Fathers on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day, as implied by the name of this holiday, isn’t for dads, but somehow, they always get roped in. My dad is usually coerced into driving my brother and me to the Hallmark store for a card and some kind of useless knick-knack. One year, we decided to plant flowers for her, and that idea became a dirty, fun adventure with my dad being the most productive. No matter the circumstances, be prepared for your kids to come running for ideas and help, money-wise or other.

What makes a good Mother’s Day gift? Moms actually do believe the “it’s the thought that counts” maxim. Making cards with little ones, painting a refrigerator magnet, and even cleaning the house up can bring a smile to her face and make your kids feel like they’re showing their gratitude to their mom. For craft ideas, visit http://crafts.kaboose.com. If the idea of crafts gives you nightmares, try simple, helpful gestures such as breakfast in bed.  Or take the kids out to breakfast…and let Mom sleep in.  

For older kids, you might need to remind them of the importance of showing their appreciation on Mother’s Day. Suggest picking out a card or doing something thoughtful. Tech-savvy teens can create a PowerPoint or video with family pictures, showing their gratitude for their mom’s love over the years. Let them express their appreciation in untraditional ways, and they will see how Mother’s Day celebrations don’t end with elementary school days. Again, a little reminding will be necessary.

Yes, this isn’t “your” holiday, Dad – not until June, anyway – but your participation is essential. If your kids see that you care about letting Mom have a special day, they will also recognize its importance and carry this tradition of showing their appreciation to their moms, and you, beyond the years of refrigerator magnets.    




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