The Longest Blind Date Ever

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When I graduated from college I took a job working as a Field Engineer for a construction company.  We worked long hours, sometimes 12 hours a day seven days a week.  We barely had time to do anything else let alone consider dating.  But being young (ignorant) and gainfully employed, I tried repeatedly to spark the interest of a young lady.  Well actually it was any young lady… without success.  I was shot down so many times my coworkers started calling me “skeets”.  Finally one of them took pity on me and set up a blind date.  Now the rest of the story….

sunglasses blindMy friend set me up with his baby sitter!  I was like – “are you kidding me?”  Well since I was only 22-23 at the time, and she was almost 19 (and presumably willing) I thoughtfully considered the possibility that she might be a hunchback or worse and immediately said yes!  Desperate times my friend… desperate times.  Well evidently she wasn’t all that desperate herself and back out.  I’m guessing my friend’s wife told her about my winless streak and common sense prevailed.  Now before you go crying in your beer about it, she wasn’t totally heartless and cruel in dumping me before we had even met.  She obviously felt really bad about it and sent her best friend on the date instead (maybe she was cruel now that I think about it).  So I guess it was a blind-blind date, sort of, maybe.   And so it begins…

picnicTrying to be totally safe and non-committal, I arranged for our first date to be at the company picnic.  Plenty of people around, outdoors, fun and games, etc…  The problem was I was not a local and did not know my way around, so she agreed to drive us to the picnic.  Oh I forgot to mention, she worked at the same power plant our firm was building as an assistant in the design engineering group.  All I knew was her name and extension number, so I decided that a little detective work was in order.  I went to the engineering offices on some made up errand and had a look-see.  OMG she was absolutely stunning.  I am not lying.  Young and fit, with a fantastic figure; tall with beautiful black hair, and a smile that just made you light up.  I was screwed.  No was this was gonna turn out right.

holding handsBut it did.  We had a good time at the picnic.  We talked, and talked, and talked.  It was so easy being around her.  She was very down to earth and a hard-working common sense girl.  A week or so later I got the courage up to ask her out again.  She said no.  I had just asked her out on her birthday!  What an idiot I am, but she did agree to go some other time.  So I sent her a dozen red roses.  I know – Mr. Subtle & Smooth.  I then asked her out again…and again...and again.  It took a whole month of dating before I got the nerve up to kiss her goodnight.  I was a dork and she was patient.  We joined a bowling league together that fall, and a co-ed softball league later in the spring.  Life was good.

We ended up dating for most of the next six years, and then it was all over in the blink of an eye - we got married.   Now here we are 25 years later and I have to say it was the longest blind date I’ve ever been on.  Also the best 31 years of my life – and still counting!


beautiful girlYou know what they say – “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”hottie

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