The Mouths of Babes

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Anyone with kids can rattle off countless stories of funny (or embarrassing) things your kids have said. I myself bought a journal at my son's birth with the grand intentions of writing down every interesting anecdote of his childhood. I had visions (see also, illusions) of handling him a dog eared book at his wedding and imagined the hours of joy he and his new bride would have reading it. That journal is still empty but the stories are forever (I hope) burned into my memory. They provide seemingly endless entertainment at his expense a la "____ my Dad Said". Still, the stories always lose something in the retelling. 

Not a problem, says Matthew Clark, writer and director of "Convos with my 2-year Old", a series of short films which reenact actual conversations with his adorable 2 year old daughter Coco Frances.. . . with a twist. The part of Coco is played by an adult man, David Milchard. The result is the perfect mix of funny and disturbing.

Plots range from "Child, sans PJs (no nudity of course) coming to visit dad in bed in the middle of the night" 

and "playing princess with mom". 

These vids have my highest recommendation for a very new twist on the things kids say.

Check them all out here


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YouTube Trekking

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PC UserEven though I'm usually busy working, I enjoy watching YouTube videos. I get to see exotic places; thrill seeking adventures; how-to videos; music videos; pranks… you name it and I’ll bet it’s on YouTube. I also go there to find out how to do most anything, as the How-To videos are my favorites.  But lately I’ve developed my own version of a YouTube game that I play to pass the time and also expand my exposure to things, places, and people that I normally would not have watched.  I call it YouTube Trekking…..

Benefits of Reading To Your Kids

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Reading kids mom dad booksWe used to read to our boys all the time when they were little. It was a special time for each of us as parents to have a quiet time to connect with them. The rush and worries of the day were put aside and we all took the time to relax and recharge our batteries. And the boys loved it because we were giving them all of our attention and meeting their emotional needs. This simple act was a critical time for us as parents since we both worked full time jobs.

Make it a New Year's Date

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GlassesToday it seems like 24 hours is just too short for one day - and forget getting your work done in just 8 hours. That does not include traffic; travel; shopping; taking care of the kids; mowing the yard; making meals; and taking out the trash. No matter how busy we get, there’s no excuse for compromising or giving up our role as fathers and husbands. Speaking about taking out the trash, when’s the last time you took your wife for a special New Year's night out?

Kids Toys for Christmas

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It's almost Thanksgiving and the wife and I are already thinking of toys to get for the boys for Christmas.   John Deere stuff is big this year as we watched the combines harvest the corn fields next to us.  We have beans planted the last few years and the deer population has been affected.  Now, we should see lots of deer wandering around plus maybe even a few lost turkeys.  The coyotes have been loud at night too.

The #1 Thing to Teach Your Kids About the Internet

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girl on pcAt some point every parent will eventually realize that our kids are more technically savvy than we ever will be. What was innovation and magic for us is commonplace for them. They grew up with computers; cell phones; tablets; ipads, ipods, iphones; i-this and i-that devices are everywhere. They don’t have conversations…they text; tweet; post; blog; and Reddit / Pinterest their daily encounters. So here is the hardest thing you will ever teach your kids about the internet…