What Are Box Seats Baseball

What is a box seat in baseball?

Box seats are sometimes referred to in baseball as reserved seating. Box Seating are a term that is used by most clubs, including the PawSox, to refer to reserved seats. Personally, I try to avoid using the word in favor of reservedseats wherever possible. The interior of a luxury box is often equipped with a bar, televisions, a small lounge area, and a private restroom. Most of the time, the boxes are catered, and guests are treated to corporate hospitality, including champagne, canapés, shrimp, and sushi, among other delicacies.

THE RESULTS WERE AS FOLLOWS: The most comfortable venue to watch a baseball game is.

After that, you may take a seat behind home plate or along the first base line to watch the game.

After having sat in them, I can tell you that they have both advantages and downsides.

In order for people in boxes to be noticed by the general public, they were created to be luxurious.

At a baseball game, what are the most costly seats to get?

  • The Miami Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, and Washington Nationals are the teams to watch. The average premium ticket price for the Houston Astros is $115.02 per seat. The average premium ticket price for the San Francisco Giants is $107.24. The average premium ticket price for the Chicago White Sox is $98.51. The average price of a premium ticket is $98.47

The Box Seats!

Greetings, PawSox supporters! Box seats are a term commonly used in baseball to describe allocated seating. It goes without saying that Box Seats are referred to by most teams, including the PawSox, when they have reserved seats. Personally, I try to avoid using the word in favor of reserved seats wherever possible. Most of us on staff have received a phone call from someone who has inquired, “How many seats are in the box?” It is necessary to explain that this simply refers to a reserved seat.

  1. When she arrived, she was furious to discover that she had just purchased a reserved seat.
  2. As a result, the phrase “box seats” may be confusing to certain people.
  3. Box for Batters The Coaches Box, which is never occupied by a coachThere is a Box Office where you may purchase tickets.
  4. Occasionally, baseball players may attempt to Box.
  5. The best I could come up with was as follows: This expression has nothing to do with box seats in the theater, or even with seats constructed of boxwood in the first place.
  6. To allow the coachman to see beyond the one or two pairs of horses that pulled the coach, it was built at a considerable height.
  7. It’s not difficult to see how the phrase “in the box seat” came to have the metaphorical ‘advantageous’ connotation it has today.

What if this was the first Box Seat ever made?

During a conversation with me, PawSox CEO Mike Tamburro said that many, many years ago there were box-like sections that housed 4–6 seats within each box.

That makes complete and utter sense!

However, they appear to be a little different from those in the United States.

There must be more varieties of box seats.Or perhaps even a Lazy-Boy Box Seat.

Keep an eye out for some fantastic deals coming up throughout this homestand!

Come out and enjoy a game on one of the gorgeous nights that we will all be having. “I’m Right Here for You!” I look forward to hearing from you. [email protected] Baseball is yours, sir. Rick Medeiros is a professional football player.

Luxury box – Wikipedia

The luxury box (orskybox) and club seats are the most exclusive types of seating available in arenas and stadiums, and they earn far larger income than normal seating does. Exclusive access to an indoor part of the venue through private club entrances is frequently provided to club ticketholders, who may be granted access to areas containing special restaurants, bars, merchandise stands, and lounge areas of the venue that are not otherwise available to regular ticketholders.


When it comes to sports and entertainment facilities, these exclusive private sitting areas are normally found in the center, main stand or grandstand, and offer the greatest views of the action. They are frequently found in stadiums, arenas, and other athletic and entertainment venues. In order for the spectators to feel closer to and more engaged in the action of the performance, some venues incorporate glass panels that may be opened. However, in some tennis facilities (particularly those with smaller stadiums), the luxury boxes may be positioned at the bottom of the seating tier, closest to the playing court itself.

Interior and amenities

A bar, TVs, a small lounge space, and a private bathroom are all common features of a luxury box’s interior. The boxes are frequently catered, and guests are treated to corporate hospitality, which includes champagne, canapés, shrimp, and sushi, among other delectable dishes. The lease for a box typically includes reserved parking places at the theater, and entry is normally granted through separate entrances that are not visible to the general public.

Commercial aspects

A substantial source of revenue for most professional sports teams and venue owners, luxury boxes are a significant source of revenue. Because of the evidence accumulated since the late 1990s, luxury suites and club seats have shown to be attractive revenue-generating elements that enable professional sports teams to be financially successful while still being competitive over the long term. The popularity of this trend, which was first popular among major pro sports in North America, is now spreading to European countries as well.

Luxury suite revenue, in particular in North American major professional sports leagues, does not have to be divided with visiting teams, in contrast to gate revenues, which must be shared with visiting teams.

Marketing and exclusivity

The majority of luxury suites are rented on an annual basis under a contract, however others are purchased in a manner similar to that of a condominium. These solutions often provide the leaseholder or owner access to the box for each and every event that takes place at the venue. A few locations will hire them out on an event-by-event basis. Prices can range from US$ 5,000 to millions of dollars, depending on the venue and the activities that take place at that location. The rise of the luxury box and club seating, according to some, has degraded the game-day experience for the average fan, as the placement of the boxes has raised the upper decks higher and farther away from where the action is taking place.

These problems have been solved by three contemporary North American stadiums: Ford Field, Red Bull Arena and Levi’s Stadium, which have each placed all luxury boxes on one side of the playing field, allowing the other sides of their arenas to have better sightlines than most modern facilities.

The State Farm Arena in Atlanta previously had all of its premium seating concentrated on one side of the stadium; however, renovations completed in 2017 removed the upper level luxury boxes and replaced them with a standard upper deck and premium seats distributed across the arena.

Single-event rental prices

Luxury boxes that are hired on an event-by-event basis can cost as little as US$500 for low-key events and as much as US$250,000 for high-end events such as sporting final matches. In addition, the price is generally determined by the location of the box and the number of people it can accommodate. Standing room tickets are also available for purchase for an extra price, however they are often less expensive than a suite ticket in most cases. For example, if a typical box ticket with a seat costs US$500 per ticket, standing room tickets can cost US$250–US$300 per ticket, depending on the venue.

The average cost of a private box rental for an event varies depending on the location, matchup, and venue.

Event type Cost
Professional baseball $2,000–$6,000
Professional basketball $2,000–$6,000
Professional hockey $2,000–$6,000
NCAAmatch-ups $7,000–$25,000
Professional football $15,000–$30,000
Concerts $3,000–$10,000
Family events $500–$1,500
Championship events $15,000 and up


The Estadio Monumental “U” in Lima, Peru, has 1,251 premium boxes, making it the stadium with the greatest number of luxury boxes. The AstrodomeinHouston, Texas, which opened its doors in 1965, was the world’s first stadium to have a luxury box. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway built its first luxury boxes (named the “Turn Two Suites”) in 1973 as part of an existing hotel complex on the racetrack’s premises, which opened in 1974. On the campus of Boston College, there is a one-of-a-kind collection of luxury boxes.

  1. Luxury boxes located throughout the integrated facility provide spectacular views of both the stadium’s playing field and the arena’s floor.
  2. Multiple boxes in the Sports Center allow its customers to view games at both the arena and the adjacent DakotaDome, which serves as the home of the University of South Dakota football team.
  3. The enormous number of luxury suites at the Palace of Auburn Hills served as a model for the construction boom of modern-style NBA arenas that occurred in the 1990s.
  4. Despite this, The Palace’s forward-thinking design included the facilities that the majority of NBA teams were looking for in newer venues.
  5. Previously, three arenas had been demolished (the Amway Center, the Charlotte Coliseum, and the Miami Arena), and the fourth, the Sleep Train Arena, had been replaced in 2016.

Other teams, such as Real Madrid and Manchester United, have modified their current stadiums considerably in order to accommodate a high number of luxury boxes.

Use in the NFL

The National Football League is perhaps the most well-known organization for its usage of luxury boxes. Under the current NFL revenue sharing agreement, clubs are required to surrender a significant amount of their ticket income in order for the monies to be redistributed among all of the teams, particularly those in smaller cities. However, the luxury boxes, which are gradually becoming a major source of cash for the franchisees, were exempted from this duty to share money. Aside from that, because of the NFL’s blackout rule, stadium managers have been forced to reduce seating capacity in favor of luxury boxes, which makes selling out a game with a smaller total number of ordinary seats simpler.

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Club seating

Modern sports stadiums and arenas often include a specific portion of seating designated as club seating, club-level seating, orpremium seating. This type of seating may be referred to by a variety of names, such as “Legends Suite seats” at Yankee Stadium or “Platinum Club seats” at Scotiabank Arena. Club-level seating is exposed to the elements, as opposed to the completely enclosed luxury boxes, which lends a more outdoor feel to stadiums and arenas that are not covered by a roof or have an open-roof design.

Club-level seating can be offered as individual tickets or on a contract basis (similar to luxury suites), depending on the venue’s preference for making the most money possible.

Club seating, much like luxury suites, provides much more earnings than normal seats.

In order to provide good sightlines for luxury boxes and make them attractive to lessees, the mid-stage is the best location for them; however, there is a limit to the number of luxury boxes that can be placed there because adding too many mid-level boxes will reduce seating capacity and degrade the viewing experience for other parts of the venue.


Club levels often provide a number of additional benefits to spectators in comparison to ordinary seats. Seats themselves are frequently broader and more comfy than standard seats. The club level gives spectators with exclusive access to an interior area of the arena that is only accessible to those who have purchased premium tickets. In addition to being air conditioned, these zones provide access to exclusive eateries and merchandising kiosks, as well as lounge portions of the arena, which are not ordinarily accessible to ordinary ticket holders.

  • It is customary for these spaces to be blocked off from the rest of the venue, and entry to them is normally restricted to the privileged, private club entrances.
  • The ratio of toilets to spectators is significantly higher on the club level than in general seating, resulting in fewer long bathroom lines for club level patrons than for general admission patrons.
  • Most of the time, they are located in close proximity to the luxury boxes; either directly above, directly below, or sandwiched between two levels of luxury boxes.
  • While some club levels terminate at a specific point and allow an expansion of the themezzanine, others terminate and allow the introduction of lower-class luxury boxes (such as “party suites”).

In certain stadiums, such as the MetLife Stadium, there are luxury suites that are not totally covered and contain exposed seats that are comparable to those seen at club level.


Typically, club levels provide a number of additional conveniences to customers in comparison to regular seating levels. The chairs themselves are frequently bigger and more comfortable than standard seats. It gives fans privileged access to an indoor section of the stadium that is only available to those who have purchased premium tickets. These areas are air conditioned, and they provide access to exclusive eateries, merchandising kiosks, and lounge areas of the venue that are not ordinarily accessible to ordinary ticketholders or members.

  • These spaces are isolated from the rest of the event, and they are normally only accessible through the elite, private club doors that are located at the back of the arena.
  • Club level restrooms provide a far larger ratio of toilets to spectators compared to public seating, which helps to avoid the long bathroom lines that may be a pain for ordinary admission fans.
  • Luxury boxes are frequently located in close proximity to them, either directly above or below them, or sandwiched between two floors of luxury boxes.
  • While some club levels terminate at a specific point and allow an expansion of the themezzanine, others terminate and allow the introduction of lower-class luxurious boxes (such as “party suites”).
  • In certain stadiums, such as the MetLife Stadium, there are luxury suites that are not totally covered and contain exposed seats that are comparable to those seen at club levels.

What Owning Box Seats in Every Baseball Stadium Says About You

The New York Yankees: On the way to the game, you listen to “Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits” on your iPod in the limo. New York Mets: You’re riding the 7 train and listening to obscure Billy Joel. Tampa Bay Rays: You’re the owner of a Five Guys restaurant. The Miami Marlins have inquired about your employment at Five Guys. The San Francisco Giants: You made it big in the IT industry. Colorado Rockies: You’ve created a name for yourself in the marijuana industry. The Cincinnati Reds: You made it big in the propane business, right?

  • Louis Cardinals: You can’t have a climax unless it’s a pitchers’ duel that ends in a 1–0 tie.
  • The San Diego Padres have discovered that you have been disoriented in the Omni Hotel.
  • Milwaukee Brewers: You’re a man, you know that.
  • The Chicago White Sox have requested that you bring your priest to the game.
  • The Houston Astros: When it was cool, you used to knock on the garbage with your hands.
  • As long as they bring back Chief Wahoo, you’ll agree to let them change the name of the team.
  • All of Pittsburgh has heard your narrative about the time you were in an elevator with “Andy Van Slyke,” whatever he may be.

Angels of Anaheim: It’s only worth going when they’re facing the New York Yankees.

You’ve been featured on the Jumbotron!

Atlanta Braves: Your life’s mission is to get Dale Murphy, whoever he may be, inducted into the Hall of Fame, which you have accomplished.


The Washington Nationals: You were the lucky winner of a lottery at your son’s barbershop.

The Baltimore Orioles are fantastic. You’re a true baseball fanatic in every sense of the word. The Kansas City Royals have expressed a desire to return to the 1980s. Texas Rangers: You’re in your 80s, and you’re still alive. Arizona Diamondbacks:Welcome to town, young man. RelatedResources

Where to Sit For a Baseball Game – A Comprehensive Guide

Weather is beginning to heat up, which can only mean one thing: it’s baseball season, which happens to be one of our favorite times of the year here at RateYourSeats.com. During this time of year, a typical question arises: where is the ideal place to sit when watching a baseball game? Baseball stadiums vary from one another in their design and layout. So, how do you decide where to take a seat? On the shores of McCovey Cove, Oracle Park (seen above) boasts a wide right field, on-field bullpens, and picturesque views from the top level of the stadium.

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After all, baseball is the only major sport in which the size of the playing area varies based on the location where the game is being conducted.

Below you’ll discover several hand-picked spots within any baseball stadium that provide fans with these one-of-a-kind experiences on a daily basis.

Every stadium is unique, and what may be a disadvantage in one stadium may not be a disadvantage in another.

Scout Seats Behind Home Plate

Expensive at a cost of $ $ $ $ Ideal for: die-hard enthusiasts and those who want to impress their guests. The closer I can go to a baseball game, the better, at least in my opinion. Scout seats are often referred to as the seats directly behind home plate in a baseball game. Scouts frequently sit in these seats to acquire the greatest possible view of the athletes they are monitoring, hence earning the label “scout seats.” It is simple to understand why this point of view is so desired. The action is right in your lap, and you get a clear view of the whole field from your seat.

  • With many stadiums offering in-seat wait service, club access, and cushioned seats with extra leg room, these premium sections are often the most luxurious sections in the stadium.
  • One disadvantage of these seats, according to some people, is that you have to watch the game via a net that shields supporters from foul balls.
  • My favorite aspect about these seats is that they make it simple to keep track of the action on the field.
  • I’m completely absorbed in the game from where I’m sitting, paying attention to the break on every pitch, observing the managers as they plot, and perhaps even arguing with the umpire every now and then (O.K., maybe more than once in a while).
  • Because this section of the ballpark is so sought-after, tickets are not the most budget-friendly option available.
  • It is not a cheap seat – it will cost $270 at face value each ticket for the 2018 season – but it is an all-inclusive experience that includes in-seat wait service and other amenities.

If you’re seeking for the absolute greatest tickets available to watch a baseball game, these seats are likely to meet and exceed your expectations.

Behind the Dugouts

Expensive at a cost of $ $ $ The best for: Being in close proximity to the action, Getting your hands on a ball, Observing the participants For fans who want a good view of their favorite players, seats just behind the dugout are the best location to be at the game. These seats are perfect for keeping an eye on the players as they enter and exit the field in between innings. The squad would frequently toss a souvenir to lucky supporters sitting behind their dugout while they are coming off the field to defend the ball.

  1. In most stadiums, dugouts are positioned alongside the infield, allowing fans to have a comfortable view of the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box, which is where the majority of the action takes place throughout the game.
  2. The side of the home and away dugouts varies depending on where the game is being played.
  3. As a result, Major League Baseball is working to minimize one of the most significant drawbacks of these seats: foul balls flying through the air and harming people while they are watching the action on the field.
  4. The trade-off for this is that supporters in these seats will now have to watch through a net as a result of this change.
  5. Wrigley Field has increased the length of their netting past home plate and down the sidelines of the field.
  6. Most stadiums will allow people to descend to the dugouts and field level until around 45 minutes before the start of the game.

Outfield Sections

Cost: $ – $ $ Reasonably priced Best for: mingling with friends, catching a home run, and baseball fans on a tight budget The outfield of baseball stadiums is by far the most distinctive portion of the facility. For example, the Green Monster at Fenway Park, the Bleachers at Wrigley Field, and the Arcade Seats at Oracle Park, to mention a few examples, are all located in this area. Boston’s Fenway Park’s Green Monster seats in left field are some of the most recognizable seats in all of baseball.

  • Of course, because they are located behind the outfield wall, they are also some of the most distant seats in the stadium from the action taking on in the infield.
  • Rather, there are moments when these passages are the most interesting of the entire game.
  • When this occurs, the lucky spectators in the outfield seats are the ones that get to catch the ball while the rest of the audience responds to the situation.
  • This is one of the reasons why I appreciate the outfield seats so much; they are the only areas where you can see the activity on the field.
  • Most teams do pre-game batting practice on the field before the game, sending baseballs soaring into the outfield seats for spectators to catch.

If you are an early arriving fan, take advantage of this opportunity. Fans that arrive early at Coors Field will have lots of opportunity to catch balls during batting practice, since the stadium is regarded as a “hitter’s ballpark” due to the high altitude of Denver, where it is located.

The Downside to Sitting in the Outfield

As thrilling as it may be to imagine yourself catching a home run, there are some disadvantages to sitting in the outfield areas. To begin, players can only strike the ball a certain distance. In the outfield, you may put your hopes of catching a long ball on hold if you’re in a section further back in the stands. Aside from that, many outfield parts of baseball stadiums are constructed of bleacher seating, which means that supporters will not have individual seats but will instead be assigned to a bench.

On a hot, bright day, you should also be mindful of the availability of shade alternatives, as most outfield portions are often left exposed to the elements.

Final point: In some stadiums, supporters in the outfield areas might be deemed to be a boisterous group of people.

Low Rows in the Upper Level

Cost: $ – $ $ Reasonably priced Fans on a tight budget will appreciate this. Views of the countryside, avoiding the crowds In most stadiums, the top tiers of the stadium are where you will discover some of the most reasonably priced seating options. This is mostly owing to the fact that these seats are so close to the action below. It’s a simple guideline to remember while shopping for tickets in these sections: the closer the seats are to home plate, the greater the experience. The bottom rows of the 300 level at Comerica Park provide spectators with a unique opportunity to experience the whole ambiance of a baseball game in Detroit, which includes a picturesque background of downtown.

  • Because you are higher up, you have a better view of the entire field, as well as the audience below, video boards, and (depending on the venue) some beautiful surroundings.
  • The Deal Rating associated with each ticket on RateYourSeat.com is an excellent tool to judge whether or not you’re getting a fantastic seat for the price you’re paying.
  • The majority of stadiums will have access tunnels that will be located on the lower part of the upper level.
  • It’s important to note, though, that some venues will have railings at the bottom that might obstruct your view if you’re too close to them.
  • However, you should be cautious since the railings might occasionally obstruct your view of the game.
  • Upper decks are large and can be left unoccupied, which is one of the reasons why ticket costs are on the lower end of the scale.

Other disadvantages of these seats include a restricted/worse food selection, a steep incline, and a limited number of possibilities to catch foul balls.

What About Aisle Seating?

On the subject of aisle seats, we also get a lot of questions from people. If you are seated in the infield, aisle seating is a terrific option since it offers you easy in-and-out access in between innings. Because of this ease, trips to the bathroom or for a second hot dog may be completed more quickly than before. In outfield areas, though, you should be mindful of which aisle you are sitting on at all times. It is possible that you will become annoyed if you are seated on the side closest to the infield since fans will be wandering up and down the aisle in front of you, obscuring your vision as they do so.

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As a result, we always recommend that you sit on the aisle seats on the outfield side of the section.

Be Prepared for Weather

“Where should I sit to be protected from the rain?” and “Where can I locate shade?” are two of the most often requested inquiries we receive. These are excellent things to ask because weather conditions may have a significant impact on your experience at the stadium. The answers to these questions are always specific to the venue in which they are asked. Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, two historic baseball stadiums, often have enormous overhangs that hide and shield a significant number of seats from Mother Nature.

  • The top deck at Wrigley Field provides coverage for the full 200-level concourse.
  • These poles and wide overhangs have been eliminated from more recent stadiums.
  • OurShade and Covertoolis the most effective tool for determining whether or not your seats are adequately protected from the weather.
  • Stadium seating with less overhangs is more common in newer stadiums, such as Truist Park in Atlanta.

Where Do You Like to Sit?

Do you have any ideas on where to sit during a baseball game? Please let us know! Send us a tweet at @RateYourSeats or send us an email at Contact Us with your baseball-related experiences.

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How much are box seats at a baseball game?

Suites during baseball games typically cost $4,000 (but in the New York market, suites may cost upwards of $13,000 per game).

What do box seats mean?

1a: a box seat in a theater (as in a theater or grandstand) b:an advantageous vantage point from which to observe something.

Are box seats worth it?

But, without a question, the most significant advantage of purchasing Broadway box seats is the likelihood of receiving a discount on your ticket price. Given the fact that box seating is sometimes perceived to be a partial view or an obstructed perspective, Broadway companies choose to sell these tickets at a lower price than normal seats.

What are the best seats at a baseball game?

The greatest tickets for any baseball game are usually always the field level seats closest to home plate, but those seats are also frequently the most expensive in the ballpark due to the strong demand for those seats.

How much is an A’s suite?

The cost of a suite for a single game in April is $594 for selected games. For additional information, go see athletics.com/suites. With this cryptocurrency purchase, Voyager is thrilled to have made history.

How much is a Mariners suite?

What is the price of a Seattle Mariners luxury suite? Suites for the Seattle Mariners game range in price from $2,000 to $12,000. Prices for Mariners luxury suites vary from game to game and are determined on the opponent, day of the week, suite size, and location.

How do box seats work?

Typical amenities found within a luxury box include a bar, TVs, a small lounge area, and a private restroom. The lease for a box typically includes reserved parking places at the theater, and entry is normally granted through separate entrances that are not visible to the general public.

Are box seats more expensive?

As Jonathan Dean, the Seattle Opera’s in-house dramaturg, points out, “the history of box sitting is that it is a private place within a public space.” Today, box seats are not even the most costly seats in a theater, despite the fact that many people still want to sit in them.

How much are Yankees box seats?

Where can I find out how much a suite at Yankee Stadium costs? You should budget between $8,000 and $12,000 for Yankees (baseball) suites and $5,000 to $15,000 for concerts at Yankee Stadium in order to have a good experience. For premium games, such as those versus rivals, a private suite might cost as much as $20,000 per game.

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During batting practice, you have the highest chance of getting a ball. Arrive at the venue 1.5 hours before the start of the game to increase your chances of winning. Notably, teams are more likely to postpone batting practice before afternoon games than they do during the morning sessions. During the first several minutes after the gates open, the visiting team will be taking BP, and there are two locations you should be aware of: Crawford Boxes 100-103 are located in the left field corner.

  1. There will be a lot of balls flying into this location because the foul pole in left field is only 315 feet away from home plate.
  2. Keep your wits about you out here!
  3. When practicing batting in the Crawford Boxes, keep an eye out for fast-moving items coming from all angles.
  4. These sections, which are a little further out from home plate and stretch around 20-25 rows deep, are placed further away from home plate.
  5. Your best strategy is to stay on an aisle such that you have easy access to two of these sectors, as well as many rows of merchandise.

If you stay out in sections 155 and 156, you will have a better chance of getting some balls thrown up to you that will end up in the bullpen as a bonus, so keep that in mind. Best of luck. In Right Field, there are less fans competing for Batting Practice Balls.

Streamline Ticketing

BERM SEATING FOR BOJANGLES Throw down a blanket and take advantage of the most tranquil location in Segra Park by relaxing on the Outfield Berm of the stadium. The berms provide both sloping grass portions in right field and left field where you can stretch out and enjoy the game on a blanket, as well as a terraced lawn part in centerfield that is ideal for a night out with friends. The berms are located between the right field and left field foul poles. Tickets for the Berm are the most cheap options available at the ballpark.

Each seat comes equipped with a cup holder, making this an exceedingly economical way to take in the game.

Each seat will have its own cup holder, as well as ample of leg room for all passengers.

SEATING ON THE DECK These seats place you as near to the action as possible, making you feel as though you are in the pitcher’s circle, preparing to face the opposition pitcher.

There is a cup holder in each seat, and you will be closer to the catcher than you will be to the pitcher!

Scout Chairs are equipped with comfortable seats, a food and drink rail, wide sitting treads that provide plenty of leg space, and wait personnel who will serve your food straight to your seat throughout the game.

BOXES WITH BULLPEN If you’re searching for a whole eating experience while watching a baseball game, go no further than this establishment.

The wait staff will attend to your every need, allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of friends, coworkers, or clients in a comfortable restaurant-style setting with no worries.

SEATING IN CLUB AREAS In the elite Club Level, guests may enjoy a climate-controlled bar and lounge as well as outdoor sitting choices.

Padded seats with lots of leg room, a cup holder at each seat, and wait service to bring your meal right to you are all features you will find at this establishment.

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