How To Shrink A Fitted Baseball Hat

How to Shrink a Fitted Baseball Hat

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation There are two types of baseball hats that are commonly available: adjustable and “fitting.” Easily adjustable caps include snap-band closures around the crown, which make it simple to get the exact perfect fit for your head size and shape. Obtaining a more conforming fitting hat, on the other hand, requires a bit more effort. Because of the nature of the materials used to create these hats, shrinking a fitted baseball cap generally entails soaking it in water and allowing it to dry naturally while shrinking continues.

  1. 1 Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil. Fill a large, heavy-bottomed cooking pot halfway with water. The pot should be large enough to accommodate the cap you’re attempting to shrink without overflowing with liquid. Set the stove’s burner to a medium setting and let the pot to begin to heat up
  • Alternatively, you may be able to complete this step in the sink, though using a pot would allow you to have more control over the water temperature.
  • 2 Bring the water up to the proper temperature. The water should be heated until a tiny quantity of steam begins to emerge from it. Heat the water to a temperature that will shrink the cap, but not so hot that it will burn you or harm the cap’s components.
  • Allowing the water to get to a boil is not recommended. In addition to the possibility of inflicting burns, too hot water may cause the bill of the cap to deform and lose its structural integrity.
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  • s3 Submerge the cap entirely in the water. Insert the cap into the boiling water. Force it to the bottom until it has absorbed enough water to remain submerged on its own own. By using your hands, you should be able to dip the cap in the water
  • However, a set of kitchen tongs can also be used if you choose.
  • In the event that you do not intend to reshape the bill in the future, you may keep it completely dry by merely soaking the crown of the cap.
  • 4 Allow for several minutes of soaking time for the hat. Allow for a few minutes for the cap to begin to experience the effects of the hot water bath before removing it. When the cap is heated, the cotton strands that make it tighten and stick more firmly together, causing the entire hat to shrink as a result.
  • After soaking for a few minutes, check to see whether the fabric of the crown has begun to “billow,” which indicates that it has been enough loosening up to be reinstalled.
  • 5 Put on the hat and keep it on until it is completely dry. Remove the cap from the hot water in a safe manner and shake it to remove any excess liquid. Once the hat has cooled, put it on your head and keep it there until it is completely dry, around 30 minutes. Upon contact with water, the moist hat will become highly malleable, and as it dries, it will mold itself to the contour of your head.
  • It is conceivable that it will take all day to dry a hat in this manner. For optimal effects, heat the hat first thing in the morning and then wear it while going about your business throughout the day. Overnight, secure the hat by the bill with a clothespin to prevent it from expanding or warping as it dries.
  1. 1 Start by running a hot shower. Start by turning on the shower in your house and waiting until the water is suitably warm to your body temperature. Again, the water should not be too hot since it will be in direct touch with the cap and, if the temperature is too high or the cap is left to soak for an excessive amount of time, it can destroy the hat’s structure.
  • In the past, people have employed this approach with great success to break in new hats or boots
  • However, it is not as effective today as it once was.
  • Fitted caps that have been pre-shrunk should be worn. Take the cap that you will be changing and place it on your head. Position the hat in the manner in which you use it the most frequently so that it loosens and dries in the proper form
  • 3 Get yourself into the shower. Put the hat on your head and get in the shower. Simply wait 3—5 minutes for the stiffness of the cap to break down and take on its new form before showering as you normally would. To get a consistently stretched out cap, make sure the top of the cap is properly wetted before proceeding.
  • If you opt to simply take a regular shower while wearing the cap, be careful not to get any soap or shampoo on the hat while it is soaking in the water. Washing your hat should be done individually and with the appropriate products, as well. Allow the majority of the water to collect on the crown of the cap in order to avoid potentially damaging the bill.
  • 4 Keep the cap on until it dries. Continue to wear the cap as you go about your day. Ensure that you shake out any excess water before putting on your other garments to prevent the cap from dripping. A day or less should be enough time for the cap to dry, depending on ambient circumstances.
  • Wearing the cap on a clear, warm day will help it to dry the most quickly and effectively. If the weather outdoors is chilly or wet, you should not wear the cap outside to protect your head. Instead, allow it to sit upright beneath a fan or in front of an air conditioning vent, and check on it on a regular basis to see how it is doing.
  1. Put the cap in the washer to clean it. The washing machine is an excellent tool for quickly shrinking a hat made of polyester or another synthetic material. Place the cap in the washing on its own or with other items of clothing. While shrinking the cap, use a little quantity of laundry detergent to clean the inside of the cap.
  • In the event that you’re washing the cap by itself, make certain that the washer is set to the smallest load setting possible so that the wash and rinse cycles don’t consume excessive amounts of water. In addition, washing the hat with other garments will put pressure and friction on the cap, allowing it to break in more quickly.
  • 2 Wash on a normal heat setting. Configure your washing machine to run a standard wash cycle with regular water heat. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics shrink fast when exposed to heat, so a basic washing is typically all that is required to get an item of clothing down to half its original size or less. Allocate time for the hat to go through the entire wash cycle.
  • Alternatively, if you simply want a slight shrinkage of a polyester cap, you can remove the cap from the washing machine after the initial wash cycle.
  • 3 Allow the hat to dry on your head before removing it. A routine wash should be sufficient for hats that require just minor size modifications. Put on the hat and allow it to air dry on your own crown for a more personalized fit.
  • If the polyester shrank a bit too much as a result of the heat from the wash, wearing it as it dries will allow it to stretch out to a more comfortable fit.
  • 4 Toss the cap in the dryer for a few minutes. If the cap is far looser than you’d like it to be after the wash, you could consider putting it through the dryer when it’s finished. This will expose the cap to more intense heat, resulting in shrinking, while also allowing it to dry much more quickly and thoroughly than otherwise. Use a scheduled drying cycle on a medium heat setting to dry the cap. When it comes to synthetic materials, the continual heat of a machine dryer is notoriously harsh, so if you need to reduce a cap significantly, this may be the best option
  • A synthetic cap will most likely shrink significantly more when washed and dried on a regular basis than when washed gently in a soak or with a hand wash. In order to avoid excessive shrinkage, consider putting it on when it is still a little moist. While the cap becomes more worn in, the fibers should begin to spread out. Keep an eye on the hat as it dries. When exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time, synthetic materials have been known to burn.

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  • When it is still wet, wrap the bill around a canning jar or any large, curved surface and fasten it with a rubber band to create the brim of your cap. This should be done after you’ve already resized the hat to avoid any drying difficulties that may arise from either process. It is required to wash and dry a polyester baseball hat at high temperatures in order to accelerate shrinking because synthetic fabrics are engineered to be shrink-resistant.

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  • When boiling the water to soak your hat, take care not to burn yourself on the process. It is not essential to boil the water
  • It is not necessary to wear a wet cap when it is chilly or rainy outside. Although being wet will make the chilly weather feel even more miserable, any additional moisture that the hat receives will hinder it from drying correctly.


Things You’ll Need

  • Canning jar (optional)
  • Rubber band (optional)
  • Shower (optional)
  • Hot water
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Deep cooking pot/sink

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SummariesXTo shrink a fitting cotton baseball cap, begin by bringing a big pot of water to a simmer on the burner, but not boiling, until it is steaming but not boiling. Then, dunk your hat in the water and allow it to soak for a few minutes, which should be enough time for the fibers in the hat to begin to contract. Finally, after a few minutes, remove the hat from the water, allow it to cool, and wear it until it dries completely to ensure that it adheres to the contour of your head. Follow the instructions below to find out how to shrink a polyester baseball cap in the washing machine.

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You’ve discovered the ideal fitting hat to complement your personal style. While it appears to be the perfect match, when you try it on, it is far too large. Alternatively, you could wish to put on a fitting cap that you haven’t worn in a while, only to discover that a haircut or previous use has made it a size too large. It is difficult to tighten a fitted hat since it is manufactured for a single size and does not have any straps or snaps to allow for adjustment. But it isn’t difficult to do so either.

Steam Method

Steaming a hat may cause it to shrink slightly, but it is unlikely to result in a significant reduction in size. While it is recommended that the steam method be left to the professionals, certain cap styles can be treated at home with success. To make a small adjustment to a hat, follow these steps: steam it and shrink it

  1. Make a pot of water or use a fabric steamer to steam the cloth. Clean tongs should be used to hold your hat securely in the steam
  2. Place the hat on top of the steam coming from the kettle or in front of your fabric steamer
  3. And In order to saturate the hat, apply steam to both the interior and outside of the crown. When finished, carefully shape the hat to your specifications. If required, repeat the process many times.

Before using this procedure, make sure you have read the label on your hat and are acquainted with how to care for it. A warning label on your cap’s materials and elements may state that it should not be exposed to water, moisture, or high temperatures. You’ll find these ingredients and cautions on the label, but if you’re still not sure, avoid boiling caps that contain: If you’re not sure about the materials in your hat or whether or not the steam approach will work, consult with an expert.

They’ll recommend a method of shrinking your cap that won’t endanger the material, shape, or color of your cap.

Hat Size Tape

Hat sizing tape may be found here. may frequently reduce the size of a cap by at least one size. A variety of foam and textile materials with an adhesive backing are available for use on the inside of your hat, as is a variety of colors and designs. The additional material fills the hat and makes it a snug fit, allowing you to efficiently decrease the crown of a hat to your desired size. Follow these procedures to properly utilize hat size tape:

  1. Do not forget to put your hat on. Keep an eye out for gaps between your hat and your head. Remove the hat and make a note or mark on the area where the size tape will be needed
  2. Continue to use the tape with the backing on it and trim it to suit the parts where your hat was too big
  3. To hold the hat in place while you verify the fit, slide the tape between the hat and the sweatband. Put the hat on one again to make sure it fits properly
  4. Make certain that it is comfortable and that it remains in place. Make any necessary modifications by removing the cap and repositioning the tape, removing part of it, or adding more as required
  5. Make a sweatband by removing the backing off the tape and putting it on top of it or in between it and the hat

Taking the cap to a professional for a steam treatment or another custom fitting process may be necessary if the hat size tape does not work.

How to Shrink Various Materials

Hats are available in a broad range of designs and materials. Every type of material has its own set of maintenance requirements. The tag will inform you what materials are in your cap, which will assist you in selecting the most appropriate shrinking process. Examine the materials that make up your hat, and then discover how to downsize these typical hat materials.


If you have a baseball cap or other hat made of this material, try washing it in the washing machine. Check the labels to make sure it can be machine washed before you attempt to shrink a polyester hat using the following method:

  1. Put your hat in a garment bag to keep it safe. Fill your washing machine with garments that are similar in color and toss in the hat
  2. The proper amount of non-bleach washing detergent should be added. Heat up your washer on either a warm or hot setting – hot water is more likely to shrink your hat in size. Once it has been cleaned, try it on. If it’s too tight, you may wear it while it dries. If your hat is still too big, put it in the dryer to shrink it. Set the dryer’s heat on a low or medium setting. 10 minute checks on the headgear should be performed.

There are some hat styles that will not work with this procedure, particularly those with ornate decorations that cannot be washed in the machine. Then try sizing the hat using a hat size tape or handwashing the hat in hot water.

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If you don’t mind looking a little ridiculous while attempting to shrink a cotton hat, you can wear it in the shower to accomplish your goal. Maintaining your hat on your head while submerging it in hot water allows it to better conform to the shape and size of your head. Following these instructions can help you shrink a cotton hat in the shower:

  1. Set the temperature of your shower to a comfortable level of hotness
  2. Put on your hat and enter the building
  3. Even if you’re wearing a baseball cap, try not to get more than the crown of your hat wet. After three to five minutes in the shower, get out of the shower. Remove the hat, brush off any extra water, and then replace the hat so that it isn’t leaking anymore. Wear the hat while it is drying to ensure that it fits your head properly.

Another option for shrinking a cotton hat is to immerse it in hot water for several minutes. Prepare a big pot and fill it halfway with water, just enough to submerge your hat without spilling. When heating the water on the stove, avoid bringing it to a boil or letting it simmer. Once it’s warm, you may put on your hat. Submerge it in the water for several minutes with clean kitchen tongs. After removing the hat, let it to drip dry and cool down until it is a safe temperature to wear again. Put your hat on and let it to air dry to allow it to fit smaller.


The use of water, heat, and agitation will cause wool to shrink and felt. If you have a wool sweater that is too big, this is not good news, but it may be the solution to your problem if you have a wool hat that is too big. The process of shrinking a wool hat is straightforward if you are already familiar with shrinking other types of hats. Caution should be exercised, though. Wool hats that have been exposed to water or heat become difficult, if not impossible, to reshape after they have gotten felted.

  • The washing machine is comprised of the following parts: Set your washer on a warm and delicate cycle to avoid damage to your clothes. Wash the hat either by itself or with other items of similar hue
  • The sink consists of the following components: Fill your sink with water that is pleasantly hot. Place the hat in the water, churning it while it does so, and set it aside for a few minutes. The term “pot” refers to the following: For a wool cap, use the same procedure as you would for a cotton hat. Put your wool hat in the water until it’s warm, not hot, and let it in there for a couple of minutes

To dry your wool hat, place it in the dryer on its own for a few minutes. Set the thermostat to a low setting and check it every ten minutes. Use the machine to dry it only if the washing didn’t reduce it to the size you want. Otherwise, let your hat to dry naturally. Many wool hats are made using coloured materials, which may represent a health hazard.

In the event that you have never cleaned your hat before, the dye may run into the water. Avoid washing headwear since the color may transfer to your clothing. If you’re concerned about your wool hat losing color or destroying your cap, you may always take it to a specialist to get it sized down.

Buy Hat Size Tape From Hats Unlimited

Do you have a hat that is too large? Do you want to expand your collection of hats by purchasing new ones? Hats Unlimited is the place to go to get the perfect hat. With good service and pricing, you’ll be able to find the appropriate cap or hat accessories for your requirements. Show off your sense of style or receive sun protection in a great fit with our selection of top hat brands and styles from across the world. To make your present caps the proper size, you may purchase hat sizing tape.

How to Shrink a Polyester Hat: The 3 Best Methods

Is your favorite baseball cap a touch too loose on your head right now? It doesn’t matter if it’s become stretched out from regular wear or if it’s always been too big (but you still like it), there’s no need to throw it away. With a little know-how, you can quickly adjust the size of your hat to ensure that it fits perfectly. To begin, you must decide the type of material that will be used for the hat. Because natural cotton fibers shrink readily in the washer and dryer, even at low temperatures, if it is made of cotton that has not been preshrunk, it is best to avoid washing and drying it.

The same is true for wool hats; however, more attention should be exercised because wool is prone to losing its form.

Additionally, if you have a polyester hat, placing it in the washing machine and dryer will cause it to shrink.

Because of this, heat — specifically, hot water and hot air — is essential for shrinking a polyester baseball cap.

Washing Machine Method

The washing machine approach is the most convenient option for people who are short on time (or patience).

1. Put the cap in a garment bag.

However, even though polyester hats are quite robust, they might get torn or deformed when washed in the washing machine. Prior to washing, place the hat inside of a garment bag to reduce the likelihood of it becoming ruined.

2. Load the hat with similarly colored clothes.

In addition to saving water, washing the cap with a load of laundry speeds up the shrinking process by applying pressure on the other items in the wash cycle. Depending on the size of the load, use the amount of non-bleach laundry detergent that is advised.

3. Use the hot water setting.

Warm water might be substituted, but if your hat has to be shrunk by a half size or more, it’s preferable to use a high heat setting.

4. Try on the cap once it’s finished washing.

You should put the hat in the drier if the fit remains unsatisfactory after that. (Continue to step 5 in the instructions below.) For a more comfortable fit, wear it for a while and then hang it to dry so that the fibers may expand and adjust to your head.

5. Put the hat in the dryer for further shrinkage.

Make use of the medium heat setting. A polyester hat must be subjected to high temperatures in order to shrink, but if the temperatures are too high, your hat may get torn, burnt, or otherwise damaged.

Check on the hat every 10 minutes or so to make sure it’s still in good condition, and then put it on your head. Once the hat has been stretched to the desired size, you’re ready to go.

Hand-Wash Method

It is preferable to wash a synthetic cap by hand since it is more mild and suitable if the hat does not need to shrink much.

1. Fill a pot or sink with hot water.

Make certain that the water is not boiling, as this will destroy the hat’s structure. The water in a pot should be steaming rather than boiling while it is being heated on the stovetop

2. Add a tablespoon of non-bleach detergent.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the detergent and toss it around in the hot water. You might also use dish soap in this situation.

3. Dunk the hat in the soapy water.

Despite the fact that you’re working with extremely hot water, you should not do this with your bare hands. Instead, kitchen tongs are recommended.

4. Let the cap soak for at least 30 minutes.

The hot water will begin to shrink the fibers of the hat at a different rate depending on the quantity of polyester in the hat.

5. Rinse off the wet hat.

Gently blot away any excess moisture from the surface with a clean cloth after removing any suds with warm running water.

6. Put on the damp hat and let it air dry.

This may take some time, but as the hat dries, it will begin to mold to the contour of your cranial structure. If you wish to expedite the shrinking process, proceed to the following step immediately.

7. Use a hair dryer for further shrinkage.

Despite the fact that high heat is required to shrink a polyester hat, utilize the medium heat setting on the blow dryer to avoid any potential difficulties. The hat may be held in place while being dried with a blow dryer, or you can wear it on your head while applying heat so that it dries in the shape of your head.

Shower Method

When it comes to showering, there is nothing better than a hot shower, and this method for shrinking a polyester hat brings a whole new meaning to the word “shower cap.”

1. Get ready to take a shower.

Naturally, you don’t require any instructions for having a shower; all you need to do is make sure you’re wearing the hat you want to shrink.

2. Shower as usual and let the hat get soaked.

Allow at least five minutes for the crown to be thoroughly soaked. While showering, you can gently wash the cap if you want to, but it is not required.

3. Rinse off.

Once you’ve finished washing and drying off, be sure to dab the cap so that it isn’t dripping wet anymore.

4. Wear the hat and let it air dry.

The most effective method of achieving a perfectly fitting baseball cap is to allow it to dry while you are wearing it. Yes, it may take all day, but the wait will be well worth it. If this isn’t a possibility, you may always use a hair dryer to expedite the procedure if necessary. Alternatively, you may put it in the dryer as long as you check on it every 10 minutes or so while it’s drying.

Hot Stuff

The polyester hats shown here are all of appropriate size, as may be seen below. To shrink your hat into shape, all you actually need is some heat and a few easy procedures, which you can do by tossing it in the washing machine, caring for it by hand, or simply having a shower with it. In order to ensure that you’re wearing your baseball hat correctly, review our list of do’s and don’ts for wearing a baseball hat before you start shopping for one.

How To Shrink Fitted Hats?

If the fit of your fitted hat is a bit too loose, you will need to make some adjustments to it. Despite the fact that fitted hats have a smooth back and are well-suited for accommodating your hair, fitted hats do not allow for changes for individuals with heads that are in the middle of a size range.

Don’t let your headwear become a source of frustration. Instead, reduce your fitted hat to the point where it conforms to your head and creates a more customized fit for your face shape.

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Shrink Your Fitted Hat

Step 1: Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and screw the cap on tightly. Step 2: Invert the fitting and place it on a clean, flat surface. Spray the inside band of the hat all the way down to the bottom. Next, spray the hat’s body with anywhere from six to ten spritzes of the hairspray mixture. It is not necessary to wet the hat with water; gentle spritzes will suffice. Step 3: Raise the hat to its proper position. In a circular motion, spray the underside of the hat from one side to the other until you reach the bill on either side.

  • Spritz the top of the hat with five to six spritzes as well, if desired.
  • Place your fist inside the hat and let it to rest on your hand for now.
  • Flip the fitting over and set it on a level surface to complete the installation process.
  • This is the section that requires the most shrinkage; the band should be able to fit tightly around your head at this point.
  • In this manner, you may complete the drying process, and the heat will aid in molding the cap to your head size.

The Steam Method

Prepare the water by filling a medium-sized saucepan halfway with water and putting it on the heat. Increase the heat to high until the water begins to boil. Turn off the burner and leave the room. Second, hold the fitted by the brim approximately 6 inches away from the steam coming from the pot. Allow approximately 30 seconds for the steam to permeate the interior of the hat and the band. Step 3. Remove the hat from your head for another 30 seconds. Repeat the process of steaming the fitting and removing it about four times.

Step 4.Put your hairdryer on the highest setting.

Quickly dry the exterior of the top.

In step 5, you’ll put the fitting on your head.

4 Amazingly Easy Ways to Shrink a Hat

Have you ever strolled into a store and put your eyes on the hat of all hats, the one that was meant for you, the one that you wondered where it had been throughout your life? So, when you attempt to put it on for the first time, you discover that it has drooped so much that it almost completely covers your eyes. All of a sudden, you find yourself in need of hat shrinking skills. It is critical to understand that even if the hat of your dreams does not initially fit perfectly, everything is not always lost.

If you have a fitted cap that you would want to be more comfortable in, go through our selection and choose the cure that will work best for you and the material of the cap. (jackf/

How to Shrink a Fitted Hat

There are many various sorts of people who come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as with a variety of preferences and dislikes. Along with all of those distinct types of people, there are a variety of hat sizes to choose from. These are quick and simple procedures that may be used to customize the fit of virtually any hat, from a baseball cap to a fedora. These are also an excellent justification for cleaning a baseball cap, and some of these techniques will provide you with an opportunity to do so as effectively as they do.

Some people may make your hat fit more tightly than is comfortable, so you should be aware of the proper methods for stretching a hat.

Cotton shrinks readily, but does 100 percent polyester shrink as readily as cotton?

Ways to Shrink a Hat

Beginning with the most easy and readily reversible approach is always the greatest option when it comes to methods of shrinking a hat. You want it to be the right fit, not just something that sits on top of your hairstyle. There are a variety of objects that may be used as hat adjusters. tb1234

Hat Size Adjusters

Tb1234 Make use of a headband or a sweatband and place it on your head directly around the area where the rim of the hat would normally be. Carefully place the new hat on top of whichever hat you have chosen to wear. Make sure it doesn’t protrude from under the brim of the cap, else it will appear weird. The use of this technique is particularly effective for baseball caps, fedoras, and other hats that may sit a little higher on the head. Due to the fact that sweatbands are often thicker, you can utilize one of them to compensate for even more space.

  • You may require a more long-term solution than simply wearing a headband every time you put on your hat.
  • Hat tape, sometimes known as hat sizers, is effective in polyester hats as well as most other fitted hats made of a variety of other materials.
  • Cut two pieces of tape for the sides of the hat, or one piece for the approximate circle around the interior of the hat.
  • Examine if this repair has resolved your issue by putting the hat on your head gently once it has been placed under the band.

If this is comfortable for you, remove the hat and peel off the rear of the hat from the sticky side. Replace the foam in the spot where it was previously located and gently tap it into place.

Using a Washing Machine

In order to shrink a fitting hat or to shrink clothes and pants that don’t fit properly, one of the most popular strategies people learn is to use the washing machine. When using a machine, however, there is less control, so be careful not to shrink it to half its original size, as may be the case with a wool hat. Some individuals even use a dishwasher, albeit this offers them even less control over their dishes. tb1234

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Materials When using a Washing Machine

Tb1234 First, place the fitted baseball cap or other types of headwear in a garment bag to keep them clean. The bag is useful in keeping the fitted baseball cap safe. Because some hat fibers are not designed to be laundered in a washing machine, the bag prevents the hat from becoming beaten up and ruined. You may put additional items of similar colors in the same bag as the cap to save on water use. The pressure exerted by the other clothing can assist in shrinking the hat more quickly. Then, using a non-bleach washing detergent, add the suggested quantity for your load size, whichever is greater.

  • If it simply needs to shrink a bit, warm water or even cold water would suffice.
  • Depending on how much shrinkage occurred throughout the wash cycle, the hat may already be small enough to do the task.
  • Remove any surplus water from the surface with a cloth before applying it.
  • Cotton fibers shrink significantly when treated in this manner.

Give the Hat a Shower

Another method of shrinking a hat is to put it on and then take a hot shower with it on. In addition to being a less time-consuming method, it may be replicated using a spray bottle and hot water. We don’t have specific recommendations on how to shower while wearing a hat; simply ensure that you do so. Allow for full soaking of the hat. Take advantage of this wonderful occasion to clean a baseball cap or to wash the hat, so give it a good scrub as well. Starting as soon as you come out of the shower, wipe the excess water off with a paper towel so that it is no longer leaking, and then begin the drying process.

Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer set to high heat to have a lower shrinkage impact and get it dry more quickly.

Shrink Hats with Your Hands

The hand washing approach is particularly useful for hats that are made of more delicate materials or that should not shrink excessively. tb1234

Hand Washing Technique

Tb1234 Fill a saucepan or a sink halfway with hot water to start. It is not recommended to use hot water because this frequently damages the hat’s structure. In a large mixing bowl, combine the laundry detergent and water. Do not use a bleach-containing detergent. Soak the hat in the soapy water for a few minutes. Kitchen tongs should be used to insert and remove the hat depending on how hot your water is. This will prevent your hands from becoming burned. Make sure the hat is allowed to rest and soak in the water for at least 30 minutes before using.

Remove the hat and rinse the soap suds out of it once you’re finished. Using one of the methods described in the shower approach, dry it on your head so that it adheres to the proper shape, toss it in the dryer, or use a hairdryer to finish drying it off.

How to Shrink a Hat using Steam

Some hats, such as those made of cotton, respond nicely to steaming, and this is one of them. When you simply want to shrink a hat a little bit, steaming is advised. If the project is more complicated, it is preferable to hire an expert to complete it. Is it possible to shrink leatherhats or other articles of clothing? Yes, it is possible to make them slightly smaller, but a significant size difference is not conceivable. The use of excessive steam can result in the destruction of a hat’s finish and, in some cases, may even compromise its structural integrity.

  • To steam a hat, place a kettle on the burner and wait for steam to emanate from the spout until the hat is steaming.
  • It is critical that you maintain a minimum space of six to eight inches between yourself and the kettle.
  • As a result, you may reshape the hat by carefully kneading it into the proper position to get the desired hat fit.
  • You can repeat this process as many times as necessary to achieve the desired shape and size.
  • Ensure that you learn about the hat’s construction material so that you can choose the technique that is most appropriate for the hat and causes the least amount of harm.
  • If you appreciated our hat shrinking techniques, please spread the word on Facebook and Pinterest so that others can benefit from them as well.

How to Shrink a Hat: 8 Proven Ways

We’ll show you 8 efficient methods for shrinking a hat in this article. Because it is too large for your head, you may find yourself with a fantastic hat that is destined to languish at the back of your wardrobe despite its promise. Perhaps the hat was a little too big when you received it. It’s possible that your head has shrunk as a result of your weight reduction. Fitted hats, on the other hand, might get stretched or loosened over time due to continuous wear and tear. Whatever the cause, all is not lost!

You can shrink a hat in numerous ways, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

They can use a steaming procedure to tailor the fit of your hat and shrink the hat to your specifications.

However, there are several simple techniques that you may use to make a hat smaller at home. So, before you decide to spend a lot of money having your hat downsized, have a look at these simple steps to discover how to shrink a hat properly on your own and save money.


First and foremost, while selecting how to shrink a fitted hat, you must consider the type of hat with which you are dealing. Depending on the material from which your hat is built, different cleaning procedures should be employed. The material of some hats should be treated with greater care if it is fragile or prone to shrinking readily. Other types of headwear, such as those made of preshrunk cotton or polyester, are less susceptible to shrinking. Finding out how to shrink a polyester hat will necessitate the use of more powerful heat for a longer length of time, which will be particularly difficult.

8 Proven Ways to Shrink a Hat

Now, we’ll go through eight tried-and-true approaches with you. You may shrink your baseball cap, fitted hat, cotton or polyester beret hat by following the instructions provided.


In order to use the first approach, you’ll need to fill a spray bottle halfway with cold water. Spray the hat until it is slightly wet but not completely saturated. You don’t want any of the colors to bleed together. Make use of a hairdryer on the highest setting and direct the heat towards the hat. Turn the hat around so that the heat may reach both sides. Keep the heat from being concentrated too much on the brim. This has the potential to cause the hat to lose its form. Take care not to allow the cloth to become too hot.

Put on the hat and repeat the process as many times as necessary to ensure a proper fit.

Polyester hats may require more attention than a cotton hat in order to maintain their appearance.


One such approach that might be utilized is to soak the hat in water. This procedure is effective if the hat is fitted with an elastic band. Try soaking the elastic band in hot water for 10 minutes to see if that works better. To do this, fill a sink with just enough water to completely immerse the elastic band. You don’t want to get water all over your cap. Make use of the hottest water available from the faucet.


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit before beginning this process. Using a greater heat might cause the hat to melt, so use caution. Prepare a baking sheet by laying paper towels on it while the oven is preheating. Paper towels will keep the bottom of the hat from scorching and turning brown. Place the hat on a baking sheet and bake it for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.


In the washing machine and/or dryer, you can see if you can get your hat to shrink. Set the machines to the hottest and longest cycles they are capable of producing. If your hat does not require significant shrinkage, you may use only the dryer technique. If the hat is still too loose after using the oven technique, use this procedure immediately thereafter to tighten it up.


You will need to fill a pot or sink halfway with boiling hot water for this procedure. It is important not to heat the water to boiling point because this can damage the structure of your hat. After you’ve added one tablespoon of detergent to the water, you may place your hat in the soapy water. Soak the cap for at least 30 minutes before using. After that, rinse the hat well under warm running water. Using a clean towel, remove any excess water from the hat. Place the moist hat on your head and keep the hat on until it is totally dry (around 30 minutes).

This is going to take some time. Hairdryers with high heat settings can be used to expedite the drying process if desired to reduce drying time. You should be careful not to make your hat too tight since this will cause it to shrink even more.


Try going into a hot shower while wearing your hat as an alternative to the previous procedure. Soak the hat in boiling water for a few minutes. It is important not to use too hot of water since you need to be able to wear the hat without being burned. Then, while wearing the helmet, proceed with your usual shower regimen. Continue to wear the hat until it is completely dry. Wearing it in the hot sun can shorten the drying time as well as increase the amount of heat generated during the shrinking process.

Keep in mind that this will increase the amount of shrinkage the hat experiences.


This procedure needs a little more precision than the others. Prior to using hat size reducers, you must first determine the distance between the top of your hat and your head. It is possible to acquire an approximate approximation by sliding your fingers between your hat and your head. In the event that you have someone around to assist you, they can measure the distance between you and them using a tape measure. Make adjustments to the hat size reducers’ length by trimming them with scissors to the length you require in accordance with the circumference of the hat.


A beret demands you to become familiar with how to shape it in the manner that you like. Unless you are a member of the military who is required to wear a beret as part of your uniform, there are no laws regarding how you should style it. It is common for berets to have an inside lining that must be trimmed in order for the beret to fit snugly around your head. Excess material surrounding the hat will almost certainly be there. Ordinarily, the excess material is folded and put to one side, often to the right.

The use of hot water will result in shrinkage.

I wouldn’t advocate soaking your hat in hot water every time you wish to remove fuzz once it has reached the ideal size.

As an alternative, you may just use scissors to cut as if you were cutting your hair.

Final Thoughts

Before removing your large hat from your wardrobe and donating it to your local thrift store, you may try some or all of the ways listed below to figure out how to make a fitting hat a little bit smaller. Keep in mind that the combination of wetness and heating can cause your hat to distort, especially if you are going through many cycles. Please use caution when attempting these methods in order to avoid damaging your hat.

How to Shrink a Fitted Baseball Cap

Your fitted baseball cap may need to be shrunk if it does not exactly meet the requirements for the occasion. Despite the fact that fitted caps have a smooth back and keep your hair in place, these caps do not have the ability to be adjusted for those who have heads that are in between sizes.

But don’t allow your headgear become a source of frustration. Shrink your baseball cap instead, allowing it to conform to your head and create a more customized fit.

Hats Off to the Spray Bottle

Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and screw the cap on tightly. Place the cap on a clean surface with the opening facing up. Spray the inside band of the hat all the way down to the bottom. Next, spray the hat’s body with anywhere from six to ten spritzes of the hairspray mixture. It is not necessary to wet the hat with water; gentle spritzes will suffice. Turn the hat so that it is erect. In a circular motion, spray the underside of the hat from one side to the other until you reach the bill on either side.

  • Spritz the top of the hat with five to six spritzes as well, if desired.
  • Place your fist inside the hat and let it to rest on your hand for now.
  • Turn the hat over and lay it flat on a level surface to dry.
  • This is the section that requires the most shrinkage; the band should be able to fit tightly around your head at this point.
  • In this manner, you may complete the drying process, and the heat will aid in molding the cap to your head size.

Steam It to Size It

Using a medium-sized saucepan, fill it halfway with water and set it on the burner. Increase the heat to high until the water begins to boil. Turn off the burner and leave the room. Keep the hat by the brim about 6 inches away from the steam emanating from the kettle. Allow about 30 seconds for the steam to permeate the interior of the cap and the band of the bandana. Removing the cap will give you an additional 30 seconds. Repeat the process of heating the hat and removing it around four times.

Set the heat on your hairdryer to the highest setting.

Quickly dry the exterior of the top.

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Put the cap on your head and look around.


Simply wrap the inside of the hat with a plastic bag and secure it with tape on all four sides if you are only interested in decreasing the headband.


You should never dry a hat in the dryer because it will lose its form. It is not recommended to submerge your full hat in water.

How to Shrink Polyester Fitted Hat

Fitted hats are hats that are tailored to the shape and size of your head and do not include size adjusters. The vast majority of them are composed of polyester. The fact that they fit better than hats with adjustable size and can be more comfortable is a major advantage. The question arises, however, in the case of a well-fitting hat that is too large for your head.

Using the instructions in this article, you will learn how to shrink a polyester hat. If you want to shrink a polyester fitted hat, you can do it in a variety of ways. Some of these techniques include the following:

  • The washing machine, the dryer, steam, a hairdryer, and boiling water are all available options.

It is possible to shrink a polyester fitted hat, but it must be done with caution in order to avoid shrinking it too much or destroying it in the process. If you want your hat to shrink properly, you must follow the instructions to the letter. Continue reading to understand more about each of the strategies in greater depth.

Can YouShrinka Polyester Hat?

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand the proper fit of a polyester hat in order to determine whether or not you will require shrinking it and, if so, how much shrinking you will require. When you put on a hat, it should be snug but not too tight on you. When you wear a hat that fits tightly, it will not slip off easily when you raise your activity level or bend over. It will be a comfortable fit for your cranium. A hat should not be too tight on your head that it feels like it is squeezing it or that it leaves marks on your skin.

  1. When worn properly, a hat will sit just over your browbones.
  2. This means that the cap is too tight if you can’t fit your index finger in the opening.
  3. You should also consider your head’s dimensions and size, since these two elements have the most impact on how well a hat will fit you in the long run.
  4. Consult a hat size chart to determine the appropriate hat size for you.

Does100%Polyester Shrink?

Unlike natural fibers, polyester is a synthetic substance. This implies that some qualities, such as being extremely resistant to shrinking, have been engineered into the fabric by humans. This does not rule out the possibility of further shrinkage. It is possible that using hot water and high heat while washing polyester products will cause them to shrink somewhat, although this will not be a substantial amount. It’s possible that you’ve noticed that the care label on polyester recommends against using hot water.

Hot water can also cause harm to polyester, which is why it should only be used in limited circumstances.

Can YouShrinka Fitted Hat?

if your fitted hat doesn’t quite fit correctly, the good news is that you may get it shrunk to make it more comfortable to wear. There are various approaches that may be used to do this, and the majority of them include the application of heat and moisture in some manner. When it comes to shrinking anything, you should always proceed with caution.

It is difficult to predict how much particular textiles will shrink, and it is simple to overshrink them as a result. Following instructions to the letter might result in a fitted hat that is now far too small for your head.

What aretheWays to Shrink a Hat?

There are a variety of techniques for shrinking a hat. It has been established that each of these methods is successful provided they are followed closely and thoroughly. However, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at each of the approaches in order to determine which one will be the most suitable for your needs.


  • Extremely effective
  • It does not need a significant amount of effort on your behalf
  • Use caution when configuring your computer’s settings. When exposed to high temperatures, polyester can become damaged.


  • It is possible to complete this task with or without the use of a steamer. It is very effective for polyester and other textiles that cannot withstand high temperatures.
  • If you’re not careful, you might burn yourself. It is more effective for reshaping a hat rather than decreasing it.


  • It is possible to shrink only the elastic band with this method.
  • Hot water can cause harm to your hat as well as burn you. Make certain that just the elastic band is submerged.


  • You don’t have to waste water by doing a full washing cycle
  • Instead, use a half-load. It is possible to utilize this to limit direct contact with heat.
  • Time-consuming
  • For polyester, it may be necessary to repeat the process multiple times.

Hat SizeReducer

  • It is possible to utilize it without the need of heat or water. The hat will not be damaged or over-shrunk
  • It is vital to collect exact head measurements
  • If required, have a buddy do so.

How toShrinka Polyester Fitted Hat

Now that you are aware of all of your alternatives and have assessed the advantages and disadvantages of each, it is time to examine each one in further depth. Detailed instructions will be provided for each technique to ensure that the hat is neither damaged or over-shrinked.

Using aWashingMachine

When it comes to shrinking, polyester is one of the most difficult fabrics to work with. However, washing it in the washing machine with hot water is one of the most effective methods for shrinking polyester. Polyester, on the other hand, is a form of plastic, and temperatures of 230 degrees Fahrenheit or higher can cause the material to melt. As long as the hot water from the washing machine does not reach that temperature, it should be okay to use in the dishwasher. To shrink a hat in the washing machine, follow these procedures.

  1. Put your hat in the washer with the rest of your clothes
  2. Because you are only attempting to shrink one hat, you should set the load size to “small” in order to prevent wasting water. Turn on the water heater to the highest temperature it can withstand without melting the polyester
  3. Gentle cycle is recommended for washing hats with brims, especially when washing them in a sink. A hat that has been subjected to excessive agitation may become deformed. Allow the hat to go through the entire cycle in the washing machine before removing it and placing it in the dryer.

Shrink Hat in the Clothes Dryer

This procedure can be done with or without the use of a washing machine as a first step. If you simply want a small amount of shrinkage in the hat, use the dryer only. When compared to higher temperatures, lower temperatures will produce less shrinkage. However, if your hat is made of polyester, a high temperature will be the most efficient method of cleaning it. To shrink a polyester hat, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Set the thermostat to the highest possible setting
  2. Occasionally remove the hat from the dryer and put it on to see how it fits
  3. Allow it to air dry if it is a good fit. If this is the case, continue drying it while checking it on a regular basis.

Reshape AHatUsing Steam

Using the steam from a clothes steamer, you may mold a hat to make it more comfortable to wear. If you don’t have access to a clothes steamer, there are a variety of alternatives that you may use instead. We’ll go through each strategy in greater depth later on.


This is the quickest and most straightforward method of reshaping a hat using steam. Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Fill the steamer halfway with water (distilled is preferred)
  2. Connect the steamer to the wall outlet and set it to the hottest setting
  3. To begin, start at the brim and continue to steam the entire hat for up to two minutes
  4. When you’ve finished steaming the hat, use both of your hands to reshape it so that it better fits your head. If required, repeat the process.

In theShower

Using this procedure is OK even if you are not having a shower.

  1. If you’re going to use the restroom, hang your hat somewhere where it won’t come into direct touch with water. Increase the temperature of the shower water to the highest setting possible
  2. Close the door to the bathroom
  3. To allow the steam to do its job, turn on your shower for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Turn off the shower and rearrange it with your hands to make it more comfortable

Use a Tea Kettle

Tea kettles generate steam, which makes this approach quite effective.

  1. Fill the kettle halfway with water and set it on the fire to boil
  2. Turn on the fire and bring the pot to a boil until it begins to steam
  3. Placing the hat in front of the steam was a good idea. Use your hands to mould the hat until it is the exact fit that you like
  4. Once the hat begins to feel mushy, discard it.

In theSink

These procedures will show you how to shrink the elastic band of a hat.

  1. Fill a sink halfway with hot water, just enough to cover the elastic band
  2. 10 minutes should be spent submerging the elastic band in boiling water. Extraction and fitting of the hat after being submerged in water If required, repeat the process.


It is necessary to have a spray bottle filled with cold water in order to utilize this procedure. Take the following steps:

  1. Spray the hat until it is completely saturated. It is best not to totally wet it. Use a high-powered hair dryer to style your hair. Directions: Direct the hair drier towards the hat, moving it so that the heat is distributed evenly on both sides Do not allow the cloth to become too hot, and do not let the brim to become too hot. It has the potential to lose its form. When the hat is completely dry, remove it from the hair drier and try it on. If required, repeat the process.

Hat SizeReducer

This procedure may be used to shrink the size of a hat without the use of water or heat.

  1. You may measure the distance between the hat and your head with a measuring tape: Take the circumference of the hat and multiply it by two. The hat size reduction should be cut to the same length as the circumference. The sticky side of the hat size reduction should be placed under the liner of your hat
  2. And

Will 70%Cotton/30%Polyester Shrink?

Cotton and polyester mixes are more likely to shrink than things manufactured solely of polyester, according to the manufacturer. This is owing to the fact that 100 percent polyester is synthetic and, as a result of the way it is manufactured, is resistant to shrinking. Cotton, on the other hand, is a natural fabric, and as a result, it is more prone to shrinkage. A combination of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester will not shrink as much as 100 percent cotton, but it may shrink by as much as 3 percent in some cases, depending on the fabric.

How toShrinka 70% Cotton/30% Polyester Blend

With a little heat and water, cotton and polyester mixes may be shrunk to their original size. Polyester, on the other hand, is not as heat resistant as cotton, so use caution while using it.

Even though polyester constitutes a minor proportion of the fabric, excessive heat can cause damage to the polyester fibers in the cloth. Follow these procedures to shrink a cotton/polyester blend that is 70 percent cotton and 30% polyester.

  1. Fill a washbasin halfway with warm water, enough to completely submerge the cap or other object you wish to shrink
  2. Push the object into the water and hold it there until enough water has been absorbed for the item to be able to float on its own while underwater
  3. 15 minutes should be enough time to soak the item. The water in the washbasin should be warm when it starts to feel chilly
  4. If it becomes too cold, add more warm water until the water feels warm again. Removing the object from the water is essential. Place it on top of a towel or similar absorbent material to keep it from absorbing moisture. As an example, in the case of a hat, put it down as flat as possible without destroying the form
  5. To squeeze out as much extra water as possible from the object, roll it up within the towel and push down on it. Put the item in the dryer to dry it. Use chilly air to dry your clothes on a mild cycle in the dryer. Hot air might be too hot for polyester, causing the fibers to get damaged. Check the dryer on a regular basis. According to Whirlpool, you should check it every five minutes at the absolute least. In order to avoid wrinkling or losing form, the item should be taken from the dryer as soon as it has dried.

How toShrinka 50% Wool 50% Polyester Hat

Wool shrinking can be difficult since it is quite simple to shrink the wool too much in a short period of time. However, because of the large amount of polyester in a 50/50 wool and polyester blend, it may not shrink as much as you might expect. According to Tenth Street Hats, there is still no way to assess the exact amount of shrinkage that has occurred. Given this, it is critical to shrink anything that contains even a little amount of wool with care and attention to detail. Here are two strategies that you may use to shrink a hat that is 50 percent wool and 50 percent polyester.

The Washing Machine

To shrink a hat that is 50 percent wool and 50 percent polyester, follow these steps: 1.

  1. Set the load size to “little” in the configuration. Choosing the mild cycle is a good idea. Set the water temperature to a warm setting in order to prevent the wool from shrinking excessively Dry it on a low setting in the dryer, inspecting it every five minutes to make sure it still fits
  2. Allow it to air dry once it has been fitted.


Another method of shrinking your wool and polyester hat is to put it in the shower with it on. First and foremost, there are several precautions you should be aware of before proceeding with the instructions:

  • Shower with warm water rather than hot
  • It is important not to get soap on your hat.

How to shrink a hat in the shower is demonstrated here.

  1. For a five-minute soak, stand under the shower head to enable water to soak the hat. When soaking, lightly rub the hat to simulate the movement of a washing machine if you have one Remove any extra water from the hat by drying it with a towel. Continue to wear the hat while it dries in order to keep its shape, or use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process.


Hopefully, this post has provided you with some insight into how to shrink a fitted hat. Whatever method you pick, keep in mind that you must carefully follow the instructions to prevent hurting the hat or shrinking it excessively. You can help others by sharing this article and leaving a comment if you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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