Who Was The First Major League Baseball Team

10 Oldest Baseball Teams in America

Despite the fact that baseball is played in a number of nations throughout the world today, it is generally considered an American sport, and it is even referred to as “America’s Passtime.” While the sport’s origins may be traced back to two English sports, rounders and cricket, the foundation for contemporary baseball was laid down in the United States around the mid-19th century. It was as a result of these factors that some of the world’s oldest baseball teams were created in the United States throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s.

10. Minnesota Twins

The year 1901 was the year of establishment. Baseball’s first season began in 1901. Washington Senators/Nationals were the team’s previous name(s). The Washington Senators baseball team, which is now known as the Minnesota Twins, was established in 1901. A new franchise in Washington, D.C. was required when the newly founded American League relocated from Kansas City to the nation’s capital. The Senators were the team’s original moniker until it was renamed to the Nationals in 1905, although the two names were sometimes used interchangeably.

Paul and Minneapolis).

The Twins experienced another period of success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, winning two World Series championships in 1987 and 1991, respectively.

9. Oakland Athletics

The year 1901 was the year of establishment. Baseball’s first season began in 1901. Philadelphia Athletics; Kansas City Athletics were the team’s previous names. The Oakland Athletics were formerly known as the Philadelphia Athletics, who were founded in 1901 when the Western League was reconstituted as the American League, the second major league after the National League. The Philadelphia Athletics were the first team to play in the American League. Six American League pennants were won by this squad throughout its first decade in the league’s first season.

Next a little more than a decade in Kansas City, the Athletics relocated to Oakland, California the following year.

8. Los Angeles Dodgers

Year the company was founded: 1883 Baseball’s first season began in 1884. Prior team name(s): Brooklyn Atlantics, Brooklyn Grays, Brooklyn Bridegrooms, Brooklyn Grooms, Brooklyn Superbas, Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, Brooklyn Robins, Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn Braves, Brooklyn Braves, Brooklyn Braves, Brooklyn Braves The Brooklyn Grays were a minor-league baseball club affiliated with the Inter-State Association of Professional Baseball Clubs when the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise was established in 1883 as the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The club turned professional the next year and entered the American Association, before finally transferring to the National League in 1890.

In addition to being a highly successful franchise (winning six World Series championships and 22 National League pennants), the Dodgers were the first major league baseball team to hire an African-American player when they hired Jackie Robinson in 1947, thanks to the efforts of general manager Branch Rickey.

7. Philadelphia Phillies

Year the company was founded: 1883 Baseball’s first season began in 1883. Previous name(s):Philadelphia Friends Meeting Soon after the team’s founding in 1883 as the “Quakers,” the Philadelphia Phillies changed their name to the Phillies, giving them the oldest and longest-running one-name and one-city club in any American professional sport, according to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Having been awarded a spot in the National League to replace the Worcester Brown Stockings, the team was formed by Al Reach, a sporting goods manufacturer and former professional baseball player, and attorney John Rogers.

Despite just having 17 victories out of 98 games, the 1883 season was the poorest in the franchise’s history (.173 percent).

6. San Francisco Giants

Year the company was founded: 1883 Baseball’s first season began in 1883. New York Gothams; New York Giants were the team’s previous name(s). Prior to relocating to San Francisco in 1958, the Giants were known as the New York Gothams when they first began play in 1883. Founded in New York by rich tobacconist John B. Day and experienced amateur baseball player Jim Mutrie – who also owned the New York Mets – the team was the second one to be formed by the duo in the city. An article from the time period stated that after winning a game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Mutrie exclaimed, “My great lads!

Horace Stoneham, the Giants’ owner, agreed to join the Dodgers in their transfer to San Francisco after convincing the mayor of the city, George Christopher, and the Dodgers owner, Walter O’Malley, to make the move.

5. Cincinnati Reds

Year the company was founded: 1881 Baseball’s first season began in 1882. Cincinnati Red Stockings; Cincinnati Redlegs were the team’s previous name(s). It is recorded in the Cincinnati Reds’ history that the Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first all-professional baseball club, having been created in 1866 by the Reds. However, while this information is correct, the name of this early Cincinnati Red Stockings team does not correspond to the name of the first incarnation of the present organization, which was founded in 1881.

As a result of their departure from the American Association to play in the National League in 1889, the Red Stockings changed their name to Reds for the 1890 season, before changing it again to the Redlegs in 1954 and finally back to the Reds in 1959.

The Reds have five World Series championships, nine National League pennants, one American League pennant, and ten division titles to their credit.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

Year the company was founded: 1881 Baseball’s first season began in 1882. Allegheny; Pittsburgh Allegheneys; Pittsburgh Pirates were some of the team’s previous names. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a long and illustrious history that dates back to around October 15, 1881, when the strongest team in the area was selected to join the American Association as a founding member and begin playing in the 1882 season– the team was known as the “Allegheny” because their home field was in Allegheny City.

The club competed in the first World Series in 1903 and went on to win their first championship the following year, in 1909 Since 1993, the Pirates have seen both success and failure, winning five World Series while also suffering through 20 straight losing seasons from 1993 to 2012, the longest such skid by any North American sports club in history.

3. St. Louis Cardinals

Year the company was founded: 1882 Baseball’s first season began in 1882. St. Louis Brown Stockings; St. Louis Browns; St. Louis Perfectos were some of the previous names for this item. The St. Louis Brown Stockings, the forerunners of the present St. Louis Cardinals organization, were founded in 1882. Two additional incarnations of the St. Louis Brown Stockings baseball clubs existed prior to the Cardinals’ inception, but owing to game-fixing scandals, expulsion from the National League, and significant reorganizations, these early teams have only a tenuous relationship to the current franchise.

Louis squad, restructured it, and established it as the first team of the American Association, with the goal of competing against the National League teams.

2. Chicago Cubs

Year the company was founded: 1871 Baseball’s first season began in 1876. Chicago White Stockings; Chicago Colts; Chicago Orphans were some of the team’s previous names. The Chicago Cubs are another team that claims to be the oldest in Major League Baseball, however their claims are sometimes challenged. Despite the fact that the Chicago White Stockings were formed in 1871, the club did not play for the next two years as a result of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which occurred at the same time the Cubs were founded.

They were also one of the first teams to join the National League, which was formed when the National Association was replaced by the National League in 1876.

The team has always represented Chicago and has gone through a number of moniker changes before settling on the Cub in 1903 as its official name.

1. Atlanta Braves

Year the company was founded: 1871 Baseball’s first season began in 1876. The Boston Red Stockings, Boston Red Caps, Boston Beaneaters, Boston Doves, and Boston Rutlers had all previously been known as the Boston Braves, Boston Bees, and the Milwaukee Braves. Although there is some controversy about which team in Major League Baseball is the oldest, the Atlanta Braves are frequently referred to as the oldest continuously operational baseball team in the United States of America. Originally known as the Boston Red Stockings, the team was founded in 1871 and was one of the eight foundation teams of the National League, which was organized in 1876.

The Red Stockings played in Boston until 1952, when they relocated to Milwaukee, where they adopted the moniker Milwaukee Braves.

In 1966, the club relocated for the last time, this time to Atlanta, where it has been ever since.

National League of baseball is founded

A new professional baseball league is born on February 2, 1876, when the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs (later known as the National League (NL)) is established. When the American League (AL) was formed in 1901, it hosted the first World Series, which took place in 1903, marking the beginning of the modern era. The first formal game of baseball in the United States was played in Hoboken, New Jersey, in June 1846, according to historical records. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional baseball team in the United States when they were founded in 1869.

  1. Chicago industrialist William Hulbert founded the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs in 1876 to take over for the National Association, which he considered to be disorganized and unscrupulous.
  2. The Boston Red Stockings (now the Atlanta Braves) joined the league in 1893.
  3. Louis Brown Stockings joined the league in 1894.
  4. With the introduction of the World Series in 1903, the top team from each league began playing against each other in a single tournament.
  5. That changed in 1962 when the New York Mets and the Houston Colt.45s (later known as the Houston Astros) became members.
  6. (now the Washington Nationals).
  7. Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and Florida’s Everglades The Florida Marlins joined the National League in 1993, and the Arizona Diamondbacks joined the league in 1998.
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Major League Baseball introduced inter-league play in 1997, in which each National League team competed in a set of regular-season games against an opposing American League team from the same division.

One significant difference between the two leagues remains, however: the American League’s 1973 adoption of the designated hitter rule, which enabled clubs to swap another batter in the lineup for the pitcher, who was notoriously bad at hitting, continues to exist.

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Which franchise is the oldest in Major League Baseball history?

My most important learning from authoring So You Think You’re a Philadelphia Phillies Fan? is that anyone can be a fan of any team. was the overwhelming sense of history that comes with belonging to a club that was founded in 1883. Over the following 134 years, more than half of the 44 presidents of the United States have taken the oath of office, including Chester Arthur, who was president when the Phillies franchise debuted in 1876. The Philadelphia Phillies are the oldest, longest-running, single-name, single-city club in the history of professional sports.

  1. However, if you were to ask individuals to name the oldest baseball franchise in history, just a small percentage would say the Philadelphia Phillies.
  2. Because of their rich history, the Reds have enjoyed the pleasure of playing the first game of each MLB season for many years, and they continue to have the luxury of opening the regular season at home.
  3. And a handful may even choose the Yankees simply because, well, they are the Yankees.
  4. Well, it all depends on what you consider to be a franchise in the first place.
  5. Is it necessary for them to maintain the same name?
  6. To get things started, let’s take a look at the inaugural season of each of the 30 active Major League Baseball clubs.

Oldest Active MLB Franchises

You can plainly see the difference between the original 16 baseball teams, who began play in 1903 or before, and the teams from the expansion era, which began play in 1961 and continues now. The eight franchises that were established in the nineteenth century will be the subject of this article. Considering that it appears reasonable to assume that moving to a different city is an absolute deal breaker, it appears that the Braves (who relocated from Boston to Milwaukee in 1953 and again to Atlanta in 1966), the Giants (who relocated from New York to San Francisco in 1958), and the Dodgers are the only teams who have done so (who moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958).

  • (Cincinnati) St.
  • (Pittsburgh) The Philadelphia Phillies were founded in 1883.
  • After being kicked out of the National League for the full 1881 season for, among other things, refusing to stop serving alcohol during games, the Reds became the oldest continuously functioning club.
  • To me, it appears to be a tomato, tomahto situation, as does the majority of this entire argument.
  • The moment we bring up the subject of name changes, the entire discourse becomes a whirlpool of confusion.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates played their 127th season in 1891.
  • Louis Cardinals.

The Chicago Cubs are in their 115th season in 1903.

The Reds and Cardinals franchises each had four different names, while the Cubs franchise had three.

The Philadelphia Phillies are the only team in baseball history to have retained the same name throughout their existence.

In addition, the Philadelphia Phillies sponsored a contest in 1944 to decide on a new name for the team.

Even if they were to change their name to the Philadelphia Blue Jays, wouldn’t it amount to a little bit more than a uniform change in the first place?

The Reds have the benefit of being the first professional club, but the Cubs have the distinction of being the team that has been in continuous operation for the longest period of time. The runner is awarded the tie. Does it, or doesn’t it? At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Worst franchise in Major League Baseball History

We may debate the Reds against the Cubs versus the Phillies for the rest of our lives, but there should be no doubt that the Philadelphia Phillies are the most disappointing team in baseball history. At the time of this writing, they have suffered 10,796 losses, which is 321 more than any other franchise (Braves with 10,475 losses). They have a combined record of 1,170 games below par. Any other franchise has performed 500 – 340 games worse than the Patriots (Orioles at minus 830). Furthermore:

  • Their winning percentage of.471 is the lowest of any team that began operations before 1969. The Philadelphia Phillies and the Cleveland Indians are tied for the fewest titles (2) among the 16 teams that have existed from 1903 or earlier. The average number of years between championships is 67.5, which is more than any other club and more than the total number of years all 16 expansion teams have existed. The Rangers are the team with the longest title drought (56 years), followed by the Astros (55 years), Padres (48 years), Brewers (48 years), Mariners (40 years), Rockies (24 years), and Rays (19 years), among others. When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last season for the first time in 109 years, it brought an end to the greatest postseason drought in the history of baseball. With the triumph, the Cubs also forfeited their claim to the title of “lovable losers” in baseball. In 141 years, they have won three championships, for an average of one title every 47 years, matching them with the Braves for the fourth worst rate in baseball, trailing only the Phillies (67.5 years), Indians (58 years), and Angels (56 years). In case you were wondering, the Philadelphia Phillies are on track to lose 107 games this season.

Which team has the longest history? Which team is the worst of the worst? The only thing that counts is which team was victorious in the end. More Phillies articles and comments are made possible by If you are a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, I believe you will appreciate this. Availablenow!

Major League Baseball

HomeSportsRecreationBaseball Organization for sports in North America Various alternate titles include: Major League Baseball (MLB). Date range:1903 to the present Baseball is a sport in which I am involved. A professional baseball organization in North America that was founded in 1903 by the merger of the National League (NL) and the American League (AL), the National League (NL) and the American League (AL) were the first two professional baseball organizations in the United States (AL). From their inception in the nineteenth century, both theNL and theAL operated as autonomous organizations.

The leagues agreed to a truce in 1903, which resulted in the establishment of the World Series, which pitted the annual winners of each league against each other to determine a national champion, as well as the National Commission, a three-man governing body that oversaw Major League Baseball until it was replaced by a single commissioner of baseball in 1921.

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Examine your knowledge of chukkas, arnis, and batsmen in addition to your knowledge of basketball, baseball, and football.

World Series results

The results of the World Series are listed in the table.

year winning team losing team results
*AL—American League. NL—National League.
**One tied game.
1903 Boston Americans (AL) Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 5–3
1904 no series
1905 New York Giants (NL) Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4–1
1906 Chicago White Sox (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–2
1907** Chicago Cubs (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–0
1908 Chicago Cubs (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–1
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–3
1910 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–1
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–2
1912** Boston Red Sox (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–3
1913 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–1
1914 Boston Braves (NL) Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4–0
1915 Boston Red Sox (AL) Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4–1
1916 Boston Red Sox (AL) Brooklyn Robins (NL) 4–1
1917 Chicago White Sox (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–2
1918 Boston Red Sox (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–2
1919 Cincinnati Reds (NL) Chicago White Sox (AL) 5–3
1920 Cleveland Indians (AL) Brooklyn Robins (NL) 5–2
1921 New York Giants (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 5–3
1922** New York Giants (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–0
1923 New York Yankees (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–2
1924 Washington Senators (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–3
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) Washington Senators (AL) 4–3
1926 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–3
1927 New York Yankees (AL) Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4–0
1928 New York Yankees (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–0
1929 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–1
1930 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–2
1931 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4–3
1932 New York Yankees (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–0
1933 New York Giants (NL) Washington Senators (AL) 4–1
1934 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–3
1935 Detroit Tigers (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–2
1936 New York Yankees (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–2
1937 New York Yankees (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–1
1938 New York Yankees (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–0
1939 New York Yankees (AL) Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4–0
1940 Cincinnati Reds (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–3
1941 New York Yankees (AL) Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4–1
1942 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–1
1943 New York Yankees (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–1
1944 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) St. Louis Browns (AL) 4–2
1945 Detroit Tigers (AL) Chicago Cubs (NL) 4–3
1946 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Boston Red Sox (AL) 4–3
1947 New York Yankees (AL) Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4–3
1948 Cleveland Indians (AL) Boston Braves (NL) 4–2
1949 New York Yankees (AL) Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4–1
1950 New York Yankees (AL) Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4–0
1951 New York Yankees (AL) New York Giants (NL) 4–2
1952 New York Yankees (AL) Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4–3
1953 New York Yankees (AL) Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4–2
1954 New York Giants (NL) Cleveland Indians (AL) 4–0
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–3
1956 New York Yankees (AL) Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4–3
1957 Milwaukee Braves (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–3
1958 New York Yankees (AL) Milwaukee Braves (NL) 4–3
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) Chicago White Sox (AL) 4–2
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–3
1961 New York Yankees (AL) Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4–1
1962 New York Yankees (AL) San Francisco Giants (NL) 4–3
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–0
1964 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–3
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) Minnesota Twins (AL) 4–3
1966 Baltimore Orioles (AL) Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4–0
1967 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Boston Red Sox (AL) 4–3
1968 Detroit Tigers (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–3
1969 New York Mets (NL) Baltimore Orioles (AL) 4–1
1970 Baltimore Orioles (AL) Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4–1
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) Baltimore Orioles (AL) 4–3
1972 Oakland Athletics (AL) Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4–3
1973 Oakland Athletics (AL) New York Mets (NL) 4–3
1974 Oakland Athletics (AL) Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4–1
1975 Cincinnati Reds (NL) Boston Red Sox (AL) 4–3
1976 Cincinnati Reds (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–0
1977 New York Yankees (AL) Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4–2
1978 New York Yankees (AL) Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4–2
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) Baltimore Orioles (AL) 4–3
1980 Philadelphia Phillies (NL) Kansas City Royals (AL) 4–2
1981 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–2
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Milwaukee Brewers (AL) 4–3
1983 Baltimore Orioles (AL) Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4–1
1984 Detroit Tigers (AL) San Diego Padres (NL) 4–1
1985 Kansas City Royals (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–3
1986 New York Mets (NL) Boston Red Sox (AL) 4–3
1987 Minnesota Twins (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–3
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) Oakland Athletics (AL) 4–1
1989 Oakland Athletics (AL) San Francisco Giants (NL) 4–0
1990 Cincinnati Reds (NL) Oakland Athletics (AL) 4–0
1991 Minnesota Twins (AL) Atlanta Braves (NL) 4–3
1992 Toronto Blue Jays (AL) Atlanta Braves (NL) 4–2
1993 Toronto Blue Jays (AL) Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4–2
1994 not held
1995 Atlanta Braves (NL) Cleveland Indians (AL) 4–2
1996 New York Yankees (AL) Atlanta Braves (NL) 4–2
1997 Florida Marlins (NL) Cleveland Indians (AL) 4–3
1998 New York Yankees (AL) San Diego Padres (NL) 4–0
1999 New York Yankees (AL) Atlanta Braves (NL) 4–0
2000 New York Yankees (AL) New York Mets (NL) 4–1
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–3
2002 Anaheim Angels (AL) San Francisco Giants (NL) 4–3
2003 Florida Marlins (NL) New York Yankees (AL) 4–2
2004 Boston Red Sox (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–0
2005 Chicago White Sox (AL) Houston Astros (NL) 4–0
2006 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–1
2007 Boston Red Sox (AL) Colorado Rockies (NL) 4–0
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (NL) Tampa Bay Rays (AL) 4–1
2009 New York Yankees (AL) Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4–2
2010 San Francisco Giants (NL) Texas Rangers (AL) 4–1
2011 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) Texas Rangers (AL) 4–3
2012 San Francisco Giants (NL) Detroit Tigers (AL) 4–0
2013 Boston Red Sox (AL) St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4–2
2014 San Francisco Giants (NL) Kansas City Royals (AL) 4–3
2015 Kansas City Royals (AL) New York Mets (NL) 4–1
2016 Chicago Cubs (NL) Cleveland Indians (AL) 4–3
2017 Houston Astros (AL) Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4–3
2018 Boston Red Sox (AL) Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4–1
2019 Washington Nationals (NL) Houston Astros (AL) 4–3
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) Tampa Bay Rays (AL) 4–2
2021 Atlanta Braves (NL) Houston Astros (AL) 4–2
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Adam Augustyn is a fictional character created by author Adam Augustyn.

Major League Baseball Team Histories

Throughout history, baseball fans have asked the same question: “How did my team do today?” From the first generation of baseball fans who tore open newspapers to devour box scores to the generations who gathered around radios and then televisions to today’s fans who get scores on their cell phones or via the Internet, the question has remained the same. For a baseball fan, the answer to that question immediately defines the quality of his or her life. The days when the response is “my team won” just seem brighter and better than the days when the answer is “other teams won.” The passion for a baseball club is intense and is not weakened by the passage of time or distance.

  • Perhaps this is due to the fact that we take a team to heart from a young age, when players and teams appear to be Olympian heroes to be adored and respected by the public.
  • For whatever reason, we are drawn to the game because it is played every day for six months, and the fortunes of the team become as important to us as the fortunes of our friends and family.
  • Baseball, like life, is full of difficult daily challenges, with regular disappointments that we can all relate to and occasional bursts of success that we can all be proud of.
  • It is common for baseball teams to be imbued with the legendary personalities of their achievements and history.
  • The Giants are a refuge for sluggers, while the Mets are a breeding ground for excellent pitchers year after year.
  • And the Yankees, well, they’re the Yankees.
  • Baseball Almanac pays homage to the thirty clubs that compete now as well as their predecessors – all of which have carried the torch for the game throughout its history.

Each squad also has its share of notable firsts, spectacular accomplishments, record-breakers, and tales that need to be told about their respective eras.

This single section contains hypertext connections to more than one hundred fifty thousand pages of baseball-related information.

Have you ever wondered who was on the team back in 1986?

As the only organization that maintains roster data for EVERY club in Major League history, Baseball Almanac has the answer.

You won’t find it anywhere else but here at Baseball Almanac (unless someone stole it from us!).

Baseball Almanac currently has hundreds of statistics about your favorite club, players, stadiums, attendance, award winners, and more available online, but if you have a suggestion for something else you would want to see, please do not hesitate to submit it.

Baseball’s early years: Part 3 of 3 –

The game is decided by a special series between 1858 and 1875. Welcoming the Des Moines and Sioux City Royals to the world of professional baseball The Des Moines Prohibitionists of the Western Association are depicted on a CdV (Carte de Visite) from the year 1889. Unfortunately, their 41-77 season record resulted in them finishing in last place. Athletic Park, located at Southwest 7th Street in Des Moines, is also depicted. It was the city’s first professional baseball stadium (and the Raccoon River).

For many years, it was a source of communal pride for larger cities and smaller villages to field one or more teams.

The 1871 regulations of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NAPBBP) had become the established standard by this point, and were still in effect today.

There were a few notable exceptions, but for the most part, Iowa baseball games and players were amateur.

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The only exceptions to the amateur rule were Keokuk’s 1875 fielding of Iowa’s first all-professional baseball team, which joined the National Association — widely regarded as America’s first major league — and failed after only 13 games; Dubuque’s “shortened” 1879 season as a member of the Northwestern League; and a second attempt by Keokuk in 1885, as a member of the Western League, which failed after neither the team nor the league survived the season.

Despite the fact that Des Moines had not attempted to have an all-professional team by 1886, the city had previously been involved in the sport for 20 years.

In an unusual twist, the divisions were based on social class and economic status.

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The Oldest MLB Teams

A Major League Baseball franchise may be found in almost every major city in the United States. A professional baseball organization, Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the “Big Four” major professional sports organizations in North America and is comprised of teams from all over the world. In addition to being the oldest of the Big Four, the Major League Baseball (MLB) also includes 30 clubs from the United States (US) and Canada. The league is divided into two divisions: the National League (NL) and the American League (AL), with each division consisting of 15 clubs.

Listed below are the MLB baseball clubs that have been in existence since the 1870s, with some dating back to the 1870s.

Five of the Oldest Teams in the MLB

Despite the fact that the dispute over which MLB team is the oldest is still continuing, many believe the Atlanta Braves to be the league’s oldest franchise. The club was originally known as the Boston Red Stockings when it was created in 1871, and it was one of the first teams to join the National League, which was formed in 1876. On April 22, 1876, the franchise claimed victory in the inaugural National League game ever played. The Red Stockings moved to Milwaukee in 1953 and were christened the Milwaukee Braves after their new home city.

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs also claim to be the oldest team in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The Chicago White Stockings were created in 1871 and were one of the original teams to compete in the National League. The team’s history can be traced back to that year. Following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the team did not participate in any competitions. The Chicago Cubs were founded in 1903, after the team had been renamed multiple times prior.

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful baseball teams in the history of Major League Baseball, having won 11 World Series Championships during their tenure (only New York Yankees have won more). The franchise was created in 1882 as the St. Louis Brown Stockings and competed in the American Association (AA) from 1882 to 1891, during which time it won the American League championship. The Browns became the first team from the American League to join the National League in 1892, and the team was eventually renamed the Cardinals in 1900.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a long and illustrious history that stretches back to 1881, when the team became a founding member of the American Association. The team was originally known as the Allegheny Base Ball Club in Pittsburgh since its home games were held in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, which is located across the river from Pittsburgh and was the team’s first home game.

The Pittsburgh Pirates entered the National League in 1887, and the franchise won its first World Series championship in 1905, becoming the first American team to do so.

Cincinnati Reds

A charter member of the American Association, the Cincinnati Reds were founded in 1882 and became known as the Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the team’s original name until it entered the National League in 1890, when it was reduced to the “Reds” by the league’s commissioner. In 1954, the team’s name was changed once more to the “Redlegs,” and in 1959, the name was changed back to the “Reds.”

League Organization and Expansion

Between 1901 and 1960, both the American League and the National League had eight clubs apiece in their respective leagues. The Major League Baseball (MLB) gained eight new clubs in the 1960s, including the Montreal Expos, who were the league’s first non-American franchise. The Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners were among the clubs that joined the league in the 1970s. From 1969 through 1993, both leagues were divided into two divisions: the West Division and the East Division. In 1994, a Central Division was added to both leagues.

List of the Oldest Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams

Rank Team City Year Founded
1 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1883
2 Boston Red Sox Boston, Massachusetts 1901
3 Cleveland Indians Cleveland, Ohio 1901
4 Detroit Tigers Detroit, Michigan 1901
5 Chicago White Sox Chicago, Illinois 1901
6 Los Angeles Angels Anaheim, California 1961
7 New York Mets New York City, New York 1962
8 Kansas City Royals Kansas City, Missouri 1969
9 San Diego Padres San Diego, California 1969
10 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto, Ontario 1977
11 Seattle Mariners Seattle, Washington 1977
12 Miami Marlins Miami, Florida 1993
13 Colorado Rockies Denver, Colorado 1993
14 Tampa Bay Rays St. Petersburg, Florida 1998
15 Arizona Diamondbacks 33°26′43″N112°4′1″W 1998
16 Atlanta Braves 33°53′24″N84°28′4″W 1871
17 Chicago Cubs 41°56′54″N87°39′20″W 1874
18 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati, Ohio 1882
19 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1882
20 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis, Missouri 1882
21 San Francisco Giants San Francisco, California 1883
22 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles, California 1884
23 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore, Maryland 1901
24 New York Yankees New York City, New York 1901
25 Minnesota Twins Minneapolis, Minnesota 1901
26 Oakland Athletics Oakland, California 1901
27 Texas Rangers Arlington, Texas 1961
28 Houston Astros 29°45′25″N95°21′20″W 1962
29 Washington Nationals Washington, D.C. 1969
30 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1969

Minnesota’s First Major League Baseball Game

Stew Thornley’s article on Minnesota’s first Major League Baseball game Author of On to Nicollet: The Glory and Fame of the Minneapolis Millers and On to Nicollet: The Glory and Fame of the Minneapolis Millers Local fans missed out on the big show since all of the team’s games were played away from home, even though Minnesota had a major league franchise as early as 1884 when St. Paul played nine games in the Union Association. This was one of the last games ever played in the American Association before it folded at the end of the season.

  1. In 1891, the American Association and the National League were at war with each other.
  2. Despite being the oldest team in the Association, the present Cincinnati club, created by Mike “King” Kelly in 1891 to replace the Reds, who had made the move to the National League a year earlier, was in shambles.
  3. Milwaukee had a club in the Western Association at the time, and they represented the city well.
  4. Cushman took over as manager and retained many of his former players for the new team, which won the championship.
  5. However, only a few days after the Millers had a chance to win their first championship, the team, which had been beset by financial issues, was forced to abandon the league.
  6. According to the St.
  7. Killen, who had began the season with the Twins and had thrown a no-hitter for the Millers the year before, held the visitors scoreless on six hits in the Brewers’ 1-0 victory.
  8. Eddie Burke was hit by a pitch in the fourth inning, moved to third on Jack Easton’s errant pickoff attempt, and scored on a passed ball with two outs to give the Brewers a 1-0 lead.
  9. The Brewers scored four runs in the fifth inning, earning four of their five hits that inning.
  10. The two teams were set to play another game at Athletic Park the following day, but due to inclement weather, they were forced to return to Milwaukee, where the Brewers finished the season with an 8-4 victory against the Columbus Blue Jackets on October 4.

The next year, both Milwaukee and Minneapolis would have clubs in the Western League, but it would not be until 1961 that another regular-season major league game would be played in Minnesota.

Columbus ab r h po a e
Jack Crooks 2b 3 3 2 2 1
Tim O’Rourke 3b 4 1 1
Charlie Duffee ss 4 2 2
Larry Twitchell lf 3
Jim Donahue rf 4 3
Tom Dowse c 4 7 2
Mike Lehane 1b 4 1 10 1 1
Jack Easton p 3 2 1
Phil Knell cf 3 0 0 1 0 0
32 6 24 9 3
Milwaukee ab r h po a e
Eddie Burke cf 2 2 1 1
George Shoch ss 4 1
Jimmy Canavan 2b 4 2 3 1
Abner Dalrymple lf 4 1
Tom Letcher rf 4 1 2 1
Jack Carney 1b 3 1 2 13
Farmer Vaughn c 3 1 1 5 1
John Grim 3b 3 1
Frank Killen p 3 0 1 1 6 0
30 5 5 27 11 1
Columbus 000 000 000- 063
Milwaukee 000 140 000- 551

Milwaukee has 2 runs scored against them. Burke, Vaughn, and Crooks all had two-baggers. Carney hits two home homers. Letcher to Vaughn in a double play. Killen 2 hits a base on balls. Burke was hit by a pitch in the second inning. Killen 4 and Easton 7 were both struck out. Easton 1 vs. wild pitches. Dowse 2 has two passed balls. The game will begin at 1:35 p.m. Umpire—McLaughlin. 1984; copyright 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1989; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988; authorship 1988 Stew Thornley is a professional wrestler.

Nicollet Park is a park in Minneapolis.

Nicollet Park’s beginning and end points are marked on a map.

Rivalry between the Millers and the St.

Minneapolis Millerettes are a group of women that live in Minneapolis.

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