Oil Changes Made Easy - Really!

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ValveOver the years I have bought a ton of accessories or gizmos for my cars, trucks and motorcycles.  All of them were absolutely essential (or so I told my wife).  So for those of you who happen to do your own oil changes, I have the best device you can ever own to make the job easier; faster; and best of all cleaner too.  This unique item has made oil changes a snap for me and I will never own another car without one.  Let me show you how it works…..

It’s called the Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve.  All you have to do is (at your next oil change) replace your oil drain plug with this simple solid brass ball valve.  There are models to fit nearly every car or truck made today, and they come in two versions – with and without a hose nipple – if you want to use a drain hose attachment.  The next time you have to do an oil change, simply open the valve a quarter turn and let the oil drain into your drain pan.  No runs, no drips, no errors….and no tools required   No drain plug to drop into the oil, and no chance to strip the plug threads or lose a squash washer either.  Best of all, you get to avoid hot oil running down your arm or into your face.  Once the oil pan is empty, just close the valve and you can put in your new oil filter and oil.  You’re all done.  I stored the factory original drain plug in a zip-lock baggy in the glove box.

ValveI have a ¾ ton diesel pickup.  This big 4x4 takes 12 quarts of oil per oil change - that’s 3 gallons!  I went to the dealer one time and they charged me $150 for an oil change alone.  Now I just do them myself at one third the cost.  Obviously my truck is bigger than most cars, but I simply slide a 5 gallon bucket under the oil pan and open the Fumoto valve without spilling a drop.  Then I go off and watch some TV or something else for about 30 minutes to make sure it’s had time to completely drain.  Snap a lid on the 5 gallon pail and its ready to take the recycling center.  I can also draw samples for oil analysis without dunking the sample vial into hot oil.  I almost forgot, it also works great on my John Deere farm tractor too.  On that tractor I use a small hose clip to make sure the valve stays locked closed while I’m in the field or brush-hogging.  I’ve never had a problem.

oil changeI personally recommend the Fumoto Oil Drain valve for your car and know that you will be 100% satisfied – just like me!  Visit the Fumoto USA website to see their application guide to find the model for your car.






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