How Do You Play Baseball Darts

How to Play Baseball Darts on a Baseball Dart Board

Baseball darts is a game that may be played on the other side of various dart boards. Everything from strikes and balls to hits, outs, and even certain tactical moves such as stolen bases are detailed on the dart board, which is separated into parts. It is not necessary for players to have a thorough understanding of baseball in order to “play ball” on the dart board. In the same way as a traditional baseball game would go “nine innings,” the dart game will last “nine innings.” Divide the group into two equal teams.

Aiming for that circle is the goal of each participant; players who miss to the left can be assigned to one squad, while players who miss to the right can be sent to the other.

Establish a batting order among the members of the squad.

Decide on the home and visiting team members.

  1. To select which team will be the home team, you can flip a coin or toss a dart to see who is closest to the home run circle.
  2. When it comes to this game, the team that throws the darts will always be on offensive.
  3. This area of the dart board is made up of the central section of the board, as well as the circles for single, double, triple, and home-run darts.
  4. It is important to note that runners must be made to move.
  5. Learn about the scoring system for outs.
  6. Similarly to a real baseball game, the baseball dart game runs in the same manner as the game of baseball.
  7. Recognize the different specialization zones.
  8. Sacrifice, stolen base, and double play are the three aspects of the game.
  9. If there is no one on base, it is considered an out situation.
  10. It doesn’t matter if no one is on base if nothing happens.
  11. The inning is ended if there are already two outs in the bottom of the first inning.

Members will continue to throw darts until they walk, get a hit, or are recorded as having made an out.

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Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Darts is a game in which tiny, pointed missiles with feathered or plastic flights are used to score points. Darts are fired at a dartboard, which is a circular target with a hole in the center. You take your darts and toss them at the board. Your score is determined by the placement of your darts on the board. A dart board may be used to play a variety of various activities, one of which is baseball, which is a popular choice among young people.

In this game, you must score points throughout the course of nine innings.

  1. Before you begin playing baseball darts, prepare the scoreboard. Before you begin playing baseball darts, make sure that the scoreboard is ready. You’ll need to make a list of all of the players’ names in order to accomplish this.
  • The numbers 1 through 9 should be written on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. The names of all the players should be written on the board’s uppermost row.
  • 2Determine the starting batting order. Choosing the batting order is essential before you can begin playing baseball with your friends. This refers to the sequence in which the participants compete against one another. During the game, have each participant toss a dart onto the board. The player who is closest to the target is the first to go. The player who is the furthest away from the action is the last to depart. Advertisement
  • s3 You hit the mark on the first try. In order to score in baseball, you must hit the correct portion of the dart board. A dart board is divided into sections, similar to how a pizza is divided. Along the side of the board are numerals that have been inscribed. A separate number is assigned to each piece of bread.
  • In order to play baseball darts, you must attempt to hit the slice of the dart board that corresponds to the inning of the game in which you are participating. Consider the following example: If you’re in the first inning, all of your darts must land in the slice of the dart board designated “1.” Darts thrown beyond of the region for that inning do not count towards your total score for that inning. During the eighth inning, for example, if you throw a dart and it lands in the seventh sector of the board, you will not receive any points for that dart.
  • In order to play baseball darts, you must attempt to hit the slice of the dart board that corresponds to the inning of the game in which you are competing. Consider the following example: if you are in the first inning, all of your darts must land in the slice of the dart board labelled “1.” Your score will not be affected if you throw a dart outside of the region for that inning. During the eighth inning, for example, if you throw a dart and it lands in the seventh sector of the board, you will not receive any points for that dart
  • In baseball, if a dart hits the triple ring, it results in three runs being scored. If a dart lands on the double ring, you will receive two more runs. It does not matter where your dart lands on the dart board slice that corresponds to the current inning
  • Every place else counts as one run. Consider the following illustration to better understand what I’m trying to say. Let’s say you’re in the second inning of a baseball game. You take your three darts and toss them. Your first dart lands in the triple ring, your second dart lands in the double ring, and your final dart lands in the “2” part of the dart board but does not enter either ring. You would receive three runs for your first dart, two runs for your second, and one run for your third. Your total score for that round would be 6 points.
  1. 1Throw three darts per participant per inning in the first inning. Each inning consists of three darts thrown by the player. Whenever you toss a dart, try to hit the number that corresponds to the current inning. Also, bear in mind that if you get your darts to land inside the circles of the dart board, you will receive extra runs. In addition, shoot for the rings. At the end of each turn, add up your total points. Add up your points at the conclusion of each turn. As the innings proceed, sum up all of your points totals. For example, suppose you scored 5 runs in the first inning and 2 runs in the second inning of a baseball game. You’ve scored seven runs at the end of the second inning. Continue to add runs to your overall score as you go. After nine rounds, the winner is determined by who has scored the most runs. Consider introducing a surprise in the seventh inning. Some players choose to use a specific “seven-inning stretch rule” when playing baseball. A player’s overall score will be reduced by half in the seventh inning if he or she does not score any runs. This may make the game more enjoyable by increasing the level of suspense. If you and your pals are new to the game, on the other hand, this may simply serve to increase your irritation. When learning to play baseball darts, it might take a long time to aim and throw the darts accurately, resulting in very low scores for novices. The 7th inning rule is most effective when applied to more experienced players. Advertisement

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  • Question What happens if my dart makes contact with another dart on the board? Does it count as a second point? No. It is only darts that make contact with the board that are worth any points. Question In a game of baseball darts, what happens if the dart misses the board entirely? If a dart misses the board, it does not contribute towards the total number of points earned. Question In baseball darts, what is the bullseye target? In baseball darts, there is no such thing as a bullseye score. You can only score in the innings
  • Else, you’re out. Question What is the bullseye worth in terms of money? If you hit a green bullseye, you will receive 25 points, and if you strike a red bullseye, you will receive 50 points.

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  • If there is a tie between the players, additional innings will be played. As a target, make use of the bull’s eye. During the course of an inning, the winner will be the player who hits the ball the most times.

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  • Always ensure that the path between you and the dartboard is free of obstructions such as people.


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If you want to spice up your next darts game, baseball darts is a variation in which you aim for specified numbers. Summary of the ArticleX When playing baseball darts, each player tries to hit a specified number on the board at the end of each round. Start with the first number and continue on to the next number each round for a total of nine innings. You will receive one point if you select the correct number, but you will not receive any points if you select any other number. In the case of a correct number struck on the outer ring, you receive 2 points, while a correct number hit on the inner ring results in 3 points.

Use a scorecard to keep track of how many points each person receives every round.

Continue reading for additional baseball darts ideas, including how to spice up the 7th round of baseball darts to make it more entertaining.

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Baseball and darts aren’t often associated with each other, but that hasn’t prevented players from combining the two sports to create Baseball Darts. If you and your friends want to play a long game of darts on the dartboard, it is absolutely worth your time to understand the game’s regulations. Keep in mind that this game will continue until there is a clear and evident winner, much like baseball, so make sure you play with the most dedicated people possible. Baseball Darts is similar to a game known as Cricket Darts, which is popular among our British counterparts over the pond.

If you want to improve your dart accuracy, this is a great tool.

As a result, it is a game that can be used to improve your darts skills while also providing a lot of entertainment.

Alternatively, if you’re a baseball newbie looking for a unique twist on the game, this Baseball Darts instruction may be right up your alley. RELATED: Check out our comprehensive list of 27 entertaining Dartboard games to play at home or at a pub.

What is Baseball Darts?

Although the game is known as Baseball Darts, the regulations of the game are very different from those of conventional baseball. The term is derived from the fact that both games are nine innings long. The number of players required is one-infinite. It may be played alone, in partners, or in groups. Who Should Play It: Anyone who enjoys darts, from children to adults, should give it a try. Difficulty level: easy to medium. It might be difficult to learn at first, but with practice it becomes less difficult.

It’s one of our favorite darts games since it’s perfect for individuals who like to play darts with their friends in a group setting.

Playing ‘Baseball Darts’ – What You’ll Need:

Make use of a conventional dartboard with an 18-inch diameter, as this is the size that is used by virtually every dart game. If you’re playing at a local sports bar, this is almost probably the size of the dartboard that will be utilized. If you want to change the difficulty level, though, you should seek for a dartboard that is either smaller or larger. TG Champion offers a dartboard that meets all of the necessary specifications at an affordable price.

The Darts

Darts are available in a variety of weights and lengths, and determining which set is best for you may require some trial and error. When it comes to throwing darts, as a general rule, the heavier the dart, the simpler it is, especially for those who are new to the game. Lighter darts, on the other hand, are ideal for individuals who throw a little harder. An entry-level set of darts, such as this one from WINSDART, has everything you’ll need to get started right away. It would be a good idea to have something to write down the scores on as well, whether it’s a classic blackboard, a smartphone, or just a good old-fashioned pen and paper.

How to Set Up Your Game

If you are setting up the game at your house, you will need to be aware of the official positions in order to properly set up the darts equipment. Position of the dartboard: The bullseye must be 5ft 8in away from the floor in order to be successful. Distancing yourself from the dartboard: The standard throwing distance is 7ft 9in away from the front of the dartboard. Placing an object 7ft 9in away from the throwing line, often called as the’oche,’ will guarantee that all players are hurling from the same distance before the game begins.

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Baseball Darts Rules and Gameplay

To guarantee that the game is played fairly, choose one person to maintain score. Before beginning the game, determine whether participants will be playing alone or in groups.

Starting the Game

Once the teams have been determined and the playing space has been adequately prepared, the game does not require a great deal of setup before it can be played.

Decide who will begin the game first by having participants raise their fists. This is a game in which participants throw darts at the board, with the closest being thrown first and the furthest being thrown last. If you’re playing in a team, designate a player to bull up for the team.

How to Play Baseball Darts

  • According to the Baseball Darts regulations, participants take turns throwing three darts at a set number on the board throughout their turn. The numerals 1 to 9 are used in this game, and each dart is worth a different amount of points based on where it lands on the board. See our scoring guide for information on how much each part is worth. Once all players have had their turns throwing darts at the number on the board that is currently in play, the total amount of points earned is tallied together. This continues until all players have completed their throws at the conclusion of the ninth inning, when they all move on to the next number in the sequence. After nine innings, the winner is determined by whoever has the highest score. If the scores are tied at the end of the ninth inning, the game will proceed to Extra Innings, much as in baseball. After that, the game of Extra Innings proceeds in numerical sequence around the board until a clear winner is determined.

Scoring in Baseball Darts

In baseball, the process of scoring is known as scoring. Darts couldn’t be much easier to calculate, making them an excellent choice for individuals who aren’t too confident with numbers. When a dart lands within the black or cream part of a valid number, it counts as one run for the player. When a dart hits the outer area of the proper number, whether it is green or red, the player receives two more runs. If you are able to hit the center portion of the number that is also in green or red, you will receive three more runs.

As previously stated, each player is given three darts to throw at each number, with the score being totaled as the game progresses.

Create a grid and, as the game progresses, place a checkmark next to each score against the player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you’re intending on playing with a group of people, the scoring system on the dartboard remains same. The only thing that has to be decided is how many darts each side will be allowed to throw. It is totally up to you to decide how to proceed. It is possible to have one person throw one dart each innings, or to have one player toss all three darts per innings, and then they swap. Even better, you could have a gigantic game of Baseball Darts by enabling each participant to have a full nine innings of play!

What rules can I add to Baseball Darts to make the game harder or easier?

Some players prefer to incorporate a regulation known as the seventh inning stretch into their games. It’s a severe regulation, but it has the potential to significantly alter the outcome of the game and make things far more exciting. If a player does not able to score a point during the 7th inning stretch, his or her overall score is reduced by a factor of 2. If there is a minor disparity in skill levels between players, a handicap can be introduced to make the game a little more equitable. In order to level the playing field, give the less competent players a head start on their score.

Alternative games to Baseball Darts

In the case that you are looking for a simple darts game, Baseball Darts is unquestionably a terrific option for both novices and professionals alike to participate in. It is usually a good idea to keep a collection of games that make use of a dartboard hidden away in your hat, ready to be pulled out whenever the mood strikes you. A excellent example is the game Around the Clock, which is another game that can be played in a social setting and may help you improve your darts abilities. Killer is another another group game that makes use of a regular dartboard, despite the fact that the game is a lot more fun than the name would imply!

See our instructions to 8 ball pool and cutthroat pool if this is the case.

Baseball Dart games【Rules Explained】- Dart Savvy

Another option to make this game more enjoyable is to implement a handicap in which the less experienced player receives one run for each inning played. At the same time, it allows the less experienced player to catch up with the pros, while the more experienced players must continue to score in order to extend the gap between themselves and the pros. Hey, it’s possible that you’ll opt to play this game in teams but wind up with uneven players at some point. The answer to this is to incorporate a fake player in the mix.

As the inning progresses, the score will continue to fluctuate.

We also have best darts and additional dart varieties such as best darts for beginners, front weighted darts, rear weighted darts, soft tips darts, steel tip darts, and magnetic darts on our list of best darts.

Baseball Darts Bullseye

Bullseye Baseball is a new and exciting form of baseball that is both entertaining and demanding. This one, on the other hand, will need a little more work. The rules of the game are rather similar; you must aim for the number that corresponds to the number of innings played, and the goal is to score as many runs as possible in the given time frame. Here’s where the twist comes in; all of the players must hit a bullseye in order for their scores to be considered. If you manage to hit the requisite amount of hits for the inning but are unable to hit the bullseye, you will not gain any points for your efforts.

Reversible Baseball Darts

If you’ve ever seen an older version of a Corkdartboard, you might recall that one side is constructed so that you can use baseball darts to throw the darts at the target. This is referred to as a Reversible Baseball Dart game, and in this section, we will cover how to play this game. The only difference between this game and the others is that each inning is cut in half. In baseball, a pitcher’s job is to prevent a batter from accumulating points. This can be accomplished by striking the areas that have been designated as ‘out’, “double play,” or “strike,” respectively.

  • Here’s how the score system in this game works.
  • For example, player A can throw for the first half-inning, Player B can pitch for the second half-inning, and so on and so forth.
  • For example, hitting a’safe hit’ will result in the opposing team gaining one run.
  • Another interesting aspect of this game of Baseball darts is that it is played according to the same rules as the actual game of baseball itself.
  • If you strike a place other than the ones that have been indicated, it is considered a “ball.” After nine innings, the game is over, and the man or team with the most points wins the matchup.
  • In the event when a team or person has enough run to win the game, then continuing the game is not essential.
  • This version of the game may be really entertaining, particularly for baseball aficionados.
  • Please take the time to try out all of these various Baseball games and see which one you like.
  • So, if you find yourself in a group of people with varying ability levels, you may make your decision based on the information in this book.
  • Cricket darts games, 301 darts games, 501 darts games, Snooker darts games, Tennis darts games, We also looked at the two best dart scoreboards available: the chalk scoreboard and the electronic scoreboard.

Following a thorough examination of darts and scoreboards, you may choose to experiment with the finest dartboards, Dartboards Cabinet, Magnetic Dartboards, and Electronic Dartboards.

Dartball – Wikipedia

Dartball diamonds utilized by church leagues in northwest Ohio are typical of the sport. It is a game in which darts are shot at a huge wooden orhomasoteboard that is shaped like abaseball field with colorful patches denoting the locations of various bases. Dartball is played with rules and scoring that are similar to baseball. Depending on the league, dartball regulations and board layouts differ, but teams are often comprised of either seven or nine players, with the possibility of alternates.

Typically, championship tournaments are conducted at local high school gymnasiums to conclude the seasons of most leagues.

“‘s There are three individual nine-inning games in each match played, with the exception of tie games, in which extra inning games will be played.

In certain leagues, a team must win at least two out of three individual games in order to record a victory in order to be considered successful.


It was the Apex firm that introduced the world’s first dartball board in 1923. Dartball Leagues were founded as early as 1928, demonstrating how fast the game spread (Mon Yough Church Dartball League). According to the president of Apex, “the sport of dartball was carried across the country by Johnny Appleseed types, such as Lutheran clergy, who would bring their dartboards and their bibles with them as they traveled from one congregation to another.” Dartball was the subject of a Life magazine article published on March 31, 1941, which highlighted the sport’s popularity in Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Milwaukee.

Darts and dartboards

Darts used in dartball are distinct from the darts used in traditional pub games; they are constructed of wood with actual feathers and metal tips, as opposed to the normal pub game darts. Apex2 competition darts are used by the majority of church leagues. The majority of boards are made out of a four-base diamond with first, second, third, and home plate being the bases. The following additional areas are denoted with asterisks: strikeout; out; ball; error; sacrifice; double play; triple play; hit by pitch.

a six-inch foul line border surrounds the diamond on all four sides.

There are more complex boards that contain space(s) around the four-base diamond that include outs, singles, balls, strikes, double plays, triple plays, stolen base(s), runner off first base, sacrifice, balk, home run, and walk space(s).

This circular region with a diameter of around two and a half inches is usually found in the very center of the board, where the home run is most likely to occur.

This is the point at which the player’s dart should be hitting regularly, unless they have the expertise to throw for the 2 bagger or 3 bagger instead.


The person who throws the darts is referred to as the “batter.” In this game, each dart thrown is equivalent to a pitchin’ baseball. Depending on the league regulations, darts may be thrown overhanded, underhanded, or both at the same time. Using a 25-foot spacing between themselves and the pitcher’s line, players hurl darts towards the playing field. The location on the board where the dart lands decides the outcome of each pitch. Similarly like in baseball, the hitter continues to toss darts or use the bat until they are either safe or out of the game.

  1. In baseball, a player can score by hitting a home run or by any combination of plays after reaching “on base” (first, second, or third base).
  2. A run is awarded to a player who successfully progresses around all of the bases in order to score (R).
  3. Once a player has completed his or her turn at bat, the next players on the team will take their turns at bat until the team has made three outs in succession.
  4. In baseball, the game ends after nine innings, with the team that scores the most runs winning the game.


Baseball darts are a type of baseball that is played on a conventional dart board and is similar to regular baseball. As well as a game, “Baseball Darts” is the name of another sort of dartboard that is tailored for baseball-related activities. Games are played with two or four players, depending on the number of participants. If the match is between two players, they will compete against each other head-to-head. If the number is four, the teams of pairs compete against one another. The baseball dart board is shaped in the same way as a baseball diamond is.

Strike, Ball, Hit, and Foul are the most common.

A walk is indicated by four balls, and an out is indicated by three strikes.

If a player makes three outs in a row, their turn is ended.

Fouls are treated the same as strikes in traditional baseball, however they cannot be used to strike out a player. When playing with two players, each player has five darts to throw until they are forced to leave the game, whichever occurs first.


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  5. And the “Basic Rules,” published by the American Dartball Association, 2007.
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  • Prairie Dart Ball League (Wisconsin)
  • Wausau Inter-church Dartball League (Wisconsin)
  • Great Black Swamp’s Wood County Dartball League (Ohio)
  • Hammond Church Dartball League (Indiana)
  • Toledo Ohio Dartball Men’s League
  • West Alexander Church Dartball League (Pennsylvania)
  • Scottdale Church Dartball League (Pennsylvania)
  • Greene County Church Dartball League (Penns

How To Play Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts is unquestionably one of the most approachable games in the darts world for newcomers to the sport. The game’s regulations are quite similar to those of baseball, and it just takes a few minutes to get the hang of them. Keep in mind that, despite the fact that it is a simple game to master, Baseball Darts is a very sensitive game that takes considerable abilities in order to win. Let’s take a brief look at the rules and obtain a basic understanding of theBaseball Dartsgame so that you can get started playing!

How to Play Baseball Darts

In this game, as in baseball, the primary goal of each team is to score the most number of runs possible. Just a few crucial things to remember when playing Baseball Darts, so that you can keep track of your scores, or ” runs,” and remember how it feels while you’re doing it. The game is played on a board with numerals ranging from 1 to 9. The goal score number is calculated depending on the number of ‘innings’ played in the game. As an example, if the game is in the third inning, only hits on the number three count as a run.

A total of three darts in sequence at the number of innings to be played will be thrown by each player at various points during the game.

The sum of all legitimate hits is used to calculate the score.

After nine innings have been completed, the player who scored the most runs is declared the winner.

Common Terms

The term “inning” denotes to the round of turns in which the game is currently taking place. After the first inning, each player receives their first turn; following that, they will receive their second round of turns, and so on.


The circles on the dartboard are used to establish the order in which the players are ranked. It’s known as the ‘double,’ the black and white areas are known as the ‘one,’ and the center ring is known as the ‘triple,’ according to the terminology. Because they are attached to the equivalent number in these categories, these phrases show the importance of the points earned by the team.


The phrase “run” is used to refer to points. To score, a player must first reach the goal number for that particular inning. Reaching the single space on the goal number is worth one run, reaching the double space is worth two runs, and reaching the triple space is worth three runs. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of baseball darts, let’s talk about how to play the game itself. Also see How to Play the Dart Game Killers for more information.

Baseball Darts Scoring

Before you begin playing, you need set up a scoreboard on your computer. In an ideal world, the scoreboard would be arranged horizontally, with the team names on the left and the inning columns ascending to the top, much like a baseball scoreboard would be set. The game begins with the first inning, in which each side attempts to score a run by hitting a number one. Simply reaching the top of the list would result in a rating. In that inning, each player gets three chances to score as many runs as they can with their three darts, and the winner is the player with the most runs.

It is important to note that you can only score runs if you reach the desired number for that inning.

The game will begin and continue until nine innings have been completed. The winner is determined by the player who has scored the greatest amount of runs at the end of nine innings.

Additional Rules

Baseball Darts infractions are the same as they are in any other dart game. If a player crosses the line, they will forfeit their turn and any runs scored during that turn will not be tallied toward their total. If a player puts a number in every other column other than the goal number for that inning, it will be considered a missed opportunity. The ‘7th inning stretch’ is a term used to describe a method of playing that is highly common. An additional rule that may be implemented to make the game more interesting for experienced players can be found here.

Baseball Darts Strategies

Aside from the fundamentals, there isn’t much information available on the game of Baseball Darts in terms of technique. In general, each throw should be directed at the triple space of the target number, which should be the same for every throw. This is due to the fact that the triple value is three runs and the greatest inning score is nine runs per inning. At any point in time, those that are eligible should aim for a triple. In traditional baseball, a triple is referred to as a ‘home run.’ Baseball darts is the ideal game to play with your entire group of buddies.

It may provide hours of entertainment depending on how many games you love playing.

What Game Is on the Other Side of a Dartboard?

As a child, I recall playing on a dartboard that also served as a gaming board on the opposite side of the board. It occurred to me at the time that this was an entirely regular occurrence. However, I was perplexed as to why the dartboard’s rear had a different arrangement than the front. As a result of that experience, I’ve discovered that you can really locate a few different darts games on the back of a dartboard. What is the game that is played on the other side of a dart board? Professional dartboards do not have anything on the other side of the board as a backstop.

A baseball darts game and the basic black and white darts game are two of the most often encountered darts games available on the other side of a dartboard.

What Games Is on the Other Side of a Dartboard?

Normally, one of these two games will be found on the other side of a dartboard.

Baseball Darts Game

It is possible to locate the classic baseball dartboard arrangement on the other side of certain dartboards as well. It is divided into sections (as seen in the figure to the right), and each segment is labeled with the name of the sector in question. Contrary to the traditional baseball darts game, which is played on a conventional dartboard, this game is played on a baseball diamond. There are various more extremely similar versions to this dartboard, which is known as dartball, that are also available.

  • Most of the time, the game is played by two individuals, but it may also be played by two teams.
  • Innings are played in the same manner as they are in baseball.
  • The single, the double, and the triple sections, as well as the home run portion, are all located in the middle.
  • A home run clears the field of all runners.
  • It is possible to get an out if you miss the dartboard.
  • A home run will result in between one and four runs, depending on how many runners are on the field at the time of the hit.

a half-inning is equivalent to three strikeouts, and three strikeouts is equal to one full inning There are a number of specific zones on the other end of the dartboard (where the doubles are often situated).

  • Runner who is already on the base makes one base advance and is given one out for the sacrifice of the other runner. Despite the fact that there are no runners on a base, the out is recorded. Stolen base: A runner who is currently on a base is moved up one base. If there are no runners, then nothing happens
  • Otherwise, everything happens. When a dart is thrown into the double play region, it results in two outs. The runners will advance one base as a consequence of a successful safe hit. Alternatively, a single strike

Black and White Darts Game

Despite the fact that I wasn’t particularly good at it, this was my favorite way to play darts as a youngster. Because I don’t understand how certain sports, such as cricket and 501, were played, I believe it was the primary reason for this. This design may be used to play a variety of darts games, such as attempting to score as many points as possible or a variant of the around the globe darts game, which involves moving from 1 to 10 and back to 1 again, using the number of darts. As previously said, this is probably the most easy method of learning to play darts and introducing your child to the game.

  1. However, and this is where things get really interesting, after doing some further research, I discovered that this particular dartboard design is highly popular in Finland.
  2. The game of tikanheitto is often considered to be a pretty laid-back activity, yet it has been transformed into a highly competitive sport with stringent rules and restrictions.
  3. (150 cm).
  4. People may think that because the dartboard is so high, it must be simple, but the throwing distance is enormous, especially when compared to the distance at which most darts players typically toss their darts.
  5. The score is computed based on the numbers that have been hit in the black and white rings, with the bulls providing ten points for each bull hit in each ring.
  6. The individual or team who receives the highest score is declared the winner.
  7. They should be no more than 5.51′′ (14 cm) in length and no more than 25 g in weight.
  8. The dartboard is approximately 13.42′′ (34.1 cm) in diameter, with each circle measuring 0.66′′ (1.6 cm) (1.7 cm).

Other Darts Games

Certain velcro dartboards and other dartboards for kids may come with a variety of darts and target games built into the sides of their boards. These are often put for the benefit of variety, so that youngsters have something new to play on and don’t become bored as quickly as they might otherwise.

Do All Dartboards Have Another Game on the Other Side?

The vast majority of high-quality dartboards do not contain a second game on the other side of the board as standard. They are little more than a backboard on which the bristle fibers have been affixed, and that is all they are. It is not feasible to play another game on the back of these dartboards since the mounting brackets are positioned on the back of the dartboards itself. This is equally true for electronic dartboards and soft tip dartboards. The dartboards that contain an additional game on the back are mostly aimed towards recreational players and children, rather than professionals.

  1. The reason that many of these dartboards include a second game on the other side is that these sides are never utilized for anything else.
  2. A second game is simply not necessary on professional dartboards since darts players purchase their equipment with a specific goal in mind, which is to play on a dartboard that has been designed in accordance with industry standards.
  3. Isn’t it true that you’ll be getting twice the amount of dartboard?
  4. However, there are certain issues with this method of building a dartboard, particularly the sisal strands, which will need to be bonded on both sides.

This is something that might theoretically be done, however it could destroy the sisal fibers that are facing the wall, as well as disrupt the overall balance of the piece. And let’s not forget that doubling the amount of sisal fibers will almost certainly result in doubling the price (if not more).

How to Play Baseball Darts: Explained in Detail

Rec Room Pick is made possible by donations from readers. We may receive a commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links. You may find out more about our procedure here. There are a variety of other dart games to try out, but baseball darts are one of the more straightforward alternatives for novices. Anyone who has never picked up a dart before may quickly understand the rules of baseball darts, and even those who have never played before can rapidly catch up on the game.

Baseball darts requires no extra equipment, and you may play with an infinite number of individuals in either a solo or a team setting.

The games are quite short, with each game consisting of only nine rounds, or innings.


The goal of baseball darts, as with most other dart games, is to accumulate the most number of points possible. This is accomplished by striking the appropriate numbers, which vary according on the inning you are in. Aiming for the doubles and triples might also assist you in completing this job, as they provide more points than the singles. The game is decided at the end of nine innings by the player or team that has scored the most points.

What you’ll need

A baseball dart game does not necessitate the use of any specialized equipment. Although a dartboard is required, you are free to use whichever dartboard you like. A classic model might be used to give it a more realistic appearance. If you prefer an electronic bristle dartboard, such as theDartslive 200S, which is one of the greatest alternatives owing to its longevity, low price, and amazing features, you might consider that option as well. Because the core design will stay the same, it is advisable to choose a board based on personal liking.

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For those of you and your other players who want to have their own sets, there are several options to pick from, each with a distinct weight, substance, and flight.

In addition to a scoreboard, a baseball darts game would benefit from the inclusion of one.

A basic pen and sheet of paper may also be used to keep track of the players, scores, and innings if you don’t have access to a dart scoreboard.


When understanding the baseball darts regulations, you’ll also need to become familiar with the slang terminology that are commonly used throughout a game. The first of these terms is “inning.” This relates to the number of rounds you are currently participating in. Similarly to a genuine baseball game, each game consists of nine innings, each of which has a matching amount of batters to pitch at. For example, in the first inning, everyone, even the double and triple 1s, is aiming for the number one place.

Another phrase you’ll need to know is “rings,” which refers to the outer double ring and the center triple ring, among other things.

The last baseball darts phrase is “runs,” which is what you use to refer to your points earned throughout the game.

Each landed dart, regardless of which spot you’re throwing at, is worth one run for single spaces, two runs for double spaces, and three runs for triple spaces. The combination of all three darts falling in the triple space results in a total of nine runs for the round in question.


So, what is the proper way to play baseball darts? The regulations, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward. To begin, you must establish the batting order for the players that will be participating. The most effective method to accomplishing this is to have each participant throw a single dart. The person who is closest to the bullseye is the first to go, followed by the one who is next closest, and so on. For the runs to count, players must throw at a specified number each inning, preferably hitting the single, double, or triple spaces.

Any darts that land outside of the designated areas will not count toward any runs.

What if it’s a tie?

In the case of a tie, a very basic change to the rules is made in order to select the eventual winner. All that is required is that you use the higher numbers to extend the game by an additional inning. When playing baseball darts, for example, there are nine innings in a typical game, so if the score is tied after the ninth inning, you add an extra inning to the game. After that, all players would try to get into the top ten spots. If the score is still tied at the completion of the tenth inning, the game is extended to an eleventh inning.


There are a few methods to make baseball darts games a little more entertaining for all players by varying the rules a little bit more. One such regulation is the dummy rule, which is used when playing with teams that have an unbalanced number of players on their roster. To compensate for their lack of numbers, the team with fewer players adds a “dummy player,” who receives an automatic score depending on his or her ability relative to the other players on the team. The total score is then split evenly across the nine innings of the game to determine the winner.

In order to comply with this regulation, every player must score at least one run in the seventh inning.

In the case of 110 runs scored before the seventh inning and no runs scored during that inning, your new total at the start of the eighth inning is 55 runs scored.

How to play on a Baseball Dartboard

Despite the fact that you may play baseball darts on any traditional or electronic dartboard, there are some rules that must be followed. Baseball dartboards are available. Dartball is a sport that is covered in Wikipedia. When playing dartball, players shoot darts at a huge wooden or homasote board that is shaped like a baseball field and has colored spots that represent bases. Dartball is played according to baseball-style rules and is readily available. The numerous areas of the play area on the baseball dartboard necessitate the need for distinct regulations for how to play baseball darts on a baseball dartboard.

  • The dartboard that will be utilized for this game is made to resemble like a baseball diamond, and it has numerous distinct portions to it.
  • Players each throw five darts, aiming at various regions of the board with each toss.
  • The red dot in the middle of the board counts as an automatic three outs, while the area surrounding it counts as an automatic hit, and both are displayed on the scoreboard.
  • Similarly to a typical baseball game, if you only have three balls or two strikes and land on a Hit, Double, or Home Run slot, the preceding darts are no longer in play, just as they would be if you were playing a regular baseball game.

Any dart that fully misses the dartboard is termed a foul, which is also regarded a strike, however they cannot be used to strike a player out. A player’s turn is ended when they receive three outs or throw all five of their darts, whichever occurs first in the sequence.

Common strategies

One popular method is to go for the triple spaces, which are found in the corners of the room. In a game where triple spaces are worth three runs apiece, the more triple spaces you hit, the more runs you score in each inning, and the higher your final score will be at the conclusion of the game. Because the triple space sits in the midst of each sector, it is also simpler to score runs in each turn as a result of this arrangement. Because you’re still hitting the appropriate number in the majority of circumstances, throwing too high or too low might result in a run being scored.

Final thoughts

In addition, because it takes very little time to learn how to play baseball darts, it is a fantastic alternative for folks of any age who are just starting to play darts of any sort. More skilled players may utilize this game to refine their abilities and increase their accuracy in preparation for more tougher dart games later on in their careers. The fact that this game can accommodate an endless number of players ensures that no one is left out. In addition to being played on any dartboard, there is a baseball dartboard available that alters the rules somewhat without detracting from the fun of the game, allowing you to select the version that best suits your needs and preferences.


Home/History Dartball is a sport that involves throwing darts at a target (Baseball Dart Game)

American Baseball Dart Game Played on a Specialist Dartball Dartboard

Dartball is a darts game played in the United States that mixes two sports: darts and baseball. Throwing darts at a huge wooden or homasote fibre wallboard that is similar in composition to papier-mâché and is shaped like a baseball field is the object of the game. There are colored squares on the board that represent bases. The rules of this game, as well as the scoring system, are based on those of American Baseball. The layout of the wooden Dartball board appears to vary from league to league, but in general, teams consist of either seven or nine players, with the option of adding alternates.

Dartball games, like baseball games, may be quite competitive.

Each match is comprised of three distinct nine-inning games, with the exception of tie games, in which an extra-inning game is played, and each game is played three times in a row.

For teams in other leagues, each victory or defeat in an evening’s play is factored into the team’s overall record for the season.

History of Dartball Dartboard

It was the Apex firm that introduced the world’s first dartball board in 1923. Dartball leagues had been created by the beginning of 1928. (Mon Yough ChurchDartball League). Apex president remarked that “the sport of dartball was introduced around the country by Johnny Appleseed types, such as Lutheran clergy, who would bring their dartboards and bibles with them as they traveled from one congregation to the next.” On the 31st of March 1941, Life magazine published an article on dartball, noting that Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Milwaukee were the sport’s strongholds.

The Darts

Dartball darts are composed of wood with actual feathers and metal tips, as opposed to the tungsten metal darts that are used to play steel-tip and soft-tip darts in other sports. Similar to the darts used in the French game of ” Flechettes “, these darts are used in the game of ” Flechettes ” There are four bases on the diamond: first, second, third, and home plate. This is the most basic board. A strikeout, an out, a ball, an error, a sacrifice, a double play, a triple play, and a hit-by-pitch are all designated as additional areas.

The diamond is bordered by a six-inch foul line boundary on all sides.

There are some boards that are more complex and consist of out spaces around the four-basediamond: first, second, third, and home plate, as well as ball spaces, strike spaces, double plays, triple plays, stolen bases, runner off first, runner off base (sacrifice), balk spaces, home run spaces, and walk space(s) around the four-basediamond.

In a square formed by three singles, two outs, two strikes, and one ball, the home run is protected from being hit by the rest of the batters.

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In normal darts, there are several different types of dartboards that may be used depending on the competition and the participants. With Dartball, this is not the case, as the official dartboard has remained same throughout the sport’s long history.

Dartball Dartboard

The person who throws the darts is referred to as the “batter.” The number of darts thrown corresponds to the number of pitches made in baseball. Darts can be thrown overhanded, underhanded, or both according on the league regulations, although the underhanded throw appears to be the most common. Players toss darts towards the playing field at a distance of 20 – 25 feet away from the pitcher’s line, which is the starting point. Due of the pitch line’s length of six feet, it is twice as long as a conventional dartboardoche line.

  • Just as in baseball, the hitter continues to throw darts, orbat, until they are safely on the other side or out.
  • A player may score by hitting a home run or by any series of plays after he has reached “onbase” (first, second, or third base) that results in following hitters getting base hits or home runs, allowing him to cross the finish line.
  • While runs scored are considered an essential batting statistic, they are seen as being less important than runs batted in, which are considered more vital (RBIs).
  • Then it’s the opposite team’s time to take the field.
  • Please take notice of the following: PitchDistances and dartboards for dartball can vary, as can the number of darts on the board.

The material provided here is intended to serve as a guide based on information obtained from a few different sources. As a result, please consult your local league for further information.

Dartball Setup (Field Pitch Throw)

Dartballl Dartboards may be found in a variety of sizes. The Wisconsin Dartball Dartboard measures 48″ by 48″ (including the foul boundary region) and is depicted in the diagram illustrated on this page. The ‘Play Area’ diamond extends from point 44 to point 45.” An ‘A’ Frame, which measures around 6′ in height when open, often supports the dartboard. Using the figure below, we can see that the board is positioned on a ‘A’ or near to a wall with its bottom 2′ from the floor height and 8″ perpendicular to either the wall or center line of the ‘A’ board, as seen in the illustration below.

Please consult your local league for further information on the types of dartboards and pitch distances that are utilized in dartball.

Dartball / Baseball Darts Variants

Baseball darts are a type of baseball that is played on a normal London Clock/Standard dartboard and is similar to baseball. Dartboard Games (Standard Dartboard Games) Dartbard Games in the Conventional Style

Baseball Darts / Dartboard.

“Baseball Darts” is also the name of a game that is played on a specific sort of dartboard that is the same size as a conventional dartboard, but with a baseball theme. Games are played with two or four players, depending on the number of participants. If there are two players, they will compete against each other head-to-head. If the number is four, the teams of pairs compete against one another. The baseball dartboard is constructed in the same manner as a baseball diamond. There are multiple sections: Strike, Ball, Hit, Foul, Out, Sacrifice, Stolen Base, Single, Double, and Triple.

The red dot in the center represents an automatic three outs, while the surrounding region represents an automatic hit.

When the dart lands on a different region of the board, such as Hit, Double, or Homerun, the count is reset.

The throwing of a dart that misses the board is regarded to be a foul.

Two players compete in a game of darts in which each player gets to throw five darts or they are forced to leave the game, whichever comes first.

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