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FAQ — Canes Southwest

Is there a mission statement for Canes Southwest Baseball? In order for young athletes to realize their ambitions of playing college and professional baseball, we must first establish an atmosphere in which they may do so. We also feel that via the game of baseball, we can assist in the development of determination and character in our players, which will be an advantage to them not only in the game of baseball, but throughout their lives. Do the Canes Southwest just sign the most talented players available?

Many athletes and families come to our club for the wrong reasons, and we try to help them.

We are searching for players that have the physical capacity to compete at the highest level on the national stage.

What services and products does the Wilson family of brands supply to the Canes Southwest team?

To be distributed to each Canes Southwest player are the things from the Wilson family of brands, which are as follows: Three custom jersey tops, one-two custom game trousers, one EvoShield batting helmet (optional), one LS/DeMarini equipment bag (optional), and two The Game hats will be provided.

  • As a member of the Canes Southwest, you will have the opportunity to compete against other excellent players.
  • This school has more experience dealing with college coaches and professional baseball scouts than any other organization in the Southwest, and you will benefit from that expertise.
  • The Canes Southwest Baseball Club charges a fee to participate in their games.
  • Player fees can be paid in two installments: a season charge (for the fall and spring/summer seasons) or a monthly price that varies depending on the amount of practices, games, tournaments, and special events attended (such as trips, meetings, private sessions).
  • What are some of the local and national tournaments in which you send teams?
  • AABC Connie Mack World Series (New Mexico)
  • AABC Don Mattingly World Series (Arizona)
  • AABC Mickey Mantle World Series (Connecticut)
  • USSSA (Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Alabama)
  • Cooperstown Classic Championship (New York)
  • Cooperstown Classic Championships (Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama)
  • Cooperstown Classic Championship

Canes 2021 Spring/Summer Tryouts

Tryouts will be held in the Spring/Summer of 2021 for players who wish to join the Canes Baseball organization at a regional, American, or National level club in the graduating years of 2020-2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2021. – It is expected that all athletes who participate in these trials will be eligible to participate in the Canes Baseball program beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2021. – Attend any of the tryouts listed below to increase their chances of being placed on a Canes team participating in the HS showcase program for the upcoming season.

– In addition, all of the tryout venues are National or American level tryout places as well– 14U National tryouts are identified by the dates and places of those specific tryouts.

All you have to do is register your player and then select the Pay by check/Walk-up option on the payment screen.

As a member of the Canes program in 2021, you will have access to privileges such as:– the largest scouting network in the United States, with over 180 players committing to college programs each year In addition to the 16U and 17U PG WWBA National Champions and the PG Underclass World Champions, Perfect Games USA has also ranked the following teams: the 1st, 3rd, and 5th ranked 17U, 3rd, 16U, and 5th ranked 14U teams currently ranked in the United States.

With the finest tournament calendar on the East Coast with premier events from Perfect Game, Prep Baseball Report, Dynamic Baseball, and Wilson Premier– Exclusive Wilson brand equipment and clothing savings on products like Evoshield, Louisville Slugger, ATEC, and Wilson– plus more!

Exceptional bespoke footwear from Adidas available at special Canes Only prices.

The following are the dates and locations:–

  • On November 1, the Arena Club in Bel Air, Maryland, will host the 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 Grads14U National
  • On November 7, In The Net in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, will host the 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 Grads14U National
  • And on November 7, Bishop England High School in Charleston, South Carolina, will host the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 Grads14U National
  • On November 7, In The – 10 a.m. – 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 Grads14U National
  • November 15 – Independence HS – 23115 Learning Cir, Ashburn, VA 20148 – 11 a.m. – 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 Grads
  • November 15 – High Point Rockers (Truist Point/BBT Field)Diamond Xtreme – 301 N Elm St, High Point, NC 27262 ( The Grads14U Nationals will be held at Diamond Xtreme (HittingBullpens) from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on February 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2020, 2023, 2024, and 2025. All position players will report to Tuist Field at 830 a.m. to participate in positional worksixties, after which all pitchers, catchers, and position players will proceed to Diamond Xtreme for hitting assessments and bullpen sessions. Please bring grass shoes and molded cleats to the game with you. Truist Field does not allow the use of metal spikes. Diamond Xtreme is a facility that is located inside.
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11 a.m. – OLYMPIC HIGH SCHOOL – 4301 Sandy Porter Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273 – GRADS2023-2025-2026 ELIGIBLE – 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 GRADS14U ELIGIBLE JANUARY 30, 2022 – LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL – 2463 Augusta Hwy, Lexington, SC 29072 – 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 GRADS14U ELIGIBLE – 2 PM LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL – 2463 Augusta Hwy, Lexington, SC 29072 THE 5TH OF FEBRUARY, 2022 – TRUIST PARK (HIGH POINT ROCKERS) –301 N Elm St, High Point, NC 27622– THE YEARS 2023, 2024, 2025, AND 2026 GRADS14U ELIGIBLE – THE DAY BEGINS AT 9 A.

  • THE 5TH OF FEBRUARY, 2022 – LEGACY PARK (INSIDE) – 2 PM THE 12TH OF FEBRUARY, 2022 – OLYMPIC HIGH SCHOOL – 4301 Sandy Porter Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273 – THE GRADS14U ELIGIBLE FOR THE YEARS 2023, 2024, 2025, AND 2026 – 11 A.M.
  • -2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 GRADS14U ELIGIBLE -11 AM On February 19, 2022, the COASTAL SPORTS CENTER (INDOOR) will be open from 11 a.m.
  • and will be located at 1324 Ballentine Blvd in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • On February 19, 2022, at the Redskin Drive Academy, 13831 Redskin Dr, Herndon, VA 20171, grades 14 and up will be eligible.
  • In the years 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026, grades 14 and up will be eligible.
  • 11 A.M.

Canes 2021 Winter Tryouts

WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR REGISTRATION, PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM AND COMPLETE YOUR ONLINE PAYMENT, IF PAYING ONLINE– National Champions on 21 occasions More than 2500 alumni have pledged their support to college programs. There are almost 250 Draft Pickers. In the last seven years, there have been 26 first-round draft picks. More than 30 PG Since 2009, all Americans have been included. It is intended for players who wish to join the Canes Baseball program at the regional, American or national level in the graduating years of 2022, 2023, 2024,5 and 2026-7, beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2021 and progressing to the National level in 2025.

– Attend any of the tryouts listed below to increase their chances of being placed on a Canes team participating in the HS showcase program for the upcoming season.

– It is also possible to tryout at the National or American level at any of the sites.

All you have to do is register your player and then select the Pay by check/Walk-up option on the payment screen.

As a member of the Canes program in 2021, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits: In addition to having the largest scouting network in the United States (with over 180 players committing to college programs each year), we also have the #1, #2, and #3 ranked 17U, 16U, and 15U teams in the United States, as well as the PG WWBA National Champions at the 16U and 17U levels, as well as the PG Underclass World Champions at the 16U and 17U levels!

With the greatest tournament calendar on the East Coast featuring major events from Perfect Game, Prep Baseball Report, Dynamic Baseball, and Wilson Premier, we have you covered.

uniform sets that include custom Wilson and Evoshield jerseys–unique custom footwear from adidas that is available at exclusive Canes Only discounts – Exclusive InnerPro offseason training program that may be customized to meet your specific offseason training requirements Hitters can benefit from the BlastMotion training regimen.

There is also a Scoutcast Player Video Service in conjunction with the Virtual Combine Player Profile Platform, among other things.

– Legacy Park (Indoor) – 22182 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Ruther Glen, VA 22546 – 10 AM – 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 Graduating Classes From 4 PM to 7 PM on March 14, Diamond Xtreme is located at 263 Gretas Way in Kernersville, North Carolina. Graduating Class of 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 —


Canes Midwest Baseball is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of high school baseball players who wish to continue their baseball careers at the university level. One of our primary objectives is to have as many college coaches and professional scouts as possible observe our kids in action. We look for student/athletes from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio who are outstanding players, have positive attitudes, and do well in the classroom. We recruit students/athletes from all over the country.

The Canes compete against top-tier competition and are displayed in some of the nation’s most prestigious sporting venues.

Playing baseball with the Canes provides student/athletes with the opportunity to travel all around the east coast while learning the game.


The Canes Midwest are a new team to the Midwest. They play in the American Hockey League. In the fall of 2016, the Canes, who had been in existence for ten years, approached the board of directors of the Indiana Outlaws about rebranding as Canes Midwest. The Canes Midwest club was created after four Indiana Outlaw teams were renamed by the Canes Midwest Board of Directors. This was the fourth year that the Indiana Outlaws had been as an organization, and they had sent more than 50 players to participate at the university level.

In addition, the Canes have generated more than 150 first-round draft picks.

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Canes AZ Monthly Dues – HS Fall/Winter 2021 (Sep-Jan) : Canes Baseball Arizona

Welcome to Canes Arizona baseball’s official website! The following is a synopsis of the program, which is meant to offer an overview of the advantages and payments connected with it: First and foremost, all persons interested in playing for the Canes Arizona are needed to be members of the Canes West organization. In addition to allowing members of Canes Arizona to participate in local and regional activities, this membership is tax-deductible and structured as follows: Canes Arizona membership gives the opportunity to engage in local and regional events.

  • Summer Membership ($250) covers eligibility from January to August
  • Fall Membership ($150) covers eligibility from September to December
  • And Spring Membership ($250) covers eligibility from January to August.

You will receive information about purchasing your Fall or Spring/Summer Uniform Package as well as a link and code to register for Canes AZ after you have been a Canes West Member. To learn more about being a member, please visit Teams fees (250 dollars per month) for the Canes in Arizona The player monthly charge of $250 is intended to pay the costs of our professional coaching staff for training, games, and clinics, as well as the cost of individual usage of our training fields and facilities.

  • Given the abundance of competitive tournament options available in our area, the majority of events will be held locally, with the chance of a few regional tournaments in either Nevada or Southern California during the year.
  • Team uniforms (about $400) The Canes are a Wilson/EvoShield sponsored organization, which means that players have access to a uniform that includes EvoShield helmets, shirts, trousers, and caps, as well as Wilson Gloves and DeMarini and Louisville Slugger bats, among other things.
  • It is possible that certain things will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
  • As soon as the stores open, links will be supplied.
  • Sponsorship from EvoShield and BTL Canes Arizona Team Shop offers players, coaches, and fans exclusive savings on EvoShield branded gear, apparel, and equipment as a result of the team’s sponsorship with EvoShield (player invites to the online store sent by email).

Apart from that, Between The Lines sports goods shop in Scottsdale is a co-sponsor of the team, offering players and their families a 10 percent discount on all in-store and special order gear, including things that are generally not eligible for discounts.

Want to hear about your experience with any of these travel teams

My own personal experience is limited to hearing/reading about other people’s experiences. Tri-State: They will rely heavily on the Trout card. It is planned to bring in mercenaries for tournaments while your child, who paid and attended all of the practices, would sit. According to the individual I talked with “Kids will come in and have a good time. You’ve never seen them before, and it’s likely that you won’t see them again in your lifetime. Meanwhile, you make the trek to the competition, but your child never shows up to participate.” I spoke with a father of a player in the United States Elite.

  1. The kids on the squad came from New York, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh, among other places.
  2. He stated that when the whole roster of 15 players is present, they are “stacked.” I witnessed them destroying individuals despite the fact that they were missing a few “essential players” (as the father put it).
  3. (There’s a PO Box in Pennsylvania, or something along those lines.) They never practice together as a group.
  4. The expectation is that everyone will complete their own work on the side, at home, and then just show up at the event and participate.

Georgia Travel Baseball – NWBA

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Georgia Travel Baseball – NWBA
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Posted – 08/09/2016:10:39:38

Does anyone know the cost to play for National Organizations. Specifically the Evoshield Canes.
Posted – 08/09/2016:14:47:06

Can’t speak to them all but for EVO Canes if you are on the top team it is $0.00
Posted – 08/09/2016:15:21:27

I believe the cost to play for the Evoshield Canes is $0, They cover the entire cost including travel, however you are invited to play for them. I’m not sure if they even have an open try-out.
Posted – 08/10/2016:09:35:45

Stop the presses!You mean the elite of the elite don’t have to PAY to play travel baseball?Well I’ll be John Brown.No wonder it costs $2K and up to play at some of these acadamies.Guess Travis Tritt had it right when he sang “Why’s the rich man busy dancing, while the poor man pays the band?”.
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About Us

Michigan State University’s Canes Great Lakes Baseball, previously known as the Michiana Scrappers, is a youth-based organization that began with a concept in 2005 and has grown into 20 teams on the baseball side of the ballpark (9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U18U). Canes Baseball approached our organization in 2021 and asked us to join their club, which resulted in the formation of Canes Great Lakes. Canes Baseball boasts over 2000 college commitments, 250 MLB draftees, and more than 50 active Major League Baseball players on its roster.

The Lady Scrappers have five teams at the moment (12U, 13U, 14U and 16U).

We are looking for individuals that are passionate about playing and learning at the highest levels while also being fearless in the face of failure.

After completing his collegiate career, Brian went on to become the pitching coach at Bethel College, where he helped develop two All-American pitchers, including Justin Masterson, who was drafted in the second round of the Major League Baseball draft and went on to play for the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians.

  • Blondell took over as head coach at South Bend Riley in 2005, a job he held for two years before going on to become the Pitching Coach at South Bend St.
  • As the Head Baseball Coach at Holy Cross College, Blondell made a triumphant comeback to the college levels in 2013.
  • Jake Lanning was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 24th Round, giving Blondell yet another player chosen into Major League Baseball.
  • Blondell is presently employed as the Head Assistant Coach for the Elkhart High School Lions football team in Indiana.

They have three children: Alexis (20), Bryce (18), and Brenden (16). (15).

Parent Info

The Minnesota Twins organization is without a doubt one of the strongest programs in the country. I’ve witnessed firsthand what they do with their players during the off-season, and it’s just astounding what they do in terms of player development. My admiration for their personnel is matched only by their ability to teach the game at all levels and through all phases. I would suggest the Twins program to anybody who is interested in improving their baseball abilities and understanding. Coach Aaron Kroll is a writer and director who lives in Los Angeles.

The most significant influence has come from teaching them the “proper” way to do things as well as how to put what they have learned into practice in real-world settings.

This organization has gone above and above our expectations, and we feel privileged to be a part of it in this way.

When we are working with our child at home, the input they provide is quite beneficial.

He can’t wait to be able to participate in physical therapy training as well.

We, as parents, were well aware that the quality of Twins Baseball was superior to that of the baseball we were accustomed to.

To be completely honest, we were a little apprehensive about the expense, but after researching the costs of weekly winter training, pitching, hitting, and fielding, the Twins seemed much more tempting.

We’re looking forward to representing The Twins on the field.

After three years with another travel team, I finally understand what I was paying for and what I was not receiving.

Eddie Cicierko is the parent of a 17u Indiana Twins player.

You follow through on what you say you’re going to do and make it enjoyable for the lads.

Another aspect that distinguishes it is the personal devotion that all of the Twins coaches have to each and every player on the team.

John Legault is a parent of the 2015-2016 12u Indiana Twins.

Since joining the Twins organization two years ago, my son has progressed both as a player and as a competitive individual athlete.

We certainly believe that we are receiving a great deal in exchange for our contributions to the organization.

We are overjoyed to have been given the chance to represent the Twins in this manner.

Additionally, in addition to physical growth, I was struck by the commitment to mental development that was demonstrated by the students.

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the season and the possibility of continuing to develop and evolve in the coming months.

Louis Franzetti is a parent of the 9u Indiana Twins for the 2015-2016 season.

The player has made significant improvements in all aspects of his game throughout the course of the season.

The results were quite favorable – more than I had hoped, and at a higher level than I had anticipated (a good thing).

In general, I believe the Twins have the strongest player development program in the major leagues today.

Thank you to the entire crew and coaching staff.

My son had gained a tremendous lot of knowledge.

I’ve definitely seen a significant improvement.

Through these camps, my player has seen a significant increase in his self-confidence.

All of the coaches did an excellent job of instructing the kids in a positive manner and providing detailed comments to assist each participant succeed.

In our first year with the organization, we’ve been incredibly delighted with everything.

Our kid has stated to me on a number of occasions how much he has learned and how much he believes he has progressed during this offseason. He is usually in a great attitude when we pick him up, so I am confident that he is enjoying himself. Brian Beckman is a parent of the 14u Indiana Twins.

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