Installing a Keyless Deadbolt Lock

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Some of you may live in cities or towns where locking your doors is considered a requirement.  This means another key to carry around (or possibly lose).  And if you have kids coming home from school (latchkey kids), then they need keys too.  Today I installed a Schlage keyless deadbolt on our front door.  It was really way too easy and now lost or missing keys are a thing of the past.

Schlage keypad deadbolt kitSurprisingly this only took me about 10 minutes to install using just a screwdriver.  I did have some things in my favor, namely that I already had a standard Schlage deadbolt in the door.  This made the swap easy because all the holes and hardware were already the correct size and locations.  The instructions were very simple easy to follow steps and also included pictorials as well.  I’ve included some pictures showing the comparison of the original deadbolt lock and the new keypad entry deadbolt.  I chose the Schlage model because of the design features and each of use.  Other brands had actuators that moved the deadbolt in and out which I felt would quickly drain the battery.  The Schlage only engages the turn knob with an internal lock pin so it draws much less energy for each use.  Depending on the battery type you install (lithium?) they claim you can get 3 years of product use-life out of a single battery before replacement.

Schlage deadbolt keypadNow we have a simple 4 digit key code to enter which releases the deadbolt to either lock the door or unlock it.  I can set a temporary code for guests; repair men; a neighbor to watch the dog.  You can even disable the keypad altogether if you want.  Programming is done using a master program code (which you can set too) and is straightforward using the included quick reference guide.  You can store up to 19 different pass codes and a possible 10,000 combinations.  And for those of you who are the belts and suspenders type, there is a manual override whereby you can use a normal key to bypass the keypad.  Good to have in case the 9v battery goes south before you notice the flashing warning lights.  The bypass can also disable the ability to use a key if you want.

schlage keypad night view keys deadboltLocking and using the keypad is intuitive and indicator lights in the keys show Green; Amber; or Red to help you when programming.  It also has a night light feature so that the keypad lights up to assist in entering your codes in the dark.  The inside locking mechanism is just the common deadbolt lever.  I would not recommend having a keyed internal deadbolt because of the possible safety issues in an emergency.  You don’t want your kids trapped in a house fire desperately searching for a key to open the door.


So thats it.  Now I just have to figure out which of the 10,000 possible keypad combinations we're going to use!







Great article! Not sure I would go with a traditional looking lock. I was looking at something a little bit more modern like the turbolock.


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