Flash Still Avaliable on Android Download Now

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Where's my Adobe Flash install?

Google Play removed Adobe's Flash Player from their website.  Not to worry, flash can still be downloaded from the Adobe Flash Archive.  Since it's not on Google Play, you'll have to by pass the security settings to allow content from an untrusted source.  Whether or not Flash continues to be a viable option for mobile media devices remains to be seen but contrary to popular belief, it can still be installed.  How long do you think Flash will last on the Droid?  Rumor has it that it is quickly loosing support in Windows 8.  What do you think?

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Risky Android Apps

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Since I got my first tablet, I’ve seen an increasing trend in smartphone applications requesting more than the needed rights for the device upon install.  Bit9 released today that more than 290,000 apps were questionable with “high level access”  on the devices...

Reinstalling Windows 7: Not a Genuine Version of Windows

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Frustrated Computer AgainFor some reason my HTPC got corrupted and gave me the great message of "Not a Genuine version of Windows."  - Great!   After poking around for a few minutes, I saw that my Windows Update was no longer working.  Oh Great!  I spent an hour trying to restore Windows Update with various suggestions I Googled.  No luck.  Even went back to the Microsoft Technet site.  Now, we're getting deep.  Still nothing was working.  I tried various fixes, patches, and registry hacks.  No dice.

Road Trip Games for the Family

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Most Dads feel obligated to give our kids as much fun as possible every time we take them for long road trips. The point is to keep them fully occupied hopefully guaranteeing us smooth rides without all the whining and crying...and hopefully keeping our sanity as well.  Here are some fun activities and games to consider playing on long (or short) car trips:

Installing New Grounded Outlets

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wall outlet new three prongI haven’t written anything in a while as we’ve been tied up with a remodel job. New flooring; kitchen cabinets; painting; plumbing repairs; and refinishing wood floors are all on the agenda. Somewhere in this do-it-yourself construction job is the basis for a great article. So instead of that let me tell you about my efforts to replace all the duplex outlets in our 1960 house…

Should I Drop Our Home Phone?

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antique phone oldI am currently in the middle of this conundrum about whether to keep or cancel our home phone line. We are currently paying about $60 a month for this landline and with our cell phones we hardly seem to use it at all anymore. So the analysis and second-guessing is in full swing as I try to answer this question. What would you do….

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