Teaching Your Kids To Hit A Baseball

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After many years coaching every sport the city rec department could possibly imagine, I discovered that most of my younger colleagues were facing familiar issues when it came to teaching their kids how to hit a baseball.  Here is an easy way to have fun and turn them into sluggers too!

It doesn’t matter if your son or daughter is in T-Ball; coach pitch; softball or organized Little League baseball.  This simple process will help them to hit the ball with confidence and coordination.  One of the first things I recognized when coaching young kids in T-Ball was that they could not hit a regulation size baseball .  Swinging over, under, killing the tee…it was agonizing - and not just for me.  Even worse were the first timers who had to hit a pitched ball!  Repeated failures led to trying harder and continued whiffing.  Encouraging shouts from parents to “keep your eye on the ball” only confused the kids.  I had to come up with a better solution….and I did!


Easy as 1-2-3……..  Use bigger balls in a progressive training approach.  Here’s how it works – get yourself 3-4 balls of varying sizes and start everyone off batting using the largest ball available.  Then slowly work your way down to a regulation baseball.  The key here is to have all the players go through this like a practice drill so nobody feels like they are being singled out as a bad hitter (plus you get to assess their hitting skills too). 


Batter Up!  I would start each of them out by pitching or teeing up  a large beach ball; then move down to a rubber kick ball; then to a volley ball; then a soft ball; and finally to a baseball.  It may take a couple of practices and multiple shots at each ball, but eventually everyone gets their swing groove going and starts nailing each of the various sized balls.  I can guarantee there are few kids who cannot knock the dickens out of a beach ball (and giggle over it too), so you’d better have some spares because they’re not very durable.  All of these balls can also be spotted or held on to a tee if your players are in T-Ball too.  If your kids really rise to the occasion you can even move down to ping-pong sized balls to challenge the experts, but please don’t use golf balls because they really zip and could hurt somebody.


Well that’s the secret to helping your kids become better – or average – hitters.  Look for my next article on helping them to be great fielders! 


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