Wii games - Your key to Quality Time

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We are all living in a busy world. As “the big guy” of the family, our time seems to be consumed by our motivation to get ahead; to succeed; earn that promotion.  While we’re busy chasing the brass ring, we may not realize that we are actually losing out on the best time of our lives.  That’s why it is very important that we spend quality time with our family - especially with our children who constantly seek out our love and attention.  We can capture that quality time by playing family oriented games on Wii.  There are lots of Wii games that are both interactive and fun. Here are a few to choose from:

If you just want to have a pure fun with your kids, MarrioWare is best for you. It is a collection of quick and easy games. Aside from being easy and quick you can also have more fun by using the Wiimote in new and unexpected ways. Even if it's not yet your turn, you would still enjoy this game because it is undeniably more fun to watch other players who do silly moves just to keep up with fast paced game.

One of the best games that my boys and I really like is Wii Sports. This game seems to be everyone's favorite Wii game.  Wii Sports is a package of five simple but addictive games - tennis, golf, boxing, baseball and bowling.  It is one of the best family-oriented games on Wii because it is for everyone and very easy to play.  Best of all it comes free and can be played by four players at the same time.  You don’t need to speed and coordination of a Hobbit in order to win either (good for us Dads)!

Want to challenge your kids to know who's the smartest?  Big Brain Academy is what you're looking for as a Wii game.  This game may seem too complicated for your really young kids but its best for you and your wife to challenge yourselves and them as well.  This is a collection of games that are presented in a fun versus purely educational way and it can even get you seriously competitive.  Because of its nature, this can build your kids' confidence and sportsmanship.

One more game that I can recommend to our Busy dads is the Mario Kart with Wii Wheels.  With this game you and your kids can enjoy driving along the new Grand Prix circuits.  Your kids can enjoy playing with their siblings or even trying to beat you because of its multiplayer races in battle arenas or open course.

These games are not just merely video games, but they enhance your kid's intellectual, physical and even social skills too.  You will not just have fun with these games - you will also get to spend quality time with your kids.  And who knows, you may just have some fun too!


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