Should I Let My Son Be a Cubs Fan?

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One of the jobs of parenting is providing guidance and direction to your child in their developmental years. Sometimes, that guidance means helping them avoid some of the mistakes you made when you were growing up.

So with that goal in mind, do I really let our son become a Chicago Cubs fan?

Personally, I have no one to blame other than myself. Neither of my parents was particularly interested in baseball when I was growing up in the 1970s. But thanks to the availability Chicago’s WGN-9 in my local market, every Cubs baseball game was available in our living room. In an era where the only other televised major league games were on Monday Night Baseball and Saturday afternoon, it was all-but-unavoidable that I’d become a Cubs fan.

With that fandom, though, came unavoidable misery. The Cubs lost, and they lost a lot. My Cubs heroes from my youth – names like Bobby Murcer, Bill Bucker, Jerry Morales, and Rick Reuschel – were hardly a Who’s Who of the era. Other regulars on those teams – names like Mike Krukow, Steve Ontivaros and Ray Burris – quickly vanished from the memories of all but only the most diehard of Cubs fans.

So many a day would start off in a promising manner, only to disintegrate into tear-filled misery by mid-afternoon following a Cubs loss at Wrigley Field.

Those memories obviously aren’t as painful as they were at the time, but considering the despair I felt on a daily (and ultimately annual) basis, do I really subject our son to the same torment?

Unfortunately for him, it seems that way.

His Chicago Cubs indoctrination is well underway. Cubs uniform? Check. Obnoxious Cubs #1 foam finger? Check. Chicago Cubs “W” flag to raise after every Cub win? Check.

He’s only two years old, but he’s already been to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, a Cubs game in Cincinnati, and even a couple of Cubs spring training games in Mesa,  Az.

For right now, there’s no suffering to be had when it comes to winning and losing. He doesn’t understand the concept. But he will before I know it, and barring Theo Epstein being able to turnaround this long-suffering franchise, disappointment and despair will accompany that choice.

So…as a devoted parent and Cubs fan, do I really subject my son to what I’ve had to endure all these years?

Of course. After all, misery loves company.




Baseball is a fairly complex sport for little kids. If you've ever seen a first-year T-ball game, you will see nearly as many dads on the field as kids themselves.

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