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Best Baseball Bats for 2022: Top Baseball Bat Reviews

Type:AlloyBat Drop:-3 The DeMarini The Goods: A Quick Overview (-3) The BBCOR Baseball Bat is back and ready to shatter the grid! The Goods utilizes DeMarini’s X14 Alloy Barrel, which is a large barrel that was built exclusively for top power hitters like The Goods. When used in conjunction with a Seismic End Cap, which is created from the stiffest materials available in the DeMarini arsenal, it produces incredible energy transfer on impact. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • We combined the X14 Alloy barrel with a robust composite handle to create this weapon. 2 5/8-inch barrel with seismic end cap
  • Massive 2 5/8-inch barrel

2. DeMarini Voodoo One (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2022 Model

Type:AlloyBat Drop:-3 Put them on blast with the DeMarini Voodoo One (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat from DeMarini Sports. The DeMarini X14 Alloy Barrel is used in the Voodoo One Piece, which is a large barrel that was built exclusively for top power hitters. When used in conjunction with a ReAction End Cap that is constructed of stronger and lighter materials than prior models, the Voodoo One achieves greater barrel performance without losing swing speed. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • 2 5/8-inch barrel with a massive X14 alloy barrel
  • 1-piece design provides maximum rigidity and the closest feeling to a wood bat while yet producing tremendous power

3. DeMarini Voodoo (-10) USA Baseball Bat – 2021 Model

Type:AlloyBat Drop:-10 Overview: The DeMarini Voodoo (-10) USA Baseball Bat unleashes a flurry of mayhem on the field. The DeMarini X14 Alloy Barrel is used in the Voodoo, which is a large barrel created exclusively for top power hitters. When used in conjunction with a Seismic End Cap, which is created from the stiffest materials available in the DeMarini arsenal, it produces incredible energy transfer on impact. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • We combined the X14 Alloy barrel with a robust composite handle to create this weapon. 2 5/8-inch barrel with seismic end cap
  • Massive 2 5/8-inch barrel

4. Victus NOX (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2021 Model

Type:Aluminum Bat Drop:-3 A brief overview: The Victus NOX (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat is one of, if not the most unusual BBCOR baseball bat available on the market today, thanks to eight years of research and development. The NOX’s hybrid design includes a military-grade aluminum barrel paired with a carbon composite handle connected with Victus’ 2SIX (Two Smooth Impact Connection); a double banded vibration reducing connection with a threaded connection and two vibration dampening rings; and a double banded vibration reducing connection with a threaded connection and two vibration dampening rings.

  • Barrels without rings and having wall thicknesses that may be varied
  • Sweet spot that is adaptable
  • Handle shape that is pro tapered

5. Rawlings Quatro Pro (-12) USA Baseball Bat – 2021 Model

Carbon fiber composites are the most common kind. Drop of the Bat: -12 Overview: With the introduction of the Quatro Pro USA line of bats in 2021, Rawlings has taken yet another step ahead in the development of its tremendously popular bats. The (-12), which is constructed of premium carbon fiber materials, has an ultra-reactive feel that provides tremendous pop and unrivaled feel with every swing. This is due to the reengineered layering as well as the internal carbon fiber multi-disc system, which results in a longer barrel and a massive sweet spot.

  • F2 Focused Flex Collar
  • Custom Lizard SkinsTM bat grip
  • Long barrel with a massive sweet spot
  • F2 Focused Flex Collar

6. Louisville Slugger Select PWR (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2021 Model

Battalion:AlloyBat Drop:-3 Overview:Dominance is ingrained in the R DNA. In addition to its characteristic power swing weight and design, the Louisville Slugger Select PWR (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2021 Model will be available in 2021 as well. The Select PWR has a barrel made of EXD Alloy that is half an inch longer than most regular BBCOR bats, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

This premium alloy provides for a larger barrel and sweet spot due to its improved strength. Combining this with the PWR End Cap design, the Select PWR gives you an unrivaled amount of momentum and power on your swing. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • The EXD Alloy barrel is half an inch longer than the barrel of most regular BBCOR bats. PWR Connection System
  • Three-piece design
  • PWR Connection System

7. Old Hickory MT27 Mike Trout Pro Custom Baseball Bat

Type:Wood A brief description: Swing the identical Old Hickory bat as Mike Trout does! Wood for Old Hickory comes mostly from hand picked maple from Canada, which is then dried and seasoned. Every bat that Old Hickory manufactures is made from the same wood as their Major League players’ bats and is treated with the same care and attention that their players’ bats get. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • The barrel is 2 1/2″ in diameter and the handle is 29/32″ in length. A long barrel with excellent balance for optimal output is required.

8. Louisville Slugger Prime (-10) USA Baseball Bat – 2022 Model

Type:Composite Drop of the Bat: -10 Overview:The Louisville Slugger 2022 Prime (-10) USA Bat is designed for the optimum blend of speed and power. It has a premium AVC MicroForm Composite Barrel with an optimized sweet spot for optimal plate coverage, as well as a premium AVC MicroForm Composite Head. There are three pieces to the Prime’s three-piece structure, which is centered on the VCX Vibration Control Connection System, which helps to reduce vibration while providing unparalleled sensation on touch.

The following are the most important characteristics:

  • • VCX Vibration Control Connection System
  • • Lightweight RTX end cap
  • • The perfect combination of speed and power

Other Baseball Bat Types

Now that we have identified the top-performing bats overall for 2022, we will examine, in our opinion, the very greatest option for each type of bat that you may pick from within each category. Below you will discover a list of what we think to be the top best BBCOR, USA, USSSA, and wood baseball bats available, as well as our reasoning behind our selections. Let’s get this party started!

Best BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat – 2021 Model by DeMarini The Goods (-3) In order to break the grid, the DeMarini The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat has returned. The Goods utilizes DeMarini’s X14 Alloy Barrel, which is a large barrel that was built exclusively for top power hitters like The Goods. When used in conjunction with a Seismic End Cap, which is created from the stiffest materials available in the DeMarini arsenal, it produces incredible energy transfer on impact. DeMarini’s unique Half + Half technology is used in the 2-piece design, which combines the X14 Alloy barrel with a strong composite handle to provide a stiff and powerful swing that is easy to control.

The DeMarini The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat, with its 2 5/8-inch barrel and drop 3-length-to-weight ratio, demonstrates once again why it is a favorite of premier power hitters all over the world!

Best Little LeagueUSA Baseball Bat

Voodoo (-10) USA Baseball Bat – DeMarini Voodoo (-10), 2022 Model With the DeMarini Voodoo (-10) USA Baseball Bat, you can unleash total mayhem! The DeMarini X14 Alloy Barrel is used in the Voodoo, which is a large barrel created exclusively for top power hitters. When used in conjunction with a Seismic End Cap, which is created from the stiffest materials available in the DeMarini arsenal, it produces incredible energy transfer on impact. DeMarini’s unique Half + Half technology is used in the 2-piece design, which combines the X14 Alloy barrel with a strong composite handle to provide a stiff and powerful swing that is easy to control.

The DeMarini Voodoo (-10) USA Baseball Bat, with a 2 5/8-inch barrel and a drop 10 length to weight ratio, demonstrates once again why it is a favorite of great hitters all over the world! It is past time to get ready for power!

Best Senior LeagueUSSSA Bat

DeMarini The Goods (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat – 2021 Model – DeMarini The Goods (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat – 2021 Model Coming in with a vengeance! As part of their USSSA baseball bat portfolio, DeMarini is launching the Demarini The Goods (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat, which was previously only available in the BBCOR league. The Goods utilizes DeMarini’s X14 Alloy Barrel, which is a large barrel that was built exclusively for top power hitters like The Goods. When used in conjunction with a Seismic End Cap, which is created from the stiffest materials available in the DeMarini arsenal, it produces incredible energy transfer on impact.

Best Wooden Baseball Bat

Bats by Old Hickory MT27 Mike Trout Pro Custom Baseball BatsSwing the identical Old Hickory bat that Mike Trout uses on the field! Wood for Old Hickory comes mostly from hand picked maple from Canada, which is then dried and seasoned. Every bat that Old Hickory manufactures is made from the same wood as their Major League players’ bats and is treated with the same care and attention that their players’ bats get. The MT27 has a long barrel with excellent balance, which allows for maximum productivity.


Finally, we realize that there are a plethora of bats to pick from, and we hope that this article has assisted you in narrowing down your options throughout the sometimes-difficult process of purchasing a bat! Alternatively, if you have any more questions or concerns about acquiring a new bat, please feel free to refer to our comprehensivebaseball bat buying guide, our list of the top BBCOR bats, or to contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives!

Best Baseball Bat 2022: Top Picks For High School, College, And Youth Level

When looking for the greatest baseball bat, there’s a lot to consider, especially when considering the large range of models available. It might be difficult to determine how much you should be prepared to pay in order to obtain a high-quality piece of equipment. Fortunately, we’ve examined some of the best baseball bats on the market, based on features, price, and user ratings, to identify our outstanding recommendations, allowing you to start your search in the most productive manner possible.

We’ve also included some of the most recent news on baseball bats, which we’ll keep up to date with the most recent information in order to assist you in making any future purchasing decisions.

Best Baseball Bat

  • DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat
  • Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta
  • Easton Ghost Advanced
  • Easton FireFlex 240
  • DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat

Best BBCOR Baseball Bat – DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat

+Click to see a larger version 9 Image courtesy of DeMariniBrand:DeMarini |Material:Aluminum |Size:30″ – 30″ Image courtesy of DeMariniBrand:DeMarini |Material:Aluminum |Size:30″ – 30″ When you’re walking up to the plate, the last thing you want to be doing is waiting for a pitch with a subpar bat in your hands. If such is the case, theDeMarini CFbat may be of interest to you because it has been approved by the BBCOR, which should validate this bat’s credentials as a high-quality item. There are two pieces to the composite structure, which helps to improve weight distribution and, as a result, improves the balance, bat speed, and barrel control.

DeMarini also claims that the bat’s Paraflex Plus composite barrel has a large sweet spot, which should boost your chances of hitting a home run every time you swing it. If you’re searching for the greatest performance out of your bat, theDeMarini CFcould be the right choice for you.

Best USSSA Baseball Bat – Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta

+Click to see a larger version 9 Photograph courtesy of Louisville Slugger Louisville Slugger | Material: Composite | Size: 27″ – 32″ Brand:Louisville Slugger | Size: 27″ – 32″ If USSSA baseball is more your style and you want a bat with a greater performance threshold, the Louisville Slugger 2022 Metam could be the bat for you. It has a higher performance threshold than the previous model. One of the most notable aspects of this bat is its EKO composite barrel, which is lightweight and huge in size, allowing you to smash the ball with the most amount of power possible.

Additionally, the 2022 Meta is available in a three-piece design that includes the VCX2 Vibration Reduce Connection System, which is designed to allow independent movement between the barrel and the handle in order to control vibration and deliver an unrivaled sensation when in touch.

Best Softball Baseball Bat – Easton Ghost Advanced

+Click to see a larger version 9 Easton is credited with this image. Easton |Material:LaunchComposite |Size:30″ – 34″ |Brand:Easton |Size:30″ – 34″ Because of its quality build and cutting-edge technology, this Easton Ghost Advanced appears to be an outstanding choice for softball games. In the first place, Easton claims that the Ghost Advanced gives players with a barrel that is longer, lighter, and stronger than ever before, allowing them to reliably strike the ball every time they walk up to the mark.

In the end, we believe it’s difficult to overlook the Easton Ghost Advanced if you’re searching for a top-tier fastpitch softball bat for the money.

Best Slowpitch Baseball Bat – Easton FireFlex 240

+Click to see a larger version 9 Easton is credited with this image. Easton |Material:Carbon Fibre |Size:34″ Easton Brand |Material:Carbon Fibre When it comes to slowpitch bats, the Easton FireFlex 240 is a bat that we believe is hard to beat for its features. Easton claims that their new designed structure, which has a triple-wall design, provides outstanding pop and durability straight out of the box. The two-piece bat is also weighted, which helps to optimize the weight distribution for a smooth and effortless swing.

Best Wooden Baseball Bat – Victus MH17 Pro

+Click to see a larger version 9 Image courtesy of Victus “Victus” is the brand, and the material is wood, and the size is 31″. If you’ve ever seen Major League Baseball on your favorite sports television channel, you’ve definitely noticed that all of the players use wooden bats, which is mostly for the sake of the other players’ safety. You should consider theVictus MH17if you are a power hitter who wants to mimic the pros. It is a wonderful pick because it is lightweight and easy to use. Because it is constructed of birch wood, it is a good compromise between the hardness of maple and the softness of ash, and as a result, it will likely make good contact with the ball and generate a reasonable amount of noise in the process.

It is constructed of wood and is intended to be extremely durable if properly cared for, making it a fantastic long-term alternative to mimic men like Josh Hamilton and Mark Trumbo who have been observed using birch as bats. TheVictus MH17could be one of those bats for you.

Best Baseball Bat On A Budget – Easton ALPHA 360 -3

+Click to see a larger version 9 Easton is credited with this image. Easton |Material:Composite / Aluminum |Size:32″/29oz – 34″/31oz |Brand:Easton |Size:32″/29oz – 34″/31oz It appears to be a high-quality bat that should give you confidence as you come up to the plate, especially considering that it has received BBCOR certification. The barrel of the bat is calibrated for precision via the use of ATAC alloy, which is subsequently strengthened through the use of Carbon-Core technology. Also included is a Speed Cap, which according to Easton offers a flexible, responsive barrel that allows you to locate the sweet spot with each and every blow.

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Latest Baseball Bat News

Because baseball technology is continuously improving, we’ve chosen to keep you up to date on all of the newest developments in the world of bats right here on our website.

Louisville Slugger Collaborate With Atlanta Street Artist Greg Mike

+Click to see a larger version 9Image courtesy of Louisville Slugger Atlanta street artist Mike Gregg has collaborated with famous company Louisville Slugger to produce a one-of-a-kind Artist Series Limited Edition Wood Bat, which is available only via Louisville Slugger. The laser-carved, black-coated maple bats have a one-of-a-kind and detailed design, and each of the 250 sets that will be made will be labeled with a unique number and hand-drawn signature to confirm their authenticity. If you’re interested in purchasing one of the limited edition bats, you can see them listed at theLouisville Slugger shop right now.

New Dove Tail Baseball Bat Features ProXR Technology

+Click to see a larger version 9 Dove Tail Bat Co. provided the image. At the recent American Baseball Coaches Association conference, Dove Tail Bat Co. was recognized for their ProXR knob technology, which was used on a metal bat for the first time. The company got one of the best in show honors for this innovation. Using ProXR, you may expect to see a reduction in compression, which should result in improved control, precision, and power from your shot. Specifically, we’re talking about the new Polar Power bat, which you can get from the DTB store right now.

Louisville Slugger Adding High-Speed Cameras And Pressure Plates To Training Facility

+Click to see a larger version 9 Photograph courtesy of Louisville Slugger Louisville Slugger, one of the world’s leading baseball bat manufacturers, is partnering with Novi-based V1 Sports to install high-speed cameras and pressure mats at its upcoming Science Center, a baseball and softball training facility that will open in Louisville later this year. V1 Sports will provide the pressure mats and high-speed cameras. Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center is billed as the world’s first diagnostic and analytic swing lab for baseball and fastpitch softball players, according to the center’s website.

This facility will comprise three bullpens and four batting cages that will be equipped with V1 technology, in addition to a Bat Fitting Lab that will analyze players’ swings and determine which models are the most appropriate for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball Bats

With such a wide range of restrictions and types of bats available, you’re certain to have a few questions. But don’t worry, we’re here to answer some of the most often asked ones.

How Much Should You Spend On A Baseball Bat?

This will ultimately be up to your own preference; however, there are a plethora of reasonably priced alternatives to pick from, which you can discover in our list of the best baseball bats under 200 dollars. If you’re just getting started in baseball, it may be more useful to choose a somewhat inexpensive bat as a starting point, which you can then build on and enhance if you’re convinced you’ll like the sport as much as you think you would. When it comes to those who are more experienced and in the market for something slightly more sophisticated, you may find yourself gravitating towards some of the more costly alternatives, which will almost certainly be composed of high-end materials and include the most up-to-date technology.

What Do BBCOR And USSSA Mean?

BBCOR and USSSA are two of the most widely used bat certifications available, although there are some significant discrepancies between the two organizations. Broadly speaking, BBCOR is an abbreviation for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution and quantifies the ‘trampoline impact’ created by each bat. They are also available in a variety of barrel diameters, and are most commonly utilized in the high school or college levels of baseball competition. The USSSA, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for the United States Specialty Sports Association, which is the regulating organization for the vast majority of travel baseball events in the United States.

What Size Baseball Bat Should You Use?

According to Dicks Sporting Goods, one of the most accurate methods of determining what size baseball bat you require is to measure the distance between the center of your chest and the end of your outstretched arm (see illustration). Approximately the length of your bat should be shown by this. Alternatively, you may measure the distance from the floor to the palm of your relaxed arm and obtain a value that is almost identical. If you’re still not sure, most manufacturers include a helpful sizing chart that you may use to compare your height and weight to in order to get the appropriate baseball bat for you.

How Do You Know If A Baseball Bat Is Too Heavy?

In addition to experiencing bat drag, which is when you find yourself consistently hitting the ball into the ground, or having an excessive uppercut, there are other signs your baseball bat is too heavy. One method of determining this is to hold your bat out in front of you with your dominant hand parallel to the ground, as seen below. If you are unable to maintain the bat firm in this posture for at least 20 seconds, the bat is most likely too heavy for you.

What Is The Bat Performance Factor?

The Bat Performance Factor, or BPF, is a criterion that determines how ‘alive’ a bat is in terms of its ability to reproduce. The speed after the hit of the bat is measured in relation to the speed of the ball prior to impact, which is essentially what this term implies in practice. It also takes into consideration the trampoline impact of the bat when compared to the trampoline effect of the ball.

After these measurements have been taken, a BPF number is assigned to the bat, and manufacturers strive to get a BPF that is as near to the maximum number as possible in order to achieve the highest performance possible from their bats.

Why Do MLB Use Wooden Bats?

MLB employs wooden bats for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is for player safety. Although professional baseball players already strike the ball quickly enough, using an aluminum bat would allow them to strike it even quicker, putting the field in danger. This is one of the reasons why one of the MLB regulations specifies that a bat should be composed of a single piece of solid wood. You could argue that this rule could be changed, but baseball is typically a sport that is bound by tradition, and because wooden bats are what has always been used and on which all of the data is based, it is likely that wooden bats will continue to be used in Major League Baseball for the foreseeable future.

Best Baseball Bats 2022 [+ 2021 Reviews]

Are you looking for the greatest baseball bats for the next season in 2022? BatSmash.com has all of your needs covered. Take a look at our finest BBCOR bats and best kids baseball bats right now. Our reviews are intended to assist you in your search for the best baseball bat for this season. You may be a parent buying for a Little League kid or a High School athlete seeking for a wood bat for summer league play in a variety of situations. It is simple to identify the best baseball bats for each season with our reviews, which range from BBCOR.50 certified to USSSA (large barrel) baseball bats.

There are usually a variety of bat models from youth, high school, and collegiate leagues available.

Welcome to Batsmash.com, the premier source for baseball bat reviews.

How We Found 2020’s Best Baseball Bats

BBCOR Baseball Bats are more popular with young people than older people. Identifying the sort of bat you want is critical when looking for the “best baseball bats 2020.” When researching the “best baseball bats 2020,” it is vital to first determine which kind you want. The styles and sizes of bats differ depending on the age range. To date, according to Google Trends, wood baseball bats have been the most often searched for baseball bats in 2020. When shopping for the best baseball bat, it is essential to be familiar with the regulations of the age group and/or league in which you will be playing.

Our biennial bat awards serve as a terrific, easy-to-understand reference to bat study and conservation.

BatSmash’s 2020 Baseball Bat Awards

The Bat Awards 2020, presented by Batsmash.com, recognize the best models in each category. We discovered the top-rated, recently launched models for kids and high school baseball that have received the most positive reviews. Top prizes are given to bats that have the greatest percentage of the following characteristics: affordability, value, quality, durability, bat “pop,” sweet spot size, and sound. Smash has chosen the number one award as the overall winner. It is frequently referred to as “the hottest bat on the market,” and with good reason.

A category award is given to a baseball bat that falls within a certain category.

Using this fast guide, you may navigate to any of our in-depth ‘best bats of 2020’ evaluations, which include reviews of child baseball bats, high school baseball bats, and other products. We hope you like the following:

  • In addition to the best baseball bat (2020 overall), the best youth bat (2020 overall), the best wood bat (2020 overall), the best BBCOR bat (2020 overall), the best balanced BBCOR bat 2020, and the best end-loaded BBCOR bat 2020, there are also the best BBCOR bat (2020 overall) and the best wood bat (2020 overall).

Please keep in mind that our whole award ceremony has not yet been processed. You may save this page for future reference in your 2020 bat purchasing endeavors by bookmarking it. Soon to be released: The Best Baseball Bats 2021 awards are being handed out as leading baseball bat manufacturers unveil their latest models. Follow the links below for useful bat-buying advice.

Baseball Bat FAQs

Are you considering purchasing a baseball bat and have any of the following questions? You are not alone in your feelings. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about bats. So, should I get a wood bat or a metal bat? Unless the player’s league is designated a “wood bat league,” it is recommended that they get a metal bat. More durability, more power, and a larger sweet spot are all advantages. When it comes to material quality, which is better: composite or aluminum? When comparing composite versus aluminum bats, there are advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

  • The sound of composite bats is also a favorite among players.
  • When it comes to baseball bats, what is the difference between a “BBCOR” bat and a “USSSA” bat?
  • A USSSA bat is intended for use by young baseball players.
  • What is the best bat brand on the market?
  • Easton two-piece composite bats are a life or death situation for certain batters.
  • If you are new to owning a baseball bat, pay attention to the characteristics of the bat rather than the brand.

Choosing the Right Bat for You

Choosing a baseball bat to purchase might be difficult. Reading phrases like “two-piece” and “composite,” as well as “lizard-skin grip,” are meaningless in today’s world, especially in the era of COVID-19, physical distance from others, and restricted sports shop visits. The finest bat cannot be found unless you have it in your hands and experience how it feels. (Hint: the answer may be found at Batsmash.com:) First and foremost, we perform the menial tasks. We put each bat through its paces.

Then we assist you in identifying your own hitting style and preferences – also known as your “hitter profile.” This will assist you in finding the finest bat for you, no matter what season it is.

Our bat evaluations are more than simply opinions; they are also instructional. Our best baseball bat reviews are divided into categories based on their top recommendations, such as:

  • Best end-loaded baseball bats
  • Best balanced baseball bats
  • Best bats for contact hitters
  • Best bats for power hitters
  • Best value
  • Best overall
  • And several additional considerations are included.

BatSmash.com is devoted to offering the most vivid and thorough best baseball bat reviews for the 2020 and 2021 baseball seasons, as well as for future generations of young baseball players.

Our Baseball Bat Reviews

Every season, product researchers at BatSmash evaluate the top baseball bats on the market. We research deep into the most significant features of a baseball bat and softball bat for our baseball and softball bat analyzers, including:

  • Composite materials against aluminum materials
  • Barrel size
  • Sound
  • Swing weight
  • End-loaded versus balanced
  • Unique bat features
  • Knob
  • Grip
  • Power scores
  • Contact scores
  • Durability scores
  • New technologies

Composite versus aluminum materials; barrel size; sound; swing weight; end-loaded versus balanced; unique bat features; knob; grip; power scores; contact scores; durability scores; new technologies; and more.

Hottest Bat Brands of 2020

Google Trends shows the most popular baseball bat brands based on searches. Our reviews of the best baseball bat brands, such as the following:

  • Easton, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Victus (all-new! ), and more.

Discover the most highly rated and most popular baseball bat models for the 2020 season. Even fraudulent or unsavory internet reviews are weeded out by BatSmash. This is consistent with our aim of finding the most truly excellent baseball bats available on the market.

A Unique Baseball Bat Rating System – the SmashScore

Batsmash.com delves into the heart of the problem. Is it a balanced bat or a bat with a lot of weight at the end? Is there a large sweet spot in the game? Is it a long-term solution? How’s the hold on things? Is it possible to hitHOME RUNS? The greatest baseball bat can ultimately assist a young child player in realizing their ambition of having their name shown on a billboard during the Major League Baseball amateur draft. The best bats from this year, reviewed and rated by SmashScore(a Batsmash.com exclusive bat rating system), include:*BBCOR (the best high school baseball bats), *USSSA (the best 14U and below baseball bats), *USA (the best Little League baseball bats), *ASA (the best slow-pitch softball bats), and much more!

The Best Bat Ever

“The bat that resulted in BBCOR Certification,” says the author. The LSU Tigers baseball team won the NCAA College World Series in 2009, becoming the first club from the Southeastern Conference to do so. In 2008, the squad hit 100 home runs, and in 2009, they hit even more. In reality, Ryan Schimpf led the club in home runs with 22, while three teammates hit ten or more in 2009. The Easton Stealth Comp CNT (BCN8) composite baseball bat was selected as the team’s preferred baseball bat. A recent regulation change for collegiate bats, according to Catcher Micah Gibbs, is to blame for the fall in long ball production at LSU, which occurred in 2010.

The NCAA banned composite bats in the summer of 2009 because the composite bats were already broken in, had more pop, and generated a trampoline effect when the ball was hit off the bat, according to the NCAA.

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Why is the 2009 Easton Stealth Comp CNT (BCN8) the best bat ever?

In 2009, LSU was utilizing the Easton Stealth Comp CNT (BCN8), as were a number of other high-volume hitting collegiate and high-school teams at the time. For all intents and purposes, this is the greatest bat that has ever existed, as it was one of the primary reasons why the BBBOR standard was established and implemented two years later. In the words of one bat industry insider, “with the Stealth, we discovered just how far the envelope could be pushed.” Sure, the bat was BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) approved, but the “bounciness” that the ball experienced when it impacted the bat was unavoidable.

As a result, mathematicians developed the BBCOR standard to determine the inbound and rebound speeds of the ball:

What bat features did the 2009 Easton Stealth Comp CNT have?

Because the bat was BESR approved, it had a 2 5/8″ barrel diameter and a 3″ drop, which was standard for the time being. The Easton Stealth, with its four-color graphics, orange barrel, blue grip, and clear coat finish, was likewise a show-stopper. Furthermore, the real performance characteristics are as follows:

  • CNT carbon nanotube technology
  • Patented ConneXion technology, which allows for efficient energy transmission from handle to barrel
  • And other innovations. In fact, it was one of the first bats to make advantage of this characteristic, which Easton continues to employ today. This model was designed with an increased flex that helped to expand the sweet spot. Integrated MatriX technology that has been granted a patent
  • Handle made of patented opti-flex CNT composite material

With a single bat, Easton effectively launched a slew of innovative features. However, in doing so, they were able to keep the handle narrow (between 31 and 32 inches in length and tapered), but nevertheless stiff. A 1.5-fold increase in handle flex over traditional metal alloy baseball bats resulted from this modification.

Will there ever be a bat as great as the Easton Stealth again?

Most likely not. The 2009 Easton Stealth Comp CNT was a one-of-a-kind and the last of its kind in terms of pre-BBCOR bats, making it the last of its kind. The BBCOR Certification program has had a significant influence on high school and collegiate baseball by increasing player safety and leveling the playing field for all participants. Despite the fact that bats are being improved, standards and procedures will be implemented to guarantee that trampoline effects and unfair advantages are kept to a bare minimum.

It’ll be difficult to top that.

What current baseball bats are the most similar to the 2009 Easton Stealth?

Because of the BBCOR standard, there will never be another bat quite like the Easton Stealth again, in theory. However, according to players and coaches, there are three BBCOR bats that are quite comparable in terms of overall greater performance.

  • AV2 Knob is as revolutionary as some of the characteristics found in the Stealth, which makes the 2017 Marucci CAT 7 BBCOR baseball bat (MCBC7) a close relative of the Stealth. In this situation, the AV2 Knob helps to reduce vibration in the hands. The Precision Optimized Performance (pOp 2.0) of the Rawlings VELO BBCOR baseball bat (BBRV3) is comparable to that of the Stealth since it allows the bat’s barrel to be stretched in order to provide a larger sweet spot, similar to the extended flex of the Stealth. Easton MAKO BBCOR baseball bat (BB16MK) from 2016, which is identical to the Stealth because, well, it’s an Easton baseball bat. In terms of features, Easton continues to be forward-thinking, and their MAKO series is a good example of this

Did you ever get a chance to swing an Easton Stealth? Any particular bat that we haven’t considered for the title of “Best Bat Ever?” Make your point of view known in the comments section. If you have any concerns about baseball bats or softball bats, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable Bat Experts at (800) 222-3636. (866-321-2287). You can also send them an email at [email protected] or use the live chat feature by clicking here. Remember, we’ll be here for you from the moment you click until the moment you push the button!

Which Bat Is Best?


Have You Ever Wondered.

  • Which bat is the most effective
  • The usage of wooden bats by professional baseball players has several explanations. Identify which team has won the World Series the greatest number of times.

Matthew was the inspiration for today’s Wonder of the Day. “Can you tell me which is the finest baseball bat ever?” Matthew wonders. Thank you for sharing your WONDER with us, Matthew! For the most of baseball’s history, wooden bats were the standard. It wasn’t until the 1970s that metal bats were first introduced and gained widespread acceptance. Young baseball players today have a broad selection of options when it comes to baseball bats, including both wooden and metal options. Wooden bats are available in a variety of wood species, including hickory (which is strong but heavy), white ash (which is perhaps still the most common wood of choice), and maple (which is light but sturdy) (increasing in popularity since Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001 with maple bats).

  • Today, a high-quality metal bat may cost upwards of $300 or more!
  • Metal bats have supplanted wood bats as the bat of choice for the majority of young baseball players, despite the fact that each form of bat has its adherents.
  • The most crucial reason, in my opinion, is that scientific tests have proved that metal bats assist players to smash the ball quicker and further than with wooden bats.
  • Aside from that, metal bats are less likely to break than wooden bats.
  • They can swing them more quickly because of their lower weight, and players will tell you that a faster swing results in a faster hit ball.
  • The more energy that is transferred to the ball by the bat, the faster and further the ball goes on the field.
  • That’s a great question!
  • Pitchers and infield players would be at increased danger of injury if metal bats were permitted in the major leagues, as the batted ball would travel quicker than normal.

Due to the fact that metal bats would almost certainly result in a larger amount of home runs, restricting professional players to use wooden bats is designed to create rivalry between clubs. Interesting tidbits regarding the World Series:

  • Sporting journalists commonly refer to the World Series as the “Fall Classic” since it takes place in October.
  • On October 13, 1971, the first night game in the history of the World Series was played.
  • It is the New York Yankees’ 27 World Series titles that distinguish them as the most successful Major League team.
  • The Chicago Cubs presently hold the greatest stretch of the most years between World Series victories, with a total of nine years between championships. The Cubs won the World Series in 1908 and again in 2016, ending a 108-year title drought for the franchise.

Wonder What’s Next?

Baseball may be the national game in the United States, but tomorrow Wonderopolis will introduce you to a small green fella that can be found almost anywhere.

Try It Out

Get your bat out of the bag! Enlist the assistance of a friend or family member to assist you in exploring the activities listed below:

  • There’s nothing quite like experiencing something for yourself. Taking a wooden and metal bat (or borrowing one from a friend) out to the field and experimenting with them can allow you to determine which bat is the best for you. So, which of these bats is your favorite? Which one allows you to strike the ball more quickly and further
  • If you are unable to travel out to the field at this time, you can learn more about it by using your computer. Have you ever been curious in the process of creating a classic wooden baseball bat? If you are unable to travel to downtown Louisville, Kentucky, to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum, you may explore the Museum online at Explore the Museumonline.com. You may also take a more in-depth look at the baseball bat manufacturing process by visiting this page. Do you have a soft spot for baseball? Inviting an adult friend or family member to accompany you to a sporting event is a good idea. It is not necessary for it to be a professional game. In addition, you may go to a minor league or high school or even college game. Relax and take advantage of any opportunities to speak with some of the players about their preferred type of baseball bat.

Wonder Contributors

We’d like to express our gratitude to:Elifor for her contributions to the Wonder subject today! Continue to WONDER with us! What exactly are you puzzling over?

Guide to Best Metal Bats

This website contains a bat purchasing advice as well as a review of the finest metal baseball bats currently available on the market. (If you believe that one should be included to the list, please let us know in the comments section below.)

Guidelines for Weight.

Any aluminum or composite bat used in BBCOR competition should not be more than 3 ounces lighter than the length of the bat, referred to as “drop 3.” (For example, 34 inches and 31 ounces; 33 inches and 30 ounces). Aside from that, you may buy a drop 10 or a drop 5 for smaller children. It’s a matter of personal taste based on the kid’s size, age, strength, and hitting style, among other considerations.

Bat LENGTH by age

Age 5-7 yrs 8-9 yrs 10 yrs 11 – 12 yrs 13 – 14 yrs 15 – 16 yrs 17 – 18 yrs
Length 24-26″ 26-28″ 28-29″ 30-31″ 31-32″ 32-33″ 32-34″

A heavier bat is often preferred by larger and stronger players in order to generate the most power, whilst a lighter bat can enhance bat speed for smaller players. It may take some time and a number of different bats before you find the weight that is most comfortable for you to swing with. I strongly recommend that you consult this excellent website for further information on how to choose the appropriate size bat based on your child’s age and height/weight. It offers useful charts and photos to make the process of picking the appropriate metal bat for a player’s age and size more simpler and more efficient.

Its Max Force measurement, which takes into account the effect of your weight and the speed you’re able to generate, can help you figure out which combination of the two is giving you the best results.

How to choose the type of metal bat

Metal bats are available in a variety of styles and designs.

  1. Aluminized alloy bats — constructed entirely of aircraft-grade alloys (such as aluminum)
  2. Bats built of composite fibers are known as composite bats. Baseball bats that feature a composite handle and a barrel that is made of aluminum, alloy, or a hybrid composite material
  3. Hybrid bats are bats that are made up of multiple different materials that have been blended together, such as alloy and carbon.

The performance of composite bats improves over time. In addition, the more you use it, the more it compacts, resulting in a better-performing bat. If the composite bats are BBCOR approved, they can be utilized in the game. The price tag on these bats is a little higher, and they take a little longer to break in, but according to many, the ultimate result is well worth it in the end. IMPORTANT:To get the most out of your composite bat, you must allow it to break in for a period of time. It’s advised you hit 200 to 300 genuine baseballs all around the barrel in one session.

All firms strive to achieve the closest possible match to that speed, and as a result, all bats are comparable in this regard.

It is not possible to make the whip that you can with the two-piece with a one-piece.

Additionally, supporters of the one-piece bat argue that the trampoline effect of the ball coming off the barrel is superior to that of the two-piece bat.

The two-piece bats have a little more flex in the handle, which gives the bat a little more whip, which may help you improve your bat speed a little bit.

BBCOR regulations

If you are purchasing a bat for children aged 13 and above (an “adult” is defined as someone who is 13 years or older), whether new or secondhand, here are some things to consider: Bats made of composite materials. Composite bats are among the best metal bats available. Composite bats, which were previously prohibited, can now be used if they have been verified by the BBCOR. The ABI (Accelerated Break-In Test) is part of the BBCOR certification process, and it takes into consideration how the composites improve with usage as part of the certification process.

  • All aluminum or composite bats used in college or high school baseball must have BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) approved before they can be used on the field (NCAA, NFHS, USSSA and Pony Leagues).
  • Before the advent of composite and aluminum bats, the BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) was the certification technique that was employed.
  • With time and use, composite bats become better and stronger.
  • Balls weren’t coming off the barrel as forcefully or as quickly as they used to, which resulted in fewer homeruns.
  • Here’s a short review of the most important characters in the world of metal bats.
  • Don’t just buy a bat because it’s the most popular bat; instead, get one that feels comfortable in your hands.

Where to buy?

Baseball Monkey offers one of the better online options that I’ve seen, however I urge that you price shop your favorite model before making your final decision. hereandheretoo

What’s Next

  1. Also, view theBat Buying Guidefrom Baseballrampage.com
  2. And shop for baseball bats at:Baseball Rampage|Baseball Express|Baseball Monkey|Online Sportsor at any of the following stores:Baseball Rampage|Baseball Express|Baseball Monkey|Online Sports To find out who offers free delivery, free return shipping, hidden return costs, and other important information, consult ourComparison Chart for online businesses. Please have a look at our excellent free Hitting Instruction articles, videos, and other interesting stuff:

The 8 Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2022

We independently study, test, and review items before recommending the finest of them. Articles are reviewed by healthcare specialists to ensure that they include accurate medical information. Learn more about the steps we take. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Verywell (Chloe Jeong) is a song written by Chloe Jeong. It is critical for a young player’s effectiveness as a batter to use the proper baseball bat, and the size, weight, and kind of bat used can make a significant difference in their overall performance.

  1. While individual child baseball organizations may have their own set of rules and regulations, the vast majority of them, including Little League, conform to the USA Baseball USABat Standard, which can be found here.
  2. “This will ensure that your player is able to make contact and has a positive experience on the field.” Researching more than 35 bats from eight different companies and examining product specs and user evaluations helped us choose the finest child baseball bats.
  3. The following are the top-rated kid baseball bats available on the market, according to our study.
  4. The big sweet spot and barrel assist players in hitting the ball harder and further, while the comfortable grip allows them to maintain good control of the ball.
  5. It offers a soft grip that lets young players to acquire the feel of swinging, making it ideal for backyard baseball or child baseball.
  6. With a responsive, aerospace-grade alloy construction, the Rawlings 5150 baseball bat is designed to deliver best performance on the mound.
  7. The multivariable wall design of the bat, which allows for thinner barrel walls, provides for more forgiving, increased reaction, and the absence of dead zones.

Because it is extremely lightweight, it is an excellent choice for young tee-ball players who are still learning how to swing the bat correctly. If your child is trying to enhance his or her swing, this Louisville Slugger Youth Genuine baseball bat is a terrific choice. Pros

  • The sweet spot has been widened. There is very little vibration
  • It is long-lasting.
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The Marucci Cat 9 Connect baseball bat takes the #1 spot on our list because of its great performance, craftsmanship, and comfort. Using a thermal treatment procedure, the bat is developed to provide a better feel as well as greater responsiveness and forgiveness. Because of the two-piece hybrid construction, which includes a composite handle and an alloy barrel, the bat is strong and durable right out of the box. It’s also well-known for having a strong pop and virtually no vibrations when it comes into touch.

We particularly appreciate the soft-touch grip, which adds to the overall feeling of comfort and control.

Material:Aluminum barrel with a composite handle|Drop: -10 |Diameter: 2.75 inches |Drop: -10 inches Pros

  • It is possible that the dent will grow over time. Although not as forceful as larger bats, they are nonetheless effective.

Young children can soon outgrow a bat, so it’s best not to spend too much money on one while they’re just starting started in the sport. This Rawlings Remix USA Youth Baseball bat is an economical, high-quality solution that allows children to learn the fundamentals of the game while having fun. The ultra-light aluminum construction and -10 drop weight make it easier for even young players to get a full, complete swing out of the clubhead. The big sweet spot and 2.25-inch barrel assist players in hitting the ball harder and further, while the comfortable grip provides them with excellent control.

The Remix is available in four distinct lengths, ranging from 26 to 29 inches in length.

Drop: -10 |Diameter: 2.25 inches |Material: Aluminum Pros

  • Some users have reported feeling vibrations. Some customers have reported that the end cap has come free.

Louisville Slugger Omaha is a terrific choice for Little Leaguers looking for a barrel with a lot of barrel. This USA Baseball Youth-approved bat is constructed of a single piece of 7-series alloy, which provides a firmer feel on contact while transferring more energy to the barrel throughout play. Furthermore, the bat’s 2.6-inch barrel has an extremely big sweet spot, and its synthetic leather grip is durable and provides excellent bat control. Despite the large barrel design, the bat is balanced and lightweight, allowing young players to swing with good technique even while using a large barrel.

The material is aluminum, the drop is ten, and the diameter is 2.62 inches.

  • Bats that are less expensive are not as durable as more expensive bats. It’s possible that it’s not excellent for long-distance hitting.

If your youngster has graduated from tee-ball and is looking for a bat that is acceptable for coach pitch, this Rawlings bat is a terrific choice for him or her. It is simpler for novices to make contact with the ball because of the huge sweet spot on the large barrel of the club. This USA Baseball-approved bat is ultra-lightweight and built of Rawlings’ extremely responsive, durable aerospace-grade alloy, which allows it to offer a rapid swing speed while still being highly sensitive. This baseball bat is ideal for backyard baseball or youth baseball since it has a comfortable grip that helps young players to acquire the knack of swinging.

The bat is available in five various lengths and weights, making it suitable for a wide range of ages and sizes to play with. Aluminum | Drop: 11 | Diameter: 2.62 inches | Material: Aluminum Pros

Composite bats, which are both versatile and extremely durable, are becoming increasingly popular among junior players. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is a fantastic value for money if you’re searching for a dependable composite bat with a modern design. It’s made from a single piece of carbon composite for a distinctive feel and a lightweight, balanced design, which translates into faster acceleration and acceleration. When your player makes contact with the barrel, the flexible speed cap provides for a more responsive barrel and a gratifying pop.

The grip is made specifically for this model by Lizard Skins and gives exceptional control, tack, and comfort.

  • It seems hefty for a -10 drop
  • Nonetheless, it is not suitable for younger or smaller players.

Despite the fact that wood and composite bats are becoming increasingly popular, the alloy bat continues to be the preferred choice for young baseball. With a responsive, aerospace-grade alloy construction, the Rawlings 5150 baseball bat is designed to deliver best performance on the mound. Because of its lightweight structure, it is quite easy to swing. A huge sweet spot and an outstanding value are two things that distinguish this bat from others that are similar in price and features. The broad 2.4-inch barrel makes it simpler for players to connect with the ball and blast it harder.

In addition to being permitted for use in all USA Baseball-sanctioned leagues, it boasts a sleek appearance that makes it stand out when players go up to the plate.

Drop: -10 |

Material: Aluminum Pros

  • The grip is good and comfortable, and the weight is light. The sweet spot is large.

The Easton Speed USA baseball bat, which is constructed of aircraft-grade alloy, is both lightweight and sturdy, making it a perfect choice for young players. In addition to its durability, its cushioned grip distinguishes it from the competition. It’s sticky to offer hitters good control, and it’s comfy to lessen vibrations and stinging when they hit the ball hard. Having a big sweet spot due to the 2.62-inch barrel diameter allows the ball to be launched faster and further when contact is made.

This USA-certified bat is ideal for young players, especially novices, and is available in a variety of lengths ranging from 26 to 32 inches.

This bat, which is constructed of a single piece of aluminum, is exceptionally sturdy and will last for several seasons.

The multi-variable wall design of the bat, which has thinner barrel walls than many rivals, allows for greater forgiveness, increased reaction, and the absence of dead zones.

The Marucci CAT8 is equipped with features such as an anti-vibration knob, a dampening system for improved feel, and a micro grip handle that is tack heavy. Choose from bats ranging in length from 28 to 32 inches. Aluminum |Drop: 8 |Diameter: 2.75 inches |Material: Aluminum Pros

  • Affordable
  • Excellent for children between the ages of 4 and 7
  • Very lightweight
  • Not intended to be used with regulation baseballs
  • It is possible that the dent will grow over time.

As a result of its lightweight design, this Rawlings Raptor T-ball bat is an excellent choice for young tee-ball players who are still learning how to swing the bat properly. The bat, which is intended for use with soft-core tee balls, is USA Baseball-approved for use in all tee-ball leagues and is especially well-suited for children who are new to the sport. The perimeter-weighted cap on the end of the barrel of the one-piece alloy bat helps to minimize overall weight swing while also providing a modest boost when contact is made.

The synthetic grip provides comfort and control, allowing them to hold the bat in their hands longer and more effectively.

Aluminum |

Diameter: 2.25 inches |

  • Other alternatives have a more pleasant grip, however this one is heavier than the others.

Wood bats, in comparison to composite or alloy bats, tend to demand more accuracy and are typically heavier. They are, on the other hand, often extremely economical and useful to have around for batting practice. The Louisville Slugger Youth is a product we suggest. A genuine baseball bat for children who want to develop their swing technique and strength. When they make touch with solid wood, children are enthralled by the rich, resonant sound it makes. The bat is well-constructed and built of solid maple or ash, which makes it both sturdy and trustworthy in its performance.

Material:Wood |Drop:3 |Diameter:2.25 inches Dimensions:

Final Verdict

However, while all of the bats on our list are excellent choices, the Marucci CAT 9 Connect bat (available at Amazon) stands out for its overall performance, build quality, and longevity. Players enjoy the pop and absence of vibration when they make contact with the ball, and they appreciate that there is no break-in time. Alternatively, the Rawlings Exclusive Remix USA kid baseball bat (available at Amazon) is a more affordable choice that is lightweight and suitable for younger players. A broad sweet spot and a comfortable grip make it easy for children to have fun while learning the fundamentals.

What to Look for in Youth Baseball Bats

Aluminum, composite, and wood are the most common materials used to manufacture youth baseball bats. Composite bats are comprised of a material that is akin to carbon fiber and, when compared to other bats, they produce a significant amount of pop while generating less vibration on mishits. These bats, on the other hand, require a break-in time of 150 to 200 ball strikes before they can be used at their maximum potential. In youth baseball, aluminum baseball bats, also known as alloy bats, are often used because they provide superior performance and durability than wooden baseball bats.

The price of alloy bats is often less expensive than the price of composite bats, making them an excellent alternative for novices or those on a tight budget.

The fact that they are heavier and have a smaller sweet spot than metal or composite bats means that hitters must be more accurate and powerful in order to smash the ball further.


In general, youngsters between the ages of 4 and 6 who are just beginning started with baseball will most likely require a tee-ball bat, which is normally 24 to 27 inches in length. Player’s in the 7 to 13 age bracket will participate in leagues that need a USSSA or USA Baseball-approved bat, which ranges in length from 25 to 32 inches and has drop weights (the difference between the weight and the length) that vary from -5 to -13 (weight minus length).

Drop weight

A drop weight is commonly included in bat descriptions, and it is calculated by subtracting the bat’s length in inches from the weight in ounces. For juvenile bats, the drop weight often ranges from -5 to -13. To swing more easily, the drop weight should be set higher than it would otherwise be.


Children who participate in Little League normally use bats with a diameter of no more than 2.25 inches. Bats with a diameter of up to 2.62 inches are permitted in some higher-level leagues for older players. Before you acquire a bat, make sure you are familiar with the league’s regulations regarding bat diameter.


When it comes to the cost of a youth baseball bat, there is a lot of variation. While the more expensive bats may last longer and perform better, they are often meant for more experienced players and are thus unlikely to be a good investment for novices. According to Ryan Brownlee, associate executive director, coaching outreach, for the American Baseball Coaches Association, “Parents should evaluate their child’s age and his or her enthusiasm for the game.” In his opinion, “when they are young and just beginning into it, they don’t need anything too elaborate.” Aside from if they are a really committed player who intends to continue playing for many years to come, they should be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Instructions on how to measure a baseball bat for youth baseball It is possible to determine whether or not a bat is the proper length for your child by just having your youngster stand the bat up next to him or herself. In Brownlee’s opinion, the bat’s end should be at or below the mid-thigh of the player. In the event that you have previously purchased a bat that is longer than that, simply instruct your child to grasp it at his or her mid-thigh, and it will be acceptable if they have to choke up on the bat. Having your child stretch their arms to the side, like a scarecrow, is another simple test you may do to determine their readiness. In order to protect their chest from being hit, place the bat’s knob in their chest and run the bat up the length of their arm. A satisfactory fit is achieved when the child’s fingertips contact the top of the bat
  • Otherwise, the bat is too big. How to calculate the weight of a baseball bat for youth baseball While there is no definitive way to correlate bat weight with age, there is a straightforward test that may be used to determine whether a bat is the appropriate weight for a particular athlete. To begin, Brownlee instructs the player to “stand up and take the bat with his or her dominant hand, holding the bat out to their side straight out from their shoulder.” “If they can keep the bat up for 30 seconds without their arm collapsing, that is a decent weight,” says the trainer. Parents can also consider a bat’s drop weight, which is calculated by subtracting its weight (in ounces) from its height (in inches). Once they have determined a drop weight that appears to be appropriate for their child, they may search for bats with drop weights that are the same or close to theirs. The best way to improve bat speed in youth baseball. Using both underload and overload training, young players can make strides in improving their bat speed. Underload training involves practicing swinging a bat that is far lighter than the one they would typically use. Using a lighter bat can assist batters in developing the sensation of moving faster, which can help them increase their power and agility on the field. They should occasionally use a heavier bat during batting practice in order to aid increase swinging strength as part of their overload training.

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