I Hate Checkout Lines

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wait lineChanneling my inner Andy Rooney - It has gotten to the point where I avoid going to Walmart simply because of their checkout lines.  It is beyond any argument or logic why they insist on opening so few registers.  They have 30 registers and only open up 3 of them.  At the point when all my shopping is done and I am ready to give them my money, they act indifferent.  Does this make business sense to anyone? 

I used to dread going to Lowe’s for the same reason until they installed the self-service checkout lanes.  Now when I’m rushing to finish repairing a broken drain pipe or other domestic tragedy – bam, beep, bagged and I’m through the store and on my way.  Smart move Lowe’s.  Even our local grocery stores have installed the self check lanes as their Express checkout option.

waitress attitudeIn a related whine, I also get irritated with waiters who get lazy at check time.  Just last night we were out to eat and the waiter had cleared all of our dishes, glasses and everything.  Then he left the check.  I looked it over and put my credit card in the holder and waited.  And waited some more.  It took him another 20 minutes to come back and give us the cheerie “Are we all ready now?”.  It wasn’t like we were sitting there having drinks…the table was empty.  C’mon man!  Table turnover is the way you make money in this business.

cahsierAgain – I find it absolutely insulting that at the point when I am willingly handing a merchant my hard-earned money, they act like it’s putting them out to take it from me.  This transaction is your whole reason for being in business.  Maybe it’s the fallout of spending more time shopping online with nearly instantaneous checkouts.   If these merchants don’t change their ways, I may just decide to do all my shopping online. 

And don’t get me started on the 10 Item-or-Less Express Lane crashers.  Please people – a full cart isn’t even close to 10 items.

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Lessons on Saving and Spending

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piggy bank money savings kids learnI’ve always told my kids that if they learned this one simple trick they could double any money they earned. “Just fold it in half and stick in your pocket!” Today that advice is not so easy to follow since everyone uses credit cards and debit cards and eChecks or PayPal. But this time-honored and wealth generating logic still holds true: there are only two ways to financial well being. You either make more or spend less….and doing both is even better. Let me show you how we taught our boys to save and spend responsibly….

Make it a New Year's Date

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GlassesToday it seems like 24 hours is just too short for one day - and forget getting your work done in just 8 hours. That does not include traffic; travel; shopping; taking care of the kids; mowing the yard; making meals; and taking out the trash. No matter how busy we get, there’s no excuse for compromising or giving up our role as fathers and husbands. Speaking about taking out the trash, when’s the last time you took your wife for a special New Year's night out?

Making time for your Kids

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Developing a strategy for becoming a better dad can sound like a big joke. To use the term “busy dad” in the current world is really an understatement. A lot of us dads have a difficult time trying to balance our professional or personal demands against spending valuable time with the wife and kids too. Just because your schedule is tight should not mean that you are destined to fail as a parent. 

How to make fudge with marshmallow creme

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This quick and easy marshmallow fudge is made with butter, sugar, chocolate chips, marshmallow creme, vanilla, and pecans.

The Art of Washing Dishes

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dad dish washing soap sudsThis past week our automatic dishwasher broke down. Between all the normal busy stuff and my severe lack of mechanical abilities, it took a week to get repaired. Nothing overly complicated once I tore it apart – just a split drain hose. However in the mean time it meant we had to go old-school with regards to doing dishes. For some of you this is a no brainer. For others (like my kids) it was new and uncharted territory to navigate. I’ll share with you the art of washing dishes by hand as taught to me by my grandmother. The bonus is the magic that occurred over this week…..

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