Exercising Your Kid's Brain

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bowling pins score ball laneWe all went bowling today for my oldest son’s 23rd birthday.  Not necessarily cliff diving on the thrill-o-meter, but it’s what he wanted to do as a family.  A surprising fact came up during our little “festival of the gutter ball”.  He said that he has never been to a bowling alley that did not have automated score keeping.  He has never kept score by hand or had to calculate how to process strikes or spares himself.  He literally did not understand the process but has bowled numerous times and was once even in a league.  This got me thinking about all the ways our kids are not exercising their brains.  Here are some thoughts for you to help keep them on their toes…..

puzzle pieceWith the advent of computers; calculators; and a multitude of other modern inventions our children are living in a world of convenience which has created technological dependency.  It’s not that they are lazy or inept, but they’re simply not working out those particular muscles.   Focus on areas that develop your child’s speed; attention; memory; problem solving; and flexibility.  Here is my short list of items that can be used to exercise your kid’s gray matter. 

  • Learn how to keep bowling scores
  • Calculating a service tip amount (what is 15% of a 27.85 meal?)
  • Final product price with a discount (what is 10% off for a $35 pair of jeans?)
  • Tying a pair of shoes (Velcro is everywhere)
  • Basic math skills (multiply; add; subtract; divide – all in your head)
  • Determine Sales Tax (what is 7% of a $149.99 purchase?)
  • Calculate the Gas mileage of your car
  • Plan a trip without Mapquest (remember those AAA trip books?)
  • Have them balance your checkbook by hand
  • Judging distance; weight; time
  • Memorizing a phone number (do they know yours?)
  • Solve a jigsaw puzzle
  • Solve a crossword puzzle (without Google)
  • Find Waldo
  • Play a real board game (not the computerized version)
  • Walk through your house in total darkness (improves spatial memory)
  • Debate a random topic (take a position oppositional to theirs)
  • Speak a foreign language (ask them questions in French; Spanish; etc…)
  • Write using long hand (not typing on a PC)
  • Have them make up their own bedtime stories
  • Learn a new word daily
  • Learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube (I personally think Rubik was a sadistic person)

math problems brain thinkingChallenge your kids daily and randomly to solve riddles or math problems in their head.  Each of the items listed above could be daily opportunities to give your kids a mental work out....and maybe for yourself too.  Of course don’t forget the proverbial balance of physical exercise; plenty of sleep; good nutrition; and proper hydration.

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