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This page is where you'll find or submit Tips, Tricks, Jokes, or other quick hitters to use in your Busy Dad tool box. We know that each and every one of you has been behind the eight ball at some time and your life experiences can help or entertain others too.  So send us your best shot - or your worst experience...and we'll post it here for all to share and learn from or simply have a good chuckle. 

Remember - there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers...and we want yours!

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My Stupid Mouth

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stupid mouthHave you ever wished you had not said something? This is a daily occurrence for me since I was a child; a teenager; in college; and yes even now. It’s really like some form of cosmic karma that continuously sends words straight from my brain out my mouth. It’s possible that they even skipped the brain part of the journey. Boy I wish there was an on-deck circle for my random thoughts… some sort of a verbal waiting room for them to sit patiently in until they have been properly vetted.

Tricks and Treats of Move out Day

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The dizzying atmosphere of sleep deprived college students moving out is the polar opposite of move in day. With finals over and friends saying goodbye, the last thing a college student wants to do is linger and be the last one to leave. Simplify move out day with these tried and true tips....

Blue Ribbons and Good Times

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Shiny blue ribbons, mooing cows, and sweaty summer days seem to epitomize 4-H for many. 4-Hers haul their animals off the family farm and drag them to the county fair where the animals are spiffed up and shown for bragging rights… right? Well, 4-H entails much more; it requires hard work and dedication and provides a time for kids and their parents to work together towards a common goal, whether that is first place for a pig or grand champion on a poster. For a busy dad, 4-H may seem daunting. Surprisingly, it’s not only manageable but truly rewarding.

Tips To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

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insurance homeowners good hands houseFirst of all, I am not an insurance agent. Never have been and never will be one. I make my money the old fashioned way. But you don't live as long as I have and not learn a thing or two along the way either. So here are my hard learned tips for you to save some money on your homeowners insurance. Just remember, if all else fails you can always just ask your agent for a discount. What's the worst that could happen?

Learn How To Fly An RC Plane

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My mother-in-law bought me a Red Baron kite for my birthday last year. She knows I love Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin (who doesn’t, after all?), and that Snoopy’s my favorite Peanuts character. The WWI Flying Ace’s flight scene is a highlight of the fall in our home, as evidenced by this year’s choice of Halloween costume.

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