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  • The question for today is: What are those things that some baseball players wear on their thumbs when they are batting? They have the appearance of foam wafers with a hole for the thumb. I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing them. I believe your description is as excellent as it is going to go, but I’m not really clear what you’re referring to when you say “them.” They appear to be made by a handful of different companies and marketed under a variety of different names. Thumb guard, in my opinion, is the most appropriate general phrase. Even though they’ve been around for a long, they’re becoming increasingly popular among major leaguers, particularly among younger players. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they grew up with them. I really don’t know. Thumb guards are nothing more than a little piece of plastic with a hole for the thumb in the center. It occupies the gap between the bat and the space between the thumb and the rest of the fingers on the right hand. According to reports, the gadget was originally intended to alleviate the stinging sting experienced by the hand when the ball strikes the bat too near to the hands, such as when a pitcher is pitching close to the plate. However, with the passage of time, this small plastic trinket appears to have acquired a variety of fascinating characteristics. According to its proponents, it allows the hitter to have faster hands and wrists as well as greater bat speed and power. Trying to figure out how much of this is factual and how much is hype or merely a trick of the player’s imagination is difficult. Neither the physics nor the anatomical reasons for why this should accomplish what it is claimed to do were described to me by any sources I checked. One has to wonder, if these thumb guards are indeed so effective, why aren’t all of the players wearing them.

Baseball Thumb Guard & MLB Batting Thumb Rings

Bat Digest is a reader-supported publication. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. Find out more. | byBrian Duryea|@BatDigest | Published on October 13, 2019 Let’s say you were watching a baseball game on television and you spotted a baseball batter’s thumb ring. You inquired as to whether or whether there is such a thing as a baseball thumb guard. Yes. It is, specifically, a Pro Hitter’s BaseballThumb Guard, which is designed for baseball hitters to protect their thumbs.

Players and the firm believe that it helps to reduce sting from badly struck balls and increases the width of the bottom hand grip for a more comfortable overall feel while hitting the ball.

(Catchers, on the other hand, utilize a separate thumb guard).

Baseball Thumb Guard ​

The Pro Hitter thumb guard is available for purchase from a variety of sources. If you are a Prime member, Amazon is the most cost-effective location to shop. If everything else fails, try eBay or the Pro hitting website directly. Price Look it up on eBay. After a few Google keystrokes, you’ll find yourself just where you want to be. The short explanation is that it is a training tool for Pro Hitters. It is positioned between the palm of the top hand and the bat on the other hand. The contact with the bat is increased as a result of this gadget.

The ProHitter thumb guard is designed to eliminate the separation that exists between the hand and the barrel knob of the firearm.

It’s difficult to say how many players in the Major League Baseball utilize it, but no fewer than 40% of players use it on a continuous basis, and it’s probable that well over 70% have tried it.

Pro Hitter’s Thumb Guard Baseball Guide Gallery

First and foremost, the Prohitters Batter Training Aid forces the handle of the bat closer to the fingers of the batter’s hand. The volume of the little plastic component drives the bat handle out of the palm of the hand and, throughout the swing, retains the grip where it needs to be, preventing the bat from flying off the handle. For the second time, the Prohitter aids in the reduction of hand sting by diverting a portion of the vibration away from the upper hand and towards the plastic component.

It turns out that, as you may have seen, the small device is used by numerous Major League Baseball players.

Pro Hitter says that it is used by more than half of major leaguers on a consistent basis. That is something we have noticed on the hands of players, and we don’t think it’s a coincidence at all.

Bat Digest Thumb Grip

Simply said, we at justbatreviews found the little component to be really useful—particularly for younger players who have a tendency to overgrip the bat and hold it too deeply in their palms. The little device was easy to use and was reasonably priced, as well as being small. They even produce several youth versions of the Prohitter, which may make for excellent baseball gift stuffers this holiday season. According to Prohitter, they have not released any statistics on whether or not the gadget genuinely improves bat grip or bat speed.

See how many Prohitters you can recognize the next time you’re watching a game; we bet you’ll be surprised at how many you can spot.

Thumbs Up! Pro Hitters Using The PROHITTER

Every time I watch a baseball game, I always have the same thought in my head: What is that thing on the hitter’s thumbs doing there anyway? After hearing the phrases “I don’t know” and “Move your face away from the screen” for the hundredth time, I decided to look into it myself. When you are watching some of your favorite hitters, pay attention to the thumb on the hand that is closest to the end of the baseball bat. They all have a little tab of plastic between the bat and the gap between the thumb and the rest of your fingers, which some of them have.

  1. I mean, it’s been right in front of you all along, but if you haven’t been looking, it can come as a surprise.
  2. It was first patented in 2001, and since then, it has begun to appear in the hands of major leaguers all around the world.
  3. Mr.
  4. Putting it in the words of Sosh: “PROHITTER is an incredible grip-technique-facilitator and bat-sting eliminator that many of today’s brightest baseball superstars use to hit their very best when they step up to the plate.
  5. At this point, I would like to make it clear that I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the PROHITTER or his activities.
  6. The following are some of the advantages of using the PROHITTER, according to the company’s website: Bat speed and power are boosted as a result of faster hands and wrists.
  7. A professional player’s sophisticated grip technique is facilitated by the use of this product.

It is used by more than 45 percent of the top hitters in the world.

There’s even a video demonstration of how to use it correctly.

Sorry, but that’s not the case.

2″ in an aeorobics DVD, I decided to give up the infomercial business.

Have you ever been crazy enough, or drunk enough, to jump into the batting cage at your local minigolf facility, which runs at 90 miles per hour?

It’s the equivalent of slamming a sledgehammer against a rock.

Will it transform into pillows?

The Blue Jays were represented by Vernon Wells, Marco Scutaro, and Rod Barajas, among others.

During one game, Hinske even homered off the foul pole while donning a PROHITTER shirt and shorts.

Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and pretty much everyone else who hasn’t already been listed were also not utilizing it at the time of publication.

Now that I think about it, I believe it was more of a stylistic choice, one that was influenced by the batters’ methods.

They are allowing the ball to travel longer and then attempting to capture it as soon as it comes close to them.

Guys like Aaron Hill and Alex Rios appear to take longer swings, with the hitter’s arms appearing to stretch deeper across the strikezone.

Because they have more range in their swing, they may begin their swing earlier and still reach pitches in the air.

Aaron Hill employs a huge bat that allows him to reach beyond the conventional range for a person of his stature.

When they get to the ball, they utilize their bulk and power to force it into position.

Knowing that they have something to help drive their hands faster towards the ball implies they will have greater power.

It’s possible that the reason for this is due to training practices.

One or more of those coaches may be promoting the merits of the PROHITTER in their own circles.

It’s important to note that this is just conjecture, but it’s something to consider.

Next time you’re watching a baseball game, take a close look at the batter’s thumbs to see if there’s anything unusual about them. Because it appears as though major leaguers are lending themselves a helping hand in the batter’s circle.

Baseball Thumb Guards in 2021: For Hitters & Catchers

Amazon Associates Program: I receive a commission for qualifying orders made via my links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post, I will receive a commission. At least 40% of MLB players use a batting thumb protection when they are on the field. While on the field, it’s a little thumb ring that pros use to keep their grip on the bat while batting. But, what is the purpose of wearing these thumb guards? If they wear these thumb protectors, do they increase their striking performance or do they simply protect their thumbs from injury?

  1. So let’s get this party started.
  2. This is the genuine deal when it comes to increasing your batting ability, and it is also employed by many professional baseball hitters as well.
  3. As a consequence, batters are more prepared for all pitches, and they are less likely to sustain common injuries as a result of being jammed by an inside pitch.
  4. Using this training assistance can help enhance your batting technique by establishing a proper grip method, which will allow you to wave goodbye to hitting off-center.

What is a Baseball Thumb Guard?

A baseball thumb guard is typically constructed of soft plastic and has a hole for the thumb to allow the player to grip the ball. It fills in the additional space between the thumb and the handlebar of the bat, which is a perfect cylinder in shape, especially when the palm is oval in shape. Because of its modest size, it is often overlooked. In addition to providing a stronger grip, it also aids in increasing the bat’s speed and power. As a result, many professional players wear a thumb ring to protect their thumb.

Pro Hitter Batting Aid is the most popular thumb ring on the market.

What Do Batters Wear on their Thumb?

A thumb guard or a thumb ring would be the quickest and most straightforward answer. In most games, this little tool goes overlooked. When it comes to keeping the batter’s thumb/palm bone from getting injured, they are truly remarkable. Along with providing protection, it also aids in the correction of the batter’s grip, resulting in increased hitting performance.

Reasons to Use Baseball Hitting Thumb Guard

In baseball, the average speed of a pitch is between 50 and 70 miles per hour.

When a ball moving at such a high rate of speed collides with the bat, it causes a recoil and shock to be created. It is possible to shield your hand and keep it safe by wearing a batting thumb ring or a thumb protection.

Bridges Gap Between the Palm and the Handle of the bat

Using a thumb pad, you may bridge the gap that is generated between the oval-shaped palm of the bat and the cylinder-shaped handlebar of the bat. This is in addition to a more secure grip for an MLB batter. The cylinder-shaped handle-bar remains the same in softball games, despite the fact that the ball is larger than in baseball games. This makes a thumb protection essential for softball batters as well as for baseball hitters.

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Improves Technique

By assisting an MLB hitter or amateur or newbie in properly holding a baseball bat and improving their batting technique, bat swing, and speed, the above-mentioned attributes benefit the whole baseball community. Because of this, hitting thumb protectors are recommended for people who desire to greatly increase their hitting skills.

Best Baseball Thumb Guards in 2021

Prohitter Batters Training Aid is the market leader in the manufacture of a thumb guard, and it is the brand of choice for the majority of pros that play in the Major League Baseball. They are a wonderful fit for both right- and left-handed hitters, and they are quite durable. An inside pitch is a type of pitch in which the pitcher tosses the ball closer to the hitter, making it more difficult for the batter to make a strong bat swing. In this instance, the thumb pad protects your palm and prevents your bone from becoming injured.

This thumb pad also helps to adjust a batter’s grip, which helps to improve their technique, which in turn leads to a strong contact between the ball and the bat, resulting in a home run.

Franklin Sports Baseball Bat Swing Trainer – Gator Grip Trainer

These hitters’ thumb guards, which are available in the same price range as Prohitters, are a safe option for batters. These trainers not only provide excellent protection from inside pitches, but they also help you enhance your bat swing and boost the pace with which you swing the bat. A product that is popular among Major League Baseball batters is now available for amateurs and beginners alike. Silicone is used in the construction of this thumb pad, which provides increased durability, comfort, and grip, allowing you to use it season after season.

Franklin’s Gator Grip Trainer absorbs the extra stress and serves as a thumb protection.

You won’t be disappointed with either choice.

Final Words

In the year 2021, there aren’t many thumb guards available on the market. Pro Hitters and Franklin Sports are the companies that create the greatest baseball bats, which are selected by the majority of pros.

The benefit that this little piece of equipment gives for their price range is mind-boggling when considered in isolation. The number of experts who use this little gadget has increased dramatically in recent years! It is, after all, justified.

ProHitter Archives

Juan Soto, like many other great hitters, chooses to wear the PROHITTER in order to enhance bat speed while minimizing sting. At BaseballExpress.com, you can get it for $14. Javy Baez, like so many other MLB batters, uses the ProHitter hitting assistance on his thumb, which he wears under his index finger. It assists the hitter in holding the bat between his fingertips rather than “choking” the bat closer to his palm, hence boosting bat speed and increasing hitting distance. It is also supposed to reduce vibration when a mishit occurs.

  1. This teeny-tiny bit of plastic may be the most often encountered thing in baseball.
  2. One of the most important aspects of striking is the motion of the wrist at the time of impact.
  3. The ProHitter assists in keeping the bat in the fingers rather than in the palm of the hand.
  4. Its Nelson Cruz is another MLB hitter that makes use of the ProHitter, which is used by a substantial proportion of MLB batters to retain the bat handle in the fingers and avoid “choking” the bat.
  5. Nelson Cruz is a maestro of the domestic sphere.
  6. Baseball Express is selling this extremely popular piece of equipment for $11 dollars.
  7. The PROHITTER is a batting order.
  8. It’s possible that this is the most commonly utilized non-standard product in the sport.
  9. You can get it for $12 from BaseballExpress.com.
  10. What exactly is it?
  11. Hitting for a higher batting average, with more pop and more consistency is key!

What Do Mlb Players Wear On Their Hand While Batting? 10 Responses For (2022), «Sport-Topics FAQ»

  • A video response to the question: “How can I improve my bat grip?” Those seeking for an answer to the topic «What do Major League Baseball players wear on their hands when batting?» can find it here. The following questions are frequently asked: Product comparison between Thumbpro and Prohitter in video format a comparison.
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A video response to the question: Pro batter increased bat gripFAQ Those seeking for an answer to the topic «What do Major League Baseball players wear on their hands when batting?» can find it here. The following questions are frequently asked:

❓ What do baseball players wear on their thumbs while batting?

Thumb guards are nothing more than a little piece of plastic with a hole for the thumb in the center. It occupies the gap between the bat and the space between the thumb and the rest of the fingers on the right hand. Apparently, the equipment was malfunctioning.

  • Are there any Major League Baseball players that do not use batting gloves? What is the reason for baseball players to replace their batting gloves? How many big league baseball players use batting gloves on the field each season

❓ Do baseball players wear batting gloves under their fielding gloves?

As a rule, it is permissible for baseball fielders to put on a batting glove underneath their fielding glove. A batting glove below a pitcher’s fielding glove is normally not permitted, however the rules differ from league to league and are subject to change. To avoid violating the regulations, pitchers should always verify the rules before throwing with a batting glove.

  • Each year, baseball players who increased their hitting averages were recognized. What do baseball players wear on their hands
  • What do they wear on their feet
  • Describe what baseball players wear on their wrists.

❓ What hand do you wear a baseball batting glove?

So, on which hand do you put on a baseball batting glove when playing baseball? Wearing a batting glove is most comfortable on the top hand, which is the one closest to the end of the bat. If you are a right-handed batter, you can use your left hand to hold the glove in place. If you are a left-handed batter, you should put the glove on your right arm. When it comes to which hand should be covered by the glove, there are no regulations; it is entirely up to personal choice and performance.

  • Baseball players’ underwear is a mystery to many people. It is important to know what basketball players wear on their legs and what they wear on their shoulders.

Answer in video: Batting assistance for professional baseball players ten further responses Nicklaus Rohan responded to your question on Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 6:23 p.m. gloves for baseball bats Answered by Jorge Schiller on Mon, May 31, 2021 5:25 AMSpecifically, it is a Pro Hitter’s Baseball Thumb Guard, which is used by baseball batters to protect their thumbs when hitting the ball. Its function is to bridge the gap between the oval form of a cupped palm and the ideal cylinder shape of the majority of wood bats on the market.

  1. Faye Rice responded to your question on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 10:39 PM.
  2. Prior to the invention of the sliding mitt, players were instructed to hold their batting gloves in their hands or even a fistful of dirt in their hands as a reminder to maintain their hands in the air for as much of the sliding motion as they possibly could.
  3. The wrist guard seems like something you would have worn in the late 1990s when you first learned how to rollerblade, and it is.
  4. Some of them are sporting a little piece of plastic that lies between the bat and the ball in their hands.
  5. Simply simply, the baseball oven glove/sliding mitt (they are referred to by both names) is intended to prevent a baserunner from becoming harmed over the course of the game.
  6. Carey Runolfsdottir responded on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 4:40 p.m.
  7. Batting gloves, or “BGs,” as they are commonly referred to by players, are a type of hand protection used in baseball.

The majority of Major League Baseball players simply use one hand to hold their sliding mitt.

Most players have a favored hand that they utilize while sliding head-first, and this hand is referred to as their dominant hand in the game of poker.

It is a rubber protection that goes over the thumb of your top hand when you are striking with it as a training assistance.

When you do an incredible jam job or hit a ball off the end of the bat, the direct protect helps to take the sting out of the situation.

After around 150 years, they have risen to the status of religious institutions, and they have developed their own shorthand language: Batting is 90 feet away from first base.

A similar statement may be made about uniforms.

Florine Hamill responded to your question on Friday, June 11, 2021 at 12:14 a.m. Each applies pine tar to the knob of the bat and wears a glove on their bottom hand to protect it from damage. The top, or right hand, wraps around the wood in a straight circle.

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  • Can chiropractors perform sports physicals in California
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For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 27 questions that are similar to «What do mlb players wear on their hand when batting?» so you can be sure to get the answer! In basketball, what do players wear under their jerseys is known as the “undershirt.” In basketball, what do players wear under their jerseys is known as the “undershirt.” Basketball players use compression shirts beneath their jerseys because it helps to absorb perspiration, reduces injury, and improves their overall performance on the basketball court.

  • Is there anything that hockey players wear below their jerseys?
  • A hockey jersey, hockey trousers, socks, gloves, and a helmet are now required components of an NHL uniform.
  • Hockey players wear shorts, which are more commonly referred to as “pants,” to allow for more movement and safety.
  • What do ice hockey players wear under their jerseys and skates?
  • What do Major League Baseball players wear as part of their uniforms?
  • The outfits include blue into the teams’ usual emblems, while the hats are distinguished by a blue shadow tech heather crown and a graphite visor, as well as a blue shadow tech heather crown and visor. In addition, players may choose between two distinct pairs of blue-infused socks.

Video answer: Thumbpro vs prohitter product reviewcomparison…

What do Major League Baseball players wear below their pants? In contemporary baseball, the majority of players will additionally wear an elastic sliding short underneath their uniform trousers to provide additional protection for their thighs. Sliding wounds can be difficult to treat for professional players because, once damaged, the wound re-opens every time the player is forced to slide, making the healing process more difficult. So, what do NBA players have on their heads these days?

  • The terrycloth used to make the headbands worn by NBA players is quite popular. Terrycloth is comprised of a specific fabric that is very effective in absorbing perspiration. It’s also frequently made of cotton, with occasional instances of polyester thrown in
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Video answer: The cure to hitting? pro hitter batting aid performance review

When it comes to their knees, what do NBA players wear? When it comes to their knees, what do NBA players wear? From the beginning of the season, NBA players wear a soft knee brace to protect their knees. During a game, the sleeve will compress the joint and hold the ligaments in place as the player places further stress on them. If a player has a knee injury, he will be required to wear more than a sleeve. What do NBA players use on their lower legs to keep them cool? Furthermore, the leg sleeve had emerged as a fashion statement.

They will also attempt to wear the same compression leg sleeve while they are participating in basketball since they want to be as good as their basketball players in the sport. What do paintball players have tattooed on the inside of their arms?

  • Many paintball players are dissatisfied with the little protection provided by their long sleeve shirts andpants, which they consider inadequate. Arm pads that protect the forearm from the elbow to the wrist are therefore popular among those who play sports. These are particularly useful for players who enjoy sliding and diving about the paintball playing area.

Video answer: Thumb-per baseball thumb guard review

Who wears what on their clothes while they play paintball? When playing paintball, the rule of thumb is to have as little flesh exposed to the paint as possible. As a result, you must wear a long-sleeved t-shirt as your first and most important base layer. Many players choose loose-fitting, dark-colored sweatshirts, paintball-specific jerseys, and hoodies over anything else. Furthermore, you should opt for padded shirts that can provide you with additional protection. When did baseball players begin to wear their batting helmets while on the field?

  • 1971 Actually, during the most of baseball’s history, players did not wear helmets at all—or, at the very least, not the types of helmets we are accustomed to seeing now.
  • Is it possible for baseball players to wear their caps backwards?
  • did, in fact, wear his cap backwards during his victory in the 1998 Home Run Derby.
  • While most people choose to wear their snapbacks forwards, a confident gentleman might also elect to wear his snapbacks backward.
  • Wearing the style incorrectly or with the wrong clothes might make you appear antiquated and uneasy about yourself.
  • For fielders, there is no rule that regulates the usage of protective headgear (aside from catchers who must wear protective helmets).
  • Olerud worked as a reporter for 16 years, covering major league baseball.
  • Wearing a Baseball Cap: Some Suggestions The fundamental rule for wearing a baseball cap is to pick one that is comfortable and that fits properly.
  • What is the proper way for baseball players to wear their pants?
  • Antonelli Baseball is the most comprehensive online source for baseball instruction available.
  • Athletic clubs from the nineteenth century were the forerunners of modern-day baseball teams.
  • Dutch Braid for Beginners.
  • French Braid
  • Ponybraid.
  • Double Dutch Braid for Beginners.
  • Side French Braid into a Ponytail.
  • Side Dutch Braid into a Ponytail.
  • Double Boxer Braid into One.
  • 3-in-1 Double Dutch Braid

What brand of batting helmet do the players in the Major League Baseball game use? Rawlings

Video answer: Batting gloves

What do college basketball players put on their lower legs to keep them warm? Many people are curious in what basketball players put on their legs, and this is a common question. Actually, they wear compression shorts and tights under the shorts that come with their sporting outfit. These items are manufactured from materials that are stretchy. As a result, it can provide support for your legs when you need to move quickly in order to play properly. What do football players put on to keep their balls protected?

Michigan baseball players have a belt buckle that says what they are playing for.

When it comes to lunacy, there is a technique. which the players interpret with the help of their belts The cards look a lot like the ones that football quarterbacks wear on their helmets. What do the baseball players in Michigan use as a belt buckle?

  • The Michigan Wolverines, who defeated Texas Tech Friday to go into the College World Series finals against Vanderbilt on Monday, instead wear bands like those worn by quarterbacks around their forearms or on their belt buckles, with numerical numbers that correlate to a certain instruction.

What do professional baseball players wear underneath their uniforms? As a result, replica jerseys have become so popular that clubs are modifying their uniform designs and wearing alternate tops solely for the purpose of selling them and extracting more revenue from supporters.

Video answer: Which is better?!? prohitter vs thumb-pro hitting aids review…

So you’re watching a baseball game and you see that the batter has something on the inside of his thumb. A batting thumb ring is what you were looking at when you spotted it. It is referred to as a batting thumb guard in some circles. According to certain data, four out of every ten professional baseball players currently employ these protectors during league games. What exactly are these baseball thumb protectors, though? And what is it about the pros that has them suddenly becoming more and more popular?

And, if so, which are the most effective batting thumb rings available on the market?

IMAGE PRODUCT Description Price Range
Editors Pick Bukang Baseball Thumb Protector Set One of the cheapest yet high quality options $10 – $15 Check Price
Best Seller Franklin Sports Baseball Bat Swing Trainer Helps with ensuring good batting technique $5 – $10 Check Price
ProHitter Proper Grip Batter’s Training Aid Great for kids $10 – $15 Check Price
Louisville Slugger Blaze Power Grip Helps enhance grip and reduce stinging from the bat $10 – $15 Check Price

What is A Baseball Thumb Guard?

Batting thumb guards, also known as baseball thumb guards, have been around for a few years and are not a new invention. However, they have recently experienced a surge in favor among major league players. As a result, the younger players in the league have taken note and have begun to employ them as well as the older players. These rings are often constructed from a little piece of soft plastic that has a hole in the center to fit the thumb’s size. Because of its diminutive size, the ring frequently goes overlooked — both in person and on television.

A baseball thumb guard is a piece of plastic that is used to lessen the pain that follows from a mishit on the field.

Thumb rings, on the other hand, have evolved to provide players with a variety of different benefits.

Why Use a Thumb Guard?

There are a variety of reasons why you should consider wearing a thumb guard when you’re out on the field. It is being used by the pros for a good reason.

Reduces the Sting from Mishits

This is a rather self-explanatory statement. Because the average pitch speed has surpassed 90 miles per hour, swinging at a ball with power at such a high rate and striking it in the wrong area on the bat generates a strong stinging sensation. When it comes to hand injuries in the game, you’d be shocked at how regular they are. Wearing a thumb guard on the diamond absorbs a significant amount of the vibrations caused by mishits, allowing you to give your all on the field throughout the whole season.

Improves Your Grip

It is possible to observe that your palm is oval-shaped, but the bat is cylindrical if you hold a baseball bat and examine your grip for a long enough period of time. Hitters are physically unable to acquire a precise grip on the bat due to physical limitations.

However, the plastic thumb ring bridges the space between the bat and the palm, resulting in an immediate improvement in grip. With a ring, you’ll also have to exert less effort to keep your grasp on the bat.

Refines Technique

Improvements in grip and a decreased fear of being shocked by a mishit benefit players at all levels of skill development, allowing them to polish their technique. It is especially beneficial to beginners since it assists them in properly gripping the baseball bat. Because of this, many instructors now recommend players to use a batting thumb ring during batting. Furthermore, improvements in technique may result in a more powerful swing, improved power, and faster reaction times. One thing to keep in mind: none of the study regarding batting thumb rings has been validated scientifically!

You might want to give it a chance because it’s becoming increasingly popular with big leaguers and amateurs alike for training purposes.

I’ll go through some of the greatest alternatives available on the market further down this page.

Best Baseball Thumb Guards

You can get a set of five high-quality batting thumb rings from Bukang for less money than it would cost you to buy lunch. All of the rings in the set are a different color, and they may be used for both baseball and softball games, depending on the situation. Check Availability and Pricing Now In order to be effective, the batting assistance must be worn on the thumb of the dominant hand, and the manufacturer employs what they refer to as “pro-grip-tech.” Batting control, swing power, and speed are all improved as a result of this.

It’s crucial to note that, while they function in the same way as the others, they’re not nearly as soft as some of the higher-end alternatives.


  • Affordable
  • A variety of colors included in the bundle
  • Excellent value for money


Investing in the Franklin Sports bat swing trainer is a wise decision if you don’t mind spending a little more money for superior quality. It is easier to maintain the bat in your fingers rather than in your hands with the help of the robust batting assist. When you put it on, you’ll be obliged to utilize the proper hitting technique for the game. Check Availability and Pricing Now Moreover, it alleviates a great deal of tension off the thumb as you swing the bat. However, one of the most advantageous aspects of it is that it is constructed to last.

Another advantage is that it helps to avoid blisters on your hands, which is a great thing.


  • Construction that is extremely robust
  • Forces you to utilize the proper technique
  • Prevents blisters from forming. It is suitable for both children and adults.


The ProHitter grip is specifically designed for players that are 12 years old or younger. If your child learns proper hitting technique early on, there’s a strong chance that they’ll go far in baseball or softball – or whatever sport they want to participate in.

Check Availability and Pricing Now It can be used with both wood and aluminum bats, and it may be used with or without gloves. The fact that the aids are fairly priced is also a positive factor.


The Slugger Blade Power Grip from Louisville boasts a one-of-a-kind design that provides you with an improved grip. However, because of the hexagon channel impact zone, it also helps to reduce hand injuries. Check Availability and Pricing Now


  • It is suitable for both right- and left-handed folks. Excellent for both children and adults
  • It’s a comfortable fit.


Recognize that, despite the fact that I called it pricey, you can acquire the greatest batting thumb ring on the market for less than $15. The equipment in question is not very pricey. However, I’ve experimented with and without them and have discovered that they are really beneficial — for all of the reasons previously indicated. Particularly useful while learning to swing the bat in Little League is a batting thumb ring, which I would highly suggest. It will aid in the development of your technique as well as the prevention of bat sting from mis-hits.

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With two sons who play baseball and one daughter who plays softball, I can be found around a baseball diamond most Saturdays and Sundays.

PROHITTER Batting Aid – Does it Really Work?

Does PROHITTER Batting Aid Really Work? You are here: Home»Baseball»PROHITTER Batting Aid – Does it Really Work? Have you ever been watching a Major League Baseball game and seen a type of ring on the thumb of the pitcher or hitter? It may have been something you ignored or something that made you stop and consider. That small item is referred to as aProhitters Training Aid or aProhitters Thumb Guard, depending on who you ask. This little training device, which sits between the palm of the top hand and the bat, enhances the hitter’s contact with the bat, offering the batter more comfort (particularly on mis-hits), better control, and, in general, more palm contact on the bat.

During the process of removing the separation, the hitter may apply continuous pressure to the knob, resulting in a firmer and more controlled grip.

How the PROHITTER Batting Aid Works

As a result of the Prohitter thumb guard, the bat’s handle is forced to slide towards the fingers. Because of the volume of this training aid, the bat handle is driven out of the palm, allowing the hand to hold the bat in the manner in which it should be gripped throughout the swing. Top hand stings are substantially decreased as a result of this little training gadget, which works by reducing part of the vibrations created by the force of a baseball’s impact during contact. This is especially beneficial for batters who are always dealing with palm and bone injuries on their hands.

Benefits of Using the PROHITTER Batters Training Aid

  • As a result of using this little gadget, you will be able to move your hands more quickly, make your wrist turns more quickly, and enhance the speed and power of your bat for more pop. It guarantees that the hitter’s wrist movement is kept to a bare minimum, which is critical for any great hitter’s technique. Prohitter is a training device that teaches players how to bat more consistently by employing an enhanced grip method. By doing so, it helps to prevent the batter from gripping the bat too hard in their hands while still allowing them to grasp the bat securely. The usage of this training device is one of the most effective methods of reducing batting stingers
  • Nonetheless,

Make it Happen

Using the Prohitter Batters Training Aid can benefit hitters of all ages and skill levels. Most professional hitters, according to estimates, employ the thumb guard in some capacity, which underlines the importance it can have on hitting results.

In addition to providing comfort and reducing hand stinging, it also helps batters grasp the bat properly for more firm contact, which eventually improves the hitter’s performance.


Baseball Hitting Training Aids – The Best of the Best


Every baseball player, especially in cold weather, has experienced the unpleasant, stinging feeling that accompanies striking an inside pitch off the handle of the bat with the handle of the bat. Your hands grow numb, and you have the sensation that you are clutching a handful of bees in your palms. It’s comparable to having your foot fall asleep on the floor. For a few minutes, the appendage is rendered ineffective. After reaching a particular level in baseball, say when the pitches are between 80 and 90 miles per hour, striking a pitch with your fists can provide fresh insights on pain perception.

  1. However, there is now some respite.
  2. It is a soft, durable rubber doughnut that fits over the thumb of a batter’s top hand, providing cushioning between the thumb and index finger of the batter’s top hand.
  3. Former University of Miami designated hitter Phil LoMedico came up with the idea for Direct Protect after suffering from a number of bone bruising during his playing days.
  4. A big bruise on his hand had been aggravating for LoMedico before the season began, and this had led to him doing excessive batting practice before the season began.
  5. With the help of rubber sheets, he formed a flat pad, glued it to a circle of adhesive tape, and placed it between his thumb and index finger to test the water resistance.
  6. Following his senior year, much to his dismay, LoMedico was not picked by any big league club, prompting him to pursue a career in the music industry, which was his second passion.
  7. It was estimated that at than 10,000 individuals applied for the show, according to him.
  8. “The pinnacle of that time period came after the program ended, when we were invited to perform the National Anthem in Wrigley Field before a Cubs game,” he recalls.
  9. Today, it is difficult to locate a single big league game in which someone is not employing Direct Protect technology.
  10. Louis Cardinals, Dodgers catcher Mike Scioscia, and Yankee third baseman Mike Pagliarulo were among the first players to utilize and later promote the product.
  11. Because of the way I fractured my thumb during the 1980 season, my left hand has had a propensity to get painful.

Trainer Gene Monahan of the New York Yankees believes that Direct Protect is a significant improvement over the less refined models that can be produced by a trainer “All of the other things that could be done to alleviate the pressure on that part of the hand would require that they be attached to either the hand or the bat.

What’s great about Direct Protect is that it hovers between your hand and the bat, allowing air to act as an additional form of protection for your hand.” Direct Protect is available for purchase for around $4 and is available in three sizes to accommodate the hands of most players, from Little Leaguers to Major Leaguers.

It is available at Toys “R” Us in the small size; all other sizes are available in sporting goods stores around the country, or they may be purchased by writing to The Pro Hitter Corporation at 170 S. Main Street in New City, New York 10956.

Hitting Aid Thumb Thingee

Hitting Aid Thumb Thingee August07, 2020 HiToday we’re looking at the hitting aid thumb thingee that the majority of major league hitters use. (Don’t tune out softballers, this is for you too.)What do Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts, and Aaron Judge all have in common? Take a look at the following picture.Look Closer!You’ll see they’re all wearing theProhitter Batters Training Aid. You’ll notice it can be worn over your batting gloves or just over the bare hand of your top hand.The Prohitter is not the only device like it on the market.

That’s quite a mouthful, but I’ll get back to why they added all of the other stuff.And there’s a new player into this market called the Thumb-per.

How the thumb thing actually helps hitters

While the ProHitter (which was the first commercially available hitting aid to be worn on the thumb) has always claimed that their device may assist batters improve bat speed, greater power, and more consistency, the company has never provided an explanation for why this is true. Franklin goes right to the point with their lengthy descriptive title, and they claim that theirs is the most effective.

  • It aids in the production of faster wrist twists and faster bat speed. Aids in the development of proper bat technique. It improves the grip on the bat handle.

Those are the functions of every one of them (and many more), but they don’t explain why they are used, so you’re left to decide if you truly need one or not, while also wondering why the best batters employ them.

The real benefits

1) It does help you hit more accurately at first. The bat is placed into the fingers by wearing it, which offers you or your batter the ideal grip, which will boost bat speed if you or your batter was previously holding or gripping the bat in an inefficient manner. 2) It reduces the sting of a mishit ball, allowing more energy to be directed into the ball while the bat and hands are not vibrating excessively. 3) It improves your grip strength while you’re in the hitting zone, which results in the batted ball being driven off the bat more effectively than when you don’t wear it.

Why would you not wear one?

When I asked the question, “What do you think of the thumb thingee?” in one of the Fastpitch Facebook groups, many of the members said they liked how it helped their children learn to grip the bat correctly, but a number of them said that once their children had graduated past the stage of learning how to hold a bat correctly, they no longer needed it. Review paragraphs 2 and 3 above to understand why the finest hitters in the world employ it, and you should be convinced that every batter should do the same.

  • You should avoid utilizing it in a game for the first few times because it will seem strange to you at first.
  • In that case, the only reason not to use one would be if the hitter just cannot get the hang of it and it would negatively impact their hitting performance.
  • However, the last time I checked, I was no where near as excellent a batter as he is, and I have no reason to believe that you are.
  • Encourage your squad to begin utilizing them if you are a coach; you will be grateful afterwards.
  • Wouldn’t you be willing to spend $50 or more if it makes you a better player?

And everyone I demonstrate the benefits to, who then purchases one, raves about it and notices a difference in their hitting.

Try one tomorrow for under $10

Instead of rushing out to the sports goods store and shelling out $10 – $15, click on these links to acquire a Prohitter Batters Training Aid for $7.98 with free returns if it doesn’t fit or work from Amazon, where if you have Prime you can have it in as little as one or two days. You can also acquire the Franklin Sports Baseball Bat Swing Trainer – Gator Grip Grip Trainer – Baseball and Softball Hitting Aid – Knuckle Aligner and Swing Trainer for for $6.29 if you want to save even more money.

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