Risky Android Apps

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Since I got my first tablet, I’ve seen an increasing trend in smartphone applications requesting more than the needed rights for the device upon install.  Bit9 released today that more than 290,000 apps were questionable with “high level access”  on the devices...see this posting in NetworkWorld.  I find this to be a bit on the commercial side.  Specially when Bit9 is developing a “reputation” database.  Seriously, why does a file exploring utility need access to my phone call details? 

Anyway, the point is as a developer I know what is needed to provide the functionality within an application.  Many times - I don’t see the need nor understand all the access requirements.  On the other hand, if I put my business analytics hat on, BAM - I see dollar signs.  Maybe it is all about location, location, location.  smiley

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Should I Drop Our Home Phone?

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antique phone oldI am currently in the middle of this conundrum about whether to keep or cancel our home phone line. We are currently paying about $60 a month for this landline and with our cell phones we hardly seem to use it at all anymore. So the analysis and second-guessing is in full swing as I try to answer this question. What would you do….

College hunting: The Excel File

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College hunting is serious business. State of the art gyms and dining commons have allure, but do the academic challenges rise above? Use one Excel file to keep yourself in line and organize deal breakers and shiny attractions of the Universities at the top of your list. Then, navigate overwhelming University websites with ease and focus. These tips will leave you calm, cool, and collected in the midst of accumulating brochures and looming decisions.

How to Build and Use a Water Level

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Plumb BobI had to lay some buried drain lines on my property to address problems where water was pooling and causing mud holes. Once I had dug the trenches my next problem was to figure out how to accurately measure the slope of the drain lines to ensure the water would go where I wanted.  I’m basically too cheap to buy a laser level or a transit; and too inept to use a string level with any accuracy.  So I decided to build a simple water level to make sure my drain lines were right.  Here's how I did it......

Blue Ribbons and Good Times

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Shiny blue ribbons, mooing cows, and sweaty summer days seem to epitomize 4-H for many. 4-Hers haul their animals off the family farm and drag them to the county fair where the animals are spiffed up and shown for bragging rights… right? Well, 4-H entails much more; it requires hard work and dedication and provides a time for kids and their parents to work together towards a common goal, whether that is first place for a pig or grand champion on a poster. For a busy dad, 4-H may seem daunting. Surprisingly, it’s not only manageable but truly rewarding.

Flash Still Avaliable on Android Download Now

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Google Play removed Adobe's Flash Player from their website.  Not to worry, flash can still be downloaded from the Adobe Flash Archive.  Since it's not on Google Play, you'll have to by pass the security settings to allow content from an

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