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Baseballnoun(sport) béisbol(m);(ball)pelota(f)de béisbol;modifier béisbol(m);(ball)pelota(f)de béisbol A baseball cap (n)gorra(f)de béisbol is a baseball cap that is worn by baseball players. A baseball player is a person who plays baseball (n) jugador ajugadora(m)(f) de béisbol; ajugadora(m)(f) de futbol Baseball is the national sport of the United States of America. Two teams of nine players square up on a four-base field that is shaped like a rombo in the middle of the field. The bateador (batter) attempts to get the ball out of the pitcher’s hands and out of the reach of the fildeadores (fielders), so that the ball may then be returned to the batter’s hand and the game can be restarted from the point where it was started.

Following the conclusion of these two leagues, the winning teams compete in another series of games known as the World Series.

Aside from well-known fashion items such as the béisbol boots and gorras, the sport of football has contributed to the development of some idiomatic expressions such as a ballpark figure (an approximate figure) and a whole new ball game (a situation that is completely different from the norm).

béisbol in Spanish is “BASEBALL”. Find accurate translations, clear pronunciations, Spanish example sentences, and other meanings on

See the definition ofbéisbol in Spanish.


  • Yes, I’m overjoyed for Johnny Damon and the rest of the squad
  • They’ve become my favorite baseball team in recent years. There have been grave forecasts about the end of baseball as a major sport if a strike or lockout occurs
  • However, there has been no such prognosis. The Cardinals went from being one of the poorest teams in baseball to becoming one of the greatest as a result of this invention. For me, it is unfathomable that the highest-paid club in baseball would begin the season in such a sour mood
  • Then there’s the statement about baseball, which has resulted in the sport being a disgraced wreckage. Until recently, there was little or no testing of baseball players for performance-enhancing drugs. When he relocated to Canada for his high school years, he grew fascinated with the game of baseball. He did state that he simply enjoyed the game of baseball and wished to be in the thick of things
  • It is true that they show up at stadiums to support their favorite baseball, football, and ice hockey teams
  • As we drove back to our house after my baseball game, I had no clue what was in store for me. Baseball is a game of little details, and right baseball is a game of small details
  • This is the principle behind the game of baseball. The XFL provided us with teams that we didn’t require, but Major League Baseball intends to take away clubs that we desire. A brilliant athlete at his high school, Eisenhower excelled in both baseball and American football
  • I assume that’s the draw of watching baseball, golf, or tennis live
  • I suppose that’s the charm of watching baseball, golf, or tennis live
  • Baseball and boxing were the only two genuinely national sports in America while he was at his prime, and he played in both of them. Several years ago, Wang played on a Level B team for a record business, which was his greatest level of baseball experience. Not too shabby for a guy who grew up in a part of the country that isn’t particularly recognized for its professional baseball
  • This is one of the most disappointing things that has happened to me in baseball since I see a lot of potential there
  • Baseball had risen to become the national sport of the United States by the early twentieth century. As a result, we must be a little more inventive nowadays in order to encourage young children to participate in baseball.
  • In addition, he enjoyed throwing baseballs so hard that they popped into the glove and made his hands red
  • He was a great pitcher. In all likelihood, he hit baseballs harder and farther than anybody else who ever played the game, particularly from both sides of the plate
  • The batboy was myself, and we sold baseballs and created baseballs in our shop. In tandem with the growth in size of players, the size of ballparks and strike zones decreased, the hardness of bats and baseballs increased, and the quality of pitching decreased. The baseballs fell out of his ball bag as a result of this action. Children waited in line along the railing from the dugout to shallow right field, holding their scorecards and baseballs in hopes of getting a signature after the game. There has never been a batted ball that has struck the center field scoreboard, although two baseballs have come close to doing so
  • If you want to improve your performance, the best thing to do is throw the baseballs harder. It was your type of night on Tuesday if you prefer to watch pitchers hurl baseballs from the mound toward the plate rather than folding chairs from the bullpen into the seats. He placed an order with Rawlings for seven dozen baseballs. At the plate, he repeatedly bailed out, twisting his head and neck in an attempt to avoid the blind area that he faced when attempting to observe baseballs head-on
  • As long as there were no customers in line, Joe was kept occupied by the proprietor of the hobby shop, who constantly supplied the man with boxes of baseballs and photographs to sign for eventual sale. He was pulling the baseballs out of the umpire’s bag when he got arrested. Parker got to the ballpark early, and the first person out of the Arkansas clubhouse was Wilson, who was carrying a batting tee and a bag of baseballs
  • Wilson was the first person out of the Arkansas clubhouse. There were just two people on the field and a few buckets of baseballs inside the technical wonder that was probably never meant to be used for baseball in the first place. However, we were entertained by his anecdotes, and we all received autographed baseballs. They had previously witnessed Murray blister baseballs from the right side, so they hurried to Asheville to put a stop to the experiment before it could be completed. Earlier this week, he sat in the Mariners’ clubhouse, signing a couple baseballs that had been handed to him by coach John Moses. He also sponsors a local kids baseball league and provides baseballs, bats, and cleats for the players. That was a memorable experience for me because you don’t catch too many baseballs with your bare hands
  • This national sport of the United States is played with two teams of nine players each. The players run between three bases (fields of diamonds) and one plate (home plate), which together make a rombo of bases and home plate. The lanzador (pitcher) throws a meatball to the batter (batter), who must hit it with a bat in order to get it out of the reach of the fildeadores (fielders), run around the bases, and return to the plate in order to earn a run (run). If the pelota, which was launched by one of the fielders, reaches any of the bases before the batter reaches that location, the game is declared over. The Serie MundialWorld Series is the most significant annual football tournament in the world.

How To Say Baseball In Spanish

The phrase “how to say baseball in spanish” may be found in an online dictionary. The correct way to pronounce baseball in Spanish is defined here. What is another way to pronounce baseball in Spanish than “baseball”? You have arrived at the correct location where you will receive the necessary information. What does the phrase “how to pronounce baseball in spanish” mean? However, you may learn how to speak baseball in Spanish by using our online dictionary, which is provided below.

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Table Of Content:
  • Baseball in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation – SpanishDict
  • Baseball in Spanish Baseball Terms in Spanish
  • Baseball Words in Spanish
  • Baseball in Mexico Glossary |
  • This page contains information on how to say “Baseball” in Mexican Spanish, along with 19 more relevant terms. SPANISH-ENGLISH/ENGLISH-SPANISH BASEBALL WITH INSINGA
  • How to pronounce baseball in Spanish
  • How to say baseball in English Brian Dozier studied Spanish in order to be a more effective teammate. There’s a thing
  • How Latino Players Are Assisting Major League Baseball in Its Learning Process
  • Learn how to say “big league baseball” in Spanish by watching this video.

1. Baseball in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation – SpanishDict

1. a. b. c. (sport). a. el beisbol (Malaysian football) (Latin America). Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch on television. I enjoy watching basketball on television. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. b. (ball). a. la pelota de acuerdos.

2. Baseball Terms in Spanish

Baseball is a popular sport in the United States. The house was completely filled with them. – The bases are completely loaded. He smashed a jonrón with his fist. – He hit a home run with his bat. A pillar in the middle of the room. – I’m trapped between two bases.

3. Baseball Words in Spanish

25th of May, 2015. Are you a lover of the sport of baseball? Here’s a wonderful list of commonly used baseball terms in Spanish that you should check out.

4. Baseball in Mexico Glossary |

– embasado, en base, en espaol El plato’s house is his home. Progress is defined as “advancement,” “advancement of the corridor,” and “home club” is defined as “the local team.” Seattle is being fought against – Seattle is being fought against.

5. How to say “Baseball” in Mexican Spanish and 19 more useful words.

How to pronounce “Baseball” in Mexican Spanish, as well as 19 other important phrases American English is a dialect of the English language spoken in the United States.

baseball-béisbol.svg is a vector illustration of baseball. Mexican Spanish, often known as béisbol.


To the baseball lexicon in the English language.

7. How to say baseball in Spanish

How do you translate the word “baseball” into Spanish? Here’s how you go about saying it. There are more baseball-related Spanish terms. The term “béisbol” refers to a baseball player (beisbolero) who plays baseball.

8. Brian Dozier learned Spanish to be a better teammate. There’s a.

The date is April 4, 2021. For many years, baseball dealt with the situation in this manner: Players from countries such as the Dominican Republic, which is the top supplier of talent to the Major League Baseball, sign at.

9. How Latino Players Are Helping Major League Baseball Learn.

November 26th, 2017. However, there are millions of Spanish-speaking fans who watch Spanish-language television. “When you talk about baseball, it resonates with Latinos on both sides of the aisle.

10. How to say “major league baseball” in Spanish

What is the best way to translate “big league baseball” into Spanish? Here’s how you phrase it: Liga Mayor de Béisbol (Main League of Basketball). More Spanish terms for Major League Baseball. Click here for more.

Proper spelling of “beisbol”

Both variants are acceptable; which one is more commonly used depends on where you come from in the world.

béisbol o beisbol

Sport in which players must navigate certain points or bases on a circuit while simultaneously launching a peloton from the center of that circuit’ (definition from Wikipedia). The English language’s voice Baseball has been translated into Spanish with two accents, both of which are valid. The formabeisbol, which retains the etimológic emphasis, is the one most commonly seen in Spain and much of North America, whereas the agudabeisbol is more commonly seen in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, among others.

According to the DLE, the following (slightly different) list of nations use the formbeisbolis: Tiempos de Beisbol (Tb.


How to say baseball in Spanish

More Spanish terminology for baseball may be found at bé

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Also available in English

baseball diamond
diamante de beisbol
baseball stadium
estadio de baseball
baseball player
jugador de baseball
baseball field
campo de béisbol
baseball glove
guante de béisbol
baseball mitt
guante de béisbol
baseball team
equipo de beisbol
baseball batnoun
bate de béisbol
baseball cap
gorra de beisbol
baseball coachnoun
entrenador de béisbol

Translationsbase in the neighborhood bridge with a bascule bridge with a bascule Basco basco basaltic base ball baseball bat baseball helmet baseball coach baseball diamond baseball field Basco basco basaltic base ball Basco basco basaltic base ball

How to say “Baseball” in Mexican Spanish and 19 more useful words.

DropsDropletsScriptsLanguagesBlogKahoot! BusinessGift DropsHome/American English to Mexican Spanish/Sports/baseball/Mexican English to American English American English is a dialect of the English language spoken in the United States.


American English is a dialect of the English language spoken in the United States. Mexican Spanish basketball (basketball en espanol mexicano) el basquetbolboxingel boxeofencingla esgrima el basquetbolboxingel boxeofencingla esgrima American football (footballel ftbol americano) the sport of horseracing the horse racing competitions Mountain biking is a type of cycling that takes place in the mountains. cycling on the road a cycle of traffic on a highway sailing the process of navigation soccerel ftbolsurfing soccerel ftbolsurfing el surfswimming is a type of surfing.

it is the nativity tennisel tenisyogael yogael tennisel Inyo ganoI kickyo pateoInyo lanzoI winyo ganoI kickyo pateo Golfel golfgymnasticsla gimnasiavolleyballel golfgymnasticsla gimnasia el voleibol es el voleibol

Example sentences

American English is a dialect of the English language spoken in the United States. Baseball is a widely practiced sport in Japan.

Learn the word for “Baseball” in 45 More Languages.

Hungarianbaseball Korean야구 Spanish football (béisbol en castellano) Japaneseやきゅう French base-ball is a sport played in France. Mandarin Chinese is a dialect of Chinese. Baseball in Italy is a sport that is played by both men and women. Baseball with a German accent Russianбейсбол Brazilian Portugueseo football (beisbol). Hebrewבייסבול Arabicالبيسبول Turkishbeyzbol Danishbaseball Swedishbaseboll Norwegianbaseball Hindiबेसबॉल Tagalogbaseball Vietnamesebóng chày (Vietnamese bóng chày) Esperantobasbalo The honkbal (Dutch for “honkball”) IcelandichafnaboltiIndonesianbisbol Baseball in the United Kingdom Football (beisebol) in the European Portuguese language Cantonese Chinese is a dialect of Mandarin Chinese.

Other interesting topics in Mexican Spanish

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Baseball Terms in Spanish

Games have the ability to bring people together, and baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with a large following in Spanish-speaking nations. In several nations, including Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela, it is one of the most popular sports to participate in. A sport like baseball has a dedicated following that defies the language barrier that separates fans from their favorite players. It might be entertaining to acquire sports jargon in a foreign language in order to increase the number of individuals with whom you can converse about your passion.

The baseball words in Spanish listed here will get you off to a fantastic start whether you wish to participate or watch the game with other Spanish-speaking fans.

Spanish Baseball Vocabulary

While the nature of the game might differ from one country to another, the terminology used in the game is often the same.

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El bateador Batter
Bate Bat
El Receptor o Cátcher Catcher
Béisbol Baseball
Pelota Ball
El lanzador o Pícher Pitcher
Jonrón Home run
Base Base
Primera base First base
Segunda base Second base
Tercera base Third base
Beisbolista Baseball player
El jardinero Outfielder
Equipo Team
Puntaje Score
Base meta Home plate
Batazo bueno Hit
Entrada Inning
Fuera Out
Carrera Run

Discussing Baseball in Spanish

The first and most crucial thing to understand about baseball in Spanish is that many of the terminology are derived directly from the original language, which is English. You’re likely to know words like cátcher, béisbol, pcher, and base right away if you’ve studied the language. You will not have to spend much time learning these terms if you want to chat about baseball in Spanish. As a baseball player, you may come across expressions like these:

  • You are no longer in the game. This is used when the umpire determines that a hitter or baserunner has been thrown out. Take note that the English prepositionout is retained in the Spanish sentence
  • Estás ponchao, which translates as “You are punch-out.” It is customary to say “estás ponchaois” to imply that a hitter has been struck out. It refers to the actual movement made by the umpire in this particular occasion.

Watching Baseball

In order to enjoy a baseball game with your pals, you will need to be able to comprehend what is being place. While many English phrases and terms have been translated into Spanish, there are certain idioms that you may not be familiar with until you learn the Spanish for them. As an illustration:

  • The house has been stocked. – The bases have been loaded. I was hit by a jonrón. – He hit a home run in the first inning
  • Pillar al corredor. – Caught in the middle of two worlds
  • Jonrón has a completely stuffed house. Home run with the bases loaded
  • Grand slam (a home run with the bases loaded)
  • It is customary to “hang the third ring” when the pitcher gets the third out, which is literally translated as “hang the third ring” in English
  • However, it is not customary when the pitcher gets the third out.

All Things Baseball

While this is not an exhaustive list of all things baseball, it will provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build your knowledge of the game in Spanish. In addition to having a good time, using these terms to describe a popular sport in the Spanish-speaking world can help you sound more like a local speaker. Get your bat out of the bag!

  • Grades 5 through 9 are divided into five categories: elementary school, middle school, high school, and postsecondary education.

Related Articles

  • Vocabulary for Football in Spain Soccer (futbol) is the most popular sport in the Spanish-speaking world, and it is also the most widely practiced. If you want to make small conversation, this is a subject that you will almost certainly be unable to resist discussing
  • The Imperfect Tense in Spanish: When Should It Be Used? When it comes to learning Spanish, the Imperfect tense is one of the most difficult (or el imperfecto). Even though its conjugations are quite basic, its application might be challenging. One reason for the difficulty is because the Imperfect tense, as it is used in Spanish, does not truly exist in English
  • This is one of the reasons for the difficulty.

How to Say Baseball in Spanish

Baseball is referred to as beisbol in Spanish.

Example Sentences

  • He is a deservingly renowned football player. He is a well-known baseball player. When I was younger, I used to like going to watch basketball games. When I was younger, I enjoyed going to baseball games and cheering for the home team. The child smashed the window with a debéisbolel last week, according to the report. The youngster threw a baseball through the glass last weekend, shattering it. He is a debéisbol player, according to the source. He’s a professional baseball player. Source
  • You are the only person I know, aside from myself, who does not enjoy verbéisbol in any way. You’re the only other person I know who doesn’t enjoy baseball games, aside from my own family. We’ll be playing a game of debéisbol, according to the source. Let’s get together and play some baseball. Elbéisbol is one of his favorite sports, according to the source. Baseball is one of his favorite sports. This is our debéisbol field, according to the source. That’s where we’ll be playing baseball. Source: Due to inclement weather, the debéisbolfue game has been canceled. The baseball game was called off due to inclement weather. Elbéisboles is a fascinating sport, according to the source. Baseball is a fascinating sport to watch. Source: My dream job is to be a debéisbol player. My ambition is to become a professional baseball player. The source says that after school, we go out and play béisbolcon with our friends. After school, we get together with our classmates to play baseball. Source

Are you looking for something a little more visually appealing? For more information on baseball in Spanish, see our infographic with example phrases and translations.

Useful Links

  • SpanishDict, WordReference, Wiktionary, Google Translate, Tatoeba,, Glosbe, Linguee, and other online resources

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How to say ‘Play Ball!’ in Spanish

The discussion in’Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Espaol-Inglés’began on August 1, 2006 and has since been closed.

  1. Baseball/béisbol is the sport and the theme. – In English, the phrase “Play ball!” signals the start of a baseball game. What is the first call that starts a baseball game in Spanish? In Spanish, is the phrase “Pleibol!” or simply “Play ball!” like in English
  2. Hola Pleibol is a gritan in Mexico. Venezuela’s Louisiana is a state in the United States of America. Louisiana is an English-speaking state. According to my beisbol-obsessed friend in Venezuela, they say,!Pleibol! (despite the fact that I was writing it in English until I saw the reference to Bil
  3. Florida – USA). Venezuelan Spanish is spoken here. Hello and welcome to everyone. For example, in Venezuela we say “Play ball,” but we write it as “Playball,” according to rholt’s definition. Ozzie Guillen (Oswaldo Guillén) even had his own opinion piece in the newspaper El Universal, which he dubbed the “Playball” column after the baseball team he played for. Saludos, Freddy
  4. Mexico City is a city that has a lot of history. Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country. Because “Playball” is used in the Major League Baseball (as it should be), it is used in the Mexican league. If we’re talking about football or volleyball, it’s likely that we’re talking about the same thing: the castellanizedapleibol. (Although I like balompié, balonvolea, and other similar instruments) On the other hand, the English phrase “play ball!” cannot be translated into Spanish as “ball in play!”.
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USA Baseball Announces New Spanish Language Resources

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – USA Baseball announced the recipients of its annual organizational awards today. The honors recognize outstanding players, coaches, and performances from the United States Baseball Organization’s national teams for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Tyler Austin was named the winner of the Richard W. “Dick” Case Award, making him the first graduate of the Professional National Team to do so. WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. –USA Baseball announced the winners of its annual organizational awards, which recognize the best athletes, coaches, and performances from the USA Baseball national teams for the 2020 season today.

  • “Dick” Case Award, making him the first Professional National Team graduate to receive athlete of the year honors since 2009.
  • The award, named in honor of the organization’s original Executive Director and CEO, is awarded yearly to the top player in USA Baseball’s premier division.
  • While Todd Frazier was recognized for his contribution to Team USA’s qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, John Fierro was recognized for his work as the team’s Certified Athletic Trainer for the seventh time in his professional career.
  • College National Team Manager Elliott Avent was named the organization’s first-ever College Coach of the Year, while 18U National Team Manager Jason Maxwell was received the Developmental Coach of the Year honor, which was his second time receiving it in his distinguished coaching career.
  • Coach Educator of the Year Michael Cuddyer and USA Baseball Director of Development Jim Koerner, who was recently awarded the organization’s “Doc” Councilman Science Award laureate, will round out the accolades in 2021.

It is a pleasure to have them as part of the USA Baseball family, and we will continue to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments for many years to come.” The following is the entire list of winners of the USA Baseball organizational awards for the year 2021:

  • Tyler Austin of the Olympic Team received the Richard W. “Dick” Case Award
  • Mike Scioscia of the Olympic Team received the Rod Dedeaux Coach of the Year Award
  • And the Olympic Team was named Team of the Year. Coach of the Year: Jason Maxwell, 18U National Team
  • College Coach of the Year: Elliott Avent, Collegiate National Team
  • Volunteer Coach of the Year: Troy Tulowitzki, Collegiate National Team13U/14U Athlete Development Program
  • Coach Educator of the Year: Michael Cuddyer, USA Baseball Develops Blog
  • “Doc” Councilman Scieffa, Olympic Qualifying Team

In recognition of his selection to the All-Olympic Team following the Tokyo 2020 Games, Tyler Austin received the Richard W. “Dick” Case Award. In the Olympic Games, he topped Team USA in eight offensive categories: batting average, runs scored, hits, doubles, total bases, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage. He also led the team in slugging % and on-base percentage. The designated hitter for the United States of America concluded the tournament with a batting average of.417, three doubles, two home runs, seven RBI, and an on-base percentage of.462.

  • Rod Dedeaux is a Canadian businessman and philanthropist.
  • Mike Scioscia assumed command of the USA Baseball Professional National Team program in 2021, with the goal of earning not just a berth in the Olympic Games, but also an Olympic medal.
  • After winning the World Baseball Softball Confederation’s (WBSC) Baseball Americas Qualifier with an unblemished record, Team USA qualified for the Olympic Games.
  • Team USA concluded with an overall record of 8-2 throughout both events in 2021, with its only two losses coming at the hands of eventual Olympic gold medalists Japan in the Olympics.
  • In addition, their accomplishments won them the USA Baseball Team of the Year honor for 2021.
  • Team USA’s position in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was secured as a result of Frazier’s performance.
  • Each of his four at-bats resulted in a hit, and he was involved in every run-scoring play for the United States during the game.

After making his eighth and ninth appearances on a USA Baseball administrative staff, respectively, as a member of the Olympic qualifying team and as a member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games administrative staff, Olympic Team Certified Athletic Trainer John Fierro was named the Service Provider of the Year in 2021.

  1. He is also a fixture on Team USA’s Professional National Teams.
  2. In his second consecutive Developmental Coach of the Year award, Jason Maxwell was recognized for leading the 18U National Team to a resounding and overwhelming victory against Canada in the team’s seven-game international friendly series.
  3. Throughout his tenure as Team USA’s coach, Maxwell concentrated on improving the team’s mental approach to the game as well as their personal development.
  4. Elliott Avent, the head coach of North Carolina State University and the manager of the 2021 Collegiate National Team, had a successful season in 2021, receiving the first-ever USA Baseball College Coach of the Year award.
  5. 1 Arkansas Razorbacks on their home field in the Super Regionals and a trip to the College World Series semifinals.
  6. Following their incredible season, in which they went 37-19, Avent was appointed as the manager of the Collegiate National Team in 2021.
  7. After everything was said and done, his summer came to a conclusion with a three-game exhibition series against the United States Olympic Team in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
  8. In 2021, he will coach the Collegiate National Team as well as the 13U/14U Athlete Development Program.
  9. In addition to his usual coaching responsibilities with the Collegiate National Team, he served as a mentor to the players as they made the transition from amateur to professional baseball.
  10. Aside from that, he made himself available to all athletes and their families, conversing with them and providing further guidance when requested.
  11. Cuddyer continues to produce a weekly educational series dubbed Cuddyer’s Corner for USA Baseball’s social media platforms, YouTube channel, and official website while also acting as an assistant coach for the USA Baseball 18U National Team in 2021.

With his unique perspective as a former All-Star in Major League Baseball, a former member of the USA Baseball national team, and a former coach, he assists countless coaches, parents, and leagues in the development of a well-rounded baseball player, improving their skills and overall experience within the sport.

During this season, he concentrated on the developing aspects of baseball, taking advantage of every technology resource accessible to USA Baseball participants.

It is because of his emphasis on improving players via the use of analytics that athletes may make fast adjustments in practice and game scenarios.

On the basis of nominations from its national governing bodies, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) awards one Sportsman of the Year, a Sportswoman of the Year, and an Olympic and Paralympic Team of the Year.

The winners of USA Baseball’s awards are nominated by the organization for nominations in their respective categories with the United States Olympic Committee.

i like baseball

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