How to Fix a Loose Hinge

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Have you ever had a door that was wobbly on its hinges? Sometimes the door has just worn out over time, or sometimes, if you're like me, your son has used the door to swing on like playground equipment. If so, you may have thought you were in for an expensive repair. Follow these easy steps to have the door operational in minutes.

Step 1: Take out the screws on the effected hinge. Most modern hinges are phillips screws, but some of the older versions may be slotted. The first tool every homeowner (or apartment dweller) should have is a multi bit screwdriver like the one shown below. 

Step 2: Check to see which screw holes are "loose". Often the screws have been pulled out of the wood and left a larger hole than before. 

Step 3: Take a common wooden match stick (like the ones shown below). Snap the match head off and insert one or two into the screw hole. 

Step 4: Screw the hinge back into the door jam using original screws (if possible). If not, check around the house. Most people have a few odds and ends lying around that will suit the purpose. 

Step 5: Check the hinge. If it is still loose, repeat 3 and 4.

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Installing a Keyless Deadbolt Lock

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schlage door lock keypad deadboltSome of you may live in cities or towns where locking your doors is a requirement. This means another key to carry around or possibly lose. And if you have kids coming home from school (latchkey kids), then they need keys too. Today I installed a Schlage keyless deadbolt on our front door. It was really way too easy and now lost or missing keys are a thing of the past.

Home Made Motorcycle Lift

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Every motorcycle owner knows that if you want to do any work on your road bike, even something as simple as changing the oil, it’s nearly impossible to keep the bike upright and stable. Even worse, on my Kawasaki Vulcan 900, the oil level sight glass is way down at the very bottom of the engine casings next to the shift lever. Absolutely freaking impossible to hold the bike upright while you’re bent over trying to see the oil level in the window. I have no idea how the Harley riders or other Cruisers do this either. Let me show you how to build a home-made bike lift for next to nothing and it works like a charm….

Super Easy Toilet Clog Fix

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toilet boy cute babyAs a follow up to a prior article on unclogging drains, I wanted to share this simple method for clearing plugged toilets. Now I’ve taken a lot of crap over the years about this topic, and I wish somebody had just told me about this fix 20 years ago. From a very early age both of my boys have had “issues” using the toilet. One believes there is no such thing as using too much toilet paper, and the other must have a colon shaped like a Pringles can – OMG. And the only thing that has changed over the years is they are now older, bigger, and still being a pain in the commode. Now on to the easiest fix you’ll ever find…

Installing New Grounded Outlets

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wall outlet new three prongI haven’t written anything in a while as we’ve been tied up with a remodel job. New flooring; kitchen cabinets; painting; plumbing repairs; and refinishing wood floors are all on the agenda. Somewhere in this do-it-yourself construction job is the basis for a great article. So instead of that let me tell you about my efforts to replace all the duplex outlets in our 1960 house…

Organizing the Garage

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GarageEver wished for that perfectly organized garage? I’ve always dreamed that my cluttered and overflowing garage would somehow become perfectly organized – the absolute man-cave of garages, and the envy of all my neighbors.  Well mine is still not perfect but you can easily turn your nightmare garage into something more reasonable in just one weekend.  Just like the motto on our BusyDads website - These tips will not give a busy dad the perfect garage, but they can certainly help you to have a better looking one!

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