How To Clean A Baseball Cap With Cardboard

How to Clean a Baseball Cap with Cardboard Bills

We rely on the generosity of our readers. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. In addition, we earn commissions from qualifying Amazon purchases because we are an Amazon affiliate. Baseball caps can become extremely dirty, which makes it difficult to keep them clean, especially with that pesky thing sticking out the frontside. Will the bill, or as some call it brim, perform well in washes? Is it possible for the bill to shrink or break form without causing damage to the rest of the hat?

Cleaning baseball caps with cardboard bills is doable, with very great care.

Before leaving out to air dry, set the moist cap around and on top of something to keep its form.

Maybe for hats you don’t mind appearing worn, or without original shape ~ or maybe if they’re what are known as “beaters” or “toss-aways” ~ cleaning by electric appliances may be alright.

The Right Way to Hand Wash Baseball Caps

Cleaning baseball hats is actually quite simple. All you need to do is prepare by having one large towel and perhaps two or three clean dry towels for dabbing and drying, as well as a small bucket ready to be filled halfway with lukewarm water. Take the following examples of brimless baseball caps with cardboard brims, which can only be spot cleaned (getting them completely wet, especially around the bill, can distort them as well as shrink the headband):

  1. Using a gallon water bucket (or a similar small bucket), fill it halfway with water and a few drops of dishwater detergent, or a few drops of liquid or pod laundry detergent. You don’t need to use a lot of detergent
  2. Water alone can clean a lot of hats, especially if you dampen the hat beforehand. As soon as the detergent has been completely dissolved, grab a clean little towel and dunk it in the water. Remove it from the container and press off any extra water
  3. Using your fingertips, lightly push over stains, spots, salt lines, and the inside of the headband to moisten them. Over and over, dab and strongly press the clean damp towel into the particularly unclean spots, repeating the process. Never be hesitant to get the majority of the hat wet, with the exception of the bill, which should be delicately dabbed and maybe softly wiped off
  4. And Take care not to snag or damage textiles when wiping them (except the headband). Dabbing is preferable, as long as there is sufficient of water available. Pay close attention to the inside headband, which is frequently soiled with perspiration, salt, and grime, among other things. Using vigorous wiping motions on the interior of the cap (which is fine for severe wiping), buff it thoroughly and don’t be scared to make it fairly wet. Specifically, this part of the hat is intended to absorb perspiration and grime
  5. Repeat the wet-and-dab method, buffing in between, until you are confident that the most troublesome stains and grime have been removed. Finally, thoroughly wet one dry clean towel and use it to gently wipe over the whole cap, collecting any loose dust or light debris that has accumulated
  6. Let it dry naturally outside
  7. Place something beneath the crown to keep it in form as it dries, such as a giant ball of crumpled newspapers or a large coffee can
  8. And let it dry completely.

The identical procedures may be used to more recent baseball hats with bills that are supported by plastic, with the exception that you do not need to be as meticulous while soaking the bill.

Washing Baseball Caps in a Dishwasher

Many people who wear ball caps have employed this strategy, and some of them swear by it. Simple as placing it on the topmost rack of your dishwasher, where you typically put your cups and glasses, and turning on the dishwasher to wash. There are also other suggestions, such as using something to place within the crown to assist it maintain its form during the wash cycle, or washing it by itself rather than with dishes inside. Caps are frequently found to be squeaky clean, but soaked. They may be dried by allowing them to air dry.

  1. No matter how much or how little detergent is used during a cycle, traces of cleaning chemicals from previous cycles linger within the washer and may cause the color and fabric of a baseball hat to fade or get discolored. Heat: Make ensure that the heat-drying option is turned off
  2. Heat is known to be detrimental to baseball hats. Overuse of cycles
  3. Jiggling caps about in water isn’t always the best idea

No matter the washing method you choose, once a cap has been thoroughly washed and is still fairly wet, place something inside the crown to allow it to dry into the proper shape before wearing it.

Whichever it is, it should keep the crown from sinking or tilting in one direction throughout the drying process.

Why Cleaning Baseball Caps in Washing Machines is Bad

When it comes to washing machines, it might be tempting to simply put the cap into the washer with your baseball gear. And some individuals do this when the cap isn’t expected to be very attractive, such as when wearing a practice cap or a “throw-away” cheapie. Even worse than dishwashers is the fact that washing machines may crush caps around other clothing throughout cycles, and then, even worse, they can be spun vigorously in order to squeeze out extra water. Baseball helmets do not respond well to the spin-drying procedure.

On top of that, there are the same issues that plague the dishwasher: hot water and remains of previously used cleaning agents, among other things.

Cardboard Bills on Baseball Caps

The bills on baseball hats were traditionally composed of cardboard, which was painstakingly sewed between thin layers of cotton or vinyl on the top and bottom. This practice continued until around 1983. Those hats should never be thrown into an electronic cleaning device, nor should they even be completely submerged in water. The cardboard will be terribly misshapen, will shrink, and may possibly disintegrate completely. In the event that you launder a baseball cap with a cardboard bill or brim in any form of electric washing machine, it is possible that it will be the last time.

Even baseball caps created after 1983, which have a light form of plastic within the bills, do not fare well when completely submerged in water, which may still retain cleaning chemicals from earlier wash cycles, according to the American Baseball Cap Association.

A baseball cap is a garment that has sensitive headbands and is generally tailored for maximum comfort.

Even snap-back adjustable caps are susceptible to being damaged by the cleaning chemicals used in machine interiors.

How Often Do Baseball Caps Need Cleaning?

The amount of time it takes to wash baseball hats completely relies on their use and the function for which they are intended by the owner. Example: The following are examples of ball cap applications and typical wants of persons who own them:

Baseball Cap Uses

  • To participate in baseball
  • To participate in other sports such as tennis or golf
  • To shield the eyes from the sun or perspiration (for example, while hiking, exercising, or other outdoor activities)
  • Show your support for a sports team, a charitable cause, a product, or a business. As a piece of stylish jewelry
  • Attempt to conceal bald areas
  • Keep lengthy hair out in the way of your eyes
  • To make a statement (for example, in places where hats are prohibited, or while wearing caps with controversial statements on them)

The importance of intensity of use cannot be overstated. Anything that causes a person to sweat excessively, especially if the activity is performed on dirt or grass, can stain or dirty baseball caps more quickly than simply wearing them for their appearance.

Baseball Hat Purposes

After evaluating the many applications of baseball caps, examine what you hope to gain from them:

  • To keep on for as long as feasible
  • In order to survive as long as possible while being flawless
  • Just to have something to toss on one’s head to protect one’s hair from the sun, rain, or terrible hair days is sufficient. To flaunt (although not very often, for example, collector’s caps and really rare baseball hats)
  • One of many caps in a large collection (often for persons who wear baseball hats on a regular basis)
  • Only one among a large collection of caps

Final Words on Cleaning Baseball Caps with Cardboard Brims

Cleaning a baseball hat properly involves hand-washing it carefully, dabbing difficulty places with damp clean towels, and allowing it to air dry, ideally with something to retain the crown’s form.

Chemical cleaning, high heat, or a forceful spin-drying cycle can be detrimental to baseball caps, causing damage to the color, seams, and stitching, as well as the delicate bill.

Question:How can you tell if my cap has a cardboard bill?

The answer is to grip one side of the object strongly with your fingers and tap on the other side a few times (or flick the edges). If something sounds hollow, it’s most likely cardboard. The sound of newfangled banknotes is similar to that of tapping on light plastic.

Q.:Can you dry clean a baseball cap with cardboard bills?

A.:Yes. In fact, this may be better to hand-washing in some situations; just be careful not to overdo it. Dry cleaning, which is particularly useful for collector’s or antique caps, also involves the use of chemicals, which may not be suitable for all types of caps. Furthermore, excessive dry cleaning over time is detrimental to any item. Also see: New Era vs. Flexfit Hats: The Battle of the Baseball Cap Titans With a baseball cap, here are the 7 best sunglasses to wear. What causes people to wear their baseball caps backwards?

Tru Earth

Hats are excellent for shielding your head and eyes from the sun, but they, like your clothes, gather perspiration, oil, and grime the more you use them, so make sure to wash them after each use. Hats are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and fabrics, which can make cleaning them a bit more difficult than washing your everyday t-shirt. You may restore the appearance of a cherished baseball cap or other style of hat that has seen better days by simply following the instructions in this blog post.

How to Wash Hats

Actionable advice: Cleaning ball caps is a time-consuming endeavor. They are often composed of a range of materials and have a variety of forms, making it difficult to determine which way they should be cleaned, shrunk, or stretched out throughout the washing process. * You may restore the appearance of your hat by following the instructions listed below on how to wash your hat properly and effectively. Caution: If your baseball hat was manufactured before 1983, it is possible that the brim is constructed of cardboard.

How to wash a baseball cap with a cardboard brim:

  1. Remove any dirt and debris from the hat by gently rinsing it with cold water. Make sure you don’t submerge the brim. In a basin of cold water, dissolve 1/4 strip of tru earthlaundry detergent (or any mild detergent) and set aside. Using a toothbrush or tiny scrub brush, gently clean the hat until all debris has been removed for the best results. Rinse vigorously until there are no suds left. Make certain that your cardboard brim does not become wet. Set aside on a level surface or on a towel rack to dry

How to gently wash a baseball cap in the sink:

  1. Obtain cold water and fill a sink or bucket with it. Stir in 1/4 of a strip of Tru Earth laundry detergent or a few drops of mild detergent (dish soap also works) until the mixture is well combined. In a large bowl, combine the soapy water and the hat, ensuring sure it is well covered. Allow the hat to soak in the water for approximately 10 minutes before removing it. Use a tooth brush or a tiny scrub brush to remove any obstinate debris from the surface of the water
  2. Routinely running water beneath a cold faucet until all suds are gone
  3. Set aside on a level surface or on a towel rack to dry

How to clean a baseball cap In washing machine:

  1. Placing your headwear in a pillowcase is recommended. Place the pillowcase inside a reusable mesh bag and secure it with twine
  2. Fill the washing machine with cold water and 1/4 strip of Tru Earth laundry detergent
  3. Wash until thoroughly clean. Set the washing machine to the gentle cycle. Set aside on a level surface or on a towel rack to dry

How to wash your hat in the dishwasher

  1. Place the hat on a rack or in a hat washing container that can be put in the dishwasher
  2. Fill the dishwasher halfway with water and dishwashing detergent. Continue to run the cycle until it is clean. Set aside on a level surface or on a towel rack to dry

Tools for cleaning your baseball cap

  1. Dental brush
  2. Gentle laundry detergent (such as Tru Earth Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent)
  3. Reusable mesh bag (if you are washing your clothes in the washing machine)
  4. Reusable mesh bag

As you can see, there are a variety of options for washing your headwear. If you are concerned that your hat may be too fragile to clean in the washing machine or dishwasher, hand wash it in a sink with warm water and a light soap instead of using the machine or dishwasher. Try Tru Earth Eco-Strips for yourself today and get free shipping.

How to Wash a Baseball Cap (the Right Way)

Say goodbye to sweat stains! Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. You could be wearing a dusty, sweaty baseball cap that you truly like, but it’s unlikely that it’s in excellent condition. It’s no surprise that your cherished baseball cap is looking a bit worse for wear after all of the yard labor, summer excursions, and long beach days that it has taken you through.

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In order to clean most items properly, you’ll want to start with the gentlest cleaning approach possible and work your way up from there.

However, if the sweat stains are severe, you’ll want to increase the stain-fighting potency. Follow our instructions for cleaning a baseball cap, which are listed below, starting with the mildest option.

How to Quick Clean a Baseball Cap

Listed below is how to wash a baseball cap if it only requires a quick refresh. 1. Fill a clean sink or a basin halfway with cool water and a drop or two of mild laundry detergent, and set aside. Dunk the hat in the water and stir the water to produce suds. 2. Soak the hat in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. 3) Carefully remove the hat and carefully rinse it under cold running water. When you are finished, gently squeeze any remaining water out of the hat. Avoid twisting the brim, which might cause it to bend out of shape.

Either hang the hat up or reshape it and place it on a towel to dry while you work.

How to Deep Clean a Baseball Cap

Here’s how to restore the appearance of a baseball cap that has been soiled by perspiration. 1. Put on your gloves before you begin working. 2. Using cool water, fill a clean sink or basin halfway with oxygen bleach, such as OxiClean, and mix according per package directions. Using the hat, target certain spots by dipping it into the water and then applying a dab of detergent to the place. You can gently scrape the region with a soft toothbrush if necessary. 3. Allow the hat to soak in the OxiClean solution for about one hour before wearing it.

Remove the hat off the head and rinse it well in cold, clean water.

Please keep in mind that if you have a vintage hat with a cardboard brim, you should avoid completely soaking it in water.

Can You Really Clean a Baseball Cap in the Dishwasher?

While it is absolutely possible to wash a baseball cap in the dishwasher, it is not always desirable. For the most part, if you care enough about your hat to read an entire essay about how to clean it, you’ll want to spend the extra time to wash the hat by hand using the techniques outlined above. In the case of a vintage hat with an unbreakable cardboard brim, it is absolutely not possible to wash it in the dishwasher. For the sake of convenience, use cold water and a moderate cycle in the dishwasher.

How to Clean and Care for Baseball Caps

Whether you wear a baseball cap for business or for leisure, it will require some care from time to time. Baseball hats that have recently been created are generally constructed of cotton twill, cotton-polyester mixes, or jersey mesh. These textiles are sturdy, long-lasting, and, in most cases, colorfast. The brim of the new caps is shaped with a plastic form (as opposed to cardboard), and they may be cleaned in the washing machine without getting distorted.

How Often to Clean Baseball Caps

If you use your hat on a regular basis, a thorough cleaning every few months will help to keep it looking new. Prior to getting started, make sure you read the hat’s interiorfiber contenttag, which should include the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

Unfortunately, since caps manufactured prior to 1983 were not required to include a label, you may have to conduct some more research to verify the maintenance instructions.


  • Oxygen bleach (optional), stain remover (optional), and heavy-duty detergent are all recommended.

Fiona Campbell’s novel The Spruce

How to Wash Baseball Caps
Detergent Heavy-duty
Water Temperature Cold
Cycle Type Delicate
Dryer Cycle Type Do not use dryer
Special Treatments Pre-treat stains
Iron Settings Do not iron

How to Wash Cotton, Polyester, or Mesh Baseball Caps

  • Pre-treat particularly filthy parts, such as sweatbands, on new cotton, polyester, or mesh hats using a solvent-based or gelstain remover before wearing the hat. Additionally, a dab of heavy-duty laundry detergent such as Persil or Tide, which have a high concentration of enzymes to break up grime and oil molecules, can be used. Using a soft-bristled brush, work the stain remover or detergent into the stained areas, and then leave it to sit for at least 15 minutes before washing it. Perspiration stains can be removed with the aid of this pre-treatment. Fiona Campbell’s novel The Spruce

Pre-Soak to Brighten Colors

If the cap appears to be dull and you want to whiten it or brighten the colors, prepare a solution of oxygen bleach and warm water according to the package instructions. Submerge the cap completely in the water and let it aside for at least four hours or overnight to soak. Fiona Campbell’s novel The Spruce


  • It is not recommended to use chlorine bleach on a baseball cap, even when it is treated with a white hat. It has the potential to harm polyester fibers.

Add the Hat to the Wash

  • Remove your hat from the soaking solution and place it in a laundry basket with other items of clothes that are similar in color. Heavy-duty detergent should be used on the delicate cycle, and cold water should be used. It’s possible to use a hat form to keep the shape of the cap intact while it’s being washed if you’re concerned about it losing its shape. Fiona Campbell’s novel The Spruce

Shape and Air-Dry

  1. Allow the cap to air dry in the washing form, over a big coffee can, or over another container or form that has a head-shaped opening. Baseball hats should not be dried in the dryer since the heat and tumble movement might cause them to lose their form. Fiona Campbell’s novel The Spruce

How to Clean Hats With Paper or Cardboard Brims

Hats manufactured before the 1980s often contain cardboard bills. If the bill of the cap is strengthened with cardboard or paper, the only approach that will not harm the hat is to clean it by spot washing.

Scrub Stains

  • Make gentle use of a soft-bristled brush to softly clean the soiled areas with a mixture of heavy-duty detergent and water. As you scrub, use only a teaspoon of detergent per 1 cup warm water, and use it sparingly to prevent getting the brim of the hat wet. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Blot to Rinse

  • Using a clean white towel soaked in water, blot the area to be cleaned. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative


  1. Allow for air drying of the cap. It is possible that you may need to repeat the processes multiple times to completely remove the soil. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  2. The Spruce / Almar Creative

How to Clean New Wool Baseball Caps

The best way to care for wool baseball hats is to hand wash them in lukewarm water with a mild detergent designed for wool.

Gently Wash

  • Gentle massaging of soapy water into the hat is recommended
  • Avoid rubbing or twisting of the strands. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Rinse Thoroughly

  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently press with a large towel to absorb the majority of the moisture. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Shape and Air-Dry

  1. Allow to dry on a head-shaped item for a few minutes. If you wear your wool hat while it dries, it should fit to the precise contour of your head after it has finished drying. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  2. The Spruce / Almar Creative

How to Clean Vintage or Commemorative Baseball Caps

If your vintage hat requires a thorough cleaning, perform a colorfastness test on it before washing it.

Test for Colorfastness

  • Gently brush a small portion of the cap with a moist white cloth to remove any dirt or debris. It is not necessary to proceed if there is color transfer onto the material. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Mix the Cleaning Solution

  • If the fabric is colorfast, a solution of 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing detergent and 1 cup warm water can be used to clean it. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Wipe Down the Hat

  • Dip the cleaning cloth into the solution, wring it out well, and then use it to gently wipe off all of the hat’s exterior surfaces. If you submerge your hat in the water, the cardboard in the bill will most certainly melt and ruin your hat. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Rinse Well

  • Another towel dipped in clean water can be used to “rinse” the cap by wiping away any cleaning solution that has accumulated on it. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  • The Spruce / Almar Creative

Air-Dry the Hat

  1. Allow the cap to air-dry for a few minutes. The Spruce / Almar Creative
  2. The Spruce / Almar Creative

Storing Baseball Caps

The storage of commemorative hats should always be done in a covered case to keep dust and grease from building on them. To keep them clean, they should only require a little dusting or brushing once a year at the most. If you have an autographed baseball cap that you want to keep safe, store it in a dark, air-conditioned location to prevent fading and the growth of mold or mildew. Smaller caps can be stored in a plastic or cotton storage bin or put inside a cotton bag or pillowcase in your closet if they are less valuable.

Ensure that caps are stored away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.


Glue can be used to mend frayed edges on the bill of the hat if they become a source of worry; however, the hat will never look the same thereafter. The addition of adhesive will also have a significant impact on the value of a commemorative cap. If you decide to use school glue to temporarily fix the fraying, add a little quantity to the edges of the fabric and gently press the cloth to make it lay flat. As a result, because the glue is water-soluble, it has the potential to stain the fabric; nevertheless, the glue will wash off the next time the hat is washed.

A tailor or hat restoration business may be able to rescue a vintage or commemorative cap if it has rips or other major flaws that cannot be repaired.

Treating Stains on Baseball Caps

Using a small amount of mild hair wash might help you remove persistent sweat stains. Using a gentle toothbrush, gently massage a drop of shampoo and water into the discolored region. When using a toothbrush around threads, seams, and appliques, be cautious not to dislodge the stitches by moving the brush too quickly. After that, follow the washing directions for the specific type of hat you’ve purchased. A collaboration between The Spruce and Almar Creative

Tips for Washing Baseball Caps

  • Avoid washing your cap in the dishwasher since the detergents are strong and frequently include chlorine, which can destroy the fabric. Furthermore, the cloth may shrink as a result of the high drying temperatures. Also, avoid washing your cap in the same load as other clothes since any agitation or friction with other objects when washing might cause the hat to lose its form. To establish if your hat has a cardboard bill, tap the region where the bill is located. If you hear a hollow sound, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a cardboard bill. If you wish to wear a cap with a signed signature, you need first protect the signature by setting the ink. Iron over the signature with a high heat to help fix the ink
  • Cover the signature with a white pressing cloth

How to Clean a Baseball Cap

I’ve been known to throw my dirty baseball hats in the garbage rather than washing them after a couple of years of hard use. In the past, I’d attempted to use the folkloric method of washing dishes on the top rack of the dishwasher, but it had never worked out well for me. The hats were returned in a sloppy state, with a discolored appearance and just a partial cleaning. Nonetheless, after doing some research, I discovered a considerably superior, and much kinder, technique of cleaning the ol’ ballcap that would freshen it, brighten it, and extend its life by many years.

And, maybe most importantly, it is basically hands-off. Fortunately for you, I had a few of rather disgusting hats on hand to put through their paces. Let’s get started.

General Hat-Washing Tips

  • Caps should not be placed in the laundry, either in the washing or dryer. The use of a high-efficiency washer without a central agitation column may be acceptable, but even in that case, cool water on the gentlest cycle is required, and you must be worried about other garments in the load squishing the hat’s form must be considered. The dryers are very hot, and the tumbling is bad for the form of the garment. To save time and money, it’s best to avoid using the washing machine completely. Also, avoid using any chemicals that include bleach if you want your ballcap colors to remain vibrant for years to come. Dispelling the myth of the dishwasher. You’ve undoubtedly heard that you can put hats in the dishwasher on the top rack. That’s probably true. Please don’t do it. Dishwasher detergents frequently include chlorine, and the device is typically used at high temperatures (both for washing and drying), which might cause damage to the hat. Hand washing is by far the most effective way of preserving both the color and the form of the hat

The Best Way to Wash a Baseball Cap

Warm water should be poured into a clean sink or bucket. If in doubt, err on the side of cool rather than heated. Fill the container halfway with a spoonful of laundry detergent or OxiClean. 2. If you’re in a hurry, dish soap will suffice, but detergent, or a specific stain-fighting solution like OxiClean, is stronger and works harder to remove stains from the hat. The bill of the ballcap is being shampooed. 3. First, spot-clean the hat if it is necessary. If there are any locations that are particularly troublesome, dab a dab of cleaning agent directly onto the hat and wipe it down.

  • I found a suggestion online about using shampoo to remove sweat stains, so I tried it on one of my hats and the results were rather impressive.
  • If you work too quickly, the stitching may become misaligned and the artwork may get distorted.
  • Allow the hat to soak for a couple of hours, if possible.
  • Take a glance at the cap about halfway through the soaking process to check how the stains are appearing.
  • Spot wash those stubborn problem spots with your little scrubber once more, and be very careful around embroidered patterns and logos.
  • Use warm water to thoroughly rinse away all of the soap.
  • 6.
  • When you withdraw the hat from the water, it will be extremely wet; allow some of the excess water to run out, then pat dry with a towel as much as you can while maintaining the shape of the hat and being gentle with logos.
  • If there is no towel below, the countertop will become wet.
  • Allow for air drying on some form of container at all times.
  • Find something to put it on, such as a coffee jar, a canister, a balled-up cloth, or any mannequin heads you happen to have laying around.

Put a cloth under the container as well; I’ve noticed that no matter how much patting you do, there will always be some drippage. Utilize a tiny fan to blow air over it or a hair dryer on the lowest setting if you want to move things along more quickly.

Tips for Cleaning Wool Hats

It’s worth noting that wool hats are a little more sensitive than your normal cotton or mesh caps. For example, the wool AoM cap (which, if you have one, you should save it because it’s now a vintage collector’s item!) requires only a little more care to clean than other materials. Instead of using a conventional detergent or cleaning product, look for one that is particularly designed for wool and soak it as instructed above. Remember to be extremely delicate when cleaning wool; if you are too harsh, the wool will mat and turn into a felt-like substance.

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Finally, after drying the hat, pat it dry to eliminate extra moisture before considering wearing it to finish drying the rest of the way.

Wool hats are infamous for losing their form after being washed, so take extra care while cleaning them.

Tips for Cleaning Older Hats

If your hat is more than 20 years old, there’s a good probability it was constructed of less-durable materials than those used in today’s hats, both in the bill and in the crown of the cap. Believe it or not, banknotes used to be made of cardboard rather than the more forgiving polymers that are utilized these days. First and foremost, while cleaning an old cap, it’s important to run it through a color test. The great majority of hats available today are colorfast, which means that they include a mix that helps them keep their color after being washed.

  • Examine the bill’s underside with a cloth and a little bit of cleanser to see how it reacts.
  • If the rag comes away clean, you are free to proceed with the detergent application.
  • It goes without saying that soaking an old cardboard bill in water will damage it.
  • Clean up any problem spots with a tiny scrubber and by hand if necessary.

The Verdict

Washed caps to the right and left; unwashed “control” cap in the middle. My hats came outmuchcleaner after using this hand-washing method. I did some testing of different methods, including not washing the middle black and white cap. The stains are still visible on the bill, and the white isn’t as white as the newly-cleaned “Playoffs” baseball cap to its left. The OxiClean really brightened up the colors on that one. You’ll also notice on that Playoffs cap that the stains on the bill are almost completely gone.

The gray cap on the right is also much better, although as you saw above, the back is still kinda gross because I didn’t spot-clean it.

Lesson: spot-cleaning is a must for especially problematic areas. If your favorite baseball cap is grimy from a few too many summertime sweats, give it a good hand-washing and you’ll be able to take it into plenty of extra innings.


Is it possible for you to put your hat in the washer? No, cleaning your baseball cap in the washing machine will only do damage to it. Is it okay for you to put your headgear in the dishwasher? No, because dishwasher detergents are much stronger than clothes detergents, placing your hat in the dishwasher will cause it to get ruined. Additionally, the heat generated by a dishwasher might harm and shrink your headwear.

How to Wash a Baseball Cap in 4 Steps

The chances are that you’ve had the same question as me about how to wash a hat. It is possible to wash a hat in the dishwasher or washing machine, but it is recommended that you hand wash the hat to avoid it becoming bent out of shape during the washing process. Because hats (and notably the bill) are structural products, washing them by hand helps to maintain the hat’s distinctive form and appearance. Make use of the procedures outlined below to keep your favorite headgear looking clean and new.

What to know before cleaning a hat

Color-test the cloth to make sure it is the right color. Using a little quantity of detergent or OxiCleanTM stain removal powder combined with water, massage it on a hidden section of the hat, such as the underside of the bill, to ensure that it will hold up to washing. If any color is removed from the hat, only water should be used to clean it. Do you have an ancient, vintage cap? Because older hats sometimes use cardboard bills instead of today’s more durable plastic bills, avoid soaking the hat and only spot clean it to keep the material from becoming discolored or discolored.

Do not use the dishwasher.

Due to the high heat and strong, bleach-based dish detergents, it is not advised since they can damage fibers and erase color.

How to wash a baseball capby hand

We’ll walk you through two distinct methods of cleaning a hat: the first approach demonstrates how to offer a fast refresh, while the second method demonstrates how to give a deeper clean to very dirty or sweaty caps. To begin, start with the gentlest procedure possible, then work your way up to more severe cleaning techniques if necessary.

How to quickly refresh a baseball cap

These simple procedures can help you to spruce up a hat that’s starting to look a touch dingy: Step one is to fill a sink halfway with water. Combine two drops of laundry detergent and roughly a tablespoon of OxiClean TM stain removal powder in an empty sink or bucket filled with cool or warm water. The second step is to soak the hat in water for approximately 15 minutes. Wash the hat completely with cool or warm water and gently wipe it dry with a towel. Step 3: Rinse Step 4: Reshape and drip dry the final product Create a new form for your hat by placing the cap (the portion that rests directly on your head) on top of an upside-down coffee can, small bowl, or other container that closely resembles the shape of your head.

Cleaning tip: When cleaning wool baseball hats, use additional caution since the fabric is more sensitive and prone to losing its form when cleaned.

Dilute a mild detergent that is particularly formulated for wool in water and gently scrub the wool. Reshape the hat by wearing it until it is completely dry or by placing it on anything that closely resembles the shape of your head.

How to deep clean a dirty hat

Follow these measures if you have really stubborn stains or sweat marks: Step 1: Spot cleanExtra-dirty spots can be cleaned by scrubbing them with a toothbrush or other tiny brush after applying additional detergent diluted in water. Step 2: Soak for a while In order to determine whether any areas on the hat require additional washing, soak it for a few hours and examine it periodically. Wash the hat completely with cool or warm water and gently wipe it dry with a towel. Step 3: Rinse Step 4: Reshape and drip dry the final product Create a new form for your hat by placing the cap (the portion that rests directly on your head) on top of an upside-down coffee can, small bowl, or other container that closely resembles the shape of your head.

More laundry cleaning tips

If you want to keep the look of your wardrobe fresh, it’s necessary to understand how to prevent the fading of black and dark-colored garments from occurring.

How to wash white, dark and colored clothes

Thank goodness it’s wash day! Everyone enjoys wearing fresh clothing, which is why it’s critical to understand how to properly care for your family’s favorite garments.

How to prevent and remove lint and pilling from clothes

“Pills” are little, hard balls of lint that may be found on many items of clothing, including sweaters, gym gear, and even your beloved pair of jeans.

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Baseball Cap Web Shaper is a tool for shaping the web of a baseball cap. What Your Personal Image Is Reflected by Your Hat We at Shapers Image® Company want you to be satisfied with your appearance, especially when it comes to your headgear. Because hats are made of high-quality materials, it is important to read and follow the instructions on their label tag for proper maintenance, just as it would be with any other piece of clothing. The materials used to make hats vary from one another; they can be made of wool, cotton, polyester, leather, Jersey mesh, and other materials.

  1. Preserving your hat from the beginning is the most effective approach to keep it looking new.
  2. As a result, we are delighted to share recommendations on how to properly care for and maintain your hats or caps, no matter how long you have had them.
  3. Before wearing your hat, you may wish to treat it with a fabric protection, such as a scratch guard spray (except leather).
  4. This product may also resist moisture and make fingerprint stains and most accidental spills less difficult to wipe than other materials.
  5. This prevents the cap’s crown and panel’s contour from flattening or wrinkling as a result of wear and tear.
  6. It is recommended that you store your headwear in a secure spot, such as inside a closet, and that you cover them with some type of fabric material.
  7. Using a nice, clean masking tape or rolling cloth lint remover is the quickest and most efficient way to remove dust, lint, and hair from the hat or cap’s panel and brim (do NOT use or be confused with a pet’s hair remover roller).

While you use masking tape, you’ll have something substantial to press against when pressing against it.

The way you wash your baseball hats will impact how long they will last.

However, this is not always the best option.

Other brims on caps and hats are constructed of plastic.

The hat will be destroyed by the heat, steam, hot vapor, or dry cycle (you can name it anything you like).

Combining various colored garments can also cause the fabric of the hat to become discolored all at once.

Using a mild soapy water or cleaning detergent and a soft damp cloth, gently scrub the stains away.

Repeat as many times as required.

Never use bleach to remove serious mark stains; instead, use a fabric cleaner to target only the specific issue area, a light laundry detergent, or any sort of steam to remove the dirt and grime.

It is possible to determine what sort of brim the cap has by just tapping the top of the brim and listening for a firm and loud sound to be produced.

Hand washing the hat is also recommended; make sure to use a soft brush and be very careful not to scrub or brush the hat’s material too hard to prevent breaking the hat’s fibers and threads throughout the process.

When it comes to shrinking, experts advise that you let your baseball cap to dry naturally rather than using a fabric drier or hair dryer to help limit it, especially if the material is made of wool.

A mild steam device, on the other hand, should be sufficient for tough creases (e.g.

Tea Kettle). “Saying you don’t look nice with a hat is like adage you don’t look good in shoes,” as the old saying goes. We truly hope you have found this material to be quite beneficial; please feel free to forward it along to your relatives and friends!

How to Wash a Baseball Hat So It Doesn’t Lose Its Shape

Knowing how to properly wash a hat can ensure that your favorite baseball cap remains in pristine condition. It doesn’t matter whether it’s covered in sweat stains or just starting to look a little dingy; just follow these simple instructions and use the finest washing detergent to make it squeaky-clean once more—all without bending it out of shape in the process. First and foremost, though, is this: Read the label and verify the laundry symbols on every item you wash before tossing it into the washing machine on any old washing machine temperature, no matter what you’re washing.

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In fact, washing a baseball cap by hand in a tub of cool, sudsy water is the most effective method.

If it makes a hollow sound when you tap it, don’t submerge it in water.

Once you’ve determined whether or not your hat can be washed, here’s how to properly clean it so you can be back to wearing your favorite item in no time.

How to wash a baseball hat quickly

Take a look at these instructions on how to wash a hat by hand when your favorite cap is in need of a fast refresh. Within 10 minutes, you’ll have completed your task!

  1. Cool water should be poured into a sink or big basin. A few drops of laundry detergent or dish soap can be added, and the mixture should become sudsy after agitation. Submerge your hat completely in the soapy water and swirl it around a bit, taking care not to squash the brim
  2. Place the dish in the sink for 10 minutes, rinsing it with soapy water every few minutes
  3. If your hat is really filthy, you may need to soak and wash it for twice as long to completely remove all of the grime and perspiration accumulation. Finally, rinse the hat under cool running water for a minute or two, or until there are no suds left on the surface. Gently squeeze out any extra water from the hat, being careful not to twist the brim, which will lose its form if you do. In lieu of this, dab the brim with a dry cloth to remove excess water before placing the hat on a towel to dry
  4. And Filling your hat with newspaper, an upside-down bowl, or a bunched-up cloth can help it maintain its form while drying.

For other delicate things, follow these simple instructions on how to hand-wash garments in just a few simple steps.

How to deep-clean a baseball hat

Despite the fact that your hat may have heavy sweat stains, grunginess, or apparent unclean areas, avoid cleaning it in the washing machine. As an alternative, here’s what you should do:

  1. Cool water should be poured into a sink or big basin. A scoop of color-safe oxygenated bleach (such as OxiClean) should be added to the mixture, which should be agitated until sudsy. Submerge your hat completely in the soapy water and swirl it around a bit, taking care not to squash the brim
  2. Wait 1 hour, swishing it around in the soapy water every 15 minutes, then rinse it off. Rinse the hat well under cool running water until there are no suds left. Using a gentle squeeze, gently squeeze the excess water out of the hat, taking care not to crush the brim, which should then be dried with a towel
  3. Using newspaper, an upside-down bowl, or a bunched-up towel, stuff the hat to help it maintain its form before hanging or spreading it out to dry on a towel

That’s all there is to it! Following your successful hat-washing experience, learn how to wash “dry clean only” garments at your convenience.

How To Wash A Baseball Cap Without Ruining It?

Specifically, I’m interested in learning how to wash a baseball cap without destroying it. My son has a couple beloved tee-shirts that have become sweat-stained and nasty over time. Because he will not throw them away, the only option is to wash them. But I’m not sure how to accomplish that without distorting the images or causing the colors to bleed. Any suggestions? JoAnn Bunn lives in La Grange. How to wash a baseball cap without destroying it is something we can provide you with some solid suggestions on.

  • Alternatively, if you want to see the entire outline right now, click on this link: To begin, examine the cap to see whether it is composed of cotton or wool.
  • Alternately, you may dampen a washcloth with cool water and use it to clean the top of the cap.
  • Cotton hats, for the most part, may be hand washed without damaging them.
  • One is whether or not the color will bleed.
  • You may already be aware that hats with cardboard brims will not last long when submerged in water.
  • After that, if there are any sweat stains, apply a little amount of shampoo along the inside band of the shoe.
  • If you are washing for the first time, allow up to three hours for the soap to do its work.
  • Remove it from the water and let it to dry naturally.

Caps can be treated with stain repellent to reduce the frequency with which they must be cleaned. To keep them smelling fresh, put baking soda inside of them before storing them. After that, let it to sit overnight. Simply shake it out first thing in the morning. Joan

How To Wash Vintage Baseball Hats With The Cardboard Brim

Many hats dating before the 1980s may be identified by the presence of cardboard bills. If the bill is made of cardboard or paper, the only solution that will not damage the cap is to wipe it with a damp cloth. To wash baseball hats with a cardboard brim, you can use the following straightforward procedure: 1. Place a detergent pod in a bowl of warm water and let it to completely dissolve. 2: Soak a clean towel in the solution and carefully wipe away any stains on the hat or within the headband using the cloth.

A soft-bristled brush can be used to remove tougher stains.


Following the completion of these methods, you should discover that your cardboard brimmed hats are once again clean.

What isspot cleaningand how does it work?

The term “spot cleaning” refers to the process of treating only the soiled portion of the baseball hat. This cleaning process, sometimes known as “sponging,” is effective because it confines the stain to a small area and keeps it from spreading. The most efficient technique of cleaning cardboard brim hats is to clean them on a spot basis. It will get rid of stains without inflicting any damage. When using stain removal products, it is important to follow the directions provided below for the best results.

How to identify and remove stains from cardboard brim hats

To remove the dust from your hat, you can use a brush similar to this one. Before you begin, use a brush to remove any dust or grime that has accumulated. Remember that if you attempt to wipe a stain out of your hat, you may make the stain worse by forcing it deeper into the fibers of the fabric. With a clean white cloth or a paper napkin, remove as much of the stain as you can from a liquid staining situation. If there is a lot of grease in the strainer, a slice of white bread might be used to absorb some of the fat.

Beginning the spot cleaning process

1. Blot the stain with a white cloth or paper towels to remove part of the color. This will help to keep it from spreading further. Don’t use a different-colored cloth since the color may bleed onto the cap if you do so. Put the soiled portion of the hat on a different cloth and press it down. 3. Apply a stain remover to the cap and pat it with a clean towel to remove the stain. Start at the outside corners of the stain and work your way within to prevent the stain from becoming larger. 4. After the initial round of spot cleaning treatment is completed, allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before checking on it once more.

If the stain continues to appear, repeat the preceding procedures until the stain is completely removed.

5. Allow the hat to air dry once it has been spot cleaned. If you need to dry it rapidly, avoid using direct heat and instead utilize the air from a fan to dry it swiftly. High heat might make it tough to remove any traces of the stain later on if there are any leftovers.

How to store baseball caps

Commemorative caps should always be preserved in a container with a lid to prevent dust gathering. All they require is a light dusting once or twice a year to keep them clean. Keep the hat in a dark, cold location to avoid fading and mold growth on the hat’s surface. All of your other baseball caps should be stored in your closet. You should avoid packing the hat in your suitcase since it will lose its form if it becomes too tight inside the bag. Also, keep the caps away from direct sunshine, heat, and moisture whenever possible.

Amanda demonstrates how to appropriately do this procedure in her own unique style.

How to Clean a Baseball Cap

“Can you tell me how to clean a baseball hat?” Mikaela inquired. Baseball helmets with cardboard bills are common; however, washing them in the washing machine might cause them to get damaged or lose their form. One approach to avoid this is to use a hat cage, which is a mechanism designed to hold the hat in place while it is washed in the washing machine, as described above. When there isn’t enough space in your closet for a hat cage, you can wash the hat by hand or in the dishwasher. Hand washing a hat is typically the best option in order to avoid any damage.

Cleaning the Hat by Hand

  • Shampoo or a light detergent are recommended. The use of a nail brush or a soft toothbrush. Conditioner
  • A pitcher or a bucket of water
  • Anything from a bowl to a towel to a hat stand to a balloon

Steps to Clean the Hat:

  1. Check the tag on your hat to see if it has any washing instructions. If the item is valuable or a collector, you should consult the maker for particular cleaning instructions. It should be cleaned using a vacuum brush attachment if there is any dust or grime on the surface. Firstly, moisten the hat in the shower or the sink if you are washing it by hand. No matter what the labeling says, use cold water unless otherwise specified. Try not to spend too much money on the bill. Step 1: Apply some shampoo to a nail brush or a gentle toothbrush and use it to cleanse the hat. 2 Instead of shampoo, a mild detergent such as Woolite can be substituted. 1- completely rinse away the shampoo residue, taking care not to wet the bill too much in the process- Pour a few drops of conditioner into a pitcher or bucket filled with water and use the water to rinse the hat after it has been cleaned. This method works best for nylon or knit baseball caps. The conditioner will aid in the softening of the hat’s fabric fibers. 3
  2. Once you have completed washing the cap, place it in a bowl, a balled-up towel, or a hat stand to allow it to dry naturally while maintaining its form. It is important not to dry the hat in the dryer since it may shrink. Another option is to blow up a balloon to the appropriate size for the hat and use tape to keep the hat and balloon upright while the hat dries, as described above. ⁴

Cleaning the Hat in the Dishwasher

  • Dishwashing
  • Dishwasher detergent that does not include bleach
  • Anything from a bowl to a towel to a hat stand to a balloon

Steps to Clean the Hat:

  1. Check the tag on your hat to see if it has any washing instructions. If the hat is valuable or a collector, check with the maker for particular cleaning instructions
  2. If there is any dust or dirt on it, vacuum it up with a brush attachment to remove the dust. Put the hat on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean it. Do not put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher, since the food residue may stain the hat and ruin the look. 1
  3. Check to verify that your dishwasher detergent does not contain any bleach, then pour a tiny amount to the dispenser. To begin, run your dishwasher through its standard cycle. 1
  4. Remove the hat from the dishwasher when it has completed the dry cycle. When drying the hat, place it on a bowl, a towel rolled up, or a hat stand to keep its form as it dries in the open air. ¹ It is not recommended to dry the hat in the dryer since it may shrink. Another option is to blow up a balloon to the appropriate size for the hat and use tape to keep the hat and balloon upright while the hat dries, as described above. ⁴

Additional Tips and Advice

  • If the hat cannot be washed, a soot and grime cleaning sponge, which can be obtained at a hardware shop, should be used to clean it. 3
  • For hats that are not washable or have difficult stains, dry clean the hat using a home dry cleaning kit. Keep in mind to feather on the cleaner as directed on the packaging of your chosen cleaner so that there isn’t any cleaning rings left on the hat after it has been cleaned. a) If your hat contains sweat stains, follow the instructions in our tutorial, How to Remove Sweat Stains From a Baseball Cap
  • B) If necessary, get your cap cleaned by a professional hatter. After cleaning your hat, consider spraying the exterior with Hat Saver, a solution that will assist to preserve it against dirt and stains in the future. ³


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