How To Make Money On Baseball Cards

Sell Sports Cards to Make Money [Complete 2022 Guide]

Sports fans all across the globe recall the thrill of discovering the precise card they’d been seeking for in a pack of cards for the first time. Sports cards, on the other hand, have long been deemed valued for reasons more than merely bringing back fond memories. Because cards exist in a variety of levels of rarity, collecting them was a good method to save money for the future. Sports card collections, particularly baseball card collections, were considered desirable even if they did not contain some of the most valuable cards in the world.

In the event that you’ve been considering selling sports cards, you’ve come to the appropriate location.

A discussion of how to sell old cards and how to safeguard your original investment in the most important elements of your collection will be included at the conclusion.

Are Sports Cards Still Worth Money?

Yes, sports cards are still valuable, but they are not worth a lot of money right away. Most of the time, you won’t be able to stroll into a store, hand up your collection, and walk away with a wad of cash. If you wish to sell your cards, there is a procedure that must be followed, and only some cards will be worth selling. Sports cards of any sort that are the most popular may not be worth putting up for sale, especially if you are required to pay for consignment space or shipping costs. A professional sports authenticator will examine your sports cards before you sell them.

  1. It is time to start selling sports cards after your cards have been reviewed and validated by a professional.
  2. The rarity of a card and the condition in which it is found determine its worth.
  3. You can, however, petition to have your previously graded cards reassessed if you believe they are deserving of a better rating than they now have.
  4. It all depends on the present state of the market and which cards are in high demand.

What’s the Best Way to Sell My Sports Cards?

Selling sports cards may be difficult, so it’s crucial to conduct your homework before deciding on a selling technique or target market for your collection. Traveling to your local sports card dealer to examine what they have to offer, whether they take cards on consignment, and to compare your collection with what they have to offer is a good investment of time. You could even be startled to discover that a certain card is far more valuable than you had anticipated it would be. Unfortunately, even after conducting thorough research, it can be difficult to determine which method will be the most effective for selling your sports cards.

However, the fact is that the most effective technique of selling your sports cards is dependent on the kind of cards you have, the level of activity in your local sports card community, and the grade in which your cards are after they have been authenticated.

After that, we’ll go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of each marketing approach in the next section. You’ll be able to determine for yourself which strategy is the most effective for selling your sports cards in this manner.

Places to Sell Sports Cards

It’s important to note that this is by no means a comprehensive list of the sites where you may legitimately sell sports cards, but it is a decent starting point if you’re ready to get started selling sports cards.

1. eBay

The online auction site eBay is one of the most popular locations to buy and sell trading cards of all kinds, including sports cards. The site generally offers a large selection of different cards, and it is a reasonable approach to find out what a card is currently worth on the market today. It is safe and trustworthy to receive payment through eBay, and you may even be able to sell some cards for more than their market value if you hold auctions for them. Auctioning cards, on the other hand, bears the risk of someone purchasing the card for less than it is actually worth.

If you have 200 or more cards that you wish to sell on eBay, you may additionally be charged an additional fee to advertise them on the site.

Making Money Flipping on eBay is a related topic.

2. DaveAdams

The online auction site eBay is one of the most popular locations to buy and sell trading cards of all kinds, including sporting goods. Typically, the site offers a large collection of different cards, and it is a decent approach to find out what a card is now worth on the market. It is safe and trustworthy to get payment through eBay, and you may even be able to sell some cards for more than their market value if you sell them in auction. The downside of auctioning cards is that someone may end up purchasing the card for less than it is actually worth in the first place.

Additionally, if you have 200 or more cards that you want to sell on eBay, you may be charged an additional fee.

Making Money Flipping on eBay is a closely related topic.

3. SlabStox

Trading card marketplace SlabStoxi is a relatively new site for buying and selling trading cards, but it is an excellent choice if you want to sell your cards directly to the new owner. Sports cards may be listed and sold separately on this website, and they accept a wide variety of cards ranging from baseball cards to hockey cards, among other things. The site itself just exists to assist in the connection of sellers and buyers; you will still be responsible for all aspects of the transaction, including mailing the cards to the purchaser.

Selling cards through this service is a reasonable alternative if you want to approach it like running an online card shop, but the general experience is comparable to selling on eBay.

4. Facebook Groups

Using Facebook groups to sell cards is a terrific option if you’re trying to sell cards for top cash and don’t mind waiting, or if you’re looking to sell cards in your local area. This is because Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups may both assist you in connecting with possible buyers in your own area, as well as with a more motivated potential buyer in a different location. Of course, if you decide to advertise your cards on Facebook, you will be responsible for conducting all of the value research yourself.

Buyers may not be willing to take the risk of purchasing a forged card if the card cannot be authenticated.

For starters, you may be able to locate a market for cards that would otherwise be of little worth.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist isn’t the first place most people think of when looking for sports cards, but it’s a wonderful platform to use if you’re looking to sell whole collections or a large number of individual cards. A popular location for card flippers to seek for cards as well, because many collectors who post on Craigslist are motivated to sell and offer their cards at a lower price than they would otherwise. So Craigslist might be an excellent location to get reasonably priced cards to sell on more established card markets.

6. Card Shows

Buying and selling cards at card events is a fantastic way to expand your collection. Collectors are well aware that card shows are a terrific location to locate rarer cards, as well as cards that match a certain card number. In addition, card exhibitions sometimes draw other collectibles, making them an excellent venue for selling sports memorabilia in addition to cards. Card shows, on the other hand, can be a challenging environment in which to achieve the greatest price for your cards. Due to the fact that sellers want to sell at the greatest possible price, while collectors want to get the best bargain possible, some exhibits may have inflated pricing as a result.

If you wish to sell your collection at a card show, you must also bring your collection with you to the exhibition.

While card shows might be a great place to sell baseball cards and vintage cards, they are not the ideal place to sell anything else. Associated with:Flea Market Buying and Selling

7. Beckett

Beckettis is one of the most prominent online card selling sites, and it is especially well-suited for consumers who are hunting for a certain sports card or a specific set of sports cards. When selling precious or old cards, this might be an excellent way to sell them, but it also implies that this market place is a little more competitive than other markets. Beckett may not be the ideal location to sell for a profit if you have a collection that is more typical in nature and does not contain any extremely rare cards.

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8. Sports Card Shops

If you live near a sports card shop, it is another fantastic alternative, providing you have access to one. The importance of buying from local collectors is often recognized by the shops, and many of them provide consignment space, allowing you to pick how you’d like to promote your cards. Most importantly, uncommon cards are highly valued by sports card stores since they may draw greater attention to the entire business. Even if you have really rare cards that you’d like to sell, it’s possible that the retailer may offer you a higher price simply because they want to have them in their inventory.

9. Private Card Auction Houses

Private card auction houses are the ideal choice for expensive collections and for experts looking to sell their cards. They draw the attention of card flippers, card stores, and other experts, such as authentication specialists. This implies that pricing are typically competitive, and sellers typically have a variety of alternatives to assist ensure that their cards sell. Additionally, private card auction houses can be a fantastic way to discover prewar baseball cards, as well as other expensive and rare sports collectibles.

10. OfferUp

Due to a cost for displaying all cards, OfferUp is still another online selling platform to consider, but one that is a little more expensive than the other alternatives. The true advantage of selling through OfferUp, on the other hand, is that the buyer is liable for the shipping costs. Therefore, a higher portion of the sale proceeds is yours to keep. OfferUp is also a larger platform, which means you’ll be able to attract a greater number of prospective purchasers. The downside is that there is a great deal of pricing competition, and it can be difficult to receive top pay for your cards.

11. PSA Card Forums

PSA Card Forumsis an excellent alternative for sellers who are willing to put in a little additional effort and research to find the best deal. The primary advantage of PSA card forums is that they allow collectors to display their cards and collections, as well as make those collections available to others. clever vendors might approach collectors with the option of selling them the precise cards that they are missing, so filling in the gaps and generating a fast profit in the meanwhile.

Because entire sets are normally worth more than incomplete sets, even if the collection is just missing a few common low-value cards, this technique is also useful for card collectors, as complete sets are typically worth more than incomplete sets.

12. TonyeTrade

Despite the fact that TonyeTrade is mostly focused on baseball cards, you may list practically any sports card on their website. They also specialize in sports comics and other rare collectibles, like autographed baseball cards. TonyeTrade, in contrast to other trading sites, will purchase the cards and other memorabilia you wish to sell from you directly. Simply email them with a detailed description of what you have and would want to sell, and they will provide you with an estimate of how much they are prepared to pay.

13. StockX

Despite the fact that TonyeTrade is mostly focused on baseball cards, you may list practically any sports card on the website. Sporting comics and other unique collectibles are also among their specialties. Instead of trading cards and other collectibles on other trading websites, TonyeTrade purchases them directly from you. All you have to do is contact them with a detailed description of what you have to sell, and they will provide you with an estimate of how much they are prepared to pay for it.

14. COMC

Another alternative is COMC, which will purchase your cards directly from you in exchange for their being listed on their website. Although you’ll save time by not having to worry about storing and delivering cards, you’ll also save money by not having to worry about finding a buyer. However, you’ll miss out on part of the profit as a result. COMC, on the other hand, is a little different. Instead than receiving an upfront payment for the card’s worth, COMC operates more like an auction or drop shipping service, in that you get paid mostly after each card has been sold.

15. Blowout Forums

Blowout Forumsis one alternative that is less aimed toward the buying and trading of cards and more geared around discussing cards and getting excited about newly released cards. Blowout Forums, like any other community devoted to sports cards, does, however, provide an area for buyers and dealers of sports cards. In fact, while selling on Blowout Forums is a touch less frequent than on other forums, the large number of card aficionados means that you may obtain some of the finest rates when selling on the site.

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How To Get Good Value For Vintage Sports Cards

In good condition, antique sports cards have the most monetary worth; nonetheless, there are purchasers for practically any vintage cards, regardless of their condition. When it comes to selling historic cards, keep a careful eye on the marketplace. When it comes to card values, some are rather consistent, while others fluctuate based on the availability of the product. If you have a valuable card and are able to take advantage of a price spike, this is one of the most profitable methods to profit from the card.

Sellers can improve their earnings by limiting the market supply of cards that are currently in high demand on the market.

The worth of a vintage sportscard is far more easily recognized by sportscard enthusiasts than it is by casual shoppers. Experienced collectors, flippers, and even some antique collectors are the types of people you want to draw in.

Can You Make Money Flipping Sports Cards?

The question that a lot of collectors have is if they might make money flipping cards rather than just selling their own. The fact is that getting started in card flipping might be challenging, and you’ll most certainly require a significant amount of money to get started, but it is possible to make money. In fact, depending on the kind of sports cards you wish to trade, sports card flippers may convert their passion into a full-time profession with a consistent stream of money from their business.

It also takes a great deal of time and patience to flip sports cards, and the majority of flippers have accounts on a number of different purchasing and selling platforms.

Another difficulty is that you may wish to double list some cards, which means that you must ensure that the listing is always correct and that all copies of a listing are removed immediately after the card has sold.

Otherwise, it’s a good idea to have at least a few hundred dollars set up that you may put into flipping, with the expectation of receiving a return on that investment for many months at the very least.

Final Thoughts on Selling Sports Cards

Folks, that’s all there is to it when it comes to learning about the finest platforms for selling sports cards, as well as what you need to know before you even get started. We believe you are already familiar with your deck of cards, and as a result, you have everything you need to get started right now. When it comes to selling sports cards, it’s important to remember that the market is everything. Choosing the finest site to sell your cards is the most effective method of attracting the most qualified buyers and obtaining the greatest possible price.

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How You Can Make Money Selling Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are in high demand, and in many cases, they are fetching a high price. It is possible to make money selling baseball cards, but it is not as simple as purchasing a pack and immediately being wealthy. There are a variety of approaches that may be used to make money selling baseball cards. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Not every technique will be effective for you. Find a specialty and you’ll be able to make your business successful. This essay will go into further depth about how I have been able to earn money selling baseball cards on the internet.

How To Make Money Selling Baseball Cards

If you want to earn money selling baseball cards, don’t expect to get rich overnight. It takes time and effort to succeed in this business. It has to be enjoyable for you and worthwhile of your time. Originally from New York, I’ve been collecting baseball cards since 1988, and I started selling them online immediately after eBay was launched in the mid-1990s. Only a few people make a lot of money by flipping baseball cards, while many others lose money in the process. It requires a lot of effort, and the profits are typically little.

  1. There are buyers and sellers at the top of the market.
  2. Others purchase collections with the intention of reselling them.
  3. Find your area of expertise, practice, and get comfortable.
  4. I started purchasing product cases in 2015, and I’ve continued to do so.
  5. Sportlots and eBay were the two major sites via which I sold my merchandise.

Buying Boxes/CasesSelling Singles

Be realistic about your expectations if you want to earn money selling baseball cards. You will not become wealthy overnight. Your time and effort must be well spent if it is enjoyable. Originally from New York, I began collecting baseball cards in 1988 and began selling them on the internet immediately after eBay was launched in the mid-1990s. Baseball card flipping is a lucrative business for a few individuals, but many others lose money. In addition, it requires a significant amount of effort, with limited profit margins.

  • Affluent customers and sellers might be found in this market.
  • The collections of others are sold on consignment or auctioned off.
  • Identify your area of expertise, develop your skills, and get comfortable with it.
  • When I first started buying things in bulk, it was in the year 2015.

The Topps Heritage Minors set was my first foray into case breaking because it was a very inexpensive entrance point. My primary selling outlets were Sportlots and Once I got to that point, I started cracking cases in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Study the Baseball Card Market

Before I became seriously involved in the baseball card hobby, I was purchasing trash boxes of cards from sites such as Blowout Cards and other online card merchants. During the Christmas season, online shops will offer substantial discounts on goods that are now out of stock. There are some great jewels to be unearthed, but the most of them are complete duds. I found myself purchasing the dreck on a number of occasions. What methods did I use to learn? I mention Blowout Cards several times in this post, not only because it is often the lowest online reseller of hobby boxes, but also because theBlowout Forums have provided me with a wealth of advice on what to sell and when to sell it, which I have found invaluable.

I’ve looked up the boards a number of times in the hopes of finding a topic regarding the great popularity of a particular player or product.

Do your homework, just like you would with anything else.

Treat it as though it were a newspaper (remember those?) and read it every day.

This Is How I Make Money Selling Cards

Acquiring collections via Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist has become the primary source of income for me in recent years when selling baseball cards. Sometime you might come upon a rare collection that delivers a significant return on your investment, like as this Craigslist baseball card collection that I purchased for a little sum of money. Many of you may reply, “I never find bargains like that.” I understand your frustration. Continue your search. On a regular basis, I check Craigslist for items in my immediate area as well as nearby locations.

  1. I am sure there are many more that I could discover if I had the space to add them and looked a little deeper.
  2. A lot of it comes down to just being familiar with the pastime.
  3. The idea is to have some big hitters in the collection who will take a sizable percentage of the entire cost of the collection on the flip.
  4. There are a few items in the collection that will sell for 10-20 percent of the whole investment in it.

A handful of the things in the aforementioned Craigslist collection sold for $100, while a set of four pieces went for $200. That amounted to about $500 of the $900 purchasing price. Not to mention the fact that there were/are thousands of cards available for purchase between $1 and $20.

Selling PWE

PWE is an abbreviation for plain white envelope, and it is an incredible component of the pastime these days. Buyers should be aware that, if they are searching for a one-dollar card, they should not expect to spend one-dollar plus three or four dollars for mailing in an envelope. But… If it is transported in a PWE, I will pay $2 or $3 for it. Selling baseball cards, I have hundreds and thousands of them that I could sell for $2 or $3 shipping in a PWE if I wanted to. Nobody, on the other hand, is going to spend $5-6 for the same cards.

  1. You may be asking how I can make a profit selling a card on eBay for $2 delivered after deducting the fees charged by eBay and Paypal.
  2. As a result, I have enrolled in Paypal’s micropayment program, which charges me 5 percent of the gross cost plus a $0.05 transaction fee.
  3. Consequently, on a $2.00 credit card, I am paying $0.22 in fees to eBay and another $0.15 to Paypal.
  4. The top loaders I’ve purchased in bulk or secondhand have cost me less than $0.02 each top loader in the previous few thousand units I’ve purchased.

Opening an eBay Store

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I’ve increased the size of my eBay store. For the months of March through July, Ebay is providing store owners with 50,000 free buy it now listings. I’ve added hundreds of new goods to the site at no additional cost as a result of the extra time. That is one of the most compelling reasons to start an eBay Store, and in this article, I will go through the many benefits of doing so. You’ll also need to know what you’re going to sell. Are you planning to sell your 1989 Topps Mark McGwire baseball card on eBay?

However, I’ve seen that songs from the 1970s and artists from the 1980s have been selling well lately, which is encouraging.

If you’re opening an eBay Store, it’s also a good idea to provide discounts to buyers who purchase in bulk.

Buyers are more likely to purchase multiple cards as a result, and you may increase the margin per card sold by reducing mailing expenses.

Feedback Welcome

A large number of individuals have contacted me via email and direct message after reading my recent tweet on making money selling baseball cards. I appreciate everyone’s interest. Any questions you may have on this or any other issue are always welcome, and I am always glad to assist you in any way I can.

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The author of this guest article submitted it via our Article Submission Program. The author’s thoughts and opinions are his or her own. Introduction The Sports Card Market is really insane. At first glance, you might be perplexed as to how a SINGULAR plastic card could be valued so much. I don’t blame you; I had the exact same thinking as you did. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine, Johnny, introduced me to the world of sports cards that I became interested. When I initially started, I was making a lot of mistakes since I didn’t take into consideration all of the difficulties involved.

  1. If you believe a player has the potential to be extremely successful, invest in his cards.
  2. In order to demonstrate what I mean, here are just a few examples of the investments I have made: Investment1: I spent $415 on this card last week (6/16/20) and am really pleased with it.
  3. Math:$750-$415= $335*2 =$670 GROSS PROFITPretty amazing for a week in which you did absolutely nothing, don’t you think?
  4. Investment2: I spent $215 for this card a few of months ago (4/12/20) and it has served me well.

Mathematically, $410 minus $215 is $195 in NET PROFIT. The Quick and Dirty You could be thinking to yourself, “WOW, you can really double your money with this whole sports card thing, can’t you?” Yes, you absolutely may, but there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a card.


CARD #1: THE BRAND OF THE CARD The brand of the card is really important. When you are just starting out, you should seek for cards that have Panini Prizms and Optic Holos on them. Despite the fact that I am not a full expert, I intentionally purchased these two brands since I knew that the value of these sorts of cards increases significantly over time. You could also conduct some research to see if that particular card is in high demand. All you have to do is go to Ebay -sold listings to find what you want.

  1. 2.THE APPEARANCE OF THE CARD People are drawn to cards that are bright and eye-catching.
  2. It is preferable to look for cards that are ROOKIES or limited editions, such as cards that are numbered out of /49, /149, or /249, since these are your best bets.
  3. This may be quite useful when trying to determine the worth of cards that are manufactured in small amounts.
  4. 3.
  5. When a card is GRADED, it demonstrates an accurate portrayal of the state of the card being evaluated.
  6. You should only purchase graded cards that are PSA 10 or above since they have the best potential of gaining in value.
  7. 4.
  • A. THE CARD’S BRAND NAMES Everything revolves on the brand of the card. In order to have a good start, you should seek for cards that are Panini Prizms and Optic Holos. As a novice, I did not purchase these two brands on purpose, but I did so because I learned that the value of these sorts of cards increases tremendously over time. Besides that, you’ll want to check to see if that particular card is popular with buyers. Simply go to Ebay -sold listings and search for what you want. To be able to conduct some independent research, please clickhere to learn more. CARD STYLE AND COLOR: 2. Individuals choose cards that are visually appealing. Choose cards that appear to be sparkling and have an appealing appearance to them if you want to make a good impression. To maximize your chances of finding a good deal, look for cards that are either ROOKIES or limited editions, such as cards that have serial numbers starting with 49 or 149 or /249. They only manufactured “x” number of cards, which suggests they were limited in quantity. Cards that are created in small amounts may be really valuable, and this can be extremely beneficial in discovering them. Illustrations of this type of greeting card are shown below. 3. THE QUALITY OF THE CARD. An accurate representation of the condition of a card is displayed when a card is graded. PSA ranks its cards as “10” when they are in immaculate condition, which indicates that they are in mint condition as well. For graded cards, the best bet is to go for PSA 10 cards since they have the best possibility of gaining in value over time. However, only buy graded cards if you are investing in a player who will be successful in the major leagues. A few other things to keep in mind are as follows:
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AN EXPLICIT CALL TO ACTION If you’re still reading this essay, you deserve a pat on the back. I’m going to give you a small nugget of information that I believe will allow you to quadruple your money in the next 12 months. I purchased Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup Prizm 2014 base cards that were significantly discounted at the time of their purchase. To obtain these cards, please visit this page. If you are able, I would purchase anything in the $35-$55 area. Make certain that you purchase the correct card.

In addition to the stock market, this is an excellent instrument for those who are serious about investing their money.

This was a fantastic post that discussed the value of brand, style, and grade in a comprehensive manner.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the post, or if you want to contribute something, we would love to hear from you.

So, you’re ready to take your sports card collecting to the next level? Join our Membership Program now to receive card selections, analytics, VIP community access, and much more!


It is possible that we will receive money or items from the companies featured in this post. Many individuals like the activity of collecting sports cards as a pastime. Many of us just like having some of our favorite sports cards in our collection and keeping them organized so that one day we will be able to reminisce about our favorite athletes. Others are in the company to earn a profit, and this is their motivation. The ability to generate substantial income via a little haggling is available — provided you know when and what to buy.

Many individuals consider it to be an excellent investment option.

It has the potential to be highly unexpected.

If you’re wondering how to get money from sports cards, keep reading.

Method 1: Buying and Selling Cards

When it comes to making money from sports cards, the most obvious method is to purchase cards at a low price and resell them at a higher one. This strategy necessitates not only a basic understanding of the cards, but also a working knowledge of the players who are engaged in the cards. A lot of the time, you’ll observe that cards of young players with a lot of promise for the future will get a lot of attention since their values may rise in value in the future. However, like with practically any form of investment, there is no way to know whether or not you will generate a profit on a consistent basis.

  • You’ll need to be strategic about it, and even more crucially, you’ll need to be familiar with the market before you start.
  • Buying cards at a cheaper price than usual and then selling them at a profit after the prices rise again is the key to making money with this way of making money.
  • You may start small and see how things go by making a few little purchases to see how things go.
  • Alternatively, you might purchase boxes of cards and sell the cards included within them separately.

This approach, on the other hand, is a bit of a gamble because you never know what you’re going to get when you open the box.

How to Get Started

It is not difficult to get started in the lucrative business of buying and selling sports cards for a profit. If you have little to no experience with purchasing and selling cards, I recommend that you start with a small collection of cards. Begin by conducting research. Decide on the player you’d want to put your money into initially. Then it’s time to have a look at the available properties. Check out which cards from this particular player are worth purchasing. You’ll also want to think about the player’s future potential — the younger the player, the greater the likelihood that the card will sell well in the future, and vice versa.

  • Card brand — certain brands are more well-known than others, and as a result, their values are more valuable. If you’re looking for basketball cards, for example, National Treasures cards will nearly always be more expensive and desirable than basic cards from Panini Prizm, for example. Type of card — There are various different sorts of cards available for purchase. In essence, we have two types of cards: basic cards and parallels. In addition, rookie cards are typically the most valued cards in a player’s collection. An expensive rookie card is one that comes from a player’s rookie year, hence it is usually always more costly than an inexpensive rookie card. The higher the grade, the more precious the card is considered to be. The grade merely informs us of how well the card has been kept and whether or not there are any faults on the card. Several professional grading firms, such as PSA and Beckett, grade baseball cards
  • Player form, age, and other factors should be considered while evaluating a player for purchase, as well as the stage of their career at which they are now at. Purchase of the player’s card may be an excellent long-term investment if you feel that the player will continue to improve in the years to come.

Method 2: Buying and Grading Cards

Cards that have been graded are typically worth more than cards that have not been evaluated. If you have a keen eye and a lot of expertise, you may acquire high-quality ungraded cards and have them graded, which will raise the value of the card and boost the price of it. If you feel that the card has a good possibility of receiving a high grade, you should send it to a grading service to be evaluated for a grade. Depending on how well the card does, you might be able to sell it for a good profit.

  1. Buying graded cards is preferred by the majority of collectors since it ensures that the card’s quality has been confirmed by a professional grading service.
  2. If you want to be sure that you’re getting a legitimate card, you should personally meet with the individual who’s selling it and check the card yourself.
  3. Although it is not necessary to purchase ungraded cards in order to use this strategy, you should be aware that there are a few elements that might make this method rather unpredictable: First and foremost, there are grading prices.
  4. Furthermore, you may not always receive the grade that you seek because grading can be unexpected at times as well.
  5. Grading will take a significant amount of time, and by the time you get your card graded and ready to be posted, the price of the card may have risen or fallen significantly in value.

How to Get Started

To get started with this strategy, you’ll need to have at least a little bit of prior expertise with sports cards under your belt. Due to the fact that you’ll need to know what elements the grading services are looking at when they’re grading the cards, you’ll be in a better position to determine which cards are well-kept and which cards are not worth your time and money to invest in.

Some of the most significant variables in determining a grade are as follows:

  • Corners – are they chipped, or are they in as good a condition as they were when the card was originally released? Cards with centering difficulties can be seen on certain older cards, as well as newer cards. The result is that some cards may not be properly aligned, resulting in a reduction in the card value. When it comes to edges, they should be beautiful and straight, and as soon as they are twisted or broken, the values will drop
  • Last but not least, look at the surface. Is it damaged, or is it as nice as it was when you bought it? If there are symptoms of aging or deterioration, the value of the property will decrease as well

Selling Cards Wholesale

A re-seller of cards is someone who has been in the hobby for a long period of time and has established relationships with the card companies in order to sell their cards. There is a difference between purchasing cards at wholesale costs and selling them to consumers at retail pricing. This necessitates you having strong relationships with credit card issuers in order to receive the best offer. You would also need to ensure that there is sufficient demand for buying cards from potential purchasers, or you risk having a large supply of cards that will not sell.

  1. In an ideal world, you’d like to see all of your inventory sold, but this may not always be possible.
  2. Selling cards in this manner and generating a profit will not be suitable for all people.
  3. Now, if you already have a large number of clients and believe that there is sufficient demand in purchasing cards, you could want to consider expanding your business by becoming a re-seller of cards.
  4. To sell and promote your cards, you’ll need to develop a marketing strategy that includes both online and offline marketing tactics, as well as other resources.

Breaking Cards

The term “card breaking” may be unfamiliar to those who do not follow the card collecting industry carefully. What exactly is card breaking? Card breaking occurs when an individual, such as an influencer or a representative from a credit card business, opens (or breaks) a pack of cards. Prior to the breaking, the packs are placed up for sale, with members of the public bidding for cards from the pack that is to be broken using internet platforms such as YouTube. For example, if a pack of cards costs $300, you would need around 30 individuals to each purchase one card at a cost of $10 in order to pay the expenditures of the package.

  • During occasional intervals, buyers can purchase cards from a specific team that are contained within the pack.
  • For the consumer, there is a certain element of chance involved with this strategy, but it may also be quite lucrative.
  • It everything boils down to chance.
  • To cover the expense of a pack, you could charge greater fees than usual, but then you’d still have some money left over once the pack is opened.
  • If you want to be successful, you’ll need at least a few hundred dedicated followers who will be willing to purchase cards from you during your breaks.

Breaks are extremely common in baseball and basketball, but they are also prevalent in football. All of these interruptions must take place in real time, which adds an element of excitement and suspense to the proceedings.

Sports Cards are a Speculative Business

The term “card breaking” may be unfamiliar to those who do not follow the card collecting industry carefully. What exactly is card breaking? An somebody, such as a social media influencer or a representative from a card company, opens (or breaks) a box of cards, which is known as card breaking. Ahead of the breakage, the packs are placed up for sale, with members of the public bidding for cards from the pack that is about to be broken using internet platforms such as YouTube. Consider the following scenario: If a pack of cards costs $300, you would need around 30 customers to each purchase one card for $10 in order to cover the expenditures of the package.

  1. Customers can purchase cards from a certain team that are contained within the pack during select breaks.
  2. For the consumer, there is a certain element of chance involved with this strategy, but it may be quite lucrative.
  3. All of it is dependent on good timing.
  4. To cover the expense of a pack, you could charge greater fees than usual, but then you’d still have some money left over once the pack was opened.
  5. If you want to be successful, you need have at least a few hundred dedicated followers who will be willing to purchase cards from you during your breaks.
  6. It is necessary for all of these pauses to take place in real time, which also lends a sense of excitement and adrenaline to the event.

How to Sell Baseball Cards and Profit in 2022!

To be a hobbyist or to collect baseball cards just for recreational purposes is one thing; however, understanding how to sell baseball cards in order to make a reasonable profit is another. Whatever your level of experience with baseball cards, whether you were a casual collector who has outgrown the game or a Gary Vee devotee who is curious what this side business is all about, there is plenty of opportunities when it comes to buying and selling baseball cards. Baseball card collecting is a popular pastime that attracts hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic participants.

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It is reasonable to state that a new card collector is born every single day of the year.

There are several things you need to know about the pastime whether you started as a pure collector, a baseball enthusiast, or just happened to fall into it by accident.

Understanding the Baseball Card Market

For starters, baseball fans are quite enthusiastic. This is critical information to understand. It is possible to make money purchasing and selling trading cards without having a thorough understanding of the game. In any case, you are unquestionably placing yourself at a competitive disadvantage. So, even if you’re not a fan, you should study the fundamentals of the professional game. Being able to communicate well in baseball fosters a great deal of trust with both buyers and sellers. Demonstrating that you understand the hobby increases the likelihood that collectors will put their faith in you.

The commercial aspect of baseball cards necessitates knowledge of not just the sport, but also the pastime, the card companies, the history of certain cards, and much more!

If you approach it as an intriguing new field to learn about, you have a very good chance of succeeding.

Where Can You Sell Baseball Cards?

For starters, baseball fans are fervent and dedicated to their sport. What you should know is that Even if you don’t pay attention to the game, it is possible to gain money by purchasing and selling trade cards. You are, on the other hand, placing yourself at a distinct disadvantage in this situation. To study the fundamentals of the professional game, even if you are not a fan, go here. Ability to communicate well in baseball fosters a great deal of trust among buyers and sellers. Having demonstrated your knowledge of the hobby, collectors are more inclined to put their faith in you.

The commercial aspect of baseball cards necessitates knowledge of not just the sport, but also the pastime, the card companies, the history of specific cards, and other related topics.

Consider it an interesting new field to learn about, and you have a good chance of succeeding.

Sports Collectible Shops

This is one of the more apparent locations, yet securing a decent bargain will be one of the more difficult obstacles to overcome. A card dealer is not present in the capacity of a collector. He or she is interested in making a profit. As a result, it is an extremely unusual occurrence when you may obtain top price. This might make it more difficult to find quick victories. However, there are several advantages to working with a card dealer. The proprietor of a card business is likely to be well-connected.

A positive aspect of this is that you will be able to receive cash quickly.

This applies to individual cards, sets of cards, and wholesale orders.

That implies they are selling the cards at a discount to the market, allowing them to mark them up and still make a profit. Many card merchants employ at least one or two dealers as part of their overall business plan, despite the fact that they are not always the best initial choice. Pros:

  • You have the option of selling your cards directly. You will be able to sell your cards right away. It is feasible to negotiate on an individual basis
  • Having the potential to close a transaction as a provider
  • The cards you make can be sold directly to customers. You will be able to sell your cards as soon as they are received. The possibility of one-on-one bargaining exists. A supplier’s ability to close business deals


You should never underestimate the power of a well-designed online auction website. And eBay is the undisputed leader in the internet marketplace. One of the most remarkable aspects of eBay is the ability to buy, sell, and flip items. This is one of the rare sites where you can perform all three activities at the same time! The ability to reach a large number of people is one of the most significant advantages. With eBay, you can be very certain that your message will reach a considerably larger audience than yours.

If a bidding war begins, it may be a very positive development.

If you have a large number of auctions without making a sale, this might have a negative impact on your bottom line.

As a result, you always have the option to sell your cards on this site, which is a convenient feature.

  • A very large number of people are reached
  • Can sell your cards in a short period of time
  • It is possible to sell cards directly
  • Can identify mis-listed cards, purchase them at a discount, and then resell them for a profit all in one location
  • It reaches a large number of people. Your cards will sell more quickly if you have a good marketing plan. Cards can be sold directly to the consumer. A single location where you may find mis-listed cards, purchase them at a discount, and then sell them on for a profit.

Using social media to publicize high-demand cards in general may be a very effective marketing strategy. Baseball card collecting clubs on Facebook, in particular, have flourished as a result of the popularity of the hobby. Members of these clubs are seeking for certain cards, interested in purchasing new cards, and open to the idea of selling cards to one another. This is a tremendous opportunity! Maintain your awareness of the fact that each group will have its own set of rules, social conventions, and best practices.

A ban by an Admin from a group that would have been ready to purchase what you were selling would be quite frustrating.

Hopefully at a good price, so that you may resale it for a profit later on.

  • A group of potential purchasers who are eager and competent
  • The ability to connect and network with others
  • A fantastic site to learn more about the pastime from others who are passionate about it
  • Prospective purchasers who are eager and well-informed
  • Connectivity and networking abilities
  • A fantastic location to learn more about your pastime from other people who are passionate about it.

Special Shows or Events

These are all part of the same group, however their appearance varies depending on where you live. There’s potential here, whether it’s at a wrestling event in the Midwest, a local flea market, or any other location where you can hire a booth. Having a spot in a highly trafficked location might result in increased sales. A person’s ability to mingle and pitch in person is undoubtedly beneficial, but it is not a need. A sufficient number of persons who are interested will result in some sales.

Alternatively, any cards of players who are neither all-stars or future Hall of Famers are acceptable.

Be cautious to choose a location that is conducive to the sale of baseball cards. After all, if you’re spending several hundred dollars on a table, you’d like to recoup as much of that investment as you possibly can. Pros:

  • There is the potential for certain significant sales days
  • Excellent technique to group gamers who are generally decent (but not outstanding) in order to sell extra inventory. It is possible to bring in more clients than you could discover on your own
  • Usually, it’s a pay-to-win situation. A poor match might result in lower sales or even losses. It takes a lot of effort to build up and take down

Direct Selling to Online Hobby Shops

This is a really straightforward procedure. Some of the largest card dealers in the world offer websites where customers may get prices for individual cards or collections. This would be on sites such as Sports Collector’s Daily or Just Collect for antique baseball cards, to name a couple of examples. Pros:

  • Selling baseball cards is a straightforward process. It is possible to obtain an estimate before having to appear in person (if at all)
  • When compared to other possibilities, pricing offerings are often relatively cheap. Most of the time, they are only interested in a small number of baseball cards.

Direct Selling to Customers Online

If you have a large enough collection and are knowledgeable about websites and SEO, this may be a possibility for you. Create your own website and sell your baseball cards on there. It’s simply not feasible for the majority of us. This is especially true if you are not planning to use this as a primary source of income. Pros:

  • You have complete control over your own selling platform
  • You have the potential to build up international organic traffic
  • For most novices, this is not a realistic expectation. It necessitates a wide range of abilities. The risk of making a long-term investment that may or may not pay off.

Auction or Auction House

For the majority of novices, this is not feasible. There are many abilities required; nonetheless, it is not an easy task. a long-term investment with the possibility of a positive return;

  • Probably the best spot to find highly rare or valuable cards. The purchasing price of a rare vintage baseball card can be quite high
  • It is customary to adopt a very high cut
  • Generally, only highly rare or high-value cards are available for purchase.

What Makes Baseball Cards Valuable?

In one word, there is a demand. While it may seem overly basic, the truth is that it all boils down to one word. So what is it that puts one baseball card in great demand while another isn’t isn’t clear.

  • Is there an unusual error that was swiftly identified and resolved? Is this a rookie card or a regular card? What is the card’s popularity (or lack thereof)
  • In what condition is the card now in
  • How well-liked the player is at the moment
  • Is that player a member of the Hall of Fame, or will he be a member of the Hall of Fame someday? Is there a regional or local demand (hometown hero, or a one-time outstanding season?) for the product? What business designed and manufactured the card
  • Is the card signed in any way?

Do you think there’s some kind of unusual error that was swiftly identified? It is a rookie or an insert card. What is the card’s frequency of occurrence; Is the card in good or bad shape? The player’s current popularity level; Are you sure that player is in the hall of fame, or do you think he will be in the hall of fame someday? Is there a regional or local demand (hometown hero, or a one-time outstanding season?) for the product? ; What firm was responsible for the creation of the card? Is the card signed in some way?

Baseball Card Grading Guide

Knowing how to grade baseball cards is essential to determining their true value. The following are the grades, in descending order from best to worst:

  • MintCondition– A card that is in completely pristine condition. Near Mint– A card that is very close to being flawless. Excellent– The sheen on the surface may have a tiny fade to it, and the corners may have been slightly rounded. Very Good– There is some wear visible, rounded edges, and some tiny creases
  • Good– There has been a lot of wear and usage, as well as wrinkles
  • Fair/Poor– Excessive wear and damage, and it is only fit for collecting (if even that).

Cards with higher grades are worth more money. Look no farther than this page for a thorough examination of grading.

Selling Baseball Cards FAQ

More valuable cards are those with a higher grading system. Check out this post for a comprehensive look at grading.

Are Autographs Valuable?

Yes, but only if they come with certification, which is the most practical option in the long run. There is a great deal of suspicion regarding phony and counterfeit autographs if this is not done. In the case of a card that was autographed during a game or event rather than for a card seller, acquiring certification is still doable. However, it is possible that the process will be expensive. For very casual collectors, a signed card of a player who isn’t an All-Star can be worth a $10 or $20 wager without certification if the player isn’t an All-Star.

How many eras of baseball cards are there?

The majority of people recognize three, however some would claim four.

  • Pre-war cards are ones that were produced before to World War II. Vintage cards are those produced between 1946 and 1970 or 1979. Semi-vintage cards from 1970 to 1979 (not everyone sees this as a distinct period)
  • Semi-vintage cards from 1970 to 1979 (not everyone recognizes this as a distinct era)
  • Semi-vintage cards from 1970 to 1979 Modern playing cards from 1980 onwards

In general, the older a card is, the more valuable it is likely to be in terms of market value.

Are Counterfeit Cards a Problem?

In most cases, no. Vintage cards are difficult to forge, and any swindle usually comes to light rather fast. When purchasing a home online, your first worry would be ensuring that the listings (and photographs) are correct. When it comes to purchasing and selling baseball cards, the scammy switch-a-roo is regrettably a grift that is still practiced by certain dealers.

Alternatively, football cards, basketball cards, or any other sports collectable can be used. The other issue to consider is ensuring that autographs are genuine.

In Conclusion

Purchasing, collecting, and selling baseball cards is not only a terrific way to keep up with the sport, but it is also a great method to introduce arithmetic and statistics to children who would not otherwise be interested in such topics. This is a recreational activity that has the potential to be highly profitable. Once you learn how to sell baseball cards for a good profit, it’s difficult to go back to your old ways. You might not be able to make a career as one of the great players who can swing a bat or throw a fastball at 90 mph, but that doesn’t rule out making money from professional baseball.

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