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Nolan Ryan, the amazing pitcher who played for four different Major League Baseball clubs from 1966 to 1993, is considered to be one of the all-time greats. He is most known for piling up more strikeouts than any other pitcher in MLB history, but simultaneously surrendering more walks and wild pitches than any other pitcher in MLB history. Ryan had a 27-year professional baseball career in which he struck out 5,714 hitters while walking just 2 795. Nolan Ryan also owns the record for the most strikeouts in a single season with 383, which he achieved in his first season.

Nolan Ryan’s domination is further cemented on June 14, 1974, as he throws 235 pitches over 13 innings while striking out 19 batters to get the victory.

Nolan Ryan had such an influence on opposing teams that batters would plan to play him many games in advance because of how effective he was.

Despite this, he was consistently overlooked since he never had the best win-loss record because the teams for which he played were unable to put runs on the board.

  1. While his on-field accomplishments were recognized, the value of his baseball cards skyrocketed as a result of his success.
  2. The card showed Ryan had struck out ten or more hitters a total of 104 times at the time the card was made.
  3. The 1978 season was one of Nolan Ryan’s more difficult seasons, as his earned run average (ERA) soared to 3.72 for the season.
  4. Cutting faults and printing errors are two of the most common problems with the card, which makes it difficult to locate in high-grade condition.
  5. Only one BGS 10 was awarded out of a total of 639 more samples tested by BGS.
  6. In advance of the 1993 season, Nolan Ryan revealed to the baseball community that it would be his final season.
  7. The fact that his earned run average (ERA) rose to 4.88 in his final season did not deter him from being pardoned due to his extraordinary MLB career that spanned more than four decades.

There have been no 1993 Finest Nolan Ryan cards submitted to PSA, despite the fact that BGS has received and reviewed 19 such submissions.

The very first card on the list that includes Nolan Ryan as a Texas Ranger, the 1991 Topps Nolan Ryan Desert Shield card, with a signature from Ryan on the back of it.

A total of 426 Nolan Ryan Desert Shield cards from 1991 Topps were studied by PSA, and 56 were graded with a PSA 10.

The 1991 Topps Desert Shield set was created with the intention of distributing it to servicemen who were fighting in the Gulf War at the time.

This card, which was released on November 6, 2019, almost 26 years after his retirement, is part of the 2019 Topps Dynasty series, which includes both Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan.

Despite the fact that Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax, two of the greatest pitchers of all time, did not compete at the same time, there have been analogies drawn between the two.

In contrast to Koufax, who retired at the age of 30, Nolan pitched until he was 46 years old.

Nolan Ryan, who is now playing for the California Angels, is represented as he prepares for the windup of the game.

However, that number changed rapidly the next season when Nolan set a new single-season strikeout record with 383 strikeouts, a mark that has been in place ever since.

The card is difficult to locate despite this, as the cutting of the cards from 1973 Topps is rather poor, making it difficult to locate.

There were an extra 732 people sent to BGS, with none of them earning more than a BGS 9 and a population of only two people.

Because of the successful career that Nolan Ryan would go on to have, Mets fans will never forget the transaction that brought him to the team.

When Ryan signed with the Angels, he immediately earned a position in the starting rotation and hasn’t looked back since.

According to PSA, there have been 4,438 Nolan Ryan 1972 Topps cards evaluated.

No cards received a BGS rating higher than a BGS 9.5, which was granted on only one of the extra 930 cards submitted to BGS.


As Ryan has demonstrated that he is the quickest pitcher in history, the cartoon hitter is perplexed and taken aback for a genuine reason: Ryan is the fastest pitcher in history.

Nolan Ryan had been playing for the California Angels the year before he was acquired, but as a result of the trade, the story continues to follow Nolan Ryan’s voyage to Houston.

While there were 31 cards offered through BGS, none of them were worthy of a BGS 10, and only two cards were deserving of a BGS 9 in a population of over a thousand cards.

There were two Major League Baseball teams based in Canada, the Montreal Expos and the Toronto Blue Jays, at the time.

The Montreal Expos were the first team to be created outside of the United States, and they are now known as the Washington Nationals.

When it comes to finding cards from the 1981 O-Pee-Chee set that are in good condition, collectors will most likely have a significant uphill battle because the edges are quite rough.

While 31 have been submitted to BGS, none have received a BGS 10, but 16 have achieved a BGS 9.5, which is the highest possible score.

Nolan Ryan signed a contract with the Houston Astros in November of 1979, making him the first player in the history of Major League Baseball to earn an average of more than $1 million per year.

As detailed on the back of this 1985 Topps card, Nolan Ryan would go on to pursue his two loves for cattle breeding and banking, which he would combine into a successful business career.

Ryan also ventured into the realm of banking, establishing R Bank in his native state of Texas, which he named after his father.

On 206 out of 1,671 occurrences, this card received a PSA 10 rating.

The first time since 1952, you had to pay a premium to see Nolan Ryan on this 1970 Topps baseball card, as the price increased from $0.05 to $0.10, marking the first time this has happened since 1952.

While it is frequently stated that the design of the 1970 Topps series is not especially appealing, the reverse of the card more than makes up for the lack of visual appeal on the front, resulting in a large number of collectors being attracted in nevertheless.

There are 838 samples analyzed by BGS, with a population of 5 samples, with the highest earned grade receiving a 9.

On the reverse of this card, it is said that Nolan set a new Mets record by striking out 14 batters in a single game.

One of which occurred in a nine-inning game, tying him for the most strikeouts in a game in which he had 27 outs.

Due to centering issues and general cutting faults, the 1969 Topps collection is one of the most difficult to collect among the Topps sets.

Only three of the 1,247 Nolan Ryan 1969 Topps cards that have been submitted to BGS have gotten the perfect grade of a 10, and none have received a BGS 9.

With this set, you have an action photo of each player as they are engaged in in-game performance, which is more enticing than a static image of the players.

While it is widely acknowledged that the 1971 Topps set is prone to border issues, it is less often stated that there is a practically substantial issue with centering in the set.

This set has the fewest PSA 9 cards out of all of the Topps collections from the 1970s.

PSA has assessed 4,114 documents, with 31 of them obtaining a PSA 9 rating, whilst BGS has analyzed 945 documents, with just three receiving a BGS 9 rating.

He would go on to have six seasons in which he would strike out 300 batters, becoming the first pitcher in history to do so.

When you purchased a pack of this 1975 Topps baseball set, you were provided with a stick of gum, which was a welcome and ubiquitous novelty at the time.

None of the 757 individuals tested and rated by the BGS received a 10, with the highest grade attained being a BGS 9.5 with only three people in the sample.

Ryan has led the American League in strikeouts for the past seven years, according to the information on the back of the card.

The card goes on to say that Nolan Ryan’s fastest pitch was 100.9 mph, which is rather impressive.

In the end, Ryan’s legendary pitch would be recorded at 100.9 mph, but after accounting for errors in the radar gun’s positioning, the speed is increased to 108.5 mph.

While BGS has gotten a lower amount of the same card, just two BGS 10 cards have been received.

Nolan Ryan and fellow New York Mets teammate and starting pitcher Jerry Koosman are both featured in a merged card that is displayed in a horizontal layout to highlight their respective talents.

On the reverse of the card, you can see the pitching statistics of both players from their minor league careers.

Despite the fact that there were three other similar variants of this Nolan Ryan rookie card issued, the Topps version is the one that is most sought after.

Despite receiving 9,485 entries, PSA has only given one single card with a PSA 10 designation.

Nolan Ryan announced his retirement from baseball at the age of 46.

He received 98.8 percent of the votes, which is tied for the fourth highest percentage of votes received by any candidate in history.

In 2008, he was named president of the Texas Rangers, the team for which he played from 1989 to 1993 and where he completed his playing career.

Afterwards, in 2014, Ryan took on the job of executive adviser for the Houston Astros baseball team. The value of the most desirable Nolan Ryan cards will continue to rise as a result of Nolan Ryan’s remarkable career, which had a lasting impression on the sport of baseball and the globe.

Top 10 Best and Most Valuable Nolan Ryan Cards of All Time

Normally, pitchers are disregarded in favor of the strong hitters and home run batters, but Nolan Ryan is an exception to this rule. Nolan Ryan was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999 after being the unquestioned all-time strikeout king of the game. Throughout his career, he was able to compile a record seven no-hitters, and he has the capacity to dominate every game in which he appeared. As a result, his followers are always on the lookout for some of his greatest cards to add to their collections to this day.

  • 1993 Finest Nolan Ryan107 Refractor (tenth place)
  • 9. 1977 Topps Nolan Ryan650 (eighth place)
  • 7. 1974 Topps Nolan Ryan20 (seventh place)
  • 6. 1972 Topps Nolan Ryan595 (fifth place)
  • 5. 1971 Topps Nolan Ryan513 (fourth place)
  • 4. 1978 Topps Nolan Ryan400 (fourth place)
  • 3. 1969 Topps Baseball Nolan Ryan533 (second place)
  • 2. 1973 Topps Nolan

10. 1993 Finest Nolan Ryan107 Refractor

Currently, the most recent price for a 1993 Finest Nolan Ryan107 Refractor is $5,001. Commencement our list with a fan favorite among Texas fans, we have the legendary pitcher’s first (and also his final) refractor card, which comes from the 1993 Finest series. Nolan Ryan’s Major League Baseball career came to an end in 1993, and the refractor card depicting the pitcher poised to throw one of his famed fastballs commemorated the occasion. Highly graded variants of this card are extremely difficult to come by, but if you do manage to track one down, expect to pay a significant premium for it.

One noteworthy fact to note is that there has never been a single PSA 10 sold.

9. 1977 Topps Nolan Ryan650

The most recent price for a 1977 Topps Nolan Ryan650 card was $9,102 on eBay. The 1977 Topps card, which depicts a concentrated Nolan Ryan about to deliver a huge pitch, is the second most valuable card in our collection. This is one of our favorite designed cards, since it has his classic Angels jersey, as well as his signature to the left. Many people are still attempting to get their hands on one today, since it is still incredibly desirable among fans and collectors. Despite its widespread availability, however, locating a 1977 Topps Nolan Ryan in good condition may prove to be more difficult than you anticipate.

That equates to around 0.6 percent of the overall population.

8. 1976 Topps Nolan Ryan330

The most recent price for a 1976 Topps Nolan Ryan330 card was $17,517 on eBay. In contrast to the “happier” and “brighter” style of the previous year’s Topps card, the 1976 Topps card displays the legendary pitcher in a more concentrated attitude, as he is worryingly peering into the distance. Despite the fact that the image is not the most appealing, there is still a huge demand for these cards, with highly graded cards being quite difficult to come by.

Only ten PSA 10 cards were ever graded out of approximately 4,700 cards that were submitted for grading. The high level of rarity justifies the hefty price tags, with the most expensive 1976 Topps Nolan Ryan card selling for $17,517 in 2021, the most expensive in history.

7. 1974 Topps Nolan Ryan20

The most recent price for a 1974 Topps Nolan Ryan20 card was $18,500 on eBay. An classic card for a year that will be remembered fondly. During a game, Nolan Ryan became the first Major League pitcher to have the speed of his pitch measured in the middle of the inning, but it was not the only reason the pitch was significant. In spite of the fact that the team did not have cutting-edge technology, Ryan’s pitch was measured at 100.8 m/h barely 10 feet from from home plate. This surpassed Bob Feller’s previous record of 98.6 m/h, which was regarded to be the fastest pitch ever recorded.

Despite its enormous popularity, with over 4,400 cards being submitted for grading, only six PSA 10 cards have ever been produced in the history of the hobby.

As a result, in 2021, the highest price paid for a 1974 Topps Nolan Ryan card was $18,500, the highest amount ever.

6. 1972 Topps Nolan Ryan595

A PSA 101972 Topps Nolan Ryan595 was just sold for $7,900 at a local auction. The pitcher is depicted in the 1972 Topps card during his debut season with the Los Angeles Angels. A close-up of Nolan Ryan wearing a hat with the old Angels emblem replaces the full-body action image from the previous episode of the show. Topps experimented with several images and color combinations for the card design, which made it stand out. These, on the other hand, remained with the 1972 collection, as they were never included in any of Topps’ subsequent sets.

Among these PSA 10’s, the highest price ever paid for one was $7,800 in the year 2019.

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5. 1971 Topps Nolan Ryan513

The most recent price for a PSA 91971 Topps Nolan Ryan513 is $17,834 (including shipping). The year 1971 represented Nolan Ryan’s final season with the New York Mets. For fans and collectors, the 1971 Topps design was plagued with problems, ranging from the black boarders (which made the card exceedingly condition sensitive) to an out of focus image of the player during a baseball pitch. As a result, collectors were not overly enthusiastic about the final card to feature the pitcher in his Mets outfit.

There have never been any PSA 10 cards among the roughly 4,200 cards that have been submitted for grading.

The highest price paid for one of these PSA 9’s was $17,834 in 2021, according to the most recent data.

4. 1978 Topps Nolan Ryan400

The most recent price for a PSA 101978 Topps Nolan Ryan400 is $14,899 (as of April 2019). Nolan Ryan’s 1978 Topps card is considered to be one of his more valuable cards. The player is shown in the process of warming up for a pitch while staring directly into the camera. Because of the large border surrounding the image, it appears as though the ball is about to be flung straight out of the playing card. The design is intriguing, and this card is highly sought after; obtaining one of them in immaculate condition is quite difficult.

In reality, only three PSA 10 cards have ever been graded out of over 3,100 cards that have been submitted for grading. The extreme rarity of this card fetches a high price, with the only PSA 10 ever sold in 2019 fetching $14,899 at auction.

3. 1969 Topps Baseball Nolan Ryan533

PSA 101969 Topps Nolan Ryan533 has been sold for $20,100, which is the most recent price available. Nolan Ryan’s first popular baseball card came out in 1969 Topps Baseball, and it was his second appearance on a baseball card overall. A very young Nolan Ryan is depicted in a pitching stance, donning his classic vintage Mets outfit from his playing days. These cards, which are more than 50 years old, are extremely difficult to come by in decent shape, but when they are, they may command a high price.

A single card from this set, which sold for $20,100 at the Mile High Card Company’s October auction in 2012, was the only one sold.

2. 1973 Topps Nolan Ryan220

Prices for a PSA 101973 Topps Nolan Ryan220 have recently reached $16,201. This card, which depicts Nolan Ryan poised to throw a pitch during his second season with the Angels, is one of the pitcher’s most popular memorabilia. Everything about the card, from the sharp image to the posture, is incredibly clean and visually attractive in design. The 1973 card layout is also one of our all-time favorite layouts in the hobby. Only six PSA 10 cards have ever been graded out of over 3,700 total cards assessed.

1. 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie177

The most recent price for a PSA 101968 Topps card was $1,098. Nolan Ryan Rookie177 receives a $600,000 salary. It goes without saying that the pitcher’s one and only rookie card deserves to be at the top of the list. The Nolan Ryan rookie card, in contrast to the rest of the cards on this list, has some significant “drawbacks” that should be noted. For starters, he has a rookie card that he shares with fellow pitcher Jerry Koosman, which is a trait shared by the majority of rookie cards from the era.

But even with these obvious “negatives,” demand for the card has continued to climb, making locating a high-grade Nolan Ryan rookie card incredibly difficult to locate to this day.

This specific Nolan Ryan rookie was sold for $600,000 during the Goldin Elite Auction Session 2 in August of 2020, and was the most expensive rookie ever sold.

Which one(s) would you add to the list if you had the chance?

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Nolan Ryan Baseball Rookie Cards

Is it true that the most expensive Nolan Ryan Baseball Rookie Card (? Nolan Ryan Complete Base Card Set w/1968 Rookie ALL HIGH GRADE PSA 8,9,10?) is worth more than $1 million dollars? Was the most expensive Rookie Card ever sold on eBay in March 2021 for $30000.00, while the least expensive Rookie Card ever sold on eBay in June 2021 (50 CARD BABE RUTH NOLAN RYAN LINCECUM REFRACTOR KIEBOOM RC WILL SMITH ROOKIe LOT) changed hands for just $0.01? The month with the highest number of cards sold (48) was March 2021, with an average selling price of $550.00 for a Baseball Card of Nolan Ryan being the most expensive card purchased.

On average, a Nolan Ryan Rookie Card is worth $225.00, according to the market.

Picture Item Title▼ Price Store
1968 Topps177 Koosman/Ryan Rookie Baseball Card BVG 5 Excellent Nolan Ryan⚾?⚾ $1999.99
1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie177 Baseball Card $1250.00
1971 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card513 $117.00
1977 Topps Baseball Complete 660 Card Set Contains Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy Rookies, Hall of Famers Such As Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, George. $599.98
1981 Topps Baseball Complete Near Mint 726 Card Set. Features Rookie Cards of Tim Raines, Fernando Valenzuela, Kirk Gibson and Others Plus Rickey Henderson’s. $159.00
1983 Topps Baseball Complete Near Mint to Mint 792 Card Set with Rookie Cards of Hall of Famers Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn and Ryne Sandberg plus the 2nd year ca. $189.00
1989 Topps MLB Baseball MASTER Complete Set with 924 Cards in MINT Condition! Features Rookie Card of Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield and Griffey Jr.! and Hall. $99.00
2016 Topps Baseball Card Nolan Ryan Rookie Reprint Berger’s Best EXCELLENT FS! $4.99
NOLAN RYAN 1991 Rookie CardTexas Rangers Topps Stadium Club 200 $20.00

To give you a better sense of the whole situation, here are some additional Nolan Ryan Baseball Rookie Cards that were recently sold on eBay. For the information concerning price trends and current worth of Nolan Ryan Baseball Rookie Cards that appear at the top of this page, we scanned a total of 1339 sales, which are as follows:

Picture Item Title▼ Price Store

Most Valuable Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards

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10 of the Best Nolan Ryan Cards of All-Time

Nolan Ryan trading cards are among the most well-known in the hobby. Regardless of the year or set, the pitcher’s cards always seem to catch the eye of card collectors everywhere. Few pitchers have had the amount of success that Ryan has had, both on the field and in his recreational activities. Pitchers are frequently neglected in favor of the game’s sluggers and everyday difference makers. Ryan, on the other hand, is an exception. Ryan was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999, after appearing on 98.79 percent of the votes in his first year of eligibility.

  1. He possessed exceptional dominance, amassing an incredible seven no-hitters throughout the span of his professional baseball career.
  2. His most well-known rookie card is from Topps Baseball, which was released in 1968.
  3. To read our whole guide to Nolan Ryan cards, please visit this page.
  4. So, with that in mind, here are 10 of the most excellent.
  5. It’s a matter of personal preference.

10 of the Best Nolan Ryan Cards Ever Made

A 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card is a must-have for anybody looking to build a collection of baseball’s all-time strikeouts king, as he was the first player to do so. Raw copies of his baseball cards were in high demand during his last seasons with the Rangers, which occurred to coincide with the early 1990s hobby boom, fetching $1,000 and higher. A graded copy, if for no other reason than to assist confirm that their card is real, should be sought for by those who can afford it.

Ryan’s rookie card, like the majority of those from the era, features him with another player. Jerry Koosman was the recipient of this distinction in this instance. Despite this, Nolan Ryan’s rookie card from 1968 Topps Baseball remains one of the most memorable baseball cards of the 1960s.

1968 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan RC177 with Jerry Koosman

Despite the fact that O-Pee-Chee cards do not have the same level of brand awareness as Topps cards among vintage card collectors, few would argue that they are any less valuable. The 1968 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan rookie is a fantastic pick for people who already own the 1968 Topps edition or for those who are searching for a new and exciting challenge. It is very same in appearance. On the other hand, there are a few of variations on the back. The O-Pee-Chee card has a lighter card material than the other cards.

in Canada,” which is another plus.

1968 Venezuelan Topps Nolan Ryan177 with Jerry Koosman

You don’t care about the price, do you? The 1968 Venezuelan Topps Nolan Ryan may be the card for you if you fall into that category. This set, which is extremely uncommon, especially in such excellent condition, was made specifically for the South American market. The cards are highly flimsy due to the fact that they are printed on lower-quality material. The 1968 Venezuelan Topps Nolan Ryan is a high-end vintage rarity, and anyone hunting for one will likely have to look outside eBay and contact big dealers and memorabilia brokers.

An inscription in white letters on the reverse of the card says, “Made in Venezuela – C.A.

1969 Topps Baseball Nolan Ryan533

The Topps Baseball set from 1969 The Nolan Ryan baseball card is the pitcher’s first major baseball card to feature him on his own as a standalone figure. It’s particularly significant since it dates back to the season in which he contributed to the Mets’ World Series victory. The card includes a staged photograph of Ryan at a very young age in an unusual pitching position. It would have been more logical if the ball hadn’t been resting in plain sight within his glove at the time. However, it’s possible that this is part of the appeal of this iconic card.

1970 Topps Baseball Nolan Ryan712

Nolan Ryan is one of the few players in the hobby that can demand attention no matter what card he is holding in front of him. More than simply his rookies and high-end hits are in high demand from collectors. Vintage is highly regarded in the industry.

1991 Topps Desert Shield Nolan Ryan1

To commemorate the servicemen who were involved in Operation Desert Shield in the Middle East in 1991, Topps issued commemorative cards. A foil logo on the front of the card distinguished these cards from the standard 1991 Topps Baseball cards, which were otherwise identical. Collectors of player and team cards are clamoring for top-condition copies of these out-of-the-ordinary cards these days. Desert Shield is a Topps trading card set released in 1991. Nolan Ryan has a horizontal photo of the pitcher in the midst of delivering a pitch, most likely one of his famous fastballs, in his collection.

1991 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan Heroes AutographAU2/2,500

Despite the fact that Classic had a certified Nolan Ryan in 1991, it did not have the same effect as Upper Deck. Collectibles enthusiasts were challenged to “Find the Nolan” in the seemingly limitless quantity of 1991 Upper Deck Low Series Baseball. And, despite the fact that many attempted, just 2,500 were successful.

The 1991 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan Heroes Autograph is laughable by today’s standards of rarity, but it was—and still to be—difficult to come by. It was a follow-up to the Upper Deck Reggie Jackson Heroes insert set from 1990, and it was one of the hobby’s first high-end hits in its early years.

1993 Topps Finest Refractors Nolan Ryan107

A hobby classic, Topps Finest Refractors are one of the first high-end parallels to be released in the hobby. Despite the fact that it was released near the conclusion of Ryan’s playing career, the 1993 Topps Finest Refractor Nolan Ryan is one of the most valuable cards in the collection. The card, which appears to be a supposed short print, attracts a great deal of attention when it is displayed.

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1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Epic Signatures Nolan RyanNR

The Upper Deck Century Legends Epic Signatures set from 1999 was released. Although Nolan Ryan’s signature card is no longer one of the most valued in the Hall of Famer’s collection, it remains one of the most visually appealing. Ryan’s clearly identifiable signature has plenty of room to stand out against the simple style. In addition, the portrait on the podium is a heartfelt homage. These cards are no longer available since the stock has run out. Despite the fact that they are available for purchase on a fairly frequent basis, it will most likely require some patience and time.

2006 Topps AllenGinter Baseball Framed Mini Autographs Nolan RyanAGA-NR SP

One of the finest sets of the new millennium is Topps AllenGinter Baseball, which was released in 2006. It introduced the brand to a younger generation of consumers and created some high-profile hits. Despite the fact that signatures aren’t especially scarce during the set’s manufacturing cycle, they nonetheless command a high price. A total of 50 pieces of the 2006 Topps AllenGinter Framed Mini Autograph Nolan Ryan will be made available. Because the collection is so highly collected, only a small number of copies are available.

Which Nolan Ryan card is your personal favorite?

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The Nolan Ryan Rookie Card Rabbit Hole

Besides being one of the all-time greats and most dominant pitchers, Nolan Ryan is also one of the most well-liked figures in the baseball community. In the minds of most people, the Nolan Ryan rookie card conjures up images of Jerry Koosman and the burlap of 1968 Topps Baseball. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most recognizable baseball cards ever created. Collectors, on the other hand, can go even farther down the rabbit hole and discover some similar relatives who add a layer of international intrigue and gamesmanship to an already famous card.

Things get more intriguing and demanding when the distribution and rarity swings become more extreme.

Nolan’s Neighbor

There will always be someone else along for the voyage, no matter whatever 1968 Nolan Ryan Rookie Card or version you choose to purchase. Let’s be honest about this. The person that sits next to him is also quite talented. Jerry Koosmanmay not be on the same level as the aforementioned legends, but he did win more than 200 games in a career that spanned 19 seasons. Would it be preferable if both teams had lone RCs? Yes, without a doubt. However, it was not the case for the majority of Topps sets at the time.

Nolan Ryan considers himself to be on the same level as a great. As the “lesser” in this combination, Koosman may be a touch underappreciated in the hobby, which is ironic considering his status as a joke.

Nolan Ryan Rookie Card Guide

It is impossible to overstate the appeal of this card. It is not on the same level as the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle or the 1955 Topps Roberto Clemente in terms of monetary worth, but it is on the same level in terms of popularity. As a result of his appearances in four separate decades, Nolan Ryan has a wide and diverse fan following that spans numerous generations. It just so happens that those generations are also some of the most influential when it comes to the proliferation of baseball cards in recent history.

  1. For those who were introduced to the hobby during the heyday of the 1980s and 1990s, it was the prized possession in the card shop’s display case, one that you’d stop and study every time you came in for a pack of 1990 Upper Deck or 1991 Topps.
  2. If all you’re searching for is the 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card, it’s hard to say that it’s particularly rare.
  3. There are only three Gem Mint 10 examples in existence, and they are held by PSA, BVG, and SGC (one PSA 10, two SGC 10s).
  4. The better the condition, the greater the number of possibilities in terms of availability and pricing.
  5. Because of the tiny border, anything that is even slightly out of place is immediately obvious to the eye.

1968 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan Rookie Card / Jerry Koosman Rookie Card 177

The other Nolan Ryan Rookie Card comes from up north in Canada, courtesy of O-Pee-Chee, and it has a picture of Ryan. Almost everything about it is the same as it was with Topps. It doesn’t even feature French text, which is something that most subsequent OPC sets have. The most noticeable visual variation is the copyright at the bottom of the back. “Printed in the United States of America,” states the Topps card. The O-Pee-Chee from 1968 “Printed in Canada” is printed on the back of Nolan Ryan’s rookie card.

When compared to Topps’ yellow, this is particularly noticeable on the back.

The population of Canada is significantly smaller than that of the United States.

So much so that they are frequently placed in roles that are more akin to oddballs.

The 1968 O-Pee-Chee Ryan/Koosman set may not be as well-known as the 1968 Topps set, but it is far more difficult to come by. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

1968 Topps Milton Bradley Nolan Ryan / Jerry Koosman177

When you think about baseball card boxes, the first thing that comes to mind is a stack of packs. The 1968 Topps Milton Bradley Nolan Ryan card comes from a different style of box than the previous one. It arrived as part of a board game called Win-a-Card, which you can read about here. Select cards from 1968 Topps Baseball, 1967 Topps Football, and Topps Hot Rods were featured in the game, although not every game had a complete collection of cards from the respective sets. A random selection of cards was used to create the assortment.

  • Due to the fact that the game itself looks to have been a flop, it was not made available to as many people as Milton Bradley would have intended.
  • When opposed to the more golden tone of the ordinary Topps card, the backs of 1968 Topps Milton Bradley cards feature a brighter yellow tint.
  • In 1968 Topps Milton Bradley Nolan Ryan cards, it’s not uncommon to find cards with a hint of white along at least one of the edges on the front.
  • As a result, even the smallest movement is obvious.
  • What you’re seeing is normal.
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1968 Topps Venezuelan Nolan Ryan / Jerry Koosman177

If Nolan Ryan/Jerry Koosman from the 1968 Topps Venezuelan set were an animal, it would most likely be the Bornean Orangutan. They’re rarely seen, and while they’re attractive in their own right, they’re not particularly gorgeous in the traditional sense. Because it is only available in South America, to suggest that this card is scarce would be an understatement. It has only been graded less than 50 times in total, across PSA, BVG, and SGC combined. Not only that, but due of the lower quality of the stock available, the ones that do exist are typically in poor condition.

Venezuelan versions have a brownish tinge to them since the color is not nearly as vibrant as it is in the United States.

Having said that, because of its unicorn-like status, it is the ultimate reward in the quest for Nolan Ryan Rookie Cards and other associated releases. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

Nolan Ryan Rookie Card Reprints

Let’s be honest: Nolan Ryan rookie cards aren’t cheap, and they’re not within everyone’s financial reach. If purchasing one of his 1968 baseball cards isn’t a possibility for you, there are several other officially sanctioned options. If you’ve been collecting Topps baseball cards for any length of time, you’re probably well aware of the fact that they prefer to incorporate their history into their present-day designs. Reprints of classic cards, frequently with minor variations, are a common occurrence in the card industry.

  • No offense is being taken towards the Hall of Famer.
  • For baseball collectors, a legitimate and easily accessible choice is a card from the 1999 Topps Baseball set.
  • This card has numerous obvious and easily distinguishable variations from the original to prevent it from being confused with it.
  • A huge gold foil stamp is also shown prominently on the face of the card.
  • (1999 Topps Series 1 came out late in 1998).
  • Make no mistake about it: these reprints should not be regarded Nolan Ryan rookie cards in the traditional sense.
  • They can, however, serve as a temporary substitute for the genuine article for people who do not like to spend the money on an original piece.

1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card at $25,000 and Counting

By Ryan Cracknell, Editor at Large for Hobby EditorA On eBay, a rookie card of Nolan Ryan from 1968 Topps has surpassed the $25,000 mark. Presented in immaculate PSA 9 condition, it’s one of the best examples of the iconic card, which also happens to showcase Jerry Koosman as a player. The card is being auctioned by PWCC, an eBay consignor with extensive experience in moving high-end vintage cards on the site, and the auction will close on Thursday, April 14. As one would expect from a card of this caliber, the card’s centering and corners are excellent.

The 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card, like many other great rookie cards from the 1950s and 1960s, has witnessed a significant increase in value over the last several years.

In 2010, the card sold for less than $5,000 at a charity auction.

In the event that you’re seeking for a more affordable option, PWCC has a second copy of the card available that is also rated PSA 9.

This one, on the other hand, comes with a qualification that is off-center. By contrast, the current bidding for this card is less than $800 dollars. This card will likewise expire on April 14. Do you have any comments or questions? Ryan Cracknell may be reached on Twitter at @tradercracks.

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23 Vintage Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards You Can Afford

Everything from antique Nolan Ryan baseball cards to a sparkling display of vintage Nolan Ryan baseball cards generated more excitement at card events in the early 1990s. Naturally, Ryan’s rookie card from 1968 Topps set the standard, with his 1968 Topps card fetching more than $1000 by the time he retired from baseball in 1993. From 1969 through the mid-1970s, pasteboards with burlap borders were in high demand, with collectors paying three figures for pasteboards with burlap borders during Ryan’s early-career years.

  1. Vintage Ryan cards, on the other hand, don’t have to break the bank in order to stock up on them.
  2. First and foremost, though, a few ground rules.
  3. Although you are free to disagree with this, and I could as well under different circumstances, it makes perfect sense when you consider that.
  4. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much of a chance with the Texas Rangers until 1989.

So there you have it. If you’re okay with these conditions, then go ahead and soak in the classic fireballer cardboard that follows. (Click on the names of each card to check whether there are any copies currently available for purchase on eBay.)

1970 Topps – Mets Celebrate: We’re Number One! Nolan Ryan ( 198)

The Miracle Mets of 1969 are one of the most well-known and inspirational teams in baseball history. The Mets were led from the dugout by the legendary Gil Hodges, and they were aided by outstanding pitching from Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman, as well as a diverse lineup, which propelled them to a World Series triumph. Topps released this “WE”RE NUMBER ONE!” card to commemorate the Mets’ triumph in the first-ever National League Championship Series. The card depicts Ryan in the Mets’ clubhouse with teammates Duffy Dyer, Tommie Agee, and Wayne Garrett.

Its strongest feature is that it is available for less than $10 in ungraded form and for less than $50 when slabbed in NM condition.

1972 Topps Mets Team Card ( 362)

Are you looking for Nolan Ryan’s final baseball card as a member of the New York Mets? Look no further. When looking for Mike Trout cards, you’d typically look to the Topps set released during his first season with a new team, because card producers are often a season behind in their photo updates – the Mike Trout cards released this year reflect what he looked like last year. To make up for it, Topps put Ryan into their high-number series in 1972, and because he had been traded to the California Angels in December 1971, Ryan’s new card highlighted his new team connection.

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As a result, Topps was able to slip in one more Ryan Mets card while also cramming him into his Angels uniform at the conclusion of the collection.

If you look hard enough, you should be able to locate a Mets team card in good raw condition for less than $5, but a graded NM-MINT copy may cost as much as $30.

1973 Topps– 1972 Strikeout Leaders – Nolan Ryan/Steve Carlton ( 67)

Nolan Ryan was the best pitcher in the American League in 1972, striking out 329 batters in fewer than 300 innings thrown. In fact, it was the first of 11 times that Ryan’s name would appear atop the leader board, thus it was only right that he and Steve Carlton would feature together on Topps’ strikeout leaders card the following year. Over the following decade and a half, the two would duke it out for K dominance, with The Ryan Express ultimately edging out lefty on the penultimate day. You can get this card in raw form for less than $10, and graded copies in NM-MT condition for less than $50 now.

1974 Topps Nolan Ryan ( 20)

When Nolan Ryan pitched less than 300 innings in 1972, he led the American League with 329 strikeouts. In fact, it was the first of 11 times that Ryan’s name would appear atop the leader board, and it’s natural that he and Steve Carlton would feature together on Topps’ strikeout leaders card the next year as well.

Over the following decade and a half, the two would compete for K dominance, with The Ryan Express eventually edging out lefty. You can get this card in raw condition for less than $10, and you can get it graded NM-MT for less than $50.

1975 Hostess Nolan Ryan ( 58)

Chances are that if you were an avid collector who did not consume sweets in 1975 that you gave away, or threw away, your fair share of Hostess pastries that summer while attempting to collect the Hostess trading cards that were distributed with family-sized boxes of the cupcakery’s goodies were high. Because you got three at a time, panel style, you were able to at least show some discipline in your Twinkie acquisitions. Among others who appeared on Nolan Ryan’s sheet were outfielder Reggie Smith of the St.

The cards were divided by dotted lines, which were intended to be cut.

Ryans in NM-MT condition are available for less than $50 on the secondary market.

1975 Topps – ’74 Highlights: No-Hitters Nolan Ryan ( 5)

Ryan had his third no-hitter of his professional career on September 28, 1974. Topps delayed until 1975 to honor his untouchability in cardboard, despite the fact that he had thrown two no-nos the year before. Even then, he had to share the spotlight with Steve Busby and Dick Bosman, who were both momentarily invincible at the time. Still, it’s an early piece of ephemera dedicated to the burgeoning Ryan legacy, and it can be yours for less than $10 raw and less than $40 when slabbed in NM condition, depending on the quality of the piece.

1976 SSPC Nolan Ryan ( 187)

Veteran collectors continued to bemoan the fact that no one seemed to be devoted to providing a pure product that concentrated solely on showcasing the players we admired while shunning fancy design aspects during the 1980s while card businesses spread like weeds in the infield of the game. The 1975 SSPC set, without fail, would be invoked as a shining example of “purity” by these collectors. However, despite the fact that most hardliners warned that SSPC was an unlicensed, illegal product that could be duplicated anytime the designers — or anybody else — wanted to switch on the presses again, a significant number of player collectors included them in their master-set checklists.

Rather, it heightened it.

Even GEM MT copies in excellent condition may be had for less than $50.

1976 SSPC Catfish Hunter and Nolan Ryan ( 593)

Another SSPC card, this one depicts two pitchers who are at opposite ends of their respective careers, though we weren’t aware of this at the time. Catfish Hunter, then in his late twenties, was coming off a 23-14 record in his first season with the New York Yankees. However, things would only get worse from there, and “Jim” would be out of the league by the following season.

When Ryan came on the scene, he was just a couple of years younger than Hunter and was just getting started. He would go on to build on Hunter’s legacy for over two decades. The card is a classic of the underground market, and you can get one up for less than $10 without any difficulty.

1977 Topps Record Breaker Nolan Ryan ( 234)

Typically, when players begin to set new career highs, it’s a fairly safe bet that they’re nearing the conclusion of their major-league careers and are rounding second base. As a result, when Ryan appeared on this Topps card recognizing his four seasons with 300 strikeouts, it’s likely that most collectors assumed the same thing about him. After all, he was approaching his 30th birthday, and it was only a matter of time before his muscular right arm fell completely off his body. After all, Ryan wasn’t quite finished yet, as he went on to record two more 300-K seasons and continue to throw at the top levels of the game all the way up until 1993.

1978 Kellogg’s Nolan Ryan ( 51)

Nothing says “1970s” quite like bright colors, hazy psychedelic backdrops, sideburns, and Afros, to name a few characteristics. The 1978 Kellogg’s Nolan Ryan card succeeds in every category except the ‘Fro,’ and we don’t really know what was hidden behind his Angel’s cap, do we? Angel on top, devil beneath; business in the eyes, party in the hat: what’s the difference? It’s possible. But, as far as we can tell, you can find good, firm NM copies of this card for less than $10, though you should be cautious of bent and (Corn) flaking, cracked surfaces.

1979 Topps All-Time Record Holders: Strikeouts Nolan Ryan/Walter Johnson ( 417)

Several years ago, when collectors first tore into wax packs of 1979 Topps, many of us believed we’d discovered an unintentional gem. How did Ty Cobb and Walter Johnson find their way into our piles of Ed Figueroas and Bump Willses in the first place? And, more importantly, does anyone realize what they’ve done wrong? Soon enough, we realized that 1) the “All-Time Record Holders” were merely a black-and-white device to provide us with some nostalgia while we were completing our record-holder education, and 2) Lou Brock’s successful career denouement and assault on every imaginable stolen base record served as the impetus for the subset’s creation and continued existence today.

What’s even better?

1980 Topps Nolan Ryan ( 580)

This is Ryan’s final base card as a member of the California Angels, and it’s a stunning piece of artwork. The action appears to be nearly more strong in this photograph than it was in his 1974 card, despite the fact that the spectator is not looking down the barrel of The Ryan Express as in his 1974 card.

When you add in a clear photo and beautiful complementing colors in the card’s design, it appears to be even more of a deal for less than $10 in raw materials. A NM graded copy should also be available for less than $30 if you look hard enough.

1981 Donruss Nolan Ryan ( 260)

Ryan returned to his native state of Texas in 1980, and this 1981 baseball card depicts Ryan during his first season with the Houston Astros. This particular card also happens to be a part of Donruss’ very first baseball card issue, which was one of three main sets released that year. Donruss, on the other hand, captured him in the middle of a delivery with the Wrigley Field brick and ivy in the background, whilst Fleer and Topps chose head pictures of the imposing legend. The card itself is not particularly attractive, but it is a superb period item that can be purchased for less than $5 ungraded and for less than $50 when slabbed in MINT condition.

1982 Donruss Diamon Kings Nolan Ryan ( 13)

During their second year in business, Donruss released their first Diamond Kings trading cards, which were tiny copies of paintings by famous Hall of Fame artist Dick Perez. Everyone on each team had someone to represent them, and it was none other than Ryan who was positioned in front of the bright orange Astros rainbow. Today, the original Ryan DK card can be purchased for as little as $1 in raw form and as much as $30 in graded MINT condition.

1983 Topps All-Star Glossies Nolan Ryan ( 28)

Beginning in 1983, Topps introduced flimsy game cards that allowed you to accumulate “points,” which could then be redeemed for sets of ten All-Star Glossy cards at a discounted rate. Each year, these were the pasteboards that we all wished Topps would release as part of their base sets, since the card material was thick and white, the photographs were huge and clearly visible, and the design was simple and straightforward, as it should be. Topps Tiffany and the subsequent drive into premium and super premium sets were forerunners in many respects, and today, you can get up a Nolan Ryan card from this initial issue for less than $5, if you look hard enough.

1983 Topp s Nolan Ryan Super Veteran ( 361)

In 1983, Topps dug into their archives to honor 35 “Super Veterans” who had been around the Majors for a decade or more and had earned their stripes. Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, and Gene Garber were among the names on the list, which also featured other notables. (30-Year-Old Cardboard displays them all for your viewing pleasure here.) And, of course, Nolan Ryan was included on the list as well. But he and fellow Super Vet Carlton Fisk would have been alive for another ten years and might have been in these sorts of subcategories for a long period of time.

1984 Topps – 1983 Highlights: Nolan Ryan, Carlton and Perry Surpass Walter Johnson ( 4)

Walter Johnson’s 56-year reign on the all-time strikeouts record came to an end in 1983, and it wasn’t the first time the record had been broken. Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, and Gaylord Perry were the first to abandon The Big Train, in the order listed above. Perry retired following the season, and Carlton soared into the all-time lead, but Ryan still had a few tricks up his sleeve for the future.

Topps remembered the event(s) with4 in their 1984 collection, and ungraded copies of the cards may be purchased for less than $5 on eBay. In GEM MINT condition, you should be able to get it for less than $35, even in graded condition.

1984 Topps – NL Active Career Strikeouts Leader – Nolan Ryan-Carlton-Seaver( 707)

Due to the fact that so many huge records and milestones were on their way in 1984, Topps took advantage of the chance to add even more star power to their collection by including a series of active career leaders in the key statistical categories for both leagues. Card707 featured some of the National League’s most prolific strikeout artists, with Ryan riding shotgun to Steve Carlton and Tom Seaver easing into third base with ease. Of course, many of Ryan’s strikeouts had occurred in the American League rather than the National League, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a wonderful card like this.

1985 Donruss Action All-Stars Nolan Ryan ( 20)

Companies who made greeting cards in the 1980s may have created an endless number of stuff, but they were almost as prolific when it came to the variety of cards they gave their customers. A long-running special from Donruss was the Action All-Stars series, which started in 1983 and featured the greatest stars in the game on cards that were 3 1/2′′ by 5′′ in size, to be exact. Nolan Ryan made an obligatory cameo in the black-bordered 1985 edition, which sells for less than $5 ungraded and less than $40 when slabbed in MINT condition and sells for less than $5 ungraded.

1986 Fleer Star Sticker Nolan Ryan ( 102)

The second series of Star Stickers from Fleer was released in 1986, following a five-year delay from the first series. This was a full-fledged Fleer card, replete with stats on the back, but you could peel away the front and stick it on your notepad or television screen if you so desired. Maintaining your focus on the unslabbed edition, you can find the Ryan for less than $5, while a graded NM-MT copy may be had for less than $15.

1987 Mother’s Cookies Nolan Ryan ( 8)

Mother’s Cookies cards were distributed as part of baked goods packages in 1952 and 1953, and again as part of in-stadium advertising from 1983 through 1998. They were a regional issue that had an exceptionally wide reach, reaching the whole west coast as well as both Texas teams. Mother’s Cookies cards were popular with collectors who admired the pure, clean aesthetic of SSPC cards, since they featured full-bleed photographs and little else but a player’s name and rounded corners on the back.

1988 Score Nolan Ryan ( 575)

Score entered the baseball card market seven years after Donruss and Fleer did, with a revolutionary set that included premium (for the time) card paper and high-quality photography on both the front and back of each pasteboard. As it turned out, 1988 was also Nolan Ryan’s final year in Houston, and his orange-bordered Score card is a stunning image of his incredible delivery even at the age of forty. Ungraded copies may be purchased for as little as $2 each copy, while a perfect GEM MT graded specimen can be purchased for less than $80 per specimen.

1989 Bowman Nolan Ryan ( 225)

Upper Deck introduced its high-end product in 1989, while Topps reintroduced the Bowman brand, making the baseball card market even more saturated at the time. In contrast, although the majority of the other big base sets featured Ryan in his Astros outfit, Bowman was able to take advantage of the set’s later release date and catch The Express in his new Rangers suit. Because of their larger-than-normal dimensions (2 1/2′′ x 3 3/4′′), the 1989 Bowmans were never very popular with collectors, but they did serve as a precursor to the later, more popular versions of the brand that were to follow.

— You now have them in front of you: There are 23 “vintage” Nolan Ryan baseball cards that will cost you little more than a gallon of gas to purchase (OK, maybe two in a couple cases). And who needs to travel somewhere when you have your wax pack gods to keep you company all of the time?!

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