What Does Ducks On The Pond Mean In Baseball

Ducks on the Pond: Baseball Hitting Terminology

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Nicollet Park is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Competition between Millers and the St.

In the 1959 Junior World Series, the Millers faced off against the Havana.

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Our History

Dear Colleagues, The phrase “Ducks On The Pond” is a metaphor used by baseball broadcasters all around the country to describe the game. It dates back to the 1940s and is still in widespread use today, despite its age. When a team has “Ducks On The Pond,” it is customary for them to have one or more runners on base ready to score. Bases loaded is sometimes referred to as a “Ducks On The Pond” situation, in which spectators can rally behind the hitter at the plate. Izzie is the duck that we created in collaboration with CelebriDucks, based on the character from “Ducks On The Pond.” The classic traditional yellow rubber duck, like baseball, was invented in the United States before the entire industry was exported to other parts of the world.

It gives us great pleasure to combine our support for American manufacturing with our passion for baseball.

Join us in enjoying one of America’s favorite hobbies in a whole new manner as we bring back old-time baseball to life. Your support will spread like wildfire. Let’s get this party started!

Urban Dictionary: Ducks on the pond

~australian Women have entered the room, and it is now appropriate to refrain from discussing tits/ass/snatch/rooting/drinking, among other topics. When both their wives arrive into the room, two guys are standing about chatting about the quarrel with their next-door neighbor. Onespiesthem notices something out of the corner of his eye and discreetly adds, “Ducks on the pond.” The subject of the conversation is immediately altered. Grab a pondmug and put the Ducks on it. A statement that indicates that the speaker is about to enter or is now in a fortunate circumstance.

  1. NOTE: I am the author of the previous definition, which had a significant mistake that needed to be corrected (i.e.a runnerat second in lieu of first).
  2. That is all there is to it.
  3. Get your hands on a Ducks on the Pond mug.
  4. Most of the time, a newbie is in charge.
  5. OMG, these ducks on the pond over here are making me squeal with delight.
  6. Our novice was ducks on the pond, so it wasn’t a fair game for him to say that.
  7. When a guy has sex with a lady on top, he gets a duck pond, which is an accumulation of liquids both male and female going down the shaft of the penis over the balls and over the asshole (cowgirl).
  8. Known as “the wetspot,” this cup is available at Duck Pond.

Baseball Shorts: Ducks on the Pond

When you hear the phrase Ducks on the Pond, your initial thought may be of a group of aquatic birds swimming around a pond in a park. Not many people realize, however, that the phrase is also used in baseball. Continue reading and you’ll discover why. Ducks on the Pond is a metaphor that is generally utilized by the offense to encourage a batter to drive in a few runs during a baseball game. In a sense of relief (We’ve finally gotten some ducks on the pond), or in a scenario when quick action is required (Let’s go!

I see you’ve got several ducks in your pond!

When there are Ducks on the Pond, there are runners in scoring position, but some people also use the expression to refer to bases that are loaded with runners on base.

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a term reserved for a previous generation, the phrase is still in use today.

He went on to become a well-known radio and television sportscaster, calling baseball for the Cardinals (1941–46), Browns (1941–48), Yankees (1950–51), and Atlanta Braves (1966–68), as well as nationally with Mutual (1952), ABC (1953–54), and CBS (1955–1965).

Ducks on the pond (Baseball) – Definition – Lexicon & Encyclopedia

Ducks on a Pond: Baseball Terminology, Part 1 of 2 In addition to ducks on the pond in your home or at a park, ducks may be found on the pond at nearly every baseball game played in the United States. Base runners are referred to as ducks, while the bases are referred to as pond. When ahitter is on with men on base, ducks in the pond are called. The runners on base are referred to as “ducks on the pond” since they are swimming in a pond. A high fly ball that lowers swiftly in front of an outfielder is referred to as a Dying Quail.

  1. Eephus Pitch: Essentially, it’s a lob.
  2. When two or three players are on base, it is referred to as “ducks on the pond.” Eephus: A lobbed pitch with a lot of action.
  3. When there are a lot of runners on base, especially when the bases are loaded, “When there are.”due, his batting average is.350.
  4. An outfielder’s fly ball that lowers in front of him and produces a basehit for the batter is known as a Dying Quail.
  5. Also see: What is the significance of the terms MVP, Walk-off, Center field, Wave, and Shutout?
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Ducks on the pond – phrase meaning and origin

On June 28, 2005, Brian from Shawnee sent a message. Ducks on the pond is a response to: On June 28, 2005, Brian from Shawnee submitted the following: Is it possible to find out where the baseball term “ducks on a pond” originated? When there are runners on the bases, generally when they are in scoring position, I hear it all the time during my son’s minor league games.: That’s a new one for me, although my kid also participates in Little League. A baseball lexicon on the internet, where I discovered the phrase, states that it refers to “one or more runners on base.” Please see the link below.

  • ‘Ducks on the pond,’ according to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s website, was a favorite expression of Arch McDonald, who worked as an announcer for the old Washington Senators from 1934 to 1956.
  • McDonald was originally from the state of Arkansas.
  • Mr.
  • I’m curious whether the original poster would be willing to share with us where state she currently resides in.

Ducks On The Pond

Published on June 28th, 2005 by Brian from Shawnee Ducks on the pond, in response to: On June 28, 2005, Brian from Shawnee submitted the following message: ” Who or what is responsible for the baseball expression “ducks on pond?” Whenever there are runners on the bases, generally when they are in scoring position, I hear it all the time during my son’s little league games. My son plays Little League, so that’s a new one for me as well. According to an online baseball lexicon where I discovered the word, it refers to “one or more runners on base.” See the link below for further information on this topic.

Ducks on the pond” was a favorite expression of Arch McDonald, who was an announcer for the original Washington Senators from 1934 to 1956, according to his biography on the Baseball Hall of Fame web site.


Arkansas was also the home of Mr. Dean and his family. I’m curious whether the original poster would be willing to share with us where state she currently resides in.

r/baseball – An Entirely New Meaning to the Phrase “Ducks on the pond.”

Level 1I had participated in this game. We began chanting the word “QUACK.” It was fantastic. level 2They appeared to have taken a fancy to the Upton brothers, as they began to veer off towards left field following this. level 2Did you make a “V” configuration with the other four supporters in attendance during the game? For the first level, I had to examine the image five times to be sure I was reading the score correctly. level 2It had been a particularly awful night for Huddy. level 1 Those ducks enraged him to the point that he was dismissed.

  • Ducks, on the other hand, I’m not so opposed to.
  • We never received a follow-up on that.
  • What was the umpire’s response to him?
  • They should have known better.
  • The ducks don’t give a crap about anything.
  • “LOL LOOK AT THE DUCKS,” said the level 2 announcers.
  • level 2Wasn’t it a bit chilly out there?

level 1I had no idea what the expression meant to begin with.

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level 2Yes, this indicates that the bases have been loaded.

Get the f*ck back to your bases, people.

Upon seeing the title on Sportscenter, I assumed they were going to show clips of the Anaheim Ducks playing at the Honda Center (also known as the pond), and I was very confused.

2You see, that was your first mistake: you assumed that ESPN would broadcast hockey at this time in the season.

What Does He mean?

I went to a Yankees game the other night, and the bases were loaded when I got there. “What does ducks on a pond mean?” my sister-in-law said as she approached me. To summarize, I informed her that it simply meant that there were runners on base. Due to the fact that most of my baseball thoughts begin with a question, I was curious as to how many of these sayings there are and how they came to be. So, here is a nice collection of baseball sayings, as well as the finest explanations I could uncover via my investigation.

  1. That, believe it or not, is the literal meaning of the phrase.
  2. McDonald was originally from Arkansas and was a hunter by trade.
  3. As a result, a hitter would prefer to come to the plate with runners on base as opposed to no runners at all while facing the plate.
  4. Consequently, in the words of Arch McDonald, “the batter steps in with ducks on the pond.” He never explained why he began to use it, or how the idea for it occurred to him while reporting a baseball game on the radio.
  5. It is thought that Vin Scully, who was broadcasting for the Brooklyn Dodgers at the time, was the first to say it.
  6. The cans would fall and they would use their apron to catch them while they were falling.
  7. That is the link between the cans crashing to the ground and the grain of maize.

The expression originated with the first Baltimore Orioles team, which played in the very early 1900s.

In addition, because the groundskeeper was aware of the team’s approach, he would mix infield soil with clay to produce a firmer surface that would allow for greater bounces.

Around the Horn – The phrase “around the horn” appears twice in the text.

After going around the horn, the ball returns to the starting point.

Following the third baseman’s throw, the catcher tosses to the shortstop, second baseman, back to the third baseman, and finally to the pitcher.

For a long time before the Panama Canal was built, the shortest route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean was sailing around the point of South America, known as Cape Horn.

That is why I was unable to locate the first instance.

For starters, it occurs when a hitter receives two strikes against him.

We are all aware that getting yourself out of a hole is tough, just as it is difficult to get on base when you have zero balls and two strikes.

So, if the current batter is batter number one, the next hitter on deck is batter number two, and the batter in the hole is batter number three.

Many people believe that the item is truly “in the hold,” but that the term “hole” has been changed through the years.

As a result, the next batter is on deck and the batter after that is in the holding pen.

Mendoza Line – Mario Mendoza is in a bad way.

He has made a name for himself.

George Brett is commonly considered to have used the statement for the first time in 1979, and this is universally acknowledged.

A reporter inquired of Brett one Sunday about his hitting average and received the following response: “The first thing I check for in the Sunday papers are players who are below the Mendoza line.” Additionally, if there was not enough space in the newspaper to print all of the names and averages, individuals who fell below the Mendoza Line were not normally included in the publication.

  1. This idiom comes from the sport of golf.
  2. During the manufacturing process of these clubs, a plastic insert was put into the club face in order to protect the wood.
  3. As the club’s center, it was off of these screws that a strong strike could be delivered.
  4. When you look at a home plate on a major or minor league baseball diamond, though, you will see that there is no black surrounding the plate.
  5. Almost every little league school and softball field has a 12-inch black outline around home plate, which may be seen if you look closely.
  6. It is a bloop hit that lands between the infielders and the outfielders of the baseball field.
  7. According to one idea, a player by the name of Ollie Pickering received seven consecutive bloop hits in a row while making his Texas League debut.
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Because of their bloop base hits, these players contributed to their team’s victory, and the opposition newspaper article the next day referred to them as the “dinky Texas Leaguers.” According to the last idea, former big leaguer Larry Doyle (who played in the majors from 1907 to 1920) discovered that the wind had a significant impact on fly balls hit in a number of Texas cities and made a note of it.

  1. He saw that the balls that were hit should have been typical fly balls to the outfielders, but that they were knocked down between the infielder and the outfielder because of the winds.
  2. Choose whatever option appeals to you.
  3. It is also the audience that bestows the “raspberry” to the players.
  4. A Bronx Shout is also when fans sarcastically cheer for their favorite team in the Bronx.
  5. He will be applauded and applauded for his efforts!
  6. Chin Music (also known as chin music) – High and inside pitch that is normally thrown right beneath the batter’s chin, but can be higher or lower.
  7. The pitch’s purpose is to move the hitter away from the plate, rather than to strike the batter with the ball.
  8. A strikeout is indicated by the letter K.

When he chose to shorten a sacrifice, he used the letter S. The letter “K” was chosen as an abbreviation for strikeout because it is the final letter in “struck,” as in struck out, and because it is the last letter in “struck.” Tags:Baseball

Gentlemen – There are Ducks on the Pond!

It is well known among baseball fans that when someone calls out “ducks on the pond,” an opportunity is knocking on the door! What? Baseball and ducks? What’s the connection? A former baseball broadcaster for the Washington Senators, Arch McDonald, is credited with the use of a baseball metaphor known as “ducks on a pond.” As a result, there are a number of runners on base, and the batsman gets a fantastic opportunity to drive in some runs. The ducks in the pond are saying, “Come on, Chad, you can do it”!

  1. Runners on base who have the possibility to get a hit, contribute to their team’s victory, and build to their RBI (runs batted in) total.
  2. A ducks on the pond”opportunity is announced by Jesus to his followers in the book of Luke 10.
  3. A window of opportunity has opened.
  4. Runners stationed at the base are eager to get home.
  5. Whether you choose the phrase “fields that are white unto harvest” or “ducks on the pond,” there is an opportunity waiting for you.
  6. As Jesus said, “the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers,” my desire is that men would step UP and not be intimidated by the chance to live out their faith, be a mentor, be a friend, and be a smiling face to our future generation of boys.
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What does ducks in a pond mean in baseball terms

What was the name of the ducks given by their head coach when they became the powerful ducks? Top Answer: 2 votes (out of a possible 4 votes) Gordon Bombay plays the role of head coach in the film quot;Mighty Ducks. Gordon Bomabay is a fictional character created by Gordon Bomabay. EntertainmentMovies What is the mathematical expression for the sum of terms divided by the number of terms? 1Votes1Answers 2 votes for the best answer The average is calculated as the sum of all terms divided by the total number of terms.

He’s my favorite baseball player, regardless of whatever team he plays for.

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