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Barry Bonds became the youngest member of the 30–30 club in five seasons, a feat he shares with his father, Bobby Bonds. When it comes to Major League Baseball (MLB), the 30–30 club refers to a group of batters who have hit thirty home runs and stolen thirty bases in a single season. Ken Williams was the first person to do this, having done so in 1922. Till Willie Mays achieved consecutive 30–30 seasons in 1956 and 1957, he was the only other member of the club for 34 years, and then he retired.

After that, he was the only player in the league to achieve this feat until his son, Barry Bonds, recorded his sixth 30–30 season in 1997.

In the history of Major League Baseball, a total of 43 players have achieved the 30–30 club, with thirteen of them having done it more than once.

Among those who have played for only one major league team are eight players (including four members of the 30–30 club who are still active).

In addition to being members of the 500-home-run club, five players —Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, and Sammy Sosa – are also members of the 3,000-hit club.

Mookie Betts and Dale Murphy earned the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in the same season as their 30–30 season, with Bonds winning the award on two times.

Both Mays and Rollins were members of the 20–20–20 club during the same campaign.

Given the rarity of players who succeed at both hitting home runs and stealing bases, Baseball Digest dubbed the 30–30 club “the most famous achievement that can be done by a player who has the ability to hit home runs while also stealing bases.” Mays and Aaron were both chosen to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility, making them the first members of the 30–30 club to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

For a player to be eligible, he or she must have been retired for at least five seasons or died for at least six months. This rule disqualifies any active players as well as those who have just retired.


Willie Mays made history by being the first player to have three 30–30 seasons in a row and to do so in back-to-back seasons. Alfonso Soriano became the third player in baseball history to reach the 30–30 club in four seasons, after only Bobby and Barry Bonds. Ryan Braunis the most recent player to have reached the 30–30 club in multiple seasons, having done it in 2015. (2011 and 2012).



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Every 30-30 season, ranked by club

For the 30-30 club to be successful, they must possess a unique mix of speed and power, which allows them to steal 30 bases and hit 30 home runs in the same season. Only 62 times in the history of baseball has this accomplishment been accomplished, most recently by Cedric Mullins, who became the first player to do it while wearing an Orioles uniform. In the years preceding Mullins, the most recent player to accomplish the feat was Ronald Acua Jr., who in 2019 became the second-youngest player in the league to have a 30-30 season.

  • (Please note that we group franchisees together even if the club has relocated.) New York Giants: 7 In 1997, Barry Bonds was the most valuable player in the world (40 HR, 37 SB) Barry Bonds was born in 1996.
  • When he was nearing the end of his career, he witnessed teammate Bobby Bonds achieve the feat twice with the Giants (en route to finishing his career with five).
  • Surprisingly, both Bonds came within four home runs or thefts of another 30-30 season three times apiece, which was unprecedented.
  • David Wright published a book in 2007 titled (30 HR, 34 SB) Howard Johnson was born in 1991.
  • (36 HR, 41 SB) Howard Johnson was born in 1987.
  • (39 HR, 36 SB) Strawberry’s name appears on this list just once – though it should come as no surprise that he also came close in 1984 (26 HR, 27 SB), 1985 (29-26), 1986 (27-28), and 1988 (27-28).
  • Johnson, who had been his teammate for nine seasons, didn’t even make the All-Star team in 1987, when the Mets became one of just two teams in history to have two players with 30-30 seasons in the same season.

The Braves have 5 wins.

(32 HR, 34 SB) Ron Gant was born in 1990.

(36 HR, 30 SB) Hank Aaron in the year 1963 (44 HR, 31 SB) Only Mike Trout has had a season with a 30-30 record at a younger age than Acuna, who accomplished the feat in his age-21 campaign.

Gant came within striking distance once again in 1993, when he hit 36 home runs and stole 26 bases.

4 brewers were present.

(33 HR, 33 SB) Tommy Harper was born in 1970.

Louis Browns in ’22.

He also had the distinction of being the last MLB player to go 40-30 (in 2012), a distinction he shared with his colleague Yelich.

Ian Kinsler published a book in 2011 titled (32 HR, 30 SB) Ian Kinsler published a book in 2009 titled (31 HR, 31 SB) Alfonso Soriano’s work from 2005 (36 HR, 30 SB) Bobby Bonds, in the year 1978 (31 HR, 43 SB) With the Rangers in 1978, Bonds completed the last of his then-unheard-of five 30-30 seasons, beginning the year with the White Sox before finishing the year with the White Sox and racking up the majority of his home runs (29) and thefts (37) in 130 games with the Rangers.

  • He was only surpassed in this category by his son, Barry, though Soriano came close with four 30-30 victories of his own.
  • The Astros have three players on the field.
  • (38 HR, 42 SB) Jeff Bagwell was born in 1999.
  • (43 HR, 31 SB) Beltran actually divided his remarkable 2004 season between the Kansas City Royals and the Houston Astros, having been acquired in a trade immediately before the non-waiver Trade Deadline.
  • The 1997 and 1999 seasons saw Bagwell steal 61 of his career’s 202 steals, despite the fact that he was never particularly known for his speed.
  • (33 HR, 36 SB) Raul Mondesi was born in 1997.
  • Kemp came close to accomplishing the feat in 2009 (26 home runs, 34 thefts), but it took him until 2011 to do it with a league-leading 39 home runs, 126 RBIs, and a career-high 40 steals.
  • Indians have three players.
  • (38 HR, 33 SB) Grady Sizemore was born in 2008, and he is an American singer-songwriter (33 HR, 38 SB) Joe Carter was born in 1987.
  • He threatened to do so again the next season (27 HR, 27 SB).
  • Ramirez surpassed his previous season’s total of eight thefts in 2018, becoming the fourth third baseman to accomplish the accomplishment, joining Tommy Harper, Howard Johnson, and David Wright as the only others.
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(39 HR, 40 SB) 2001* (34 home runs, 37 strikeouts)*Montreal Expos Vladimir Guerrero With two 30 steal seasons in his 16-year career, Guerrero made the most of both opportunities with a pair of 30-30 performances, nearly missing out on the fourth 40-40 season in history in 2002 by a single point.

Philadelphia Phillies: 3 Jimmy Rollins was born in the year 2007.

(30 HR, 40 SB) Bobby Abreu was born in 2001.

Even while Rollins was always a danger on the basepaths, his power didn’t emerge until later in his career, culminating in a career-high 30 home runs and 41 stolen bases in 2007 while also leading the National League in both triple (20) and run (139) totals during his NL MVP Award-winning season.

  1. (30 HR, 32 SB) Barry Larkin’s work from 1996 (33 HR, 36 SB) Eric Davis was born in 1987.
  2. A season before, he was only three home runs from from completing an incredible 30-80 campaign.
  3. Larkin’s 33 home runs in 1996 were a career best, while Phillips’ 30 long balls in 2007 were also a career high.
  4. Larry Walker was born in 1997.
  5. Despite the fact that Bichette had hit double digit home runs and stolen bases in each of the previous three seasons, he was still a surprise.
  6. Walker’s 49 home runs and 33 steals were also career highs in 1997, when he was named the National League MVP.

Alfonso Soriano’s work from 2003 (38 HR, 35 SB) Alfonso Soriano’s work from 2002 (39 HR, 41 SB) Bobby Bonds, in the year 1975 (32 HR, 30 SB) Even though Mickey Mantle (31 home runs, 21 RBI) got pretty close in 1959, Bonds became the first Yankee to join the 30-30 club in 1975, surpassing Mantle by a wide margin.

  1. Since then, Curtis Granderson has come the closest, hitting 41 home runs and stealing 25 bases in 2011.
  2. Cedric Mullins will be born in 2021.
  3. (39 HR, 37 SB) The Browns of St.
  4. After struggling in his first two major league seasons and being restricted to just 48 games during the shorter 2020 season, Mullins has emerged as a contender for American League MVP in his first full season while playing for an Orioles club that suffered its 100th defeat in game No.
  5. Angels: a total of two Mike Trout, a baseball player from 2012 (30 HR, 49 SB) Bobby Bonds, in the year 1977 (37 HR, 41 SB) On the heels of a 30-30 season in his first season in the Majors in 2012, Trout has gone on to have one of the best seasons in baseball history.
  6. Bonds played in Anaheim for parts of only two seasons, but he made the most of his time there.
  7. (34 HR, 32 SB) Shawn Green was born in 1998.

Green’s 35 thefts were a career high for him at the time, since he had never previously recorded more than 16 home runs or steals in a season.

Cubs have two players on the field.

(36 HR, 34 SB) Sammy Sosa was born in 1993.

When he made the transition, his power and speed came together to produce a pair of 30-30 seasons, including his first All-Star season in 1995.

The Marlins have two players.

Though he came close in 2007 (29 HR, 51 SB), Ramirez’s only 30-30 season came a year later in 2008.


Bonds and Davis are both members of the 30-50 club, which is comprised of just two other players.

Jason Bay, Nate McLouth, and Andrew McCutchen have all come close to tying the record in recent years.

(32 HR, 39 SB) Although the Red Sox have been in existence for over 100 years, it wasn’t until Jacoby Ellsbury’s outstanding 2011 campaign, which included the only season of his career in which he hit more than 16 home runs, that the team finally had a batter join the illustrious 30-30 club.

Nomar Garciaparra (30 HR, 22 SB) and Carl Yastrzemski (40 HR, 23 SB) also came close in 1970 and 1997, respectively.

(42 HR, 40 SB) Forget about 30-30 – how about 40-40 instead?

Since then, only three other people have accomplished the same feat.

A-Rod established stratospheric homer and RBI totals as a 22-year-old shortstop in 1998, and he also went wild that season, stealing a career-high 46 bags (but also getting caught 13 times), establishing one of just four 40-40 seasons in history.

Lankford came the closest to accomplishing the record, falling only four stolen bases short in 1998, and is considered to be the most accomplished.

(24 HR, 32 SB) Although Goldschmidt has always been a threat on the basepaths, despite his size, stature, and position, the 2016 season saw him steal a career-high 32 bases, despite the fact that he had a power drought, at least by his standards, which is why he is featured on this list.

In an era when clubs are growing more cautious on the basepaths, the D-backs continue to be one of the most aggressive teams in baseball.

Winningest pitcher: Wil Myers, 2016; Padres: 0 (28 HR, 28 SB) Myers came only two homers and two stolen bases shy of being the first player in Friars history to join the coveted group during his All-Star season in 2016.

Upton’s 31 stolen bases that season were amazing, but he had three seasons in which he stole more than 40 bases.

Upton received a big multiyear contract with the Braves during the summer of that year.

(29 HR, 35 SB) An genuine member of the 30-30 club is the most believable example of a near call in this case, and despite coming up one home run short in 2002, he went on to join the club two seasons later, during which time he was moved from his previous team, the Royals, to the Astros.

(29 HR, 30 SB) For his career, Gibson hit a career-high 29 in 1985, falling just one deep fly short of being the lone Tiger in the franchise’s long and illustrious history to do so.


(31 HR, 25 SB) In 2001, the six-time All-Star had one of his greatest seasons, leading the club with 25 thefts to lead the league. Before or after, no other White Sox player has come close to joining the team in terms of proximity to the clubhouse.

30-30 Club . Bobby and Barry “Bonding” at the Top

Currently, there are around 30 games remaining in the 2014 season (give or take a game or two depending on the team), and it looks that no new members of the 30-30 (HRs-SBs) Club will be added in 2014. At this time, Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers has the best chance of winning the game at 30-30. (.286, with 21 home runs and 28 steals). Other than Dozier, only one other player has a winning record of 20-20 — Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier (.236, with 20 homers and 20 steals).

  • The 30-30 club has a few interesting information to share with you.
  • In the history of Major League Baseball, there have been sixty 30-30 seasons, which were achieved by 38 players (13 players have recorded multiple 30-30 seasons).
  • There are several discrepancies in this list, for example, Alfonso Soriano is included among the second basemen despite having accomplished 30-30 as both a second baseman (three times) and an outfielder (once).
  • In addition to 26 right-handed batters, eight left-handed hitters, and four switch-hitters, the 30-30 Club consists of 30 players.
  • Williams only struck out 31 times throughout that season, which is the lowest strikeout total in the history of a season with a 30-30 record.
  • Mays also made history by being the first player to have consecutive 30-30 seasons — with a.333 batting average, 35 home runs, and 38 steals in a 1957 season.
  • Aside from Braun, other players who have had two straight 30-30 seasons are Ron Gant (1990, 1991), Vladimir Guerrero (2001, 2002), Alfonso Soriano (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006), and Alfonso Soriano (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006).
  • Bobby Bonds became the inaugural member of the 30-30 Club in 1969, during his first full season in the major leagues (he had been called up by the Giants in late June of 1968).
  • Bonds went on to have five seasons in which he finished with a 30-30 record (1969, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1978).
  • Alfonso Soriano is currently running four 30-30 initiatives, all of which are currently live (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006).
  • Furthermore, Bobby Bonds played for more different clubs than any other player, including the Giants from 1969 to 1973, the Yankees from 1975 to 1977, the Angels from 1977 to 1982, and the White Sox/Rangers from 1982 to 1986.
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In the process, he became the first player in history to have a 30-30 season in both the National League and the American League (a distinction subsequently shared by his son Barry and Alfonso Soriano), as well as the first player in history to have a 30-30 season while playing for two different clubs.

  1. (69 games with the Royals and 90 with the Astros).
  2. The first season in which more than one 30-30 player achieved the milestone was 1987, when Joe Carter, Eric Davis, Howard Johnson, and Daryl Strawberry all accomplished the feat.
  3. It is just the 1996 Colorado Rockies’ Ellis Burks and Dante Bichette who have managed to pull together a 30-30 season in the same season as the Rockies.
  4. A member of the 40-40 Club since its inception, Jose Canseco was the first.
  5. Outfielder Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants joined Canseco at 40-40 in 1996, thanks to a.306 season in which he hit 42 home runs and stole 40 bases.
  6. For the most recent member of the 40-40 club, Alfonso Soriano (Washington Nationals) hit.277 with 46 home runs and 41 steals in 2006, making him the most recent outfielder to do it.
  7. To be specific, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Matt Kemp made a strong run at the 40-40 club in 2011, ending the season with 40 thefts and 39 home runs.

(It should be noted that Howard Johnson, who is typically a third baseman, did play 30 or more games at shortstop in both his 1987 and 1989 30-30 campaigns.) The following are some additional facts to consider before we get to the list of 30-30 seasons:

  • The player with the fewest at bats in a 30-30 season is Barry Bonds (1992)
  • The player with the highest average in a 30-30 season is Larry Walker (1997)
  • The player with the lowest average in a 30-30 season is Ron Gant (1991)
  • The player with the most home runs in a 30-30 season is Larry Walker (1997)
  • The player with the most steals in a 30-30 season is Barry Bonds (1990)
  • The player with the fewest at bats in a 30-30 season Most runs scored in a 30-30 season: 143 – Larry Walker (1997), Jeff Bagwell (1999)
  • Fewest runs scored in a 30-30 season: 83 – Joe Carter (1987)
  • Most RBI in a 30-30 season: 155 – Ken Williams (1922)
  • Fewest runs scored in a 30-30 season: 67 – Hanley Ramirez (2008)
  • Most runs scored in a 30-30 season: 155 – Ken Williams (1922)
  • In a 30-30 season, Bobby Bonds had the most strikeouts (187), and Preston Wilson had the fewest (31)
  • Ken Williams had the most strikeouts (187), and Preston Wilson had the fewest (31)

40-40 seasons in the red for the 30–30 Club YearNameHRSB1922 Ken Williams,Browns39371956 Ken Williams,Browns39371956 Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants36401957 Baseball player Willie Mays of the Giants (35381963) Hank Aaron of the Braves was born on this day in 1969. Bobby Bonds, San Francisco Giants32451970 Tommy Harper, Milwaukee Brewers (31381973) Baseball player Bobby Bonds (Giants) 39431975 Bobby Bonds, New York Yankees (32-30-1977) Bobby Bonds, Los Angeles Angels37411978 Bobby Bonds, CWS/Texas31431983 (Bobby Bonds) Dale Murphy, Braves36301987, Dale Murphy Joe Carter, Indians, 331-1987, Joe Carter, Indians Eric Davis, Reds37501987 (Eric Davis) Johnson, Mets36321987 (Howard Johnson) Darryl Strawberry of the Mets (Mets39361988) José Canseco, A’s42401989 (Jose Canseco) Mets36411990, Howard Johnson, Mets36411990 Barry Bonds of the Pirates is 33521990.

Ron Gant, Braves32331991 (Ron Gant) Ron Gant, Braves32341991 (Ron Gant, Braves32341991 Howard Johnson, Mets38301992 is a baseball player who plays for the New York Mets.

Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants42401996 Ellis Burks, Colorado Rockies (40321996).

Jeff Bagwell of the Astros, Astros43311997 Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants40371997 Raul Mondes,Dodgers30321997 Raul Mondes,Dodgers30321997 Rockies49331998 Larry Walker, Rockies49331998 Shawn Green, Blue Jays (35351998; Shawn Green, Blue Jays) Alex Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners is 42461999.

Raul Mondes, Los Angeles Dodgers33362000 Preston Wilson of the Marlins and Bobby Abreu of the Phillies both played in the 31st game of the 2001 season.


Yankees39412003 Alfonso Soriano Yankees39412003 Yankees38352004 Alfonso Soriano, Yankees38352004 Bobby Abreu, Philadelphia Phillies30402004 Carlos Beltrán, KC/Hous38422005, KC/Hous38422005 Alfonso Soriano of the Rangers is 36302006 in age.

Hanley Ramirez, Marlins33352009 Hanley Ramirez, Marlins Rangers’ Ian Kinsler (31.30.2011) Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers39402011 Brewers33332011 Ryan Braun, Brewers Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox (32392011) Rangers’ Ian Kinsler (32-30-2012) Ryan Braun of the Brewers is slated to start on July 30th, 2012.

Joc Pederson Becomes First 30-30 Club Member In The Modern Era Of The Pacific Coast League

Joc Pederson of the Albuquerque Isotopes stole his 30th base of the season on Saturday night, giving the team its first 30-30 season in the modern annals of the Pacific Coast League. He has 32 home runs and 30 stolen bases to his credit as of right now. In the sixth inning of Saturday night’s game against Colorado Springs, the 22-year-old sensation stole his 30th base for the season. Having walked with one out in the first inning of the game, he stole second on the first ball sent to him by Tim Federowicz following the pitching change.

  1. On Monday, August 18, Pederson hit his 30th home run against right-handed pitcher Donovan Hand of the Nashville Sounds, who was pitching in the third inning.
  2. When Pederson hit his 20th home run on July 23, he became the 45th player in the history of the Pacific Coast League to do so.
  3. Baseball America ranked him as the #1 overall prospect in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization prior to the season, and he has already produced three multi-homer games and three multi-steal games this season.
  4. With 22 stolen bases and eight stolen bases at third base, Pederson has amassed quite a collection.
  5. He has also stolen bases in the same game six times.
  6. He stole 34 bases, although he fell four home runs short of the cycle with 26 home runs for the season.
  7. Frank Demaree was the last player in the PCL to have a season when he went 30-30.
  8. Lefty O’Doul hit 33 home runs and stole 40 bases during the 1927 season.

Tony Lazzeri hit 60 home runs and swiped 39 bases in 197 games with the New York Yankees two years prior. Pederson is the son of former Albuquerque Duke Stu Pederson, who lived in Albuquerque from 1983 to 1987 and was a member of the New Mexico Rangers.

Many Try But Few Crack Baseball’s 30/30 Club

It has only happened to four other members of the Baseball Hall of Fame in the same season they hit 30 home runs and stole 30 bases. Willie Mays was the first to accomplish this feat, followed by Hank Aaron, Barry Larkin, and Jeff Bagwell, who accomplished it twice. Barry Bonds, a potential Hall of Famer who has been dogged by allegations of substance abuse, accomplished the feat five times, matching the record set by his father Bobby Bonds a decade earlier. There is a large list of players who have never done it.

  • The accomplishment is even more unusual than a rib-eye on the spit.
  • In fact, only 39 men have managed to pull off the feat throughout the game’s long history.
  • Until now, that is.
  • Even Javy Baez made a run at 30/30, indicating that he might be a good possibility in the future if Joe Maddon allows him to run.
  • All of them are 25 years old and such fresh additions to the game that their wages barely exceed the major-league bare minimum.
  • Ramirez, a tiny infielder with deceptive power, cemented his place as a contender for the American League MVP award when he surpassed the 30/30 mark, enabling the Cleveland Indians to flee and hide from the rest of the league in the American League Central.
  • After being acquired by the Indians in an August waiver trade, Ramirez moved from third to second base, where he has posted a.277 batting average, 38 home runs, 33 steals of bases, and 101 runs batted in.
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Betts was even better, starting the weekend with a batting average of.339, which was the greatest in baseball, to go along with 30 home runs and 28 stolen bases.

The performance of Story’s team propelled them to the top of the standings early in the campaign.

Story, on the other hand, was absent from the series due to tendinitis in his right elbow.

Before the injury, the 6’1″ righthanded batter had 33 home runs, 26 steals, 102 RBI, and a.288 batting average, all of which helped him win the National League MVP award in the previous season.

The 30/30 brotherhood also includes active members such as Ryan Braun, Matt Kemp, Ian Kinsler, Brandon Phillips, David Wright, Mike Trout, and Jacoby Ellsbury, who is now on the disabled list due to injury.

The likes of Braun and Kinsler are among the elite group of players who have had multiple 30/30 seasons, though neither has achieved the rare feat of speed and power displayed by Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, and Barry Bonds.

Thirty/thirty guys also had 3,000 hits, five hit 500 home runs, and six finished their 30/30 careers with Most Valuable Player awards.

However, despite the fact that he plays half of his games in hitter-friendly Minute Maid Park, he has never hit more than 24 home runs in a single season.

Braves Ronald Acuña Jr. becomes second-youngest member of 30-30 club

In the Braves’ season-opening game against the Mets (ATL-NYM GameTracker), 21-year-old outfielder Ronald Acua Jr. has 36 home runs and 29 stolen bases to his credit. That meant he just needed one more steal to become a member of the 30-30 club, which is comprised of players who hit at least 30 home runs and stole at least 30 bases in the same season. He finally got the crucial steal in the eighth inning at Citi Field: As previously stated, Acua is only the second player in baseball history to accomplish this accomplishment before the age of 22.

Acua also became only the fourth player in Braves history to accomplish the feat, joining Ron Gant in 1990 (32 HR, 33 SB) and 1991 (32 HR, 34 SB), Dale Murphy in 1983 (36 HR, 30 SB), and Hank Aaron in 1963 (32 HR, 30 SB) in the club’s history (44 HR, 31 SB).

294/.377/.536 while displaying lightning-quick footwork on the bases and playing plus center field.

Due to his exceptional abilities and performance at such a young age, he is destined to be a superstar for many years to come.

MLB Baseball 30-30 Club

This is a good quiz. I had no idea Wright could move so quickly! Also, the name Sizemore is misspelled. Ricky Henderson, whose team is poor, is surprised that he did not make the cut for the list. I guess he was too preoccupied with stealing 100 bases a year to think about hitting home runs. It’s odd, while the older ones were more difficult to come by, I ended up with the most of them. It’s happened so many times in this century that I wasn’t even aware of a couple of the occurrences that I didn’t notice.

  • He came the closest in 1999, when he hit 48 home runs and stole 24 bases.
  • Early in his career, he got caught stealing a lot of things, and after moving away from Seattle, he stopped attempting to steal completely.
  • I’m sure we were all thinking about someone else at the time.
  • When I was randomly guessing Bernie Williams, I also came up with Ken Williams as a possibility.
  • Not all of them.
  • When he went 30/30 in their first year in Milwaukee, I was taken aback by it.
  • Recently, there had been a significant increase in the number of players at this club!

Instead of what you’re proposing, it has a lot more to do with how players have been conditioned and how the game is currently being played. What happened to Bartolo Colön? Despite his little stature, he was really athletic, but I’m afraid he ended up on the other side of the home run!

Witt Jr. Joins 30-30-30 Club; Game Suspended in Third Inning

The shortstop is from Des Moines, Iowa. With his 30th stolen base of the season, Bobby Witt Jr. completed a season in which he hit at least 30 home runs (33), drove in 30 or more runs with doubles (35) and stole at least 30 bases (30). Soon after Witt Jr.’s steal of second base and the conclusion of the top of the third inning, the Omaha Storm Chasers and Iowa Cubs were forced to enter a rain delay before the game was called due to inclement weather before the start of the bottom of the third inning.

  1. To begin the inning, left fielder Erick Mejia hit a single to left field before scoring on a single by second baseman Lucius Fox.
  2. Fox advanced to third on a wild pitch and scored on a throwing error by Swarmer.
  3. stole second base on the first pitch after Fox scored, becoming the 30th player to do it.
  4. (2009).
  5. The game was delayed before the bottom of the third inning due to rain.
  6. A payment of $700 from Minor League Baseball to B B Sports Academy has been made in honor of the Storm Chasers’ 14 home runs during the Triple-A Final Stretch of the regular season.
  7. The Werner Park Ticket Office is selling season ticket packages for the 2022 season, as well as Chasers Blue Books and undated voucher packs.
  8. You can also follow the team on social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • The Knights lose 6-4 to the Redbirds on Thursday- Charlotte Knights
  • The Quintana Rockets beat the Stripers 7-5- Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp
  • Lee locks in and the offense plates five runs to edge the Clippers- Louisville Bats
  • Eight doubles lead the WooSox offensive outburst against the IronPigs- Worcester Red Sox
  • The Knights lose 6-4 to the Redbirds on Thursday- Charlotte Knights
  • The Jumbo Shrimp beat the Stripers 7-5 The Bisons win their sixth consecutive game, defeating Syracuse. The Buffalo Bisons defeated the Syracuse Mets, 8-5, on Thursday night
  • The Memphis Redbirds defeated the Knights for the second time in a row- Memphis Redbirds
  • Oneil Cruz hit a home run for the fourth time in a row- Indianapolis Indians
  • Mark Payton hit two home runs, but the Mets fell to the Buffalo Bisons, 8-5, on Thursday night- Syracuse Mets
  • The Nashville Sounds defeated the Indians, 8-5- Nashville Sounds
  • The Redbirds defeated the Knights The Iowa Cubs’ game against the Omaha Storm Chasers has been canceled
  • Witt Jr. has joined the 30-30-30 club
  • The game between the Omaha Storm Chasers and the Iowa Cubs has been suspended in the third inning. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders use a late rally to beat the Rochester Red Wings on Thursday night
  • Demons Exorcised: Saints Finally Win in Toledo, 2-0- St. Paul Saints
  • Offense Fails in 2-0 Shutout Loss- Toledo Mud Hens
  • Game Information: Indianapolis Indians (60-65) vs. Nashville Sounds (68-57)- Indianapolis Indians
  • September 30th: Indianapolis Indians vs. Nashville Notable games include: Iowa at Omaha- Iowa Cubs
  • Norfolk Tides are routed by Durham and eliminated from contention- Norfolk Tides
  • Durham wins ninth straight game, blanks Norfolk 8-0- Durham Bulls
  • And Owen is named to the Indiana Indians. The Indianapolis Indians’ September Player of the Month and the Memphis Redbirds’ September Player of the Month NOTES: September 30, 2021- Memphis Redbirds
  • September 30, 2021- Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders
  • Ryan Callahan Foundation to Host Families from Golisano Children’s Hospital- Rochester Red Wings
  • Columbus Clubs Quartet of Homers to Drop Bats- Louisville Bats
  • Cruz Leads Indy in Walk-Off Winner- Indianapolis Indians
  • Ryan Callahan Foundation to Host Families from Golisano Children’s Hospital

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