You’ve Got Mail

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A lot has changed since your little girl moved away from home. But a lot has stayed exactly the same. Believe it or not, young women in college still color in Disney Princess coloring books. They still frequently dream of prince charming, despite your reservations, and they love magical surprises. The “let’s get down to business” attitude of the day comes to a standstill with three simple words: “you’ve got mail”. Suddenly, the young woman on the brink of adulthood is frantically ripping open a cardboard box with childlike enthusiasm, giant smiles, and a burst of sparkle unhindered by academic anxiety.  Send your soon-to-be corporate princess some glitter in the midst of her daily to-do list by assembling a quick and easy care package she is sure to adore more than Prince Charming.

Include the following in your care package:

  • Colorful 3M hooks:  These essentials are a bit pricey for the average college student, but they are ideal for organizing jewelry, decorating dorm rooms, and most of all – easy removal at the end of the year.
  • A jar of Nutella and Graham Crackers:  The perfect chocolaty snack for midday motivation and late night cramming.
  • A packet of double stuffed Oreos:  A dorm-room staple passed around among friends during tearful chick flicks.
  • A Disney DVD:  You can’t go wrong by adding a classic Disney flick into your care package. It will faithfully carry your daughter through stressful exams, bad dates, and homesick nights.
  • Downy Unstoppables:  In-wash scent boosters that take the monotony out of laundry day and add a hint of femininity to her fabulous wardrobe.
  • A handwritten note:  Do not underestimate the power of a sweet note of love, encouragement, and pride in your daughter. She will treasure your words more than anything else.

Disclaimer: Your parental reputation rests in the hands of this care package. Follow my infallible advice and bad days, miles from home, and Prince Charming don’t stand a chance.




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College Visits: Be There to Show You Care

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Oh, the joys of college visits. Parents drive for hours while their teenager snores in the backseat until they reach the campus. Then they attend an informational meeting led by a peppy college student who is employed by the admissions office, and this person cleverly highlights the college’s bright spots and manages to answer any question thrown his or her way, even if the answer has little to do with what was asked. Parents listen intently, especially when tuition is mentioned, and the potential students yawn and glance at cell phones. After a half hour or so, everyone is whisked away to tour the campus, which, they are assured, is the most picturesque, the most accessible, the safest, the greenest, etc. Tour guides point to buildings and give them apparently meaningful names and present a recently cleaned dorm room to the group’s inspection.

Quick & Easy Tuna Casserole Recipe

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Need a quick and easy dinner recipe to feed those hungry kids? This tuna casserole contains ingredients that you can keep on hand in your cupboard and throw together at a moment's notice. This will easily feed a family of four to six people.

Weekend at Home

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The first day of college marks the automatic fall break countdown. Students live for long weekends that provide a significant pause from the noise of university life. For the past few weeks your son or daughter has lived independently.  Family systems differ from these independent routines. Don’t waste limited time fighting over petty misunderstandings with your son or daughter during a long weekend. Read through the following Do’s and Don’ts of weekends at home to keep the peace and provide the perfect college getaway for a maxed out college student.

College hunting: The Excel File

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College hunting is serious business. State of the art gyms and dining commons have allure, but do the academic challenges rise above? Use one Excel file to keep yourself in line and organize deal breakers and shiny attractions of the Universities at the top of your list. Then, navigate overwhelming University websites with ease and focus. These tips will leave you calm, cool, and collected in the midst of accumulating brochures and looming decisions.

Happy Cheesecake to You!

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Let’s start with one basic birthday rule: do not call your baby first thing in the morning with a joyous round of “Happy Birthday” from the family. It may have been effective in high school but you must utilize a new technique for college students who guard their R.E.M. sleep the way you guarded your daughter at prom.

The unfortunate aspect of college birthday celebrations is that they are built around deadlines, work, and friends’ schedules. As a result, festivities may not commence on your daughter’s actual birthday. Beat those triple threat delayers with the following techniques to ensure an unforgettable birthday…on the actual day of her birth.

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