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Target is the hot spot for summer shopping. Neon trends, tribal prints, page turners, and must-have technology are assembled for your convenience in one place. Shopping for your teenage daughter does not have to be a mystery with the top ten Target items she is sure to use all summer long from pool side to car rides.

  1. Colorful V-Neck Tees:
    You can’t go wrong with highlighter colored boyfriend T-shirts. She can mix and match these tees with printed shorts, cotton skirts, or jeans on a casual night. Her accessorizing skills and this V-neck are sure to turn heads.
  2. Women’s Merona “Zora” Rain boot:
    Magenta rain boots will have her begging for a rainy day just to show off her new kicks. Summer downpours won’t stop her from making the most of the season with this comfortable, durable, and fashionable footwear.
  3. C9 by Champion Women’s Running Capri Pants:
    Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, or running, these comfortable Capri’s will have her moving in style, no matter what her workout routine.
  4. Orange Tote:
    The title sounds bland but this beach tote is anything but boring. Bursts of orange, red, purple, and pink bring this bag to life. Mirrored details sets it apart from a regular canvas poolside bag, and it’s seemingly bottomless design can fit all her beach necessities.
  5. The Hunger Games:
    A series that has captivated readers from various ages and genres. Her faithfulness to chick lit may take a hit when you gift her with this gripping saga. It would make an excellent beach read, but her flawless tan may border on third degree burns by the time she wants to set these books aside.
  6. Canon Power Shot A4000 IS:
    Document every road trip, spontaneous picnic, and romantic date with this expert camera, available in assorted colors. She will remember every memory with picture perfect clarity with this tool at her side. Its versatility extends beyond lazy summer days into college traditions and family vacations. Her Facebook page will definitely be the most visited after this gift.
  7. The New iPad:
    The mother of all gifts. Researching hotels, flight tickets, and spa locations will be her easiest mission with the new iPad. Long flights will go by all too quickly with downloadable games, books, and activities.
  8. Double Wall Water Vessel:
    The double wall design of this water bottle prevents condensation build up on the main body of the bottle. The lid also performs double duty as the bigger section is for ice, and the smaller section is for sipping. No matter who she is, beach body, workout queen, or budding photographer, she will love a water bottle that does not sweat all over the contents of her summer bag.
  9. Aussie “Catch the Wave” Hairspray:
    She can go from pool to elegant dinner in two minutes with this unique hairspray. Spray on wet or dry hair and scrunch until desired look is accomplished. It is fast, easy, smells fabulous, and fits nicely into any bag.
  10. Mossimo Supply Co. Neon Green Shorts:
    With a respectable cuff and length, these mint green shorts have amazing versatility. With wedges and a cream colored collared shirt, they are business casual. With sparkly flats and a tribal print Boho Chic blouse, they are concert material. These shorts will become her go-to fashion piece.

It is easy to purchase summer trends with Target stocking up on everything she is sure to covet. Now that you have the shopping direction, purchase wisely and watch her set the scene in your town with the colors, technology, and prints of this season.  


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