How Should A Baseball Helmet Fit

How to Buy a Batting Helmet for Baseball Season

You should have just one thing on your mind as you go into the batter’s box: hitting the ball out of the park! However, there are a lot of factors that might undermine your self-confidence, such as wearing an improperly fitted batting helmet. You’ll most likely lose concentration on the ball and become more concerned with your own safety if this is the case, which is especially true if you’re up against a crazy pitcher like this one. Batting helmets are therefore an extremely vital component of protective equipment for baseball players.

They’re also a great deal of fun to wear.

While it is easy to understand why batting helmets are so vital, making the decision to purchase one may be a far more challenging task.


Earplugs are recommended. In contrast to the big leagues, practically all baseball leagues, from childhood to college, require hitters to wear helmets with flaps that protect both ears when they are on the mound. This is done in order to safeguard the player before, during, and after they take the field to face the opposition. While it might be difficult to hear with both ears covered, it is a small price to pay for the highest level of protection possible. If you happen to play in a league that does not adhere to these types of rules and you want a “one flap” batting helmet, be sure to seek for one that has the flap over the ear facing the pitcher rather than the other way around.

Despite this, the majority of players choose not to wear masks since they can significantly impair a player’s eyesight when he or she is at the plate.

Make sure that the faceguard is constructed by the same manufacturer as your helmet so that there will be no problems attaching it later on.

In the same way that you should get a faceguard from the same manufacturer, you should also acquire a chin strap from the same manufacturer to ensure correct fit.


Batting helmets are intended to protect batters from pitches that may reach speeds of more than 90 miles per hour, therefore it is only natural that they will degrade with time. When a player tosses it down in the dugout or onto the infield, it is one of the most significant contributors in the degeneration of the field. This may be avoided by storing your helmet in a rack or on a bench until you’re ready to go on deck.

Leaving it outside in the sun will also cause the padding on the inside to harden and shatter, so keep it out of the sun as much as possible. Keep them inside whenever feasible, and make sure to examine them well before using them.


Batting helmets come in a variety of sizes, but they are few and far between. Manufacturers can employ a variety of various dimensions, although they are all around the same size on the whole. A smart advice is to approach the procedure in the same way you would when purchasing a hat. The circumference of your head should be measured, and this should be compared to the closest size available, which may be found in the table below.


The shaking test may be used to assist identify whether or not your helmet is properly fitting you. Take off the helmet and give it a couple good shakes before putting it back on. If it’s shifting about too much, try moving down a size or investing in a padding kit to ensure a more precise fit. In addition, you want to make sure that your helmet rests approximately an inch above your eyebrows and that it fits properly across your entire skull. Tilting your head up increases your chances of getting hit by a ball in your forehead when batting or running the bases.

Make use of the illustration below to ensure that your helmet is properly fitted.

One thing to keep in mind is that practically every single baseball organization and league mandates batters to wear a helmet for one specific reason: protection.

Get your bat out of the bag!

Batting Helmet Buying Guide

Baseball and softball are both potentially dangerous games to participate in, but purchasing and wearing the right equipment guarantees that players are as safe as possible while participating. It goes without saying that when it comes to entering the batter’s box, your batting helmet is the most critical piece of equipment you’ll be wearing. When you’re in the batter’s box, running the bases, or even simply standing in the on deck circle, wearing a helmet can help you from sustaining major injuries.

When it comes to pricing, it’s important to remember that the greater the price of a helmet, the better the material from which it will be produced.

The thick cushioning included in the less costly helmets will still absorb impact, but not to the same amount as the more expensive ones.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about purchasing a batting helmet. Purchasing a new batting helmet is an important decision to make in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe while on the field. You’ll learn the following things from this guide:

  • This is the reason why some helmets only cover one ear. How to determine the appropriate size for a baseball or softball helmet
  • The NOSCAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) is an acronym that stands for National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. What are the applications of softball face masks? What are the purposes of batting helmet chin straps
  • Why do batting helmets appear to be charred?

Why Do Helmets Only Cover One Ear?

In case you’ve ever seen professional baseball or softball games on television or in person, you’ve definitely noticed that batting helmets often only cover one ear. This rule is not applicable to batters who are switch hitters, which means they bat with both their right and left hands at the same time, which is rare. Earflaps are required for these athletes in order to protect both ears during any given at bat. It’s simple to figure out which side of the flap should be up:

  • If you bat right-handed, the flap is located on the left ear
  • Otherwise, it is located on the right ear. If you bat with your left hand, the flap is on your right ear
  • If you bat with your right hand, the flap is on your left ear. It is recommended that switchhitters use helmets with flaps on both ears or alternate between two different helmets.

Generally speaking, double flapped helmets are needed in most youth and Little League leagues as well as high school and college competitions. In addition to protecting the batter at the plate, these helmets also provide protection when running the bases. Running to first base, trying to steal bases, and diving back into a base after a pick-off attempt are all situations in which the flaps may help you stay safe. A helmet with earflaps can even save your life as you’re warming up for your at-bat in the on-deck circle before a game.

Baseball and Softball Helmet Sizing

Before you purchase your batting helmet, you should double-check that it is the correct size for your head. To get the optimal balance of comfort and protection, you must experiment with various combinations. In the event that you don’t already know the size of your head, there is a safe and simple method for determining what size helmet you require: Simply take a cotton measuring tape and measure the diameter of your head just above your ears to determine the appropriate size batting helmet.

  • Keep in mind, nevertheless, that you should never choose a kid helmet that is too large because you have the “room to grow” attitude.
  • If you’re not sure whether or not your helmet is too big for your head, there’s an easy way to find out: try it on.
  • If the helmet moves about a much, it’s probably too large for you.
  • A number of additional critical considerations for determining the proper fit for your helmet are as follows:
  • In order to provide the most protection, you should ensure that your batting helmet is 1 inch over your eyebrows
  • Helmets should never be angled upwards or downwards when playing baseball. They should be uniformly distributed on your head. If your helmet is pointed up rather than parallel to the ground, it exposes your forehead to the possibility of collision with the ball when you are hitting or running the bases throughout the game. If you wear your helmet with the rear of your head exposed, it is called a “backwards helmet.”


Even though there are hundreds of firms that manufacture batting helmets for players of various ages and skill levels, not all of these helmets have been certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) (NOCSAE). NoCSAE certification is critical for the safety of any baseball player, and you should ensure that each new helmet you purchase has the certification label on it.

Softball Face Masks

Softball players must also take precautions to keep themselves safe while participating in their favorite sport.

Face masks designed exclusively for softball players are available that can be attached to the majority of batting helmets. Make an effort to purchase a face mask from the same manufacturer as your batting helmet in order to guarantee that it fits precisely and without difficulty.

Batting Helmet Chin Straps

Chin straps on batting helmets are not commonly seen at the professional level, but certain leagues do demand them for batting helmets in their respective divisions. Chin straps are often not included with a batting helmet, so you may need to purchase one individually if this is the case. When purchasing a chin strap, search for one that is created by the same manufacturer as your helmet, just as you would when purchasing a face mask. The process of attaching a chin strap to your helmet is rather straightforward.

The chin strap will attach to them and provide you with additional protection.

In baseball and softball, chin straps that would be used on a football helmet frequently have additional straps that aren’t required for baseball or softball play.

Why Do Batting Helmets Look Burnt?

Many baseball and softball fans who watch games on television sometimes inquire about the appearance of batting helmets. You may have questioned why baseball caps appear to be scorched, and there is a simple explanation for this. Baseball players’ batting helmets are not burned, but they have this appearance because they spread pine tar on their bats, handle their bats, and then often re-adjust their helmets with dirty hands, which gives the appearance of being burned. Some players even apply pine tar to the inside of their helmets to serve as a backup in case they need to add extra pine tar to their bat during a game or practice.

Purchasing a batting helmet that is correctly fitted is critical to ensuring your safety while playing baseball.

Keep in mind that, from a safety aspect, the greater the price, the better the helmet is typically considered to be.

How to Ensure Your Baseball Helmet Fits

BaseballSoftball The 7th of April in the year 2021 Over the last decade, there has been a significant advancement in baseball helmet technology. It is no longer possible to buy helmets that are foldable and “one size fits all.” Seeing players run with a shared team helmet parachuting behind their heads serves as a powerful reminder that if a helmet does not fit properly, it does not protect the player in question. In the field of batting helmets, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is the safety standard that must be followed.

  • When purchasing helmets, always search for the NOCSAE stamp of approval!
  • However, the rear of the helmet has been strengthened to provide additional protection against inside pitches, which may be particularly dangerous because the natural defensive action is to turn your back toward the pitch, leaving your back of head susceptible.
  • The distance between the brows and the bill of the helmet should be roughly a finger width, and the bill should sit squarely on the head, neither leaning forward or back, nor side to side, as in the photo.
  • The chin strap must be tightened to the head, preventing the helmet from moving about on the head while wearing it.
  • In order to ensure that you receive the best possible protection and comfort, our baseball pros will custom fit your helmet.

When you take that swing, the only thing you should be thinking about is how to hit that home run, not whether or not you are wearing the correct head protection for the situation.

We Fit Your Game

Before you take the field, stop by your local Source for Sports Baseball and Softball shop and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members about which helmet is best suited for your game, level of play, and budget. You’ll walk out of the store with exactly what you need, at the greatest possible price, and with the finest advise. Sports information is available from this source. We Customize Our Services to Your Specific Needs.

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For expert advice on baseball gear and equipment that is right for your game, level of play, and budget, come see us at your local Source for Sports baseball store near you. We Fit Your Game.

When you’re at bat, the correct helmet can keep you safe and let you to concentrate exclusively on the game without the worry of suffering a head or facial injury. However, this raises the issue, “How do you select the most appropriate helmet?” Given the plethora of helmet alternatives available on the market, selecting the best one might be tough. That is why we’ve put up a baseball helmet purchasing guide to help you through the process.


It is imperative that you concentrate on how to make contact with the ball when you are at bat rather than worrying about your safety when you are at bat. The batting helmet is the most crucial piece of protective baseball equipment since it protects your face and head from catastrophic harm. The following are the three different types of helmets to select from when it comes to picking one: Open-faced, fast-pitch, and extended-jaw guards are recommended.

Open Face

Advantages: When you’re up to bat, it protects your head from harm and helps you to see the ball to the best of your ability. Cons: Only rudimentary facial protection. It should be worn by the following people: When it comes to small league athletes, open face helmets are a wonderful alternative because the game features lower pitching velocity.


Designed with a thick, coated metal shield that protects your face when you’re in the batter’s box, as well as a shell made of high-grade ABS that keeps your head safe when you’re not in the batter’s box. Pros: The disadvantage is that the face mask may impair eyesight at the plate. Make certain that it is firmly secured to the helmet in order to provide maximum protection and vision. It should be worn by the following people: The quick pitching pace of softball and the potential for misdirected balls to land in this region make this design of helmet the most common choice for softball players.

Extended Jaw Guards

These helmets offer the best possible protection since they are equipped with an impact-resistant guard on one side of the helmet. Cons: Because jaw guard protection is only offered on one side of the bat, you’ll need to think about your hitting posture while selecting this choice. It should be worn by the following people: Baseball players that are serious or professional in their game want a sturdy and durable, yet comfortable helmet that provides optimal protection. Please keep in mind that several manufacturers, like as Rawlings and Easton, provide jaw guard extensions that may be purchased separately.

For those who currently own a helmet but desire a jaw guard, search for your helmet brand and the jaw guard extension that corresponds to your helmet model on your favorite search engine.


A strong infield is the foundation of every successful defensive baseball team. A pitcher’s ability to get to groundballs, make rapid adjustments, and throw precise throws may prevent hits and runs from being scored, and can be the difference between winning and losing. As a result, it is critical for infielders to be on their game at all times. When it comes to baseball infield drills, these five baseball infield drills will transform you into a defensive genius. If you play the infield and want to maintain your talents in the dirt fresh during this downtime, try these five baseball infield workouts.

Helmet Conversion Chart

XS 20 -20 1/2″ 6 3/8 – 6 1/2
S 20 3/4 – 21 1/2″ 6 5/8 – 6 3/4
M 21 1/2 – 22″ 6 7/8 – 7
L 22 1/4 – 22 3/4″ 7 1/8 – 7 1/4
XL 23 – 23 1/2″ 7 3/8 – 7 1/2
XXL 23 3/4 – 24 1/4″ 7 5/8 – 7 3/4


In order to boost the safety of your helmet while also increasing its comfort, you may purchase additionalliner pads, jaw guards, face shields, and chin straps. These accessories can help to raise the safety of your helmet while also increasing its comfort.


Today’s baseball helmets are made of high-grade, impact-resistant ABS, which protects hitters from being hit by fastballs that travel at high speeds. However, if helmets are not properly maintained, they will begin to decay with time, just like any other item. Keep your helmet in good condition by avoiding throwing it whenever possible, storing it in a cool, dry place, and cleaning it with mild soap and water on a regular basis.


If you need help deciding on a batting helmet or have questions regarding one of the batting helmets we sell from top manufacturers such as Rawlings and Easton, please get in touch with our experts right away. Want to buy other baseball stuff instead of asking questions? Click here. Take a look at our extensive variety of bats, gloves, boots, uniforms, gear, and other accessories. Concourse Team Express is committed to protecting your personal information. Please review the information below to understand more about our privacy policies.

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What to Consider When Buying a Batting Helmet for Baseball Season

In order to avoid getting harmed by a pitch or a foul ball, batters are required to wear batting helmets while on the field. Despite the fact that it will also protect the batter’s head when he is sliding into the bases or being tagged, its primary purpose is to endure the brutal impact of being struck by the ball. When selecting batters helmets, there are a few factors to consider in order for it to perform its function efficiently.

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Snug Fit

It is critical to select the proper size. In order to prevent the helmet from slipping or sliding while the batter is moving, it should be fitted tightly. The proper fit also ensures that the batter will be able to see and hear as well as possible while wearing the helmet. The padding on the inside of a batting helmet contributes to its ability to fit so tightly. The batter may want to try on many helmets before finding one that fits well since certain types of padding are thicker than others.

New Padding

When shopping for a new batting helmet, one of the first things you should look for is cushioning that is both malleable and firm at the same time. If a helmet has been sitting on a shelf for a long period of time, the padding may have begun to degrade. Replacement of worn padding is a simple process, but it is necessary to have a qualified equipment professional perform the task. This ensures that the padding is properly put and that it is hard enough to protect the batter’s head during the game.

Functional Faceguard

Many batting helmets now come with at least a partial faceguard, which is a welcome addition. This helps to keep the batter’s nose and mouth safe from any form of damage while he is on the field. A partial faceguard is often comprised of a metal bracket that runs over the mid-section of the face, protecting the nostrils and the corners of the lips. In addition to the metal bracket that protects the lips, a practical full-faceguard incorporates a piece of durable plexiglass to shield the eyes from injury.

When wearing a helmet that is too loose or that slips uncontrollably, never take any chances.

Looking for Baseball Helmet Decals?

When you get a new baseball batter’s helmet, you will also need to customize it with decals that will allow you to show your team’s mascot, logos or message, as well as the player numbers of your players. Custom batter helmet decals are preferable to individual batter helmet decals because they will offer your squad a more uniform appearance.

For players who want to upgrade their helmet decals, we offer a selection of options available to choose from. Because baseball helmet decals are only meant to last a year, it’s time to replace your current sticker.

Pro-Tuff Decals

For more than 30 years, Pro-Tuff Decals has been manufacturing professional-quality -customized sports helmets, sportswear, sports accessories, stickers and other apparel and equipment for clients of all ages who want to stand out in leagues. Pro-Tuff Decals is situated in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We at Pro-Tuff make every effort to rekindle the passion for sports that is slowly dying away by designing logos, dog tags, vehicle magnets, and unique stickers that can be customized according to your preferences.

How Should A Baseball Helmet Fit? 8 Responses For (2022), «Sport-Topics FAQ»

  • How to buy a baseball helmet, as demonstrated in the video. FAQ. People who want to know how a baseball helmet is supposed to fit can find the answer on this page. The following questions are frequently asked: 8 other answers
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Pro-tips on how to purchase a batting helmet (video answer)FAQ People who want to know how a baseball helmet is supposed to fit can find the answer on this page. The following questions are frequently asked:

❓ How should loose should a baseball cap fit a helmet?

There should be no point at which the helmet bill points up (exposing the athlete’s forehead) or down (exposing the athlete’s Occipital bone). The helmet fits snugly and does not move when the athlete moves his or her head in any direction. Make use of a piece of cloth or paper.

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❓ Why should you wear a helmet dearing baseball?

  • Baseball helmets, along with the best baseball gloves, baseball bats, and baseballs themselves, are essential pieces of equipment that will ensure your safety when you’re up to bat. They can boost your self-confidence by providing you with the assurance that you will not get hit in the head, which will have a direct impact on your overall baseball performance.
  • Who was the inventor of the baseball helmet? What should the proper fit of a hockey helmet be
  • Which ice hockey helmet should I purchase?

Easton batting helmet size (video answer)8 other answers Vince Breitenberg responded to your question on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 8:12 a.m. When a helmet is correctly fitted, it should not wobble or move about on your child’s skull. When anything wobbles, it becomes an issue, no matter how nice the color is or how much she wants it.) Instruct her to go up and down the aisle of the shop many times, checking for any wobbles along the way. Clotilde Towne responded to your question on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 9:10 PM.

  • The host of “KHQA This Morning” Melissa Shriver learned why baseball helmets are vital for preventing against injuries and how to properly wear one.
  • Male catchers are required to wear a protective supporter and cup at all times while competing.
  • To find the circumference of the head in inches, use a fabric or paper tape measure.
  • 1 inch above the brow line on both sides 2.
  • Obtain a Comfortable Fit: FIT IN GENERAL.
  • Anything other than a batter’s helmet should not be worn by your player while on the field.
  • ASK Inquire as to how the helmet feels on the athlete’s head before using it.

Helmets should never be worn with the brim pointing upwards or downwards.

If your helmet is pointed up rather than parallel to the ground, it exposes your forehead to the possibility of collision with the ball when you are hitting or running the bases throughout the game.

Maverick Vandervort responded to your question on Friday, June 18, 2021 6:47 PM.

It should be worn by the following people: The quick pitching pace of softball and the potential for misdirected balls to land in this region make this design of helmet the most common choice for softball players.

If it’s shifting about too much, try moving down a size or investing in a padding kit to ensure a more precise fit.

Misael Leffler responded to your question on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 7:51 p.m.

If everything works properly, it should prevent the helmet from falling off no matter how hard the baseball hits it. At the same time, select one that is pleasant to wear in order to prevent irritating the neck, which might interfere with your performance.

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For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 24 questions that are similar to “How should a baseball helmet fit?” so you can be sure to get the answer! Is it possible to have a baseball helmet with a beer can holder? Beer and soda Guzzler Drinking Helmet – Can Holder Drinker Hat Cap with Straw for Beer and Soda (Red) 4.2 stars out of 5 for this product 2,193 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 Is it possible to buy a baseball helmet with a face guard in Canada? Baseball and softball batting helmets with a face mask are available.

  1. $49.99.
  2. Get a 10$ discount on your first purchase!
  3. H7P 0A5 Laval, Québec Canada 3835, boul.
  4. Is it possible to spray paint a baseball helmet?
  5. 1605 Feldblau Luftwaffe Blue M40 or M42 Helmet Spray Paint from World War II Germany.
  6. Airgraffix Mandalorian helmet with custom paint job.
  7. Removing the face mask with a screwdriver and cleaning the places where the face mask was assaulted is recommended.
  8. It’s crucial to note that helmet sizes can vary from brand to brand, therefore it’s necessary to consult the helmet manufacturer’s fit and sizing guides to determine which helmet size best matches your athlete’s head size.
  9. If you use the helmet size and conversion tables provided below, you will note that the inches and centimeter measurements will not be equal or accurate in either direction.
  10. Some manufacturers may not carry the number to 12 decimal places, therefore 21 inches may represent 53 centimeters to some and 55 centimeters to others, depending on the manufacturer.

Video answer: Getting the right fit for your baseball helmet

What is the best way to airbrush a baseball helmet? I made a softball helmet for a small girl who requested that it include a baseball, butterflies, and the words faith on it. In this video, I’m going to attempt to demonstrate how I create the he (or she). What is the best way to clean a baseball helmet? Warm water and a light detergent should be used to clean the helmet on a regular basis, both inside and out. DO NOT wet any component of the helmet, expose it to high temperatures, or clean it with harsh chemicals.

It is not recommended to keep a batter’s helmet in your automobile.

Video answer: Rip-it size guide

What is the best way to sketch a baseball helmet? Instructions on how to design a baseball helmet are provided in this video lesson for both children and adults. How to create a baseball helmet from scratch? With the help of this Cinema 4D tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a baseball helmet using HyperNURBs modeling techniques. Repetition is the essential to learning how to model rapidly and effectively in a fast-paced workplace, and we will be using approaches that have been demonstrated before in prior Mograph Candy courses.

Make certain that it is firmly secured to the helmet in order to provide maximum protection and vision.

It should be worn by the following people: The quick pitching pace of softball and the potential for misdirected balls to land in this region make this design of helmet the most common choice for softball players.

Video answer: Easton batting helmet sizing

What is the best way to paint a baseball helmet? Paint your artwork with water-based acrylic paints and brushes to achieve the desired effect. Helmets may be painted safely with these water-based paints. Each coat of paint should be allowed to dry completely before applying the next one to ensure that each layer is well bonded to the surface of your helmet. This will aid in preventing the paint from flaking off the walls. When did the baseball helmet first appear on the scene? Players were not required to wear helmets when batting in Major League Baseball (MLB) until 1971, according to the organization.

  • So, what was the evolution of the baseball helmet?
  • See my whole Gatorade section in 10 Baseball Mom Hacks for further information.
  • Having a cool beverage on a brisk game day is always appreciated!
  • I’m not going to lie to you.
  • Who was responsible for the design of the baseball helmet?
  • Their newest helmet line is built entirely of carbon fiber and is 130 times stronger than regular plastic helmets.
  • Who was the first person to wear a baseball helmet?

Designed to look similar to a standard baseball cap, but with protecting plate inserts, they were a huge hit.

That was the person who wore number 13 on his baseball helmet?

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Ralph Branca is a fictional character created by author Ralph Branca.

In 1951, however, he made the greatest sacrifice.

It provides protection for your head.

In order to keep players’ heads from getting injured.

Video answer: Easton batting helmets sizing

What is the best way to transport my skateboard helmet? If you’ve attended conferences in the past, you definitely have a few lanyards stashed away in a drawer somewhere. You may attach these to your bag and use them to transport your skateboard. Edit: My apologies for forgetting that this is a “electric” skateboarding subreddit, and that the most of you are probably riding heavy boards. This video is better ideal for boards that are less in weight. Is it necessary to use a multi sport helmet?

Having examined practically every dual-sport helmet on the market, I can tell you that, while most ADV helmets have improved in recent years, they still do not outperform street helmets in terms of aerodynamics, noise, and, most crucially, weight, as compared to street helmets.

Video answer: Champro sports® sizing guide

My skateboard helmet must be transported safely. Lanyards are certainly a common sight in your drawer if you’ve attended conferences in the past. The skateboard may be carried in your bag with the help of these. Corrected: I forgot that this is a “electric” skateboarding subreddit, and that the most of you probably have heavy boards. I apologize for this oversight! Rather than heavy boards, this film is more suited. A dual-sport helmet should be worn in this situation. Because I’ve examined practically every dual-sport helmet on the market, I can tell you that, while most ADV helmets have improved in recent years, they still do not perform as well as street helmets in terms of aerodynamics, sound and, perhaps most significantly, weight.


Model Helmet Size
RCFH 6 1/2″ – 7 1/2″
RCTFTB 6 1/4″ – 6 7/8″

MACH, MACHEXT, MCC01, R16M, R16, R1601, R16H2Fg

To determine the correct helmet size, take the circumference of the head immediately above the ears and compare it to the chart for an appropriate fit.

Size Circumference
Junior 6 3/8″ – 7 1/8″
Senior 6 7/8″ – 7 5/8″


In order to determine the correct helmet size, take the circumference of the head immediately above the ears and compare it to the chart.

Helmet Size 6 1/4″ – 6 7/8″
Head Circumference 19 5/8″ – 24 1/2″


In order to determine the correct helmet size, take the circumference of the head immediately above the ears and compare it to the chart for an exact fit.

Measurement SM MD LG XL
Helmet Size 6 7/8″ – 7 7 1/8″ – 1 1/4″ 7 3/8″ – 7 1/2″ 7 5/8″ – 7 3/4″
Head Circumference 21″-22″ 22 3/8″-22 3/4″ 23 1/8″ – 23 1/2″ 23 7/8″ – 24 3/4″

Boombah – Batting Helmet Sizing

Head Circumference Hat Size Helmet Model
19 1/2″ 6 1/4″ BBH2SP-JR (Defcon Sleek Profile JR), BBH2-JR (Defcon JR)
19 7/8″ 6 3/8″ BBH2SP-JR (Defcon Sleek Profile JR), BBH2-JR (Defcon JR)
20 1/4″ 6 1/2″ BBH2SP-JR (Defcon Sleek Profile JR), BBH2-JR (Defcon JR)
20 3/4″ 6 5/8″ BBH2SP-JR (Defcon Sleek Profile JR), BBH2-JR (Defcon JR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
21 1/8″ 6 3/4″ BBH2SP-JR (Defcon Sleek Profile JR), BBH2-JR (Defcon JR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
21 1/2″ 6 7/8″ BBH2SP-JR (Defcon Sleek Profile JR), BBH2-JR (Defcon JR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
21 7/8″ 7″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
22 1/4″ 7 1/8″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
22 5/8″ 7 1/4″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
23″ 7 3/8″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
23 1/2″ 7 1/2″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
23 7/8″ 7 5/8″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)
24 1/4″ 7 3/4″ BBH2SP-SR (Defcon Sleek Profile SR), BBH2-SR (Defcon SR), BBHD2 OSFM (Deflector 2 OSFM), BBH1 OSFM (Deflector OSFM)

* The BBH2SP Defcon Sleek Profile Helmet has a little tighter fit overall than the BBH2 Defcon* The BBHD2 Deflector 2 Helmet has a slightly looser fit overall than the BBH1 original Deflector Helmet *

How to Measure Your Head

A measurement of the diameter of the head will yield the most accurate results in determining what helmet size should be chosen. A cloth tape measure should be used to measure around your head directly above your ears. : Universal Fit Spacer Baseball Batting Helmet Fit Kit Pads Padding for Softball Baseball Included ! : Sports & Outdoors

A measurement of the diameter of the head will yield the most accurate results in determining what helmet size should be selected. If you have a fabric tape measure, wrap it around your head just above your ears.

Reviews with images

On September 11, 2014, it was reviewed in the United States, and it was verified as a purchase. My daughter participates in travel ball, and I have added additional padding to the majority of her helmets. Normally, the edges of her helmet do not grip above and behind her ears, causing her ears to shake and fall forward. It was impossible for her to use a Tee ball helmet since her skull was too large, and those are not sufficiently protective. Her squad now wears Mizuno helmets, and the company does not provide additional cushioning kits (Worth does).

In order to expand the pads I wanted to use paper to create a template for them, which I then placed on the pads and just followed the pattern that I had produced.

When it comes to safety equipment, I have quite high expectations.

The circular one is around 5 to 6 inches in diameter, while the other six are approximately 3 inches in length; the pads were larger than I anticipated.

I found it to be rather effective at wicking perspiration away from the surface into the foam -there appeared to be enough cushioning for the Mizuno, and definitely more than what I put on the Rip-It -the padding appeared to be the appropriate shapes for the majority of uses Cons: -The padding is kept in place by little bits of velcro that are adhered to the previous pad and measure around 3/8 inch in diameter, which is modest.

  1. A large number of Velcro dots were required in order to give adequate surface area for the pads to feel extremely secure.
  2. A portion of the padding had a square edge, and these dots are too small to cut and fit to a square edge.
  3. My final solution was to purchase a roll of industrial strong velcro from Home Depot and trim it using the same templates as before.
  4. On November 23, 2020, a review was published in the United States, indicating that the purchase was verified.
  5. The young lady is 13 years old and has been wearing a ball helmet since she began playing when she was approximately ten years old.
  6. We did had to get better velcro than what was included with the package.
  7. Heavy-duty velcro, on the other hand, is fantastic!

On July 11, 2016, it was reviewed in the United States and verified as a purchase.

My patterns were drawn on paper and then transferred to these spacers, which I connected with heavy-duty velcro from Lowe’s, and these pads worked great for me.

When it comes to finding solutions to comparable problems, I would strongly recommend this set of resources.

I was able to stack two of the little oval pieces together with a couple of strips of velcro in between them and trim them to suit the space I wanted them to fit in.

I received a comment advising me to use hot glue to hold the velcro in place better, but for a fast patch, I didn’t see the need to do so at this time.

On September 4, 2015, it was reviewed in the United States and verified as a purchase.

After stitching them together to make sure they wouldn’t fall out, they were the ideal match for my needs.

My overall satisfaction with my purchase is high.

My daughter has an Under Armour helmet, and because we were unable to locate a fit kit specifically for UA, we opted for this universal fit kit.

As an added bonus, I went to Lowe’s and purchased industrial strength velcro because the velcro that came with the kit did not function at all.

On April 26, 2014, it was reviewed in the United States and verified as a purchase.

The Velcro attachments are simple to use and do a good job of holding the pads in place.

On June 1, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. Purchase that has been verified The helmet on my great-small niece’s head was too big. This greatly aided in making it more comfortable.

Which Batting Helmet should I pick?

If you’re considering about purchasing a new batting helmet, it’s a good idea to be aware of the features you should look for. Because what distinguishes one helmet from another is what makes it superior. When you read this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of the characteristics of a baseball or softball batting helmet. The batting helmet with the proper fit and a long-lasting construction will alleviate all but one of your concerns: striking the ball properly. When walking up to the bat, the primary focus should be on hitting the ball beyond of reach of the outfielders.

Having a batting helmet that rotates around on your head isn’t exactly something you’re looking forward to in your life.

When you’re up against a crazy pitcher, you’ll find yourself fretting more.

Furthermore, a well fitted batting helmet is much more critical.

An extra set of hands might come in help while a player is sliding or sprinting around the basepaths.

We’ll go over some of the characteristics of a batting helmet in this section.

Features First and foremost, we’ll discuss about earplugs and ear protectors.

Not only do these guards give safety while on the plate, but they also provide protection at all times.

Although the c-flap is built into certain helmets, the most recent helmets have detachable c-flaps, allowing you to decide whether or not you want additional ear protection.

Faceguards are the second characteristic to mention.

One downside of these faceguards is that they might block the batter’s view when he or she is on the plate.

The last element is a chin strap, which is optional.

When purchasing a chinstrap, be sure you choose one from the same brand as the chinstrap.

It is only natural for a helmet to become worn down over a period of time.

We understand that it appears to be useful, but it accomplishes nothing for you.

You’ll also want to keep your helmet out of the direct sunlight.

Ensure that you store the helmet safely inside and that you examine it before using it each and every time.

The producers can utilize a variety of measures, but the final product will be around the same size.

Find the correct dimensions for the circumference of your head and convert them to the nearest size that is currently available.

It’s the perfect fit Try out the shaking test on your batting helmet to ensure that it is the correct fit for you.

Consider a smaller size or a padding kit to help hold the helmet more in place and provide a more comfortable fit if it’s moving around too much.

Check to see that it fits evenly on your head.

When your helmet is slanted downwards and you can see the back of your head, you are exposed to the same dangers as when your helmet is upright.

A batting helmet is also necessary in 99 out of 100 occasions before you are permitted to participate.

Lastly, The primary reason for this is to provide protection. Baseball is entertaining, but it can also be deadly. Before you set foot on the diamond, be certain that you follow the safety procedures extremely seriously.

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