How to lose 30 lbs in 3 months without losing your mind

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If you’re reading this it’s most likely that you’ve been down the same path as I have with respect to weight loss.  I cannot say I’ve tried every plan out there, but it sure seems like nothing really worked for me over the long run.  I tried the low carb; 7 Day Purge; South Beach; etc…   I even joined Weight Watcher’s and suffered through their meetings (OMG – all those women talk about is food), and I’d always leave those meetings hungrier than when I started.  I just did not get any value out of counting points; journaling; looking everything up in the books, and trying to cook legumes a new way every day.

Now don’t get all Richard Simmons or Arnold on me either.  My day is already too action packed to spend hours at the gym watching (or listening to) all the hard-bodies do the look-at-me strut.  The obvious reality of being overweight is that once you get too big, exercising is a risky business.  Those of you who are poo-pooing this should try working out with a couple of 50lb sand bags strapped on your hips.  It really kills your joints, muscles, and most likely you are going to get hurt which further kills the mood to salsa dance the pounds away.

The bottom line (pun intended) is that I am a guy.  We guys like things simple; easy to follow; and results driven.  As any wife or girlfriend can attest, we guys have very short attention spans and can forget almost anything within 10 minutes….even less if there’s been a commercial for beer; pickup trucks, or Hooter’s during a football game on TV.  So I needed a plan that was so easy even my other brother Darryl could do it.  And I found it by reading the book “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis.  Here’s a quick summary of what’s involved (but this should not stop you from buying the book - ok?):   Stop eating wheat or flour based products.

Now those of you who are fitness and nutrition nuts can easily pull so much more out of the book.  It’s all there so go read it for yourselves.  The key is that our bodies are pretty efficient machines.  We take in food, convert it to energy or glucose, and then store it as fat for later.  To lose weight you either burn more calories or take in fewer calories, right?  Or what if you simply took in less food that is so easily converted to sugars or glucose?  You know, make your body work a bit harder to store all that fat.  Today’s modern hybrid wheat constitutes a HUGE percentage of our diets.  Check it out for yourself by looking at the labels or ingredients of what you eat in a day.  Wheat or flour is in almost everything pre-packaged; boxed; or frozen.  All those convenient foods we scarf down are loaded with flour… even the natural wheat ones that are supposed to be good for us.  If you were going to give up ONE SINGLE FOOD to enable weight loss, it sure wouldn’t be spinach or lima beans…. You’d pick the one item that you eat the most of every day…..wheat/flour.

It isn’t easy at first…but boy is it simple and easy to follow.  If it has wheat/flour then it doesn’t make it past the lips.  No counting calories; no journaling; no calculating points; no pre-packaged meal plans; no – no – no – more.  Instead of a sub sandwich at Jimmy John’s, order it as an “unwich”…wrapped in lettuce.  Eat hard shell tacos (corn tortillas) instead of soft shell flour tortillas – or have brown rice; rice pasta; and other choices without flour.  Look for items marked Gluten Free… bingo you’re on board.  I’ve done it and now I don’t even worry about fighting my diet…it’s a common part of my daily routine and easily supportable.  And if I can do it so can you.

PS – an added benefit is that as you lose weight, your libido (sex drive) kicks in and very soon you won’t be the only one around the house losing it ….ask my wife!  


My results over 3 months: (edit – added 4th mo numbers) without any exercise program.

  Start 3 Months 4 Months
Weight 280 250 238
Cholesterol 230 210 185
Blood Pressure 130/85 115/75 105/70
Waist 50” 44” 42



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