What Did Hank Aaron Die From Baseball

Baseball Legend Hank Aaron’s Cause of Death Revealed

Hank Aaron, the legendary baseball player, passed away on Friday at the age of 83. The reason of Hank Aaron’s death has been disclosed just days after he passed away. According to an investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, the baseball star and Hall of Famer died as a result of natural causes on Monday, according to PEOPLE. Receive push notifications with news, features, and other information. +FollowFollowing You’ll receive the most recent information on this subject through your browser alerts.

“The loss of our dear Hank has left us in complete shock and despair.

“He started out as a player, then moved on to player development, and then onto our community activities.” “His extraordinary intellect and determination enabled him to attain the highest levels of success, yet he never lost sight of his agile nature.” “Henry Louis Aaron was not only our hero, but also a hero across Major League Baseball and around the world,” he went on to say.

Hank Aaron is a baseball player from the United States.

  1. Photo courtesy of Getty Images Earlier this month, Aaron was spotted in public receiving his first dosage of thecoronavirusvaccine, and he encouraged other African-Americans to do the same thing.
  2. The promise was signed on Sept.
  3. “I don’t have any reservations about that at all, you understand.
  4. “It’s only a tiny thing, but it has the potential to assist zillions of individuals across this country.” He was “one of the finest baseball players we’ve ever seen and one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever known,” President Barack Obama said in a statement last week.
  5. He remained disregarded until he began pursuing Babe Ruth’s home run record, at which time he began receiving death threats and racist letters—letters he would reread decades later to remind himself “not to be startled or upset,” according to the biography.
  6. Immediately following his home run record-breaking performance, he became one of the first African-Americans to hold a top managerial position in Major League Baseball.
  7. His own statement, written in his own words, said, “Laura and I are deeply devastated by Hank Aaron’s loss.” The throne of the former Home Run King was not given to him.
  8. “Henry Louis Aaron was a joyous guy, a devoted husband to Billye, and a proud father of six children, all of whom will miss him dearly,” the statement read.
  9. Hillary and I express our condolences and prayers to Billye and their family, as well as the numerous individuals who were affected by his bat, compassionate gifts, and friendship.” Billye and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  10. During his baseball career, Aaron won practically every award imaginable, including the National League MVP in 1957, one world championship, two National League batting titles, three Golden Glove awards, four RBI titles, and four home run titles.

He was also a four-time All-Star selection. Even after all these years, his record of 25 appearances for the Braves in the All-Star Game is unbroken.

Hank Aaron’s Death Attributed to Natural Causes

According to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Fulton County, Georgia, baseball great and civil rights crusader Henry “Hank” Aaron died of natural causes. Aaron was 84. According to several postings and articles published on social media, there is no proof that his death was caused by the COVID-19 vaccination he had in early January.

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According to a statement released by the Atlanta Braves, Henry “Hank” Aaron, 86, “died away peacefully in his sleep” on Jan. 22. He played for the organization for which he spent 21 of his 23 seasons in Major League Baseball throughout his career. The vaccination, Moderna COVID-19, was administered to him at a Morehouse Healthcare facility on Jan. 5, more than two weeks after he publicly received his first dosage of the vaccine. This series of events has prompted some social media users to speculate that there was a direct relationship between his receiving the shot and dying several days later as a result of the incident.

In the words of one commenter on Facebook: “Our Brother Hank Aaron, RIP, wanted to set a precedent and serve as an encouragement to Black people by receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

Hank Aaron passed away peacefully in his sleep two weeks after receiving his first Moderna shot.

Also on Twitter, vaccination skeptic Robert F.

stated that “Hank Aaron’s terrible death is part of a wave of strange deaths among the elderly that have occurred in close proximity to the administration of COVIDvaccines.” On Twitter, Kennedy linked to an article published by his group, the Children’s Health Defense, in which it was falsely claimed that Aaron had died as a result of the immunization.

  1. Aaron died “as a result of natural causes,” according to an official from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office, who inspected Aaron’s body after his death and confirmed it to FactCheck.org over the phone.
  2. Karen Sullivan of the county medical examiner’s office, in an email to AFP Fact Check, stated that there was “no information suggesting an allergic or anaphylactic reaction to any material that would be due to recent vaccination delivery.” “In addition, an examination of Mr.
  3. According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Aaron has a history of prostate troubles as well as hypertension in the past.
  4. It was also determined that the vaccination was not a role in Aaron’s death by the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, which is linked with the clinic where he was inoculated.
  5. Aaron was a public health champion who worked with us to help bridge the health equality gap in Atlanta and around the world.” His death was not linked to the vaccine, and he did not experience any negative side effects as a result of the vaccination.
  6. According to a news statement from the medical school on Jan.
  7. That was much lower than the 53 percent of whites and the 34 percent of Hispanics who stated the same thing.

The fact that it is such a simple item can benefit zillions of individuals in our country.” In an interview with Atlanta’s 11Alive television station, Andrew Young, the former congressman, mayor, and U.S.

“I spoke with Hank’s driver, and I inquired as to whether he had experienced any pain or experienced any problems during the previous several days.

Following extensive safety and efficacy testing in clinical studies involving hundreds of participants, theModerna and Pfizer/BioNTechvaccines both acquired emergency use authorizations from the Food and Drug Administration, as we previously reported.

22 that after more than 4 million doses of the Moderna vaccine were delivered between Dec.

10, 2021, only ten cases of anaphylaxis, also known as “a severe, life-threatening allergic response,” were discovered.

Five patients had previously experienced an episode of anaphylaxis, none of which had been linked to the receipt of a vaccine, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Note from the editor: The COVID-19/Vaccination Project at SciCheck is made feasible thanks to a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which has made it possible.

The project’s purpose is to improve exposure to factual information on COVID-19 and vaccines while simultaneously reducing the impact of misinformation on the population.


FactCheck.org conducted a phone conversation with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office. The 27th of January, 2021. Message sent to FactCheck.org from the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. The 27th of January, 2021. Claire Savage is a writer who lives in New York City. “The death of Hall of Famer Hank Aaron was not linked to the Covid-19 immunization.” AFP The date is January 27, 2021. The Atlanta Braves are a baseball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. “Braves legend Hank Aaron has passed away,” reads the headline.

  • 22nd of January, 2021.
  • “Civil and human rights activists will be vaccinated against COVID-19 at a historically Black medical school,” the article states.
  • 5th of January, 2021.
  • “Hank Aaron and civil rights activists are among those who are being vaccinated in Georgia.” The Associated Press reported on January 5, 2021.
  • “According to an AP-NORC study, only half of Americans desire vaccinations as the vaccine’s release date approaches.” According to the Associated Press.
  • Adrienne Hanney is the author of this work.
  • Jessica McDonald is a writer who lives in New York City.

FactCheck.org will be available on December 22nd, 2020.

” A Guide to the COVID-19 Vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech.” FactCheck.org, 9 December 2020.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, December 21, 2020–January 10, 2021.

It is called the Children’s Health Defense Team (CHDT).

Robert F.

(@RobertKennedyJr) is a social media personality.

He obtained the Moderna vaccination on January 5 in order to serve as an example to other Black Americans who are considering getting the vaccine.

Hank Aaron died of natural causes, had no COVID-19 symptoms, medical examiner says

ATLANTA — The city of Atlanta is home to the Georgia Dome, which was built in the early 1900s. The cause of death for baseball icon Hank Aaron was announced on Monday by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office. According to a report received by Channel 2 Action News from the medical examiner’s office, Aaron died as a result of natural causes.

According to the medical examiner’s findings, Aaron did not exhibit any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Prostate difficulties and hypertension were noted in his medical history, according to the study. STORIES CONNECTED TO THIS ONE:

  • This week will see the holding of memorial ceremonies for Braves star Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron became a significant figure in the civil rights movement, which was far more important than baseball. Hank Aaron, the Hammerin’ Hank: A look back at his professional and personal achievements
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There will be a viewing for Aaron on Tuesday at 1 p.m. at Truist Park, and his funeral service will be held on Wednesday at 1 p.m. at Friendship Baptist Church. Both services are closed to the general public, but they will be broadcast live on Channel 2 Action News and WSBTV.com in the coming days. Aaron had his COVID-19 immunization earlier this month, on January 5, but the report did not include it. Aaron received the vaccination with other civil rights luminaries, including former Atlanta mayor and ambassador Andrew Young and Dr.

  1. As Aaron said to Channel 2 Action News, “It gives you the sense that you’re doing something not only to assist yourself, but to help your community as well.” In a statement, the Morehouse School of Medicine stated that the man’s death was not due to the vaccination.
  2. On January 5, 2021, our clinical team had the distinction of administering the Moderna Covid19 vaccination to Mr.
  3. Everyone who received the award was beyond the age of 75, making them members of Class 1A.” The Reverend Mr.
  4. His death was not linked to the vaccine, and he did not experience any negative side effects as a result of the vaccination.

Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies at 86

After rising above poverty and bigotry as a child of the Deep South, Hank Aaron went on to become one of the most influential men in American history. He died on Friday at the age of 86. An outpouring of tributes from those who had known him personally or simply been inspired by a remarkable life lived with relentless dignity and grace in the face of an apparently endless fountain of hate while pursuing a sacred baseball record, 714 home runs, held by a white icon, Babe Ruth, followed by an outpouring of tributes from those who had not known him personally.

In terms of sporting accomplishments, only his dignity and honesty as a human being could rival those of his teammates.

“His career indicates that a person who goes to work every day with humility can hammer his way into history – and find a way to shine like no one else,” says the president.

He enthusiastically supported our efforts to recognize the game’s best players and discover the game’s next generation of stars, including the Hank Aaron Award, which recognizes offensive excellence among Major League players, and the Hank Aaron Invitational, which provides exposure to the game’s best young players.

One of the biggest honors of my life has been the development of that friendship.

On behalf of Major League Baseball, I express my heartfelt sympathies to Hank’s wife, Billye, and their family, as well as to the fans of the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers, as well as to the millions of fans who have come to know Hank as one of the game’s founding fathers.” On April 8, 1974, at age 40, Aaron passed Babe Ruth for the all-time home run lead, and then played parts of two more seasons to put the finishing touches on a Major League career that spanned 23 seasons, from his debut as a 20-year-old for the Milwaukee Braves in 1954 to his retirement as a two-time National League batting champion in 1976.

  1. Aaron was a 25-time All-Star, the National League Most Valuable Player (1957), and the National League Most When the Braves defeated the Yankees in a seven-game World Series in 1957, he batted.393 with three RBIs.
  2. In 1982, he was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame after his name appeared on 97.8 percent of the voting ballots.
  3. Aaron was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002, and he continued to be a vocal advocate for civil rights even after he had retired from professional baseball.
  4. “The loss of our dear Hank has left us in complete shock and despair.
  5. His extraordinary talent and determination enabled him to attain the highest levels of success, yet he never lost sight of his modest character.
  6. His on-field prowess was only rivaled by his commercial successes off the field, which were topped off by his exceptional humanitarian contributions to the community.
  7. His batting average during his career was.305.

He will be remembered for the rest of his life for one swing of the bat: the one that resulted in his 715th home run, which is perhaps the most famous home run in baseball history.

5, 1934, in Mobile, Ala., slugged a fastball from Dodgers lefty Al Downing over the left-field fence.

I can’t think of a more wonderful time for baseball, what a more wonderful moment for Atlanta and the state of Georgia, what an even more wonderful moment for the entire country and the entire globe.

And it is an exciting time for all of us.” There was no ignoring the significant racial connotations that surrounded Aaron’s investigation of Ruth’s criminal record in this instance.

Aaron kept the anguish he’d been through mainly hidden from everyone but his closest pals.

He would talk about how his parents were suffering.

He also didn’t like the fact that his teammates were concerned for his well-being.

Though that wasn’t always the case, he would occasionally open out to others, albeit infrequently.

You’re going to beat this record set by the great Babe Ruth if I can help it,” says the coach.

“My gun is keeping an eye on every black move you make.” Imagine yourself immersed in the game you like more than nearly everything else in the world, and as you reach the summit of the world’s tallest mountain, you are met by an avalanche of hatred.

“I believe that everyone who knew Henry Aaron would agree that he was one of the greatest and most moral persons to ever walk the face of the world.” The following statement was released by Selig on Aaron’s demise on Friday: “My wife, Sue, and I are deeply saddened and crushed by the passing of the great Henry Aaron, a guy we greatly admired, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his beautiful wife, Billye.” In addition to his status as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Hank was a beautiful and sweet guy who was also a wonderful and dear friend.” Not long ago, he and I were strolling around the streets of Washington, D.C.

together, reminiscing about how we’d been the greatest of friends for more than 60 years and how we still are.

“Aaron was well-liked by his teammates as well as by his supporters.

It is certain that he will be missed throughout the game, and his contributions to the game as well as his position in the game will never be forgotten.” Aaron continued to play, overcoming fear and fighting hatred, and, in the end, doing everything he could to make our country a better place to live.

  1. He handled everything with strength and dignity, just like Robinson.
  2. He would not allow himself to be manipulated by it.
  3. It didn’t disturb him that he was still capable of igniting the fires of hatred and ignorance.
  4. The president stated that “we have made progress in the right direction and that there have been changes,” but that “we still have a long way to go in the country.” “The most significant change is that they wore hoods back then.
  5. His “great brilliance on the baseball field was only equaled by his decency and integrity, which shined brilliantly not only here in Cooperstown, but with every step he made,” Baseball Hall of Fame chairperson Jane Forbes Clark said in a statement.

For millions of fans both inside and beyond the sports world, his fearlessness in seeking the game’s all-time home run record served as an inspiration to those who aspired to fulfill their biggest aspirations.” His generosity of heart, as well as his great exploits, will be remembered in Cooperstown for all time.

  1. Shortly after his retirement, Aaron joined the Atlanta Braves’ front office and worked in a number of different positions, including player development and community relations.
  2. Some people felt that Bonds did not deserve to be dubbed the “Home Run King” because of his suspected usage of performance-enhancing drugs during his baseball career.
  3. “I step over now and extend my congratulations to Barry and his family on this historic achievement,” Aaron said.
  4. Willie Mays, to name a few examples.
  5. Aaron’s trademark was his consistency, as seen by his 21 consecutive All-Star selections and his 20 consecutive seasons with at least 20 home runs.
  6. His versatility was such that Dusty Baker, a friend and teammate, once stated that Aaron’s 755 home runs were eclipsed by the fact that he was a better pure hitter, baserunner, and defensive player than nearly everyone else.
  7. Thank you for everything.
  8. They once stood behind the Packers’ bench and watched as the legendary coach Vince Lombardi began yelling at his own players, which they found amusing.

His genuine brilliance, on the other hand, was outside of the field, in the way he lived and the example he set for future athletes to follow.

Hank Aaron, baseball’s one-time home run king, dies at 86

ATLANTA (AP) — The Atlanta Hawks have signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons. Hank Aaron’s name is all over the baseball record book, and he truly is a one-trick pony who can do it all. Though most people remember him for dethroning Babe Ruth to become baseball’s all-time home run leader on his way to 755, don’t forget about his.300 batting average, the gracefulness with which he fielded his position, or the deceiving speed he displayed on the basepaths. Even still, when it comes to the genuine measure of the man, there was considerably more to “Hammerin’ Hank” than just his genius within the lines of his songs.

  • He was honest, but never resentful, about the numerous obstacles that had been placed in his path — from poverty and segregation in his childhood in Alabama to the cruel, racist threats he encountered while pursuing one of America’s most illustrious records.
  • Aaron was described as a “unassuming guy” who set a “towering example” by former President Barack Obama, who praised him for never missing a chance to lead.
  • Aaron was one of the civil rights stalwarts who received the COVID-19 vaccination just two and a half weeks before his death on Friday at the age of 86.
  • “I’m extremely pleased with myself for taking the initiative to accomplish something like this,” Aaron stated.
  • There was no explanation offered.
  • One swing, though, will stand out above all others in the Hall of Famer’s career: the one that propelled him to the top of baseball’s home-run leaderboard on April 8, 1974.
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In the words of President Joe Biden, “With courage and dignity, he exceeded the most sacred record in sports while suffering retribution that would have crushed most people.” “However, he proved to be indestructible.” During his presidency, former President Jimmy Carter referred to Aaron as “a personal hero.” His incredible legacy will continue to inspire numerous players and admirers for centuries to come, said Carter, who frequently attended Braves games with his wife, Rosalynn.

  1. “He was a breaker of records and a breaker of racial boundaries,” said Carter.
  2. Bush, a former owner of the Texas Rangers, awarded Aaron with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the United States.
  3. No amount of hatred could ever overcome Hank’s will to survive.” Following Aaron’s death, seven more baseball Hall of Famers will pass away in 2020, with two more — Tommy Lasorda and Don Sutton — having passed away already this year.
  4. Aaron hit home run No.
  5. Aaron’s career total was eclipsed by Barry Bonds in 2007 — yet many people continued to refer to the Hammer as the actual home run king due to claims that Bonds used performance-enhancing drugs during his playing career.
  6. Aaron never had a problem with someone — not even a tarnished star — surpassing him in popularity.
  7. It was past time for someone else to take over as ruler.

“I simply tried to play the game the way it was intended to be played,” Aaron explained, maybe better than anybody else.

In his pursuit of Ruth’s beloved 714-yard record, he was the recipient of a deluge of venomous hate mail.

“However, I am a Black woman.” Aaron was continuously watched over by bodyguards, and he was compelled to maintain a safe distance from his teammates.

“It’s really disrespectful,” he once expressed his feelings.

You can’t turn a blind eye to them.

However, this is simply the way things are for Black people in the United States.

He was overjoyed when Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the United States in 2008.

As Clinton stated during Aaron’s 75th birthday party, “You’ve given us far more than we could ever give back to you.” Aaron played for the Braves for 21 of his 23 seasons, first in Milwaukee and then in Atlanta after the organization relocated to the Deep South in 1966.

Following the 1974 season, he was transferred to the Brewers after refusing to accept a front-office position that would have entailed a significant pay reduction.

Despite the fact that he made a name for himself by hitting the ball over the fence, the Hammer was far from a one-dimensional figure.

Aaron was a real five-tool standout in every sense of the word.

He concluded his career with a.305 grade point average.

Aaron was also a talented pitcher with a strong arm.

There was also his work on the basepaths to take into consideration.

Aaron was just six feet tall and weighed 180 pounds during the prime of his career, making him a physically unimposing performer on the field.

While with the Braves, Aaron hit 733 home runs, the last of which came in his final plate appearance, a drive down the left field line against Cincinnati’s Rawley Eastwick on October 2, 1974, in his final plate appearance with the franchise.

The Braves made it obvious that they did not want Aaron, who was 40 at the time, to return for another season on the field.

His response at the time was, “Titles?” “Do you have the ability to spend titles at the grocery store?” What does it signify if you’re an executive vice president or an assistant to the executive vice president and your job doesn’t pay well?

He hit just 22 home runs in his final two seasons, finishing with a.229 batting average to cap his career.

Still, Aaron has the most RBIs (2,297), extra-base hits (1,477), and total bases (6,856) in baseball history than anybody else in the game’s history.

It was his sole World Series victory of his career.

Aaron was also nominated to the All-Star Game for a record 21 straight years — every season but his first and last — and played in every one of them.

He appeared in only two World Series games during his career.

A lot of attention was paid to outfielders such as Mays, Mickey Mantle, and Duke Snider in the early years of Aaron’s career because they were able to profit from playing in the spotlight of New York City.

“It was difficult to be recognized if you didn’t come from a major metropolitan area.” With the passage of time, he became considerably more well-liked and respected.

Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Whitey Ford, Lou Brock, Al Kaline, Joe Morgan, and Phil Niekro — Aaron’s teammate with the Braves for a decade — were all inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020, making it the most Hall of Famers to be inducted in a calendar year in the history of the game.

He was the first in a long line of exceptional players to emerge from that Gulf Coast city, which included Satchel Paige, Willie McCovey, Billy Williams, and Ozzie Smith, among others.

However, Aaron chose Milwaukee over the Giants, who were also interested in him (picture him in the same outfield as Mays).

By 1957, when he led the Atlanta Braves to a World Series triumph against Mickey Mantle’s New York Yankees, Aaron had established himself as a major star.

Aaron never came close to winning a championship again, despite the fact that he continued to play for over two decades after that.

Only once before, in 1969, when the Braves were swept by the newly formed Amazin’ Mets in the inaugural National League Championship Series, did Aaron appear in the postseason.

Aaron batted.362 (25 of 69) in 17 postseason games, driving in 16 runs and driving in six home runs.

These muscular wrists allowed Aaron to drive a Louisville Slugger 34 ounces into the strike zone with relative ease.

Finally, home run No.

The Dodgers’ Bill Buckner never had a chance, despite taking a spectacular leap that left him dangling over the fence in left field.

As Aaron neared second base, two young fans dashed in from right field, surprising No.

As Aaron explained, “I think that will always be a part of me sprinting around the bases.” “I’d never had somebody accompany me on a run before.

The historic shot was announced by Dodgers announcer Vin Scully, who was among those who made the call.

What a wonderful moment for the city of Atlanta and the whole state of Georgia.

“In the Deep South, a Black man is receiving a standing ovation after breaking the record of an all-time baseball hero,” reports the Associated Press.

When he returned, he was appointed vice president and director of player development, a position he maintained for 13 years before being elevated to the position of senior vice president and assistant to the president in 1989, which was primarily ceremonial.

He also dabbled in politics, serving as the campaign treasurer for his brother-in-law, David Scott, who was elected to the United States House of Representatives.

Despite the fact that he never had much success, the Aarons hold the record for the most home runs hit by a pair of siblings (768) in baseball history.

In 1984, he was 45 years old and died of leukemia.

He also had four children from his first marriage to Barbara Lucas: Gail, Hank Jr., Lary, and Dorinda.

Aaron admitted that today’s players are larger, stronger, and more fit, even after his professional career had come to an end.

According to Aaron, “I may not have hit 70 home runs in a season,” but he was “up there” in terms of home runs.

Paul Newberry may be followed on Twitter at You may learn more about his work at It incorporates data by the late Ed Shearer, a prominent Atlanta sports reporter for The Associated Press who covered Aaron’s 715th home run for the newspaper during his lifetime. Additional AP MLB: and

Baseball Legend Hank Aaron Remembered for His Legacy — Both on and off the Field

It’s a sad day for baseball fans everywhere, but especially for those who have followed the brilliant career of Major League Baseball great Hammerin’ Hank Aaron for decades. It was verified by Hank’s daughter on Jan. 22, 2021, that her father had passed away that morning. The rest of the article is below the advertisement. After retiring from baseball more than four decades ago, Hank held the Major League Baseball record for career home runs for 33 years and continues to hold numerous other records to this day.

  • In addition to commemorating Hank Aaron’s accomplishments on and off the baseball field, many people are curious as to how he died.
  • Image courtesy of Getty Images The rest of the article is below the advertisement.
  • Today, Henry Louis Aaron passed away at the age of 86, according to CNN’s Chuck Dowdle, who shared the news with viewers.
  • Hank received his first shot of the coronavirus vaccination in front of the public on Tuesday, January 5.
  • “I am extremely pleased with myself for taking the initiative to achieve something like this.
  • Hank, on the other hand, died of natural causes, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office.
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Following the news of Hank Aaron’s death, many began posting tributes to the baseball legend.

Following the announcement of Hank’s death, a rush of heartfelt tributes to Hank flooded social media. One representative from Major League Baseball described Hank as “one of the finest players and individuals in the history of our game.” “Somehow, Hank Aaron gets buried in the argument of the greatest baseball player of all time,” said another fan in response to the same statement. “That conversation usually seems to gravitate toward Ruth and Mays, but Hank is right there with them.” “He is the all-time leader in RBIs (2,297), the second-leading home run hitter (755), and the third-leading hit producer (3,771).” The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

  • However, his influence goes well beyond the baseball field and into other areas of life.
  • While many people may not be aware of it, as he moved closer to breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record, he began receiving death threats and hate mail from those who did not want to see a Black player exceed the legendary slugger.
  • “The Ruth hunt should have been the happiest moment of my life, but it turned out to be the worst,” Hank recounted in his autobiography published in 1991.
  • Since childhood, Hank has had a strong connection to civil rights and politics, frequently working behind the scenes.

In 2001, he honored Hank with the Presidential Citizens Medal, which he described as “exemplary contribution to the nation.” According to Hank’s memoirs, “I thought, and still think, that there was a reason why I was picked to break the record.” “I believe it is my responsibility to pick up where Jackie Robinson left off, and I believe there is only one way to go about it.”

Fact check: Not likely that COVID-19 vaccine was cause of Hank Aaron’s death

Henry “Hank” Aaron, a Hall of Fame baseball player, died on January 22 at his home in Atlanta. Despite the fact that the history of the former Atlanta Braves baseball player, who began his career in the Negro League and went on to surpass Babe Ruth’s home run record, is being praised online and on social media, it has become intertwined with discussions over the COVID-19 vaccination. There appears to be a connection between Aaron’s death and the vaccine he received on January 5, alongside other civil and human rights leaders at the Morehouse Healthcare Clinic, which is a part of Morehouse School of Medicine, according to an article published on January 22 by The Defender, a publication of Robert F.

  • “Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of ‘Undisclosed Cause’ 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine,” the article’s title states.
  • Some have cited fatalities among the elderly in Norway and Germany as evidence that the vaccination is not safe, while others have questioned its effectiveness.
  • “All I’m saying is, how can you not consider the vaccine to be a contributing factor to his passing?
  • “As a result, why did he suddenly fail with THIS shot when he had been taking them his whole life?
  • It is this EXPERIMENTAL vaccine that we are talking about!” In a post on January 23, Instagram user _rizzaislam mirrored the sentiment.
  • Checking the facts: The vaccination for COVID-19 has been under development for about two decades now.

Aaron’s death ‘not related’to vaccine

Earlier this month, Morehouse issued a statement to CBS Alabama affiliate CBS 42, stating that the deceased former athlete’s death was unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccination. “Mr. Aaron was a public health champion who collaborated with us to close the gap in health equity in Atlanta and throughout the world, among other things. His death was not linked to the vaccine, and he did not experience any negative side effects as a result of the vaccination. He died quietly in his sleep, surrounded by his family.” In an interview with NBC Atlanta station 11 Alive, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office verified that there was no proof that the COVID-19 vaccination was the cause of Aaron’s death.

  • Former Atlanta Mayor and United Nations AmbassadorAndrew Young, who received the vaccination alongside Aaron; experienced broadcasting executive Xernona Clayton; and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr.
  • Young stated that he had a talk with Aaron’s driver and that there were no worrisome signs.
  • in which he said, ‘No, he wanted to maintain his routine,’ “he explained.
  • He also required the use of a wheelchair for his immunization.
  • In a tweet on Jan.

Peter Hotez, a vaccine expert and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, stated, “There is zero evidence that the COVID19 immunization led to Henry Aaron’s death.” Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted the next day to express her support “He died peacefully in his sleep, just like my father did over 30 years earlier.

Post-vaccination deaths in the elderly – a cause for concern?

According to The Defender, Aaron’s death comes on the heels of stories of the deaths of elderly individuals in Europe. It was determined that the 33 deaths in Norway among nursing home residents aged 75 and over were due to natural causes by the Norwegian Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization. The latter determined that the deaths were “consistent with the expected, all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of frail, elderly individuals.” The Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany conducted an investigation into the “seven cases of elderly people dying shortly after vaccination.” The institute concluded that the majority of the deaths were caused by preexisting illnesses, such as carcinomas, kidney deficiencies, and Alzheimer’s disease, rather than vaccination, according to a report in Bloomberg.

  1. In an interview with The Huffington Post, epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and professor at the University of Minnesota, said the pattern of elderly fatalities following immunization is not surprising.
  2. COVID-19 is the latest Osterholm update.
  3. “To date, we have seen nothing to support that these vaccines, other than the reaction you have at the time of the vaccination or.
  4. “But beyond that, we have seen nothing to support that these vaccines have any negative health outcomes,” he added.

Our rating: Missing context

Due to the possibility of being deceptive in the absence of more context, we rank this assertion as MISSING CONTEXT. Hank Aaron, a former Atlanta Braves baseball player and future Hall of Famer, died on January 22, almost three weeks after receiving a COVID-19 immunization. According to his family, he died as a result of natural reasons that were unconnected to his vaccination. There have been reports of elderly fatalities following vaccination in Norway and Germany, although these deaths are most likely attributable to weakness associated with old age, terminal disease or other underlying disorders rather than the immunizations.

With the exception of reactions such as allergies that occur on the day of or within a few days of vaccination, the data does not support this claim.

Our fact check sources:

  • ” Hank Aaron, baseball’s onetime home run king, has died at the age of 86,” the Associated Press reported on January 22
  • USA TODAY reported on January 24 that ” Hank Aaron never forgot his brief time in the Negro Leagues,” the Morehouse School of Medicine reported on January 5 that ” Civil and human rights leaders are set to receive COVID-19 vaccinations at historically black medical schools,” CBS 42 reported on January 25 that ” Hank Aaron’s death was unrelated to recent COVID-19

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