise the children. But even in this new era of parenting, an old motto rings as true today as it ever did.

“A happy wife is a happy life.”

While more moms are saying goodbye to husband and child in the mornings and headed to the office, the tug to stay at home is as real and strong as it’s ever been. Add in a healthy heaping of guilt for being the Mom who isn’t staying at home, and you have a recipe for disaster.

What’s a daddy to do?

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