What Happens If You Run On A Baseball Field

Penalties & Fines For Running On A Baseball Field

What is the monetary value of 15 seconds of fame? Even more storied than baseball itself is the baseball fan’s momentary idea, “should I run on the field during a game?” during a game. For the most part, most spectators use their common sense, but some have crossed the fences onto the grounds and paid the consequence for their actions. But, more importantly, what is the cost? What is the repercussions of running around on a baseball field? JustBats.com makes an attempt to respond in order to discourage you from engaging in this attention-seeking behavior.

However, some are premeditated, as is the case with all crimes.

Running onto a professional field, for example, is punishable by up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine in the state of Ohio.

Keep in mind that this is only the first fine you’ll get.

In addition to initial bail and jail term, the following are some instances of probable consequences:

  • What is the monetary value of 15 seconds of fame? While the national pastime may be historic, so is the baseball fan’s brief notion, “should I run on the field during the game?” For the most part, most spectators use their common judgment, but some have leaped the fences and ended out on the field, paying the consequences. The question is, what is the cost? On a baseball field, what is the consequence of running? In order to discourage you from engaging in this attention-seeking behavior, JustBats.com makes an attempt to respond. Generally speaking, most fans who sprint on the field are spurred by adrenaline or under the influence of alcohol. However, some are premeditated, as is the case with many crimes. States have different fines for different types of ballparks. If you rush onto a professional field in Ohio, for example, you might be sentenced to up to six months in prison and a fine of $1,000. The most typical punishment for sprinting on a professional baseball field is a $1,000 fine and one night in jail, if you stay fully dressed and do not do physical injury to anyone. Take note that this is only a one-time penalty. Additionally, the majority of states mandate a sentencing process, which varies from state to state. In addition to initial bail and jail term, the following are examples of possible consequences:

The first run on the field is considered trespassing at baseball stadiums. The situations described above are obviously unique, but any fan who runs onto the field and is complying with cops or stadium employees when apprehended will be promptly taken from the stadium and placed on bail pending a court appearance, as described above. Every Major League Baseball stadium, and some ballparks have numerous holding cells, is outfitted with a holding cell system for players. Basically, don’t run onto a professional baseball field unless it’s really necessary.

Do you know someone who has participated in a field race?

Is it possible that they were fined for rushing on the field?

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What Happens If You Get Caught Running On The Field At The Super Bowl?

Kevin C. Cox is a photographer who works for Getty Images. So far, the Super Bowl LV has been the most anticipated event of 2021. Because of The Weeknd’s halftime performance, Miley Cyrus’ TikTok preshow event, plus the fact that famous quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes were facing off on the field, the stadium was filled even though it was just at capacity. Another major scene-stealer, aside from the game itself, was an anonymous “streaker” (who did not really strip) who briefly took over the spotlight for a short period of time and stole the show (viaTwitter).

Despite the fact that the cameras were cut away, those in attendance witnessed him fleeing for his life before giving up just before the end zone.

He was eventually taken away by police officers in handcuffs. Despite the fact that he appeared to be in serious distress, what destiny awaits those who take the chance of running onto the field during the Super Bowl?

Florida man has been identified as this year’s Super Bowl streaker

Photograph by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images A promotional effort for the Russian pornographic website Vitaly Uncensored, which was also behind the previous year’s race, according to Vulture. It has been suggested that Yuri Andrade, a Florida native, was the fan who took over the game (at least for a few minutes) during the second half (viaNew York Post). Andrade was taken into custody by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office late Sunday evening and brought into prison, but he was released early Monday morning after posting a $500 cash bail with the county (viaUSA Today).

He informed the department that he is an independent international business consultant.

Kevin Harlan provides legendary commentary on the subject

Photograph by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images In an astonishing depiction of the brief moment of levity, Kevin Harlan, who was giving game commentary for Westwood One radio, described the situation (viaTampa Bay Times). “With 5:03 left on the clock, someone has raced onto the field!” he exclaims. “Some dude wearing a bra.” Because those watching the game on television were not privy to what was actually happening on the field, other from a fleeting sight of a guy racing onto the field, Harlan’s commentary has been extremely warmly received by the audience.

Put your trousers on, my gentleman!

As he is being chased down to the 30, he manages to break free from a security guard’s tackle.” Harlan describes his approach to the end zone in the same way he would describe a touchdown run: “The 10, the 5, he slides at the 1, and they all converge on him at the goal line.” “Pull up your pants, take off your bra, and act like a man!” says Harlan as he closes the speech.

Running on the field during a game is a massive risk

courtesy of Elsa/Getty Images Not every runner, on the other hand, is a marketing stunt. Complex talked with Dylan Cressy, who stormed the field at a Cubs-Reds game in Cincinnati and, just before he bolted, reportedly told his friend, “I’d see him from jail tomorrow.” Cressy was arrested and charged with felony assault. The Indiana University student was detained by security after only 15 seconds on the field, but he said that it was well worth it to meet his heroes in the process. A criminal trespass charge, a night in jail, and a lifetime ban from the venue are all common consequences of rushing the field.

The risk of injury to runners is extremely high, as one Philadelphia Phillies fan experienced after running onto the field and being tasered as a result of his actions in 2010.

Getting caught running the field almost always results in a night in jail, but the majority of fans don’t care if it means seeing their heroes and/or receiving national recognition and attention.

In the beautiful words of Cressy, “that was the greatest fun I’ve ever had and it’s the only fun I’ll ever have again.” Because of his solid track record and the presence of a judge who attended the game, he was exempt from paying a fine.

Running the Field

When I was in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, on May 5th, 2013, during a baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners, I did something that stunned both my friends and family. Iran attempted to run on the field during a live Major League Baseball game, only to be tackled and detained. My actions landed me in jail for a few of hours, giving me a firsthand understanding of what it’s like to be charged with a criminal offense. To my surprise, the Toronto Police Service provided me with a valuable service by producing an arrest report that was wonderfully humorous, honest, and funny to read.

by far and away the bestpolice synopsisI have ever read.” Now that my accusations against me have been dismissed, I am allowed to relate with you my experiences leading up to, during, and following my criminal activity.

Before I proceed, I must provide a word of warning to anyone who might be considering running the field: DO NOT DO IT.

This is the whole tale, from beginning to end, that I have put together.

  • What was going through my brain immediately before the performance
  • Experiencing the rush of sprinting onto the field
  • Being tackled (and surviving to tell the tale)
  • Dealing with the security officers at the Rogers Centre and the Toronto police
  • It is necessary to travel from the Rogers Centre to the 52 Division. The “strip search” and the ordeal in the detention cell
  • Being freed on the condition that you will appear
  • The process of appearing in court and working with a criminal defense attorney The relief that comes with the criminal charge being withdrawn

Before you read my narrative, I must provide you with the following disclaimer. In light of the fact that you have been charged with a criminal offense, I must reiterate that you should not leave the field. IT IS NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. After being convicted of a crime, it is possible that you may be unable to get employment (criminal background checks are a reality these days). It is possible that your travel options will be limited. You will have to pay a significant amount of money ($$$) to ensure that you are adequately represented while your case is being processed through the legal system.

  • Despite the fact that it is a victimless crime, it is just not worth the danger you are taking.
  • Now that I’ve gotten all of my pleading out of the way, please feel free to go through all of the information on my website in order to get a taste of the joy of sprinting the field without really having to do it.
  • -According to the official Toronto Police Department arrest record “Joe, like the rest of us, has endured enough hardship.
  • Prosecutor General of the City of Toronto

What Happens To Fans Who Run On The Field

You will be arrested, fined, and/or imprisoned if you do not comply. One interesting thing that they do is that they will not video the individual because they feel that by drawing attention to the individual, which was their purpose, it would encourage others to do the same.

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What happens when fans run on the field?

When they create a disturbance in play, they may sometimes result in criminal charges, fines or jail time, as well as sanctions on the club that is involved; yet, if a large number of spectators occupy the pitch at the same moment, they may sometimes be more welcomed by officials.

What happens to people who run on baseball field?

The most typical punishment for sprinting on a professional baseball field is a $1,000 fine and one night in jail, assuming you stay fully dressed and do not do any bodily injury to anybody or anything. Keep in mind that this is only the first fine you’ll get. Additionally, the majority of states mandate a sentencing process, which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Do streakers go to jail?

Fans who streak at sporting events may face a variety of penalties, ranging from a slap on the wrist to imprisonment. The severity of the punishment is determined on the laws that were broken in the state where the streaking took place. At the very least, streakers may expect an overnight detention in jail as well as a lifelong ban from the arena.

Is it illegal to run on a football field?

Sneaking onto the field may seem like a good time, but it is frequently followed by a criminal trespass charge, a night in jail, and a lifelong ban from the place in question. There are penalties of up to one year in prison and fines of up to $25,000 under this statute.

What is the punishment for streaking at the Super Bowl?

Those who streaked during the Super Bowl LV were sentenced to probation and community service.

Do colleges get fined for storming the field?

At the moment, the fines levied against schools whose supporters rush onto the field are rather lenient. First-time offenders are subject to a $5,000 fine, second-time offenders are subject to a $25,000 fine, and third-time offenders are subject to a $50,000 fine.

Why is baseball the World Series?

In the years 1884 to 1890, the National League and the American Association squared off against one other at the end of the season in order to determine who would be the overall champion. For promotional purposes, the series was referred to as “The Championship of the United States,” “World’s Championship Series,” or simply “World’s Series.”

What is the fine for streaking NZ?

But what the man evidently didn’t realize was that streaking may result in a fine of up to 5,000 New Zealand dollars ($3,653 in United States dollars) in New Zealand. Now he’s suffering from a severe case of streakers’ remorse, and he’s taken to the internet to raise money to cover the expense of his fine.

How much is the fine for streaking in Australia?

State Emergency Act requirements have been imposed on persons who streak during events in Australia, which would normally result in a fine of roughly $5,500. However, due to the increased COVID-19 limitations now imposed on every sporting code, State Emergency Act conditions have been imposed.

When did streaking become popular?

Running nude in a public location, often known as streaking, first appeared on college campuses in the late fall and winter of 1973.

Unsurprisingly, it was most popular at schools that were located in warm climates. It took many years, but eventually more than fifteen hundred individuals showed up to the University of Georgia to take part in a mass streak.

How much is the fine for streaking?

According to California Penal Code 19, a misdemeanor is punished by up to six months in prison or a $1,000 fine, or both in the case of particularly unfortunate individuals. Perhaps after serving jail time and/or paying a fine, a misdemeanor can follow you about for years, or even for the rest of your life, depending on the circumstances.

Whats the penalty for running on an NFL field?

Any official can be approached by the head coach or any player to request a timeout. Item 1: A total of three timeouts are permitted. For the duration of each half, each team is permitted three charged team timeouts. Item 2: The duration of timeouts.

How much did Kentucky get fined?

According to the SEC, Kentucky has been penalized $250,000 for committing a third violation of the league’s access to competition area guideline, which happened after the Wildcats defeated the No. 10 Florida Gators, 20-13, on Saturday night at Rupp Arena.

Why do colleges get fined when fans storm the field?

According to the SEC, Kentucky has been penalized $250,000 for committing a third violation of the league’s access to competition area guideline, which happened after the Wildcats defeated the No. 10 Florida Gators, 20-13, on Saturday night.

Why did Texas A M get fined?

After Texas A M’s victory over then-No. 1 Alabama on Saturday night, the SEC announced on Monday that the Aggies had been penalized $100,000. The fine was revealed after the 12th Man rushed the field. It was the program’s second infraction of the league’s “access to competition area” rules, which was previously violated.

Why did no one win the 1994 World Series?

A strike by the Major League Baseball Players Association, which had began on August 12 and had been in effect since then, forced the cancellation of the 1994 World Series on September 14 of that year. The Fall Classic did not take place for only the second time in its history (and the first time since 1904), marking the first time in almost a century.

Why is a baseball field called a diamond?

Because of the shape of the infield, the baseball field is referred to as the “diamond” in certain circles. The infield is defined as the region between the grass line and home plate. It encompasses all of the bases and is the location where the majority of the action occurs during a baseball game.

Who’s won the most World Series?

The Atlanta Braves are a baseball team based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is streaking a crime NZ?

While Section 125 of the Criminal Code makes it an offense to do an indecent conduct in a public place, a streaker at a rugby match is unlikely to cross the line and be charged with a crime under that Act. Section 27 of the Summary Offences Act 1981 defines “indecent exposure” as “indecent exposure in a public place.”

What is the penalty for streaking AFL grand final?

Abra Bol, the cousin of Olympian Peter Bol, was fined $1200 after arriving at Perth Magistrates Court dressed in a green and gold Australian running gear for the occasion.

Is AFL a footy?

The Australian Football League (AFL), often known as Australian Football, Aussie Rules, or just footy, is a national sport in Australia that has been played for more than 150 years.

Legal Consequences of Rushing the Field – Juris Magazine

This photo was provided by www.post-gazette.com. Written by Sarah Weikart, a staff writer for the Associated Press Are you thinking about how you may get a peek of those 10 seconds of fame by rushing about on the playing field to catch a break? In light of a recent incident with a fan rushing the field at a Pirates game at PNC Park, this essay will explore the dangers of rushing the field, which may effectively be a victimless crime, and the risks you face if you decide to do so. For those who are unaware, rushing the field is defined as “when an individual or a group of people who are watching a sporting event rush onto the playing field to applaud or protest against an occurrence.” Someone who runs the field will be removed from the game at the very least, and they will not be compensated for their admission ticket.

  • Well, aside from being tackled by numerous security agents, having your face buried in the grass, and having a knee rammed into your back while being detained, criminal and civil problems are quite likely to arise during the event.
  • He was tasered by a stadium staff and later charged with criminal trespass.
  • It is unlawful to enter another’s property without their permission, and the trespasser may be sued in civil court for damages.
  • A criminal trespass conviction can result in prison time and fines ranging from 90 days to seven years in prison and even higher fines.
  • Harm to another’s property is considered criminal mischief when a person knowingly or carelessly causes damage to the property, or actively tampers with the property in a way that threatens to create damage.
  • Additionally, if a person decides to go all out by not wearing suitable attire, often known as streaking, the consequences are far more severe than they would otherwise be.
  • Given the nature of the offense, there is always the chance of being required to register as a sexual offender on a state website.
  • Apart from that, any criminal or civil infraction can result in financial and time penalties that are significant.
  • Minor ramifications of that day will include obtaining a free trip to the jail in a police car, being fingerprinted, receiving your very own mug photo, and eventually being lodged in a jail cell while you wait for someone to post your bond, all of which are minor.
  • Fans storming onto a sports field or court may appear amusing or entertaining at first, but those who attempt this rush frequently discover that it is neither amusing nor entertaining in the long run.

Consider the significant repercussions of crossing the field during a sporting event before making a decision to do so. Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Section 3126

Should fans crashing the field at sporting events be punished with jail time?

As with each previous instance in the lengthy history of supporters invading the field at professional sporting events, it began with the same premise: An unidentified young guy jumped onto the diamond at AT T Park in September, disrupting a key late-season game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers to hand out flowers to the players on the field. In a more notable way than most, though, it came to a close with former Giants left fielder Angel Pagan attacking the subject.

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In response to these and other incidents of field-crashing, which clubs claim makes players feel dangerous, state Sen.

“It may appear humorous to those of us who are watching on television or in a stadium, but it is actually a severe safety problem for athletes,” according to Wiener, who have no way of knowing if the individual is attempting to harm them.

Running into the field or throwing things onto the field is an offence punishable by a $250 fine under current legislation.

As a result of Senate Bill 689, authorities would be able to arrest someone and charge them with either an infraction, punishable by up to $1,000 in fine, or a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 10 days in jail and a $2,500 fine for a first offense and up to 60 days in jail and a $5,000 fine for subsequent offenses.

California, according to Wiener, treats spectators who crash the field differently than other states, giving them a “slap on the wrist.” A more serious charge would discourage similar incidences, according to him, since it would encourage individuals “to stop looking at it as just a pleasant thing to do.” Numerous major sports clubs in California, including the San Francisco Giants, presented the bill to Gov.

Jerry Brown at his office.

“We must maintain our vigilance at all times.” On March 30, 2017, at 2:58 p.m., a version of this story was published.

What is the punishment for running onto a baseball field? – Printcasting.com

The most typical punishment for sprinting on a professional baseball field is a $1,000 fine and one night in jail, assuming you stay fully dressed and do not do any bodily injury to anybody or anything.

What happens if you run out on a baseball field?

Sneaking onto the field may seem like a good time, but it is frequently followed by a criminal trespass charge, a night in jail, and a lifelong ban from the place in question.

There are penalties of up to one year in prison and fines of up to $25,000 under this statute.

What is the charge for streaking?

In California, there is a penalty for indecent exposure. A $1,000 fine, as well as a minimum of ten years of registration as a sex offender.

How much is the fine for streaking?

Those convicted of indecent behaviour in violation of PC 647(a) face a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of $1,000. In California, public lewdness is not a criminal sex violation that may be prosecuted.

Do you go to jail for streaking?

Fans who streak at sporting events may face a variety of penalties, ranging from a slap on the wrist to imprisonment. The severity of the punishment is determined on the laws that were broken in the state where the streaking took place. Criminal trespass is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a maximum punishment of $2,000, and it is penalized by both incarceration and fine.

What type of crime is streaking?

Streaking might leave you with a light charge of indecent exposure that is both entertaining and harmless. A person who “exposes his or her person, or the private portions of his or her person, in any public place,” as defined by Penal Code 314 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor violation, according to the code.

What is the punishment for streaking at a football game UK?

It was decided that this practice would cease in the United Kingdom in 2001, following the injury of a match official during a pitch invasion during an international one-day match between England and Pakistan. Invading the pitch can now result in a £1,000 fine as well as a lifelong ban from the stadium, according to the Premier League.

How much do you get fined for pitch invading?

Specifically, Section 10.5 of the Southeastern Conference Bylaws establishes a progressive fine policy for major sports, which was implemented in 2004. The fine policy is as follows: $5,000 for a first offense, $25,000 for a second offense, $50,000 for a third and subsequent offense within three years of the previous pitch invasion.

Who invented football?

Britain The sport of modern football developed in the United Kingdom in the nineteenth century. Despite the fact that “folk football” has been played since medieval times with a variety of regulations, the game only became codified when it was adopted as a winter sport at public schools in the 1920s.

What’s the penalty for running on a baseball field?

Running onto a professional field, for example, is punishable by up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine in the state of Ohio. The most typical punishment for sprinting on a professional baseball field is a $1,000 fine and one night in jail, assuming you stay fully dressed and do not do any bodily injury to anybody or anything. Keep in mind that this is only the first fine you’ll get.

What happens if you run on the field during a game?

The player (almost always a man) who simply ran onto the field during a break between innings and either ran away or was reasonably compliant in getting caught and cooperating with the ushers and law enforcement will be removed from the stadium and released on bond pending a court appearance will be removed from the stadium and released on bond pending a court appearance Several of us appeared in court. Loading…

What are the legal consequences of running onto a sports field?

Sports Archives – What Are the Legal Consequences of Running Into a Football Field?

It is possible for a spectator to cross onto the playing field during a sporting event, which is referred to as “rushing the field,” “pitching invasion,” or “field invasion.”

What happens if you go to jail for a sporting event?

No matter if it is a weekday or weekend game, you will be required to spend at least one night in jail. If you are arrested for a Friday night game, for example, you will be held in jail until Monday, when you will be arraigned and released. You will be subject to a fine. According to what I’ve heard, the fine is around $1000. In the event that you possess a season ticket, you will forfeit your season ticket privileges. Running onto a professional field, for example, is punishable by up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine in the state of Ohio.

Keep in mind that this is only the first fine you’ll get.

Loading… Sports Archives – What Are the Legal Consequences of Running Into a Football Field?

Why do people run on the baseball field?

The majority of supporters that run on the field do so because they are inspired by adrenaline or because they are under the effect of alcoholic beverages. However, some are premeditated, as is the case with all crimes. The sanctions differ from ballpark to ballpark based on the laws of the respective states.

Explanation of the Infield Fly Rule

The Infield Fly Rule is a simple rule to grasp if you keep in mind what the rule is intended to accomplish.

Rule 2.00

Infield Fly is defined as “a fair fly ball (not counting a line drive or a bunt) that may be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second, or first, second, and third bases are occupied before two out” according to Rule 2.00. For the purposes of this regulation, the pitcher, catcher, and any outfielder who is stationed in the infield during the play are all considered infielders.” “The ball is alive, and runners may advance at their own risk of being caught, or retouch and advance after the ball has been touched, just as they would on any fly ball,” the document continues.

Here are the key elements in understanding the Infield Fly Rule:

First, there must be less than two outs; second, there must be runners on first and second (or first, second, and third); third, the fly ball cannot be a bunt or a line drive; and fourth, an infielder must be able to catch the ball with reasonable effort. The rule’s goal is to safeguard the runners who are already on base. Unlike other rules, this one is not intended to be a free gift to the defense. So that the runners are not obliged to advance if the ball lands unhit, the hitter is declared out and the game is over.

A “force play” can only be executed if there are at least two runners on first and second, or first, second, and third, bases.

If the ball is allowed to drop, the defense will not be able to capitalize on the situation.

Remember the intent of the regulation while deciding whether or not a fly ball should be referred to as an Infield Fly.

However, in such murky regions where there is a reasonable amount of ambiguity, a skilled umpire will safeguard the runners and strike out the hitter. As an illustration, here is an infield fly ball that should not be subjected to the Infield Fly Rule in this situation:


There are runners on first and second, and there are no outs. At the plate, a left-handed pull hitter is used. The defensive coach begins his shift by moving all infielders and outfielders to the first base side of second base, as shown in the diagram. In a short pop-up that will fall in fair area near third base, the batter strikes out. An Infield Fly should not be called since no fielder is capable of making a play on this ball, let alone let it to drop and turn a double-play. If, on the other hand, all players are stationed in their customary playing positions, this should be referred to as an Infield Fly, according to the rules.

  • This is a weak argument since, as previously explained, the regulation is intended to protect the runners rather than to provide a free exit for them.
  • The Infield Fly simply serves to get the batter out of the game.
  • Runners are permitted to advance at their own risk, just as they would in any other fly ball situation.
  • If they are not caught, the runners may choose to run or remain on their base; however, if they choose to run, they must be tagged out because they are no longer required to run.
  • In this circumstance, a runner is shielded from being called out for being struck by a legitimately batted ball.
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Ballpark Guidelines

ABOUT THE BALLPARK The park is worth $78 million. 24 luxury suites, including Party Suites; two event buildings; WestStar Club; exclusive club seating; state-of-the-art LEDHD videoboard; fixed seats and GECU Green Seats (lawn seating); The Providence Medical Center; The Providence School of Medicine; The Providence Medical Center; The Providence School of Medicine. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Chico’s Playground is a playground for children. Catering for Sports Events on a Professional Level El Paso is one of just 30 Triple-A towns in the United States, and it is one of only three in Texas to have a Triple-A baseball club, the El Paso Express.

  • El Paso selected Populous, a world-renowned sports architectural firm, to build the downtown ballpark.
  • As El Paso attempts to transform its downtown into a thriving community where people will want to live, work, shop, and play, the city’s long-term aim is to construct a baseball stadium that will serve as a hallmark for the city.
  • Southwest University Park, located in the center of downtown El Paso, provides a unique location for any occasion!
  • NamedBaseballparks.com Southwest University Park, named Ballpark of the Year in 2014 and the finest new ballpark by Ballpark Digest, has spectacular views of the Franklin Mountains and the downtown El Paso skyline from its elevated position.
  • Southwest University Park’s distinctive design pays homage to El Paso’s long and illustrious past.
  • Right field is adorned with two structures, the Santa Fe Pavilion and the Big Dog House, that serve as hospitality rooms for both groups and individuals.
  • The Santa Fe Pavilion’s open-air floors provide 360-degree views of the ballpark and the surrounding area.

Services for visitors with disabilities are provided to meet their requirements.

Parking costs and available spots are determined by the location of the parking lot.

Drop-Off Drop-off point for those with disabilities: Durango St.

Drop-off places for the general public include: Main St.

between Durango St.

between Durango St.

Elevator A public elevator is available to ADA guests who require access to the upper levels of the stadium.

In order to visit specific locations, guests must have a ticket or credential that allows them to access other levels.

The Durango Street entrance on the west side of the ballpark and the Santa Fe Street entrance on the east side of the field are both accessible to those with disabilities.

Located within the ballpark is an elevator that serves all floors of the facility.

It is possible to reach the elevators by turning left after passing the escalators going to the main concourse and down the tunnel.

Please contact the Guest Services Center, which will forward your request to ProAction, our first responders, for processing.

(915) 242-2000 (915) 533-BASE The El Paso Chihuahuas are the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, who play in the National League West.

Guests at Southwest University Park are recommended to consume alcohol in moderation.

To purchase any alcoholic beverage, you must have valid photo identification.

More than two alcoholic beverages will not be supplied to or kept in the hands of any one visitor.

The ballpark does not let guests who look to be under the influence of alcohol into the building.

On the major concourses, beer sales are no longer available after the bottom half of the 7th inning (in most cases).

PETSWith the exception of qualified service animals as specified by Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), no animals are permitted in Southwest University Park.

ATM The ATM is conveniently positioned on Concourse Level/behind home plate/in between the Men’s and Women’s Restrooms for the convenience of our customers (Section 108).

Please check back for updates.

Players are not permitted to sign autographs throughout the course of the contest.

Climbing or leaning on dugouts, bullpens, field gates, or the net behind the dugouts and home plate is not permitted for guests at the ballpark. In certain cases, guests who request autographs from a seat location other than their own may be required to return to their original sitting area.

Guaranteed Rate Field Information Guide

Guests are able to bring cameras inside the ballpark, but they are not authorized to bring big or hard-sided camera cases or tripods with them.

Carry-in Items

Guests are able to bring food items into the park as long as they are packaged in a transparent plastic bag that can fit beneath their seat and is clearly marked. Guests are authorized to carry in plastic bottles of clean water that are less than one liter in volume and that have not been opened yet. There are no additional bags permitted into the ballpark. The following exceptions will be made: medical bags, petite clutch handbags (under 9″x5″ in size), and diaper bags if there is a baby present.

Weapons, alcoholic beverages, soda, bottles, cans, and any other hard or liquid containers of any kind are prohibited from being brought into the ballpark.

CIBC Fan Box

Individual game rentals are offered in a 30-person suite situated on the 100 Level at Section 134. For further information, guests should contact the sales department at 312-674-1000.

Champions Monument Plaza

Champions Plaza and the Champions Moment Monument, both of which are placed outside Gate 4, commemorate the 2005 World Series Champion White Sox and our supporters, respectively. An extremely limited number of bricks imprinted with personalized fan inscriptions (which are no longer available for purchase) surround the diamond-shaped plaza, which is encircled by pavers honoring significant occasions and players in White Sox history. It is the granite and bronze sculpture that sits at the center of the plaza that represents and celebrates the team’s incredible march through October of the Championship 2005 season, including significant plays, players, and moments.

Charging Station

Anybody who is in need of a charging station for their phone should head to section 110, the RBSoxSocial Taproom, or behind home plate on the 300 and 500 levels, respectively.


Anyone interested in learning more about or making a donation to Chicago White Sox Charities (CWSC) can do so by calling the community relations department at 312-674-1000, or by visiting whitesox.com and browsing the Community section of the website. CWSC contributes to cancer research as well as a variety of other worthwhile initiatives. A variety of other resources are accessible at any of the Guest Relations Booths or the Charities Corner.

Chicago Sports Depot

The Chicago Sports Depot, which is located at Gate 5 of Guaranteed Rate Field on the north side of 35th Street, has roughly 12,000 square feet of retail space and serves the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Sports Depot has the greatest collection of White Sox goods for buyers to choose from. Time of day that the business is open Tuesday through Saturday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. * During day games, only ticketed fans will be admitted.

** During night games, only ticketed fans will be admitted beginning at 5:10 p.m. From the time the gates to the stadium open until the completion of the game, all guests will be required to provide a ticket in order to enter. It is not possible to obtain promotional products at the Depot entrance.

Children’s Entry to the Ballpark

Children who are taller than 36 inches are need to purchase a separate ticket from their parents. Smaller children (those less than 36 inches tall) are allowed inside the ballpark without a ticket, but they must sit in the same section as an accompanying adult and are not eligible to get promotional items.

ChiSox BarGrill

It is our restaurant, which is run in conjunction with the Gibson Restaurant Group, and is located at Gate 5. A pre- and post-game gathering spot, this elegant sports-themed restaurant and bar has two levels of indoor seating as well as an outside terrace. Any guest is welcome to partake in the smokehouse classics.

CIBC Fan Deck

The deck, which is located near centerfield on the Main Level, provides a unique perspective on the game. It is often reserved for private parties, although it is also open to the public on some game days on a first-come, first-served basis for those who arrive early. For further information on renting a space, please call the Chicago White Sox Sales department at 312-674-1000.

Companion Washrooms

See the section on washrooms.


If you’re looking for information about concession stands and food, please read the Concessions page.

ConferenceLearning Center

The ConferenceLearning Center is accessible for non-game day gatherings for groups ranging from 10 to 200 people. The entry is located at Gate 312 of the complex. Contact the hotel at 312-674-1000 if you have any questions or concerns about your reservation or prices.

Craft Kave

See Goose Island Craft Kave for further information.

Nationals Park Experiences

Get your running shoes on and get ready to go for a run! Every Sunday afternoon home game at Nationals Park, weather permitting, is open to all children ages 4 to 12, who are welcome to run the bases. The kids will begin their run at first base and will be guided through the bases to home plate by an adult. It is not permitted to slide into bases. Each participating kid must be accompanied by an adult to the field; adults will drop off children at first base and pick them up at home plate. Please keep in mind that adults are not permitted to join children when they are running the bases.

Those participating in Kids Run the Bases will congregate on First Street sidewalk just outside the ballpark’s right field gate; they should depart through that gate and go to the line.

Members of the Jr.

According to Major League Baseball regulations, all children participating in Kids Run the Bases must wear a facial covering over their nose and mouth while on the field.

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