Oil Mix Ratio's Made Easy

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I have raced motorcycles for years.  Those 2 Stroke engines require pre-mixed oil and fuel, just like some of your common weed wackers, chain saws,  or other gas powered tools.  There are a number of tools and graduated cylinders or measuring devices you can use to get the right mixture of oil and gas each time.  But what do you do if you don’t have one of those around, or you’ve lost it?  Here’s an easy explanation of how to calculate the correct oil mix amounts…

weedeaterFirst of all, the mix ratio is normally set by the engine manufacturer.  Those little weed eaters can have a mix spec showing you a number like 40:1 (forty-to-one ratio).  This means that for 40 parts of fuel you need to add one part of oil.  So if you wanted to mix up a single gallon of oil/gas to run your tools, who much of each do you use?  Just remember the number 128.  That’s how many ounces are in a gallon.

Anytime you want to mix up a batch of premixed fuel for yourself, just divide 128 by the ratio number specified by the manufacturer for your tool.  For example – if the ratio for your wee-eater is 40:1, then you divide 128 by 40 to get 3.2 – which is the number of ounces of oil you need to add to a single gallon of gasoline to create a 40:1 mix.  If you need 25:1 for your chainsaw…. 128/25 = 5.12 ounces.

RatioRiteNow you can also use all those other scientific measuring devices too – like a Ratio Rite and others.  But in a pinch with no other means you really need to know how to set up the right mixtures yourself.  I’ve even had occasions when out riding dirt bikes where we would stop at a country gas station and want to fill up for the return trip.  With no mixing device you are quite possibly screwed.  But I could easily calculate that for my 2 gallon tank and an 80:1 mix ratio, I needed 3.2 ounces of oil added (128/80 = 1.6 oz per gallon).  Then I just buy one of those 5 Hour Energy drinks and (after drinking it and rinsing the bottle) use that to measure out the correct amount of oil needed.  The 5 Hour Energy bottle is 1.9 oz, so it takes roughly two of those filled with oil in a 2 gallon tank on my dirt bike.5HE

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Oil Changes Made Easy - Really!

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Auto RepairOver the years I have bought a ton of accessories or gizmos for my cars, trucks and motorcycles. All of them were absolutely essential (or so I told my wife). So for those of you who happen to do your own oil changes, I have the best device you can ever own to make the job easier; faster; and best of all cleaner too. This unique item has made oil changes a snap for me and I will never own another car without one. Let me show you how it works…..

Super Easy Toilet Clog Fix

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toilet boy cute babyAs a follow up to a prior article on unclogging drains, I wanted to share this simple method for clearing plugged toilets. Now I’ve taken a lot of crap over the years about this topic, and I wish somebody had just told me about this fix 20 years ago. From a very early age both of my boys have had “issues” using the toilet. One believes there is no such thing as using too much toilet paper, and the other must have a colon shaped like a Pringles can – OMG. And the only thing that has changed over the years is they are now older, bigger, and still being a pain in the commode. Now on to the easiest fix you’ll ever find…

Home Made Motorcycle Lift

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Every motorcycle owner knows that if you want to do any work on your road bike, even something as simple as changing the oil, it’s nearly impossible to keep the bike upright and stable. Even worse, on my Kawasaki Vulcan 900, the oil level sight glass is way down at the very bottom of the engine casings next to the shift lever. Absolutely freaking impossible to hold the bike upright while you’re bent over trying to see the oil level in the window. I have no idea how the Harley riders or other Cruisers do this either. Let me show you how to build a home-made bike lift for next to nothing and it works like a charm….

The Speed Square

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speed squareIn my never-ending and epic battle to remodel our son’s 1960’s built house, I’ve had the added perk of getting to buy some of those unique tools that make guys happy. We all know that for guys it always boils down to “tools and toys”. Either one enables us to hold an animated conversation with a perfect stranger. Well this past week I spent a lot of time on my knees working on either vinyl flooring or wood flooring at the house. The Speed Square was just the ticket for a number of tasks and it will stay within reach in the workshop. Handy doesn’t begin to describe it….

Quick & Easy Salisbury Steak

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This quick & easy recipe for Salisbury Steak will make even finicky eaters happy. My family requests this for birthdays and other special days. I serve it with mashed potatoes & green beans.

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