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According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Navigate to the next page Jump to the search results In baseball statistics, batting average against (abbreviated as BAA or AVG), or opponents’ batting average (abbreviated as OBA) is a statistic that gauges a pitcher’s ability to avoid hits during official at bats (abbreviated as OBA). Alternatively, it may be stated as the cumulative batting average of the league’s batters against the pitching staff. A hit-by-pitch average is determined as follows: Hits Allowed divided by (Batters Faced less Walks less Hit Batsmen less Sacrifice Hits less Sacrifice Flies less Catcher’s Interference less Hit Batsmen) It is computed as follows:for which reason:

  • The number of batters faced by the pitcher is denoted by the letter BF. The number of base on balls is represented by BB, and the number of hit batters is represented by HBP. The number of sacrifice hits is represented by the symbol SH. The number of sacrifice flies is represented by the symbol SF. CINT is the number of times the catcher interfered

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BAA Meaning in Baseball – What does BAA mean in Baseball? BAA Definition

There is one meaning for the word BAA, which is Batting Average Against. Other definitions may be found at the bottom of this page, which are related to Baseball terminology, and BAA has one different meaning. All of the connotations associated with the BAA acronym are found solely within the context of baseball terminology, and no additional meanings are discovered. If you’d like to view more definitions, please visit the BAA definitions section. As a result, you will be sent to a website that contains all of the meanings of the acronym BAA.

What does BAA stand for Baseball?

We created a list of searches for theBAA acronym in baseball-related search engine results. The most commonly asked BAA acronym questions for Baseball were selected and made available on the web as a result of this process. Although we believe you inquired about the meaning of the BAA full form in Baseball in a comparable BAA inquiry (for Baseball), we are confident that the following Baseball BAA query list will pique your curiosity.

What does BAA meaning stand for Baseball?

  • For the BAA acronym, we generated a list of search engine inquiries for the term Baseballin. On this site, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked BAA acronym questions about baseball. We believe you put a comparable BAA inquiry (for Baseball) to the search engine in order to determine the meaning of the BAA full form in Baseball, and we are confident that the following Baseball BAA query list will pique your curiosity.

What is BAA definition?

  • BAA is an abbreviation for “Batting Average Against” in baseball.
What is BAA acronym?

  • In baseball, the term “Batting Average Against” is abbreviated as BAA.
What is the definition of BAA acronym in Baseball?
  • “Batting Average Against” is the abbreviation for “Batting Average Against.”
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What is the full form of BAA abbreviation?
  • ‘Batting Average Against’ is the whole version of the BAA acronym.
What is the full meaning of BAA in Baseball?
  • ‘Batting Average Against’ is the full definition of the term.
What is the explanation for BAA in Baseball?
  1. ‘Batting Average Against’ is the full definition of BAA.

What is the meaning of BAA Abbreviation in Astrology?

‘Batting Average Against’ is the full meaning of this term.

BAA Abbreviation in Astrology

  • BAA is an abbreviation for Business Association of America (letter B) I get the impression that you’re full of lazy sensuality. You take pleasure in being courted, wined, and dined. As a show of your lover’s affection, you are overjoyed to get gifts as a result of his or her efforts. You desire to be pampered and are well-versed in the art of pampering your partner. You are reserved in your expressions of affection, and this is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships. You’ll put off making a decision until everything satisfies your standards. You have the ability to manage your hunger and abstain from sexual activity if necessary. A fresh set of sensations and experiences is necessary for you. You are open to trying new things
  • You are adventurous. BAA is an abbreviation for Business Association of America (letter A) Despite the fact that you are not a romantic, you are interested in taking action. You’re a serious businessperson. When it comes to you, what you see is what you receive. Your tolerance for flirting has run out, and you can’t be bothered to put up with someone who is attempting to be delicate, sweet, modest, and subtly alluring in an attempt to get your attention. You are a direct and forthright individual. With regards to sexual activity, action is more important than vague indications. You place a high value on your partner’s physical beauty. Invigorating, you find it to be the pursuit and challenge of the ‘hunt.’ It is true that you are passionate and sexual, as well as much more adventurous than you look
  • Yet, you do not make a point of publicizing these characteristics. Your greatest worry is for your bodily well-being.

BAA – Batting Average Against (baseball)

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His dismal batting average against India is also the second poorest by a high order batsman in a series, trailing only New Zealander Ken Rutherford, who scored only 12 runs in seven innings at an average of 1. Brian Halford is the author of this piece. CHRIS Woakes increased his championshipbatting average to 219 against Hampshire, but the allrounder will need to be more productive with the ball over the next two days if Warwickshire are to achieve a titleclinching win. Brian Halford is the author of this piece.

He has scored 28 runs against the West Indies in 20 Tests, despite having a Test average of about 44 runs per innings.

Baseball Acronyms – Abbreviations

To be successful in handicap games, you must be familiar with the jargon and abbreviations used in the industry. In the list below, you’ll discover a collection of baseball acronyms that you’re likely to see on stat sheets and in box scores. USE YOUR VISA CARD TO DEPOSIT AT ATSPORTS AND PLACE A BET ON MLB GAMES BETTINGAB:At bats is a good bet. ADP is an abbreviation for Average Draft Position. AL stands for American League. A:Assists Batting average (BA): BA A:Batting average versus the opposition BB:Base on balls is an abbreviation for Base on Balls (walk) BF:Batters were up against it BK:Balk BS:Blown opportunity CG: The game has been completed.

  • ERA is an abbreviation for earned run average.
  • GB stands for ground ball.
  • G/F: The ratio of ground balls to fly balls.
  • HP:Home plate is spelled with a capital letter.
  • LOB:Left over on the field Major League Baseball (MLB) is a type of baseball played in the United States.
  • OF:Outfield OBP is an abbreviation for on base percentage.
  • PB: The ball was passed to me.
  • R:Run was successful.
  • RISK:Runners in scoring position are at risk.
  • SHO:Shutout SP: The pitcher who will start the game.
  • Wild pitch is the name of the game.
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OBA (aka BAA) Calculator – Captain Calculator

The batting average of all hitters who have faced a certain pitcher is known as the opponents batting average (OBA). It is deemed valuable because it provides a pitcher-oriented metric that is directly equivalent to the popularBatting Average (BA), which makes it simple for spectators to grasp and interpret. “Batting Average Against (BAA)” is another term for this technique.

Formula – How to calculateOBA

Over-Balanced At-Bat (OBA) = Hits (Batter Faced – Walks – Hit by Pitch – Sacrifice Hits – Sacrifice Flies – Catcher’s Interference) Over-Balanced At-Bat (OBA) = Hits


In the case of a pitcher who has 190 hits and 43 walks while facing 677 hitters and has been hit by pitch three times, has six sacrifice hits, seven sacrifice flies, and one catcher interference, the pitcher’s overall earned run average is: OBA=190 (677 – 43 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 1) OBA= 190 617 OBA= 0.308 OBA= 190 617 As a result, the pitcher’s batting average (OBA) is 0.308.

Sources and more resources

  • Wikipedia –Batting Average Against– Wikipedia entry on BAA
  • Baseball rules and baseball statistics from Major League Baseball, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Baseball), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Softball), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Baseball and Softball), the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), and the International Baseball Federation


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BAA Boston Athletic Association(host of the Boston Marathon)
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAA British Airports Authority
BAA Basketball Association of America
BAA Baltic Aviation Academy(Lithuania)
BAA British Astronomical Association
BAA Boston Arts Academy(Boston, MA)
BAA Black or African American(population classification)
BAA Buy American Act
BAA Business Associate Agreement(HIPAA)
BAA Broadway Artists Alliance(New York)
BAA Batting Average Against(baseball)
BAA Business Achievement Award(various locations)
BAA Backing Australia’s Ability
BAA British Accounting Association
BAA Broad Area Announcement
BAA British Aggregates Association(UK)
BAA Beaufort Art Association(Beaufort, SC)
BAA Bialla(Airport Code, New Guinea)
BAA Band Alumni Association(various schools)
BAA Board of Academic Advisors(various locations)
BAA Board of Adjustment and Appeals(various locations)
BAA Beta-Adrenergic Agonist(medication)
BAA Business Area Analysis
BAA Bugles Across America
BAA Baccalauréat en Administration des Affaires(French)
BAA British Agrochemicals Association
BAA British Airports Association(UK)
BAA Bloomington Athletic Association(Bloomington, MN)
BAA Bowfishing Association of America
BAA Biotechnology Association of Alabama
BAA British Aerospace Airbus(UK)
BAA Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement
BAA Bachelier en Administration des Affaires
BAA Boomerang Association of Australia
BAA Board/Authority Authorized Course(Canada)
BAA Board of Assistance Appeals
BAA Bureau d’Accompagnement Artistique(French: Bureau of Artistic Support)
BAA Backup Aircraft Authorization
BAA Banc of America Advisors, LLC
BAA Beers Across America(beer club)
BAA Bomber Alert Area
BAA Master of Orion 2: Battle At Antares(computer game)
BAA Budget Activity Account
BAA Brooklyn Art Association
BAA Belgian Aluminium Association(Belgium)
BAA Brigade Administration Area
BAA Battlefield Automation Appraisal
BAA Business Administration and Analysis
BAA Backup Aerospace Vehicle Authorization
BAA Basic Acoustic Analysis
BAA Ban All Acronyms
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On Base Percentage Vs. Batting Average: Which Is More Important?

Since the inception of baseball, there has been one statistic that has dominated all others: the batting average. To put it another way, the best batters are always believed to be those who have the most amount of power. Year after year, the player with the greatest batting average is typically considered to be the best hitter in the game, according to the public consensus. This raises the question: Is batting average really as essential as it is made up to be in professional baseball? Is it truly less essential than another related statistic, on-base percentage, in terms of overall significance?

It demonstrates a hitter’s ability to reach base on a swing, which is an important aspect in baseball.

Every inning has a total of three outs that the defense must get in order to bring the inning to its conclusion.

Because it is computed by include both walks and hits, walkers who are prolific will frequently have a large disparity between their batting average and their on-base percentage.

This is how they manage to routinely hit above.300 year after year among the highest tier of hitters, with an average of around.340.

During this time, taking a stroll is really beneficial.

The probability of reaching base after taking four balls is, without a doubt, one hundred percent.

This is why the walk is such an important component of baseball that is often disregarded.

Cano and Upton have batting averages that are relatively comparable this season – despite a bad start, Cano is batting.263 and Upton is hitting.271 despite a sluggish start.

When comparing their on base percentages, however, it is observed that there is a significant disparity.

Upton, on the other hand, has a.381 on-base percentage as of right now.

The on-base % of a baseball player, of course, is not the only relevant statistic to consider when evaluating his or her performance.

In addition, hits have the potential to generate far more runs than walks do.

These data, as well as their implications for baseball, will be discussed in more detail in subsequent articles.

It enables clubs such as the Chicago White Sox, who have an extraordinarily low team batting average, to remain competitive and score a large number of runs despite their poor performance.

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