What Is The Longest Winning Streak In Major League Baseball

Each MLB franchise’s longest winning streak

Few narratives are more interesting than a long winning streak, especially when the enthusiasm grows more with each passing day that passes. They can’t survive indefinitely, but they’re entertaining while they do. Several extended victory streaks, including one that set a team record, have been a feature of the 2021 season. The Astros, Brewers, and Rays all went on 11-game winning streaks, the A’s and Yankees went on 13-game winning streaks, and the Cardinals went on a franchise-record 17-game winning streak until losing to the Brewers on Wednesday night at Busch Stadium.

Louis was entering historic territory.

The longest winning streaks in the American League and National League in the modern era (since 1900)

  1. A tie between the Giants (1916) and the Indians (2017) for 26 games
  2. The Cubs (1935) for 21 games
  3. The A’s (2002) for 20 games
  4. The Yankees (1947) and the White Sox (1906) for 19 games
  5. And the Giants (1916) for 26 games.

How does St. Louis’ record compare to the records of every other team in the league? For each of the 30 Major League clubs in the Modern Era, we’ve taken a look at the teams with the longest winning streaks inside a single season. (If there are any discrepancies, the all-time franchise records are also stated.) 16-26th of June, 1964: The Angels The expansion is a good thing. Angels were just in their fourth season of existence when they started their streak, and they haven’t been able to equal it since.

  • The Astros have 12 players (three times) The most current period is from June 6-18, 2018.
  • The most noteworthy aspect of the 2018 streak was that it featured 10 road victories.
  • The tenacious Oakland Athletics began the run in third place in the American League West, 4 1/2 games behind the leaders, and concluded it with a three-and-a-half-game advantage, going on to win the division.
  • The Blue Jays have 11 points (five times) The most current period is August 2-13, 2015.
  • The team has been bolstered with the signings of sluggers José Bautista, Josh Donaldson, and Edwin Encarnación – as well as newcomers at the Trade Deadline.
  • Braves: 15th April 16th- 2nd May 2000 In retrospect, it makes logical that the Braves’ greatest winning streak occurred between 1991 and 2005, when they won 14 consecutive division titles (not counting the 1994 strike year).
  • 18 is the all-time high score (Sept.

2, 1891) Brewers: April 6-20, 1987 (13th week).

In Milwaukee’s case, the team’s winning streak ended after it improved to 20-3, and it now has a 12-game losing streak, which is tied for the second-longest in club history.

Cardinals: 17th September 11th to 28th September, 2021 With the club’s victory over the Chicago Cubs on September 25, St.

When the Cardinals defeated the Reds on Sept.

The win gave them a firm grasp on the final playoff spot heading into the final week of the regular season.

When St.

Cleveland: August 22nd through September 14th, 2017.

A formidable pitching staff led by AL Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, and Trevor Bauer, as well as offensive talents Francisco Lindor and José Ramirez, awaited the Indians in Cleveland, who had just lost a seven-game World Series heartbreaker to the Cubs the year before.

Cubs: 21st September to 27th September, 1935 Until Cleveland broke the record for the longest victory streak that was not broken by a tie, this was the best in the American League and National League.

In 1935, the Cubs were defeated in the World Series by the Tigers, and the team would not win 100 games in a season again until the 2016 squad finally ended the franchise’s championship drought.

The D-backs’ winning run wasn’t quite enough to catch the powerful Dodgers in the National League West, as Arizona trailed Los Angeles by 21 games when they earned their first victory on August 24.

On Sept.

Martinez gave the streak’s most memorable moment when he homered four times at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers’ greatest winning streak since relocating to Los Angeles is 13, which was achieved twice during the Sandy Koufax era and most recently in 1965.

This remains the record for the longest winning streak in Modern Era American League and National League history, despite the fact that it included a draw against the Pirates in the second game of a doubleheader on September 18.

The fact that this was the year the Giants launched their purple plaid jerseys, which team secretary John B.

Mariners: 15th May 23rd to 8th June 2001 Because the Mariners tied the all-time AL/NL regular season wins record with 116 victories in 2001, it was inevitable that the year would be remembered as the franchise’s pinnacle.

The Marlins have nine players on the roster (five times) The most current dates are September 9-19, 2008.

In reality, the 2006 Marlins went on two separate nine-game winning streaks in June and August before ending 78-84 in manager Joe Girardi’s lone season in charge of the organization.

This 2015 victory streak occurred before the Mets acquired Yoenis Céspedes at the July 31 Trade Deadline, as New York had fallen to second place during the summer before Céspedes’ explosive acquisition helped the team catch and then overcome the Nationals for first place in the National League East.

10 members of the national team (five times) Latest: August 12-21, 2014The Nationals utilized this run to secure a division title and the National League’s best overall record before being beaten by the Giants in the National League Division Series.

During a period of dominance between 1969 and 1974, manager Earl Weaver’s Orioles won five American League East division championships in a six-year span, with the 1973 team led by players such as Don Baylor, Paul Blair, Mike Cuellar, Bobby Grich, Dave McNally, Boog Powell, and Jim Palmer, who won the first of his three career AL Cy Young Awards.

Louis Browns, which was achieved by the previous group of players.

They won the championship the next day, and then went on to win their first three games in their title defense the following year.

In July, a 14-game winning run propelled the Friars from fifth to third place in the National League West, but the impact of the previous winter’s departures of players such as Kevin Brown, Ken Caminiti, and Steve Finley was seen throughout the remainder of the season, as San Diego ended 74-88.

  • Philadelphia also won 13 straight games in August 1977, a season in which the Phillies won 101 games before losing in the National League Championship Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • 15-Oct.
  • This was Pittsburgh’s first World Series championship team, and it was headed by Hall of Famers Fred Clarke, Honus Wagner, and Vic Willis, all of whom are still alive.
  • Wagner and Ty Cobb faced off against one other.
  • Texas, on the other hand, was unable to maintain its momentum, resulting in a roller-coaster run in which it dropped 11 of its next 12 games before putting together another seven-game winning streak.
  • Rays: 12th June 9th-22nd June 2004 This run stands out as an exception during a time when the Devil Rays were not a successful baseball team, and it is worth noting.
  • The Boston Red Sox played from April 25 to May 10, 1946.
  • Ted Williams had just returned from his service as a fighter pilot in World War II when he won the American League MVP Award for the following season, posting an incredible.342/.497/.667 slash line and hitting 38 home runs.
  • The Reds have 12 players (twice) The most recent was between April 30 and May 12, 1957.
  • It was also a 12-game winning streak for Cincinnati in May 1939, capping off a pennant-winning season that resulted in a World Series loss to the Yankees.
  • 14 is the all-time high score (July 26-Aug.

Colorado’s more famous 11-game winning streak occurred two years prior in 2007, when the Rockies went on a tear in September to force a Game 163 tiebreaker with the Padres (which they won) before sweeping through the National League Division Series and National League Championship Series in what became known as “Rocktober” in the Denver area.

  • The Royals played from August 31 to September 15, 1977.
  • With the help of players like George Brett, Al Cowens, Dennis Leonard, Hal McRae, and Darrel Porter, Kansas City had just qualified for its first postseason appearance in 1976 before reloading for another October appearance in ’77.
  • Tigers have a 14-point lead (twice) The most recent was from July 31 to August 14, 1934.
  • Following a thrilling seven-game World Series defeat by Cardinals pitcher Mickey Gashouse, the team completed its comeback in the 1935 Fall Classic against Chicago’s Cubs.

Twins: 15 games in a row From June 1st to June 16th, 1991 It’s hardly surprising that all but five of these victories came at the Metrodome, given how dominant the 1991 Minnesota Twins were on their home field (.630 win percentage) and how they used their “dome-field advantage” to win all four of their World Series games against the Atlanta Braves that year.

This streak included a tie against the New York Highlanders on August 13, making Chicago the first team in NBA history to go 20 games without losing.

19 June to 17 July, 1947, New York Yankees This occurred at a period in which it appeared to supporters that the Yankees had never lost a game.

5 Biggest Winning Streaks in Baseball History

Baseball fandometiquette is as straightforward as it is unambiguous: If there is ever a disagreement, the person who can provide seven statistics that are accurate to the third decimal place in support of his or her team will win the argument. Ask any bartender in Chicago, New York, St. Louis, or Boston for an example of this. Yes, it is correct. This is due to the fact that baseball fans, no matter how much they may deny it, are at their core number geeks. Certainly, baseball is a very emotional and historically significant activity, but sportscasters must rely on more than romantic whimsy to get them through a game that may run upwards of three hours on average.

  1. Victories, on the other hand, are something that no amount of acronyms can drown out: If your side wins after the seventh inning on alternating Wednesdays, it doesn’t matter how many on-base opportunities the opposing team manages to accumulate.
  2. In the realm of sports, it’s referred to as a royal flush hand.
  3. It is any amount of victories achieved by a single team or individual in a row.
  4. A streak is considered to be an indication of dominance by all definitions, because extended streaks do not occur by chance.
  5. That’s just a matter of ability.

5: Longest Winning Streak in Segregated Baseball

While it is a sad aspect of baseball history that this difference can be made, it is also a monument to the sport’s long-term viability in the United States. Despite the fact that several African-Americans played professionally in the late 1800s, segregation pushed them out of the game before 1900. Even after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball in 1945, it took many years for Major League Baseball to become completely integrated. The black teams played in a considerably more fractured system than the white teams of the period, when compared to the white teams.

  1. Resulting from this were many leagues, unreliable, short-lived clubs, and sloppy record-keeping.
  2. Some clubs were founded in big home cities, while others were barnstormed from town to town.
  3. Consequently, neither the National Baseball Hall of Fame nor the National Baseball Museum officially acknowledge a winning streak in the Negro Leagues, despite the fact that the league had several of them.
  4. Where you live may have a significant impact on how you define a winning streak in the Major League over this same time period.
  5. This is due to the fact that the 1916 New York Giants were able to string together 26 victories in a row.
  6. They really had 12 triumphs, one draw against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and then another 14 victories after that to finish the season.

Earlier in the season, they went on a 17-game winning streak to start the season. However, if you’re a fan of the Chicago Cubs, that one tie in the middle of the Giants’ run is a source of some controversy. This is due to the fact that the 1935 Cubs won 21 games in a row. There are just Ws.

4: Longest Winning Streak of the Modern Era

For the Oakland A’s, the 2002 season started off in a gloomy manner, as everyone who has watched the film “Moneyball” will recall. Jason Isringhausen and first baseman Jason Giambi were all signed by other teams over the offseason. Outfielder Johnny Damon was signed by another team. Essentially, the majority of the important players who had propelled the A’s to the postseason had just left for higher salaries, resulting in significant statistical gaps on both offense and defense. Furthermore, the franchise was unable to provide much in the way of funding to be used as backfill.

  1. With the goal of finding some of the most cheap and neglected players in the league, general manager Billy Beane and his assistant Paul DePodesta dug through the data of the league’s scrapheap to find solutions to their problems.
  2. No matter how you look at it, winning 20 games in a row is no coincidence.
  3. After that, MLB clubs, fans, and commentators began to take Beane and DePodesta’s experiment seriously, and it has continued to this day.
  4. Some claim that they completely rewrote the rules of the game.
  5. Additionally, they altered the game for any baseball fan who has ever won a baseball argument by boring their opponent into submission with a wall of statistical detail.
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3: Longest Pitching Streak

It’s referred to as the defensive offense: Aside from the pitcher, no other position on the baseball team has the opportunity to record victories on their stat cards. For a winning streak to be included, the victories must be consecutive for that pitcher, but they do not have to be played all in the same game. One must go extremely far in the filing cabinet of baseball records to uncover the record for the longest single-season winning streak in Major League history, which dates back more than a century to the 1912 season of Richard “Rube” Marquard of the New York Yankees.

  1. After playing semi-pro baseball for a factory team as a youngster, he advanced to the minors, where he dominated for two seasons in a row, compiling 23 victories in his first season and 28 in the next.
  2. Sports media praised him as the “$11,000 Peach,” referring to him as the next dominant force in New York City baseball after the departure of Mariano Rivera.
  3. He was soon dubbed the “$11,000 Lemon” because of his low starting salary.
  4. The 1911 season was a turning point in his career, thanks to the assistance of a new assistant coach.
  5. In 1912, he went 26-11, including a 19-game winning run that established his position in baseball’s annals of history.
  6. The winning run began at the start of the season and culminated with him defeating every club in his league.

Despite the fact that Marquard was lifted in the eighth inning, the Giants recovered to regain the lead, and the victory was credited to Marquard as well. That near call foreshadowed the club that would break his run six games later, the Chicago Cubs.

2: Longest World Series Winning Streak

Yankees fans, this is the time of year when your team really shines, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Aside from having by far the most World Game victories of any club since the series began in 1903, the Yankees have also had the longest winning streak in the series, dating back to 1903. The Yankees’ five-year record-setting stretch happened between the seasons 1949 and 1953, when the team was ranked first in the league. The Oakland Athletics, who won three consecutive World Series from 1972 to 1974, are the next closest club.

  • When it comes to the longest winning streaks throughout a single postseason, this is the set of statistics that Boston Red Sox supporters will never forget and that New York Yankees fans will never forget.
  • The plot of the tale proceeds as follows: The Yankees had the Red Sox down three games to zero in the American League series, which had lasted seven games.
  • The New York Yankees’ stunning march to the World Series appeared to be a foregone conclusion.
  • In the following game, the Red Sox rallied to tie the game late in the fourth inning, setting a new record for run time (5:49 over 14 innings) and claiming yet another victory.
  • Following that, the Red Sox swept the St.
  • The squad set a new record for the longest winning run with eight victories and became the first team in history to come back and win the World Series after falling down 3-0 in the League Championship Series.

1: International Streaks

Baseball may have originated in North America, but it has spread around the world in the last century. Baseball’s international appeal was demonstrated by the Baseball World Cup, which was first held in 1938 and brought baseball-playing countries from all over the world together in a single competition. Until recently, the World Cup, which was organized by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and held by a different country every four (and then two) years, was mostly comprised of amateur players.

  1. Not the United States of America.
  2. Despite the fact that baseball is large across Asia, the Caribbean islands, Central America, South America, and even certain European nations, it is equally popular in Cuba as it is in the United States, and Cuba has the victories to prove it.
  3. In the period between 1984 and 2005, the nation won nine consecutive titles, defeating teams from the United States, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Nicaragua, and Panama in the tournament’s finals.
  4. Cuba’s nine-game winning streak came to an end when the World Cup was expanded to enable professional players to compete.
  5. With stars such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, and many more on the roster, the United States squad defeated Cuba in the World Baseball Classic in 2007 and 2009.

Today, the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) organizes the World Baseball Classic, which is organized with Major League Baseball and professional baseball organisations in other nations. Japan won the first two classics in 2006 and 2009, establishing a mini-streak of victories in the process.

Lots More Information

It was just a few months after my son’s birth that the Red Sox completed their epic World Series comeback. And he was right there in my arms, sipping on his bottle of formula, while we watched game seven of the 2004 World Series against the New York Yankees together. To be quite honest, I had never been a fan of the Red Sox before then, but it was impossible not to root for an underdog story like that. As a result, we remained up late to see how everything ended out. After a successful night of baseball, the Red Sox were heading to the World Series, and my son retired for his first-ever uninterrupted night’s slumber.

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We’re Going Streaking: The Longest Winning and Losing Streaks in Major League History

MLB Major League Baseball is experiencing a period of divisiveness at the moment. Due to the apparent widening of the gap between the top and the bottom-feeding clubs, certain teams have been able to put together amazing winning streaks, while others have had more gloomy results. With a 162-game schedule, any dramatic surge or collapse seems to be the best or worst in the history of baseball, depending on your perspective. But how many of the games this season have been truly historic? And what are the all-time best and worst streaks, in terms of length and frequency?

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Longest Winning Streak: 26

The longest winning streak in Major League Baseball since 1901 was achieved early in the league’s history. The 1916 Giants won 26 games in a row despite finishing the season with a 60-66 record the rest of the way. The 2017 Cleveland Indians hold the American League record with 22 consecutive victories en way to a 102-win season, however the Indians were defeated by the New York Yankees in five games in the American League Division Series on Sunday. The 1935 Chicago Cubs (21 straight victories), the 2002 Oakland Athletics (of Moneyball infamy) (20 victories), and the 1906 World Series winner Chicago White Sox (14 victories) round out the top five (19).

Longest Losing Streak: 23

The 1961 Philadelphia Phillies are the team responsible for this dismal run, which saw them lose 23 consecutive games during a season in which they ended 47-107. In that season, the Cubs finished second-to-last in the National League, although they were still 17 games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies. The 1988 Baltimore Orioles started the season with a 21-game losing streak, making them the only club since 1901 to lose more than 20 games in a row in the same season. The Expos of 1969, the Athletics of 1943, the Athletics of 1916, and the Boston Americans of 1906 all went on a 20-game losing streak — a milestone that the Orioles nearly missed by ending their losing skid at 19.

Longest Winning Streak at Home: 26

Early in the 2021 season, the San Diego Padres lived up to the expectations of its fans. After going on a 12-game winning streak at home from May 5 to June 4, they appeared to be a lock for a postseason berth at the time. Although that stretch falls well short of the record of 26 straight home victories established by the 1916 Giants, no other club has come close to approaching that mark in a long time.

In reality, only the 2004 Houston Astros have had a home winning run of at least 18 games since the turn of the century, and six of the ten teams with the longest home winning streaks have done so before 1950.

Longest Losing Streak at Home: 20

The 1953 Browns were having such a horrible season at home that they decided to pack up and move the following season instead. During the months of June and July of that year, the Browns set a franchise record by losing a record 20 consecutive home games. The team relocated to Baltimore at the conclusion of the season and became known as the Orioles. The 1906 Boston Americans set the previous mark of 19 consecutive home defeats, which corresponded with their overall losing skid of 20 games in a row.

Among the worst home-stands in baseball history include the 1913 Yankees and the 1996 Tigers, who both lost 17 games in a row, and the 1926 Red Sox, who went on a 16-game homestand and finished sixth in the league.

Longest Losing Streak on the Road: 24

The Orioles are undoubtedly pleased that the Arizona Diamondbacks managed to set a new record for the most straight road losses during the same month that Baltimore went without a win away from Camden Yards Stadium. The two streaks came to an end on the same day, with the Baltimore Orioles snapping their 20-game road losing streak with a 6-5 win in 10 innings against the Toronto Blue Jays on June 25 and the Arizona Diamondbacks snapping their 24-game road losing streak with a 10-1 thrashing of the San Diego Padres on June 26.

Most Consecutive Games with a Homer: 31

Unsurprisingly, the top of this list is topped by one of the greatest home run hitting teams in history. The 2019 Yankees had the second-highest number of home runs in franchise history, trailing only the Minnesota Twins from the same season, who ended one home run ahead of the Yankees (307 to 306). However, they hit home runs in 31 consecutive games that season, shattering the previous record of 27 set by the Texas Rangers in 2002. Moreover, the 2019 Houston Astros are ranked in the top ten all-time in wins with 25, which they achieved before the season came to a conclusion.

Matt Sisneros created the design.

What Was The Longest Winning Streak in MLB History?

Published on September 29th, 2021 at 12:26 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Dave Manuel is the author of this piece. Some of Major League Baseball’s most well-publicized victory streaks have occurred in recent history, despite the league’s longest winning run occurred decades ago, before the advent of social media and 24-hour news coverage. A 20-game winning streak by the Oakland Athletics in 2002 was later memorialized in the film “Moneyball.” In 2017, the Cleveland Indians came within a few games of breaking the all-time straight victory record, however they ultimately fell short by a few games.

  1. When teams go on these types of winning runs, they often wind up with fantastic regular season records in the process.
  2. Although they concluded with an 86-66 record, the New York Giants performed admirably during the season, especially considering how many people had predicted them to finish with a far better record.
  3. This included Jeff Tesreau, Pol Perritt, and Rube Benton, to name a few.
  4. Aside from hitting 12 home runs and driving in 61 runs, Dave Robertson also finished the season as the league’s leading home run producer.

– In this day and age of parity in Major League Baseball, it’s difficult to conceive that the New York Giants’ winning streak of 1916 will ever be matched or surpassed.

10 Longest MLB Streaks Ever

People all across the world are passionate about baseball and will make it a point to tune in and watch Major League games on television this season. When a beloved team goes on a winning streak, it’s a great experience for everyone involved. With each game, fans across the world feel the suspense increase as they wonder how long the run will continue. Winning streaks may last from one season to the next, and some can last for several months! So, how many games have the longest winning streaks in Major League Baseball lasted?


The total number of winning games is 3500. Date range: September 15th through October 8th, 1887 The opposing team is the Cincinnati Reds. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org The Philadelphia Phillies are the oldest professional sports club in the United States to have remained in the same city for more than 100 years! There have been various different venues where the team has played, including Connie Mack Stadium, Recreation Park, and Veterans Stadium, around the city of Philadelphia.

Did you know?

During their 16-game winning run, the Philadelphia Phillies were referred to as the Philadelphia Quakers by the media.


The total number of winning games is sixteen (16). Date: September 9th through September 27th, 1909. The opposing team is the Cincinnati Reds. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org The Pittsburgh Pirates organization, which was originally known as the Allegheny Athletics, has experienced its fair share of success, including five World Series victories in its history. Along with their winning run, the Pirates won their first World Series in 1909, making it a historic year for the team!

Did you know?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are also referred to as the “Bucs” or “Buccos” since the phrase “Buccaneer” is another meaning for the team’s moniker.

St. Louis Browns (Cardinals)

Number of Winning Games: 17 Total Games Won: Dates: May 5th through June 1st, 1885 The Louisville Colonels are the opposing team. St. Louis, Missouri is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org The famed St. Louis Cardinals of Busch Stadium used to go by the names of the St. Louis Brown Stockings or the St. Louis Browns when they played at Busch Stadium. This organization has won an incredible 19 National League pennants over the span of Major League Baseball history!

They changed their name from the St. Louis Browns to the Baltimore Orioles in the early 1950s after a few sad years of struggle with Bill Veeck, and eventually became the St. Louis Cardinals after a few more years of struggle with Bill Veeck.

Did you know?

Players Dave Foutz and Bob Caruthers are particularly well-known for their high scores, which they achieved during their time on the team.

Boston Beaneaters (Braves)

The total number of winning games is 18. Date range: September 16th to October 2nd, 1891 The Chicago Colts are the opposing team. Boston, Massachusetts is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org The Red Stockings, Beaneaters, Doves, and Braves are just a few of the names that have been used to refer to this baseball organization over the years. When the club was known as the Boston Beaneaters, after being awarded that moniker for the first time in 1883, it ascended to become one of the most dominant teams in the National League throughout the nineteenth century, winning eight pennants.

Did you know?

Frank Selee had a 16-year managerial career in Major League Baseball, which included the Beaneaters’ winning run. He was the only manager in the league’s history who did not also serve as a player with the Beaneaters.

White Sox

The total number of winning games is 19. Date: August 2nd to August 23rd, 1906 The opposing team is the Boston Americans. Chicago, Illinois is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org This team, which was formerly known by the more official name of the Chicago White Stockings, has had tremendous levels of success throughout its existence! While on the field, the White Sox have taken several unique techniques, most notably winning the World Series in 1906 with a defense-focused squad that was lovingly called “the Hitless Wonders.”

Did you know?

The 1906 World Series championship game, in which the Chicago White Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs, was the only time that the two Chicago clubs faced off against one another in a World Series game.


The total number of winning games is 19. Dates: June 29, 1947, through July 17, 1947 The Washington Senators are the opposing team. New York, New York City, and the Bronx are the teams’ home cities. Source:wikimedia.org Even among those who are not sports aficionados, it would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of the New York Yankees and their manager, Aaron Boone. The New York “Highlanders” were the moniker under which this legendary Major League Baseball team played its inaugural game in 1903, a name which they used for the next ten years.

Did you know?

In addition to boasting one of the longest winning streaks in baseball history, the Yankees can also point to Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, who has a 56-game hitting streak that has yet to be surpassed!

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The total number of winning games is 20. Dates: August 13th through September 4th, 2002 The opposing team is the Toronto Blue Jays. Oakland, California is the team’s home base. Source:wikimedia.org The Oakland Athletics, usually known as the Oakland A’s, are a professional baseball team that was founded in Philadelphia in 1901. The Athletics were also one of the eight original baseball clubs of the American League, which was founded in 1892 by Major League Baseball.

In fact, Connie Mack has been manager of the Oakland Athletics throughout the majority of the team’s existence, and he is now the longest-tenured general manager in the history of Major League Baseball.

Did you know?

The Oakland Athletics are well-known for their vibrant uniform colors, which were the result of a great deal of experimentation on the part of owner Charles O. Finley.


The total number of winning games is 21. Dates: June 2nd through July 8th, 1880 The Philadelphia Phillies are the opposing team. Chicago, Illinois is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org The Chicago Cubs were originally known as the Chicago White Stockings when they were created in 1870, and they were the first team to win the National League pennant. Because both the Cubs and the White Sox wanted to be the major club in Chicago, there was a great deal of animosity between the two franchises in their early years, as one might anticipate.

Did you know?

It wasn’t until the 1907 season that this team adopted the Chicago Cubs as its name.


Number of Winning Games: 22 Total Number of Winning Games Dates: August 24th through September 14th, 2017. The opposing team is the Boston Red Sox. Cleveland, Ohio is the team’s home town. Source:wikimedia.org The Cleveland Indians accomplished another milestone on September 28, immediately following the end of their winning streak: they won their 100th game of the season, making it only the third season in baseball history to accomplish this feat. 102 victories later, they had amassed the second most wins per season in the team’s entire history, which was an incredible feat.

Did you know?

It was a collective score of 140–36 in the games that comprised this incredible victory run.


Number of Winning Games: 26 Total Number of Winning Games Date: September 7th through September 30th, 1916 The opposing team is the Brooklyn Robins. New York City, New York is the team’s home base. Source:wikimedia.org In 1916, the San Francisco Giants had the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball history. They were initially known as the New York Gothams when they were created in 1883 and immediately joined the National League. Since one of their games was disrupted by a thunderstorm that lasted till the wee hours of the morning, their record-setting winning run has been a matter of contention.

Did you know?

From 1930 through 1957, the Giants won five World Series championships in 28 seasons.

Roundtable: Do the Indians already have the longest winning streak in MLB history?

This past Thursday night, the unstoppableCleveland Indians extended their unheard-of winning run to an astonishing 22 consecutive games. It was the most entertaining game of the 22-game winning run as they rallied to defeat the Kansas City Royals (CLE 3, KC 2) in the ninth inning. It was Francisco Lindor’s two-out double that brought the Indians to within one run of winning it in the ninth. Jay Bruce’s walk-off double gave them the victory in the tenth. Here’s a video of the rallies that tied the game and won the game: In addition to being the greatest winning streak in the history of the American League, the 22-game winning run is the second longest winning streak in the history of baseball, according to Major League Baseball.

Here are the five MLB teams with the longest winning streaks:

  1. 26 games for the 1916 Giants, 22 games for the 2017 Indians, 21 games for the 1935 Cubs, 20 games for the 2002 Athletics, and 26 games for the 1906 Giants. The White Sox have played 19 games this season.

The 1916 Giants’ winning run of 26 games is a source of considerable debate. Why? Because there was a tie in the middle of the winning streak, the winning streak was broken. The Giants won 12 straight games, then drew a tie before winning 14 straight games to finish the season. The tie was played on September 18, 1916, at the Polo Grounds, between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates, who were both from New York. As part of a doubleheader, this was the second game. A weather delay brought the game to a halt with the score tied at 1-1 in the top of the ninth inning.

  • Remember, there were no lights in baseball stadiums back then.
  • Under the regulations of the time, games that were unable to be finished due to inclement weather or darkness were to be rescheduled for the following day, if the schedule allowed.
  • Here’s a look at the box score.
  • As a result, despite the fact that the tie happened in the middle of the team’s 26-game winning run, it is not officially counted in the standings.
  • Therein lays the source of the disagreement.
  • As a result, we have arrived to the topic of discussion today: should the 1916 Giants be honored with the greatest winning streak in baseball history?
  • Our CBS Sports team of experts had something to say as well.

Anderson (R.J.

However, when it comes to winning streaks, it doesn’t seem appropriate to proclaim them as the longest in history.

Still, I’m only partly joking when I add that there’s an even better reason for us to bestow the accolade to the Indians – it will eliminate the need to bring up the Giants’ streak ever again.

Of sure, it shouldn’t be taken into consideration!

The tie actually occurred.

In that game, Benny Kauff hit his 26th home run of his 49-year career, and it was recorded in the record books.

I believe the 2017 Indians hold the greatest winning streak in baseball history, having won 22 games in a row, while the 1916 Giants have the longest undefeated streak in baseball history, having gone 27 games without losing.

The tie, on the other hand, transpired.

Jonah Keri (Jonah Keri): It should not be included as part of an intact streak under any circumstances.

For example, we shouldn’t consider Billy Hamilton’s stolen-base total from the nineteenth century to be similar to Rickey Henderson’s since in Hamilton’s day, you would be given a stolen base for taking an additional base on a ball in play.

As far as I’m concerned, Cleveland has already established a new record for the longest winning run in NBA history.

The 1916 Giants may hold the longest undefeated record in Major League Baseball history, but they clearly do not have the greatest winning streak in the same period.

Perhaps the Giants would have won that game in extra innings, like the Indians did to earn their 22nd win in a row, or in the unplayed home half of the ninth, but that didn’t happen this time.

In fact, there is evidence to support this claim.

As the 2016 Cubs and Pirates shown, ties in baseball are inevitable.

A winning streak is defined as a series of games won in a row without interruption.

As a result, the 2017 Indians hold the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball history.

Matt Snyder: I’d want to thank you for your time.

Keep your caps on your heads.

Sure, it’s a quirk of the times, as Dayn pointed out, but that’s the background.

The game is treated as if it did not take place if it is not included in the standings – at least in terms of the outcome.

Dayn brings up the 2016 Cubs-Pirates tie from the previous year, but that was not taken into consideration.

The Giants’ 86-66 victory over the Redskins in 1916 did not count.

They had a 26-0 record.

Because there were no lights in the stadiums back then, games were simply abandoned after a set period of time.

When the rain stopped, the game was tied 1-1 after eight innings, and by the time the rain stopped again, it was too dark to continue.

It did not take place.

The 1916 Giants hold the record for the longest winning streak in baseball history, while Barry Bonds has both home run records. That’s all there is to it. We have five CBS Sports analysts, and just one of them firmly supports the 1916 Giants for having baseball’s greatest winning streak at a time.

What Is The Longest Winning Streak In Major League Baseball History?

Long winning streaks are extremely unusual in Major League Baseball. Due to the large number of games played throughout the season, it is tough to put together a lengthy winning streak. However, only a few of clubs have able to match or surpass the 20-game winning streak milestone. But which Major League Baseball team has the longest winning streak in the sport’s history? As of September 14th, 2017, the Cleveland Indians have taken over as the team with the most wins! Thanks to a game-winning single in the bottom of the 10th inning, the Indians have now won 22 consecutive games, setting a new franchise record.

They didn’t lose 26 consecutive games, but that does include a draw, thus they are excused from the requirement.

Here are the victory streaks that have lasted the longest in Major League Baseball history:

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1. The Cleveland Indians have 22 wins in 2017. With a victory over the Royals on Thursday, September 14th, 2017, the Red Sox set a new Major League Baseball record. A draw would have made it 22 straight games for the Chicago White Stockings, who won 21 in a row in 1880*This is pre-live ball baseball, thus it would have been 22 straight games including the tie. T-2. The Chicago Cubs had a record of 21 in 1935. This is the all-time live ball era and National League record. T-4. The St. Louis Maroons had 20 players in 1884.


The year is the same, but the team is different.

Oakland Athletics (T-4): 20 wins in 2002.

19 in 1906 for the Chicago White Sox, who were ranked T-7.

The teams listed above, however, did not.

The New York Yankees had 19 players in 1947.

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