What Is The Best Usssa Baseball Bat 2021

6 Best Big Barrel Bats we hit he FARTHEST [2021 Update]

The new Marucci CAT 9 Connect big barrel bat is our pick for the finest USSSA big barrel bat in 2021. It features a swing weight that is comparable to the CF, exit speeds that are comparable to the CF, and a feel that is comparable to the CF. Given that the CF has been the most popular bat in the USSSA space for years, it’s no surprise that the players enjoy it. The fact that it costs $100 less than the previous model is a significant victory for the parents. We use an empirical approach to discover the finest huge barrel bats.

We measure exit speeds, ball flights, and survey responses from both players and parents about the value, durability, performance, perception, popularity, and other characteristics of the bat.

The CF is a credible and closely followed second option.

If you’re ready to spend the money on a used bat, we recommend an Omaha from any of the last four seasons.

We have been in love with the USSSA CAT 9 Connect when it was first introduced.


Best USSSA Bat for the Year 2021 The Reasons Why We Love the CAT 9 Connect in 2021 During the whole time we’ve been assessing bats (since 2014), we’ve never selected a top USSSA bat that was anything other than the CF. The CAT 9 Connect, on the other hand, really blew us away. The feel of the bat, the barrel size, the durability, the pricing point, and the performance are all excellent. Player feedback is also of the highest quality. In terms of performance and feel, it is comparable to the CF, but it outperforms it in terms of longevity and affordability, which we find to be a significant advantage.


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Sizes: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:10 MSBCC910 is the serial number for this item. Month of release: October 2020


Best USSSA Bat for the Year 2020 The Reasons Why We Love the 2020 CF The 2020 CF is destined to become a classic. Despite the fact that the bat hasn’t altered much in the previous several years following its retooling in the 2017 edition (to be made legal). However, it retains its massive barrel, low swing weight, and excellent feel on both hits and mishits. In our experience, we have never seen a youngster hit with the CF and believe anything other than that this bat was legitimate and one of, if not the best, in the group.

We prefer the CF even more in a drop 8, but the drop 10 is where the legends of the 9- to 11-year-old generation are born. Checking the Costs


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. The following measurements are available: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:10 WTDXCBZ-20 is the serial number for this item. Month of release: August 2019.


The 2021 CF is the best USSSA Drop 5 bat. Why do we like it? DeMarini’s CF is the indisputable global champion of the USSSA Drop 5 tournament. There hasn’t been a change to this bat in a few years, but it doesn’t really matter. Despite the fact that other bats, such as the Marucci CAT, CAT Connect, and Easton Evolution attempt to compete, the 2021 CF in a drop 5 is the greatest drop 5 bat available on the market today. Of course, we would prefer if it were less expensive. However, because of the drop 5, it is far more durable than the drop 10 variant.

Checking the Costs


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 5/8 Sizes are 30, 31, 32, and 33. Barrel Size:2 5/8 Drop:5 Serial Number:WTDXCB521 Release Month:August 2020


Best USSSA Bat of the Year – 2019 Why We Adore the CF Zen for 2019 The 2019 DeMarini CF Zen in a drop 10 is everything anybody could possibly want for, with the exception of its durability (or lack thereof) of course. The bat features a large sweet spot and feels terrific on every swing. It was the most popular bat in the USSSA in 2019 for a reason, after all. Despite the certification issues that the 2017 through 2018 versions had (some of which resulted in bans), consumers continue to flock to this bat.

For those considering purchasing it, we recommend that you either locate a great price on a used one or find a dealer that can ensure that you receive a guarantee.

With the exception of the paint job, it is identical to the rest of the 2019 models.


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. The following measurements are available: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:10 WTDXCBZ-19 is the serial number for this item. August 2018 is the month of release.


The best Drop 8 USSSA bat available. Why We Adore the Meta for the Year 2021 To be honest, we could have gone with the CF, CAT 9 Connect, or CAT 9 in this position as well. However, we thought we’d express our enthusiasm for the brand (although Slugger, like DeMarini, is also owned by Wilson). Additionally, it turns out that the drop 8 Meta is a complete and utter win—which is unusual for a bat’s first run. Slugger’s Meta bat draws on the Prime line of bats from prior years, applies what they’ve learned in the connection component of the extremely popular Meta, and brings it all together in a drop 8 bat with a terrific feel, a huge barrel, and top-end performance.

If money isn’t an issue and you want what many people (including us) consider to be the greatest drop 8 bat on the market, you can’t go wrong with the 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta. Checking the Costs


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Sizes:29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:8 WBL2468010 is the serial number for this item. Month of publication: September 2020


The 2019 Beast Speed is the best value for money in the USSSA. It appears like there are lots of 2019 Easton Beast Speeds for sale at the time of this writing. The bat was originally priced at $199, but we were able to locate it for less than $100 in a few locations. With a new-in-wrapper price of less than $100, it makes all other bat purchases in the USSSA sector seem a little silly. The Easton Beast Speed has excellent reviews and features fast top-end exit speeds, a light swing, a comfortable grip, and a large barrel shape.

If you’re looking for a good price on a legitimate bat in the USSSA area, we believe the 2019 Easton East Speed is the finest affordable USSSA bat currently available on the market.


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. The following measurements are available: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:10 SL19BS10 is the serial number for this item. August 2018 is the month of release.


Best USSSA Bat of the Year 2018 Why We Adore the CF Zen for 2018 The CF Zen from 2018 is a flawless bat. In the USSSA area, no one has tuned in the feel and barrel performance quite like DeMarini has. Each year, we have hundreds of players test each of our bats, including the smallest ones, and the Zen is always at the top of, or close near the top of, everyone’s list. This year’s edition isn’t significantly different from the 2017 Retooled version in terms of design. However, even after the retooled 2017 edition was published, we remained fans of the original.

Checking the Costs


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. The following measurements are available: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:10 WTDXCBZ is the serial number for this item. August 2017 is the month of release.


The Best Composite USSSA Bat for 2021: Why We Love the 2021 CF In selecting the 2021 DeMarini CF as your favorite USSSA bat, you are joining an exclusive group of players. It is, by all accounts, legendary that batters like the center field in a drop 10. Because of the bat’s huge barrel and light swing, it provides the impression of having a lot of pop on almost every swing. The Demarini CF in 2021 is the same as the Demarini CF in 2019 and 2020, and as such, it continues to have durability issues—albeit to a lesser extent than the Demarini CF in 2015 to 2017.

In fact, it’s probably our favorite; we’ve only been awarding it for the last 5 years, so we’re a little prejudiced in favor of a new direction. Checking the Costs


Certification:USSSA Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. The following measurements are available: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 Size of the barrel: 2 3/4 in. Drop:10 WTDXCB721 is the serial number for this item. Month of release: August 2020

The Research

Diamond-Level Bats are available. Almost every player will benefit from our platinum-level bats, which are the finest of the best. They perform admirably in terms of pure performance, availability, relevancy, and player feedback, among other metrics. Often, they do admirably in each of those categories individually. The CF and CAT 8 are unquestionably the top performers in the USSSA sector. Their drop 10, 8, and 5 selections are all negative in nature. According to our survey data (which you can see in the table below), the two bats account for about 80 percent of the whole competitive USSSA market.

Platinum-level bats are available.

They typically do not make it to the highest Diamond level since they are not as popular or as readily available.

They also don’t always receive the same high scores from players, despite the fact that they do well in our exit speed testing and in any other tests we conduct for the year in question.

  • Combat B2
  • DeMarini Voodoo Balanced
  • Easton ADV 360
  • Easton Maxum
  • Louisville Slugger Prime
  • Louisville Slugger Solo
  • Rawlings VELO ACP
  • Rawlings Quatro Pro (See Rating)

Gold-level bats are available. It is also recommended to use gold-level bats, albeit this may not be applicable to a wide range of players. Gold level bats frequently have one-of-a-kind designs, have positive to exceptional player feedback, and have performance ratings that are substantially above average. The majority of the time, if you are looking for something different and can locate the correct size, Gold level bats are excellent possibilities to consider.

  • Axe Elite One
  • Axe Avenge
  • DeMarini Voodoo One
  • Easton Alpha
  • Easton Fuze
  • Louisville Slugger Prime One
  • Louisville Slugger Omaha
  • Marucci F5
  • Rawlings 5150
  • Axe Elite One
  • Axe

Every 2019 USSSA Baseball Bat was tested by our team of experts. We kept note of the exit velocity of those strikes, measured the barrel diameters and swing weights, and recorded the input from our testers. We evaluated each bat and determined that DeMarini’s CF Zen in a drop 5 is the finest USSSA Baseball Bat for 2019. This is true regardless of price or drop.

Best USSSA Bats 2019 Video

It’s worth noting that USSSA purchasers and players have typically expressed satisfaction with their bat. They are in the same ballpark as BBCOR players and Fastpitch players (both of whom are 79/100). In comparison to the average USA Bat owner, USSSA bat buyers and users are a considerable lot happier with their bat purchases and usage.

Most Popular 2019 USSSA Bat Brands

The following is the ranking based on popular brand: DeMarini and Marucci have a monopoly on the SSA market in the United States. The CF Zen and the Marucci CAT 8 in particular account for more than half of the total USSSA competitive league bat space, according to the organization.

What Users Think is the Best USSSA Bat

The inner ring of the figure below represents a league, while the second ring depicts the percentage of players in that league who use a certain brand of bat (in this case, Wilson). The third ring displays the bat that the brand owners of the second ring believe to be the greatest bat available. For example, DeMarini and Marucci bats are the most popular in the United States Softball Association (USSSA). Nonetheless, when compared to the proportion of DeMarini owners who believe Marucci is the finest, a more substantial number of Marucci owners believe DeMarini is the best.

In any case, there is a great deal to be learned from the chart, and we won’t bore you with a detailed explanation of everything.

What is the difference between a Senior League bat and a Big Barrel Bat?

The words ‘large barrel’ and’senior league’ are frequently used interchangeably in the business, causing much consternation. They are frequently used interchangeably by different vendors. A 2 5/8 bat that is NOT a drop 3 is technically referred to as a Senior Barrel bat. Big Barrel bats are 2 3/4-inch in diameter. However, don’t expect the great majority of merchants and manufacturers to recognize the distinction. –

What is a Junior Big Barrel Bat?

Junior Big Barrel bats are 2 3/4 inches in length and are designed for younger players. They are frequently available at maximum sizes of 26 or 27 inches, and they have significant drop weights. These bats are often not designed to handle pitch speeds more than 45 miles per hour.

What is the best Big Barrel Bat for a 10-year-old?

Almost without exception, a top-shelf bat from any number of manufacturers performs at or near peak levels. If the bat has the names Slugger, Easton, DeMarini, Rawlings, Axe, Anderson, Marucci, or Combat (as well as one or two more), you may be confident that it is authentic.

Are better bats always more expensive? Bats that have higher price points tend to have larger barrels, more specific swing weights, and technological innovations that dampen hand sting.

More expensive bats often feature bigger barrels, more precise swing weights, and technological advancements that reduce hand stinging.

Are Swing Weight and Bat Load the Same?

Contrary to what many marketers falsely say, a bat with a high end load does not always have a high swing weight or moment of inertia (mass moment of inertia). As opposed to where the load is located in a bat, swing weight is determined by a variety of parameters, the most significant of which is perhaps the overall length of the bat. It is not necessary for a bat to have a handle or an end load in order for it to have a low or high swing weight. If you like an end-loaded bat but want a low swing weight, you can get away with purchasing a shorter length.

What is the Right Bat Size

Our opinion is that the proper size bat is far more significant than the right model bat in terms of performance. Never purchase the incorrect size in a model that you or your player may assume is the most popular. In our research, we discovered that the swing weight of a bat is the most important factor in determining exit velocity. Thus, the most critical piece of data to get correctly is matching the correct player size to the correct player size (see Figure 1). More information may be found on our bat size chart.

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The 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats in 2021

After saying farewell to 2020, it’s time to set our minds on everything that the year 2021 has to offer. For us, that means looking at the greatest kid bats money can buy and comparing them to one another. In this article, we’ll discuss about USA and USSSA baseball bats, as well as fullbat reviews, to assist your baseball player improve his or her skills to the next level. This list of the best kids baseball bats for 2021 has been prepared based on our knowledge of the sport, as well as feedback from players, coaches, and parents.

5 Best 2021 USA Baseball Bats

1.Easton ADV 360 -11 Baseball Bat from the United States of America (YBB21ADV11) Our understanding of USA bats and what it takes for them to perform at the greatest level grows with each each year. The collection of 2021 USA bats is on its way to becoming the finest season in the country’s history. Featuring a large, confidence-instilling, pitchers-dreading, heated composite barrel, the Easton ADV leads the charge into the new year. There is little question that the Easton ADV in 2021 will continue to push USA Baseball in the direction of a more hitter-friendly sport.

  • The Ultra-Lite Launch Composite, which is used by the ADV, is specifically constructed with bat speed in mind.
  • Because of the lightness of this 2021 USA bat, we propose that older, stronger players continue their search farther down the list for a bat that will be more appropriate for them.
  • Don’t know what size to choose for yourself?
  • There just appears to be something about hybrid bats (alloy barrel with composite handle) that makes them one of the best bats in the United States of America baseball.
  • Take pleasure in the ear-ringingPING of the X14 alloy barrel and the hand-pleasing comfort of the Paraflex+ composite handle of this pistol.
  • Three-fusion connection technology developed by DeMarini is designed to channel energy away from the hands, allowing your player to foul off near pitches without worry of stingers.
  • It is offered in a variety of various drop weights to accommodate batters of all ages in the United States.

3.Rawlings 5150 -10 USA Baseball Bat, size medium (US1510) It is the goal of Rawlings to make their finest USA baseball bats even better.

You can get it for less than $100 and it’s easy to swing.

If it isn’t a superb value for money in a USA baseball bat, we don’t know what else is.

With its powerful acoustics, the 5150 is sure to turn attention on the diamond when it makes contact.

In 2021, the Rawlings 5150 is a straightforward baseball bat with few frills and whistles.

It does not waste any time in getting to the point.

Ball should be crushed.

Axe USA bats are being used by more players now than ever before.

The handles help to align each player’s knuckles and establish a “palm-up, palm-down” swing path by encouraging them to swing with their palms up.

So, if you’re still not sure, you may always give it a shot without risking anything.

MX8 alloy is subjected to heat treatment in order to strengthen the structure and make it the strongest alloy material available from Axe.

Because baseball is a results-driven sport, the ability to adjust wall thickness is critical for any younger player.

Older players in the United States likely prefer to peruse heavier drops, but any younger player wanting for a competitive advantage can go no farther than the Axe EliteOne Hyperspeed axe.

The fifth option is the Louisville Slugger Select -10 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS7B1020) The monstrous Select model from Louisville Slugger is the only 2020 USA bat on our list, and it is the only one made in the United States.

Even though it’s 2021, there aren’t many (if any) finer USA bats on the market than this one right now.

It’s both performance-ready and results-proven, making it an excellent choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is available in a variety of drop weights, but despite the fact that it is advertised as a “balanced” bat, the Select will feel a touch barrel-heavy.

This, however, may be extremely advantageous in terms of power, as we always recommend that a player swing the heaviest bat they are comfortable with.

5 Best 2021 USSSA Baseball Bats

1.DeMarini CF USSSA Baseball Bat (details) (WTDXCBZ21) It has returned, and it is much better than before. Every team in the world will benefit from the DeMarini CF’s high ERA throughout the year. The DeMarini CF is without a doubt one of the greatest USSSA bats in the class of 2021. We expect great things from the continuance of the most sought-after USSSA lineup that has been in place for the previous few years. The CF, with its large barrel, totally composite construction, smooth, balanced swing weight, and smooth, balanced swing weight, is a weapon with terrible intentions.

  • Its massive 23-inch barrel and broad sweet spot will instill much-needed confidence in every batter that throws it in the lineup in 2021.
  • There isn’t much more to say; if you are ready to spend a lot of money on one of the greatest bats in the world in 2021, you will see the results.
  • This past summer, the USSSA bat lineup, which is arguably the most unusual in the last decade, introduced their current iteration.
  • Even if you include the Marucci Cat 9 in your list of the top USSSA baseball bats for 2021, it isn’t a full list of the greatest bats.
  • Incorporated within the bat knobs (which you may personalize at JustBats), anti-vibration technology helps to eliminate any negative feedback that may be experienced while swinging a one-piece bat.
  • As a result, every impact is unadulterated and extremely forceful.
  • When you take into consideration the market and the accompanying user reviews, the pricing is reasonable.

Nonetheless, the Cat 9 is unquestionably one of the best kid bats for 2021.

Take a look at our Bat Coach!

*insert a pair of eyeballs emoji* The Meta has arrived at long last!

Since the BBCOR-only version of the game was released in 2018, players have been demanding for this to be made available.

Consider the size of the barrel.

Because of its three-piece construction and well-balanced swing weight, this completely composite USSSA bat will be accessible to batters of all abilities.

As a result, every swing has a tremendous feel at the point of impact.

Louisville Slugger, on the other hand, did hitters a HUGE favor (sorry pitchers) by not overshooting the market with the 2021 USSSA Meta pricing, as was widely expected.

You may put it on your calendar: the Meta will be one of the best USSSA bats in baseball in 2021.

We’re going back-to-back with Louisville Slugger models here.

Fast, faster, and fastestest.

Because it features the fastest swing speed of all of Louisville Slugger’s 2021 bats, the Solo is designed to help players to get the barrel through the zone as quickly as possible.

Don’t be afraid of flamethrowers any more; just take a Solo.

Warstic Bonesaber USSSA Baseball Bat (optional) (MBBSRWH10) How could you possible leave a bat with a name like theBonesaber off a list of the finest bats?

The Bonesaber is the focus of Warstic’s attention for the time being, but we expect huge things to come from them in the future.

The one-piece metal construction provides a very conventional firm feel on contact, allowing for maximum power production.

As a consequence, you’ll have no trouble whipping the balanced and weighted Bonesaber around the battle zone with ease.

Please keep your eyes open for this lineup during the upcoming season, as it has the potential to become one of the standard bat lineups as time goes on.

The characteristics, construction type, and swing weights that each player will require to be successful are unique to them.

It’s not just a catchphrase; we’re committed to being with you from beginning to end. Are you still planning for 2020? Check out the whole list of 2020 Youth Baseball Bats here!

USSSA Baseball Bats We Love For 2021

As you go into the batter’s box for your first at-bat of the season, there is nothing more satisfying than the sensation of a brand new bat in your hand. Finding the appropriate bat results in an instant connection and the beginning of a new relationship between the player and his or her favorite piece of baseball equipment. We’ve picked out our favorite USSSA bats for the upcoming season in the gallery below. U.S.SSA BASEBALL BATTERY (MARUCCI 2021 CAT9 CONNECT-10). The successor to the CAT8 was one of the most eagerly awaited new releases of 2020, and it not only proved to be a tremendous success this year, but it is also likely to be included on this list again in 2021.

  1. However, while the AZR aluminum has the same strength as the AZ105 aluminum used in the CAT8, it has a more responsive microstructure that allows for superior performance across the barrel, resulting in a barrel with a very big sweet spot.
  2. With the 2021 CAT9 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat, Marucci offers a conventional one-piece design for those who like a more traditional aesthetic or who want to have the CAT9 experience at a cheaper price point.
  3. BASEBALL BAT 2 34 INCHES Featuring its trademark balanced, light-swinging feel and unique alloy sound, the 2021 Solo (-8) is back for another season.
  4. The SPD Composite End Cap allows for improved swing speed and matches wonderfully with the ultra-balanced swing weight to provide you with a bat that is ready to tear through the zone when the situation calls for it.
  5. Take center stage with the Vandal -8, a one-piece aluminum hybrid bat that is USSSA approved.
  6. This allows for higher bat speeds through the zone and faster ball exit speeds.
  7. Also available in five and ten-pound sizes.
  8. The vintage 5150 will be back in action for the 2021 season.
  9. The 5150 alloy: Rawling’s most radically responsive aerospace-grade alloy constructed for performance and durability is included, as is the 5150 alloy.
  11. The new 2021 CAT7 comes in a new silver color scheme, but it retains the precision-balanced barrel that has been synonymous with this one-piece.

This bat is ideal for younger kids who want to get their feet wet with a heavier bat before making the whole transition to BBCOR. PRICE:$179.99 ARTICLES CONNECTED TO THIS ARTICLE

  • A look at the top USSSA bats for 2020
  • Five hitting drills to try at home
  • A look at the Baseball Express bat buying guide
  • And some safety tips for wearing a batting helmet.

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Best USSSA Bats: The Top 5 Choices For 2022

With the beginning of a new baseball season comes the need for a new bat. The USSSA bats available for the 2022 season are some of the best ever created for the USSSA. Whether you’re prepared or not, it’s time to indulge. We understand that obtaining a bat that complies with USSSA requirements is at the top of your priority list. Who would want to purchase a bat that is not in compliance with the law? There are a plethora of options and features available, and we are here to assist you. This post will explain those characteristics and provide you with our recommendations for the top five best USSSA baseball bats.

You will be able to select the greatest bat for your Senior League player if you follow our guidance and consult our list of favorites.

Louisville Slugger 2022 Prime USSSA
DeMarini 2022 Voodoo USSSA
Marucci CAT 8 USSSA
Easton Ghost X Hyperlite USSSA
Rawlings 2022 5150 USSSA

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best USSSA Baseball Bat

Since 2005, there has been no modification in the bat requirements for the USSSA. This can be confusing because the bat criteria for the United States of America changed in 2018. The usage of USA bats is permitted in USSSA games, although it is not encouraged due to the fact that the player would be at a competitive disadvantage. USA games are not permitted to be played using bats from the USSSA. To begin your hunt, you must locate a bat that has the fingerprint of the United States Squirrel Association (USSSA).

BPF is an abbreviation for Bat Performance Factor, and it refers to how quickly the ball leaves the bat.

In addition to the thumbprint and stamp, taking these additional factors into account when shopping will guarantee that you get the best possible bat for your needs.


Composite, alloy, and hybrid bats are the three sorts of materials that are available from the USSSA. A composite bat has greater pop, a larger sweet spot, and makes a cracking sound similar to that of a tree limb when struck. These bats require a break in time of around 150-200 hits before they can be used again. This bat will fracture if it is damaged in any way. It is not suggested for temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. An alloy bat is also referred to as a metal or aluminum bat in some circles.

When they make touch with each other, they emit a “ping” sound.

When they are damaged, they will dent.

A composite handle with an alloy barrel is the most common configuration.

The sweet spot is greater than that of an alloy bat, but smaller than that of a composite bat. When a mishit occurs, the sting and vibration are minimized, and the ping sound is the same as that of the alloy baseball bat. These particular species of bats are quite rare.

One-Piece vs Multi-Piece Bats

Different USSSA bats will be constructed from varying amounts of different bits of material. One-piece bats are stiffer and have less flex, but they provide greater feedback than two-piece bats. A two-piece bat is one in which the handle and barrel were constructed separately. It provides greater flex and has less feedback and vibration, making it more pleasant for the player’s hands to hold on to it. Additionally, three-piece bats are available. The handle and barrel of these bats are connected by a connection, which absorbs practically all of the vibration and feedback from the swing.

Balance vs. End-Loading

This trait of USSSA bats is exactly what it sounds like: they have a long tail. Because the weight is more equally distributed, a balanced bat has greater balance than a balanced bat. It allows for a more rapid swing pace. An end-loaded bat has greater weight at the end of the barrel than the rest of the bat. Those that are capable of hitting the ball out of the park will benefit from this arrangement.

Drop Weight

This characteristic of a bat appears to be the most perplexing. It is the difference in length between a bat’s weight and its length that is measured in drop weight of the bat. Suppose your youngster need a bat that is 27 inches long and has a drop weight of (-10), the bat will be 17 ounces in weight. When the drop weight is larger, the bat will be lighter in weight. The length of the bat will be proportional to the height of the youngster. Drop weights in USSSA ball are typically (-10, -8, -5), with the exception of the rare (-12) for new players to the league.


When purchasing a USSSA bat, there are a few more considerations to keep in mind. The barrel of the majority of USSSA bats measures 2 34 inches in length. Having greater hitting surface lets the player to feel more confident, which ultimately leads to better results. The 1.15 BPF stamp or the.50 BBCOR stamp are required by the USSSA bat regulations (-3). The BBCOR is the next step after the USSSA in terms of measuring the trampoline effect of the ball. Despite the fact that the BBCOR is permitted to be used, it is strongly recommended that players utilize a USSSA bat since it provides a significant performance edge over other bats.

Senior League bats are what some manufacturers refer to as USSSA bats.

Finally, even when a bat comes out with a fingerprint from the USSSA on it, it may turn out to be an unlawful bat.

Our Top 5 Picks: Best USSSA Bats for 2022 Reviewed

Here are our picks for the top five USSSA bats for 2022. Players who are moving into or out of the USSSA should be able to find the appropriate bat on our list, according to our opinion, which includes the top USSSA bats for players of all ages and skill levels.

1. Louisville Slugger 2022 Prime USSSA Bat

This bat is available in two drop weights: (-10) and (-8), and it is made of composite material with a tuned sweet spot. It is available in lengths ranging from 27″ to 32″. A three-piece construction allows for independent movement of the barrel and handle. It sports a composite end cap, as well as a balanced swing weight, for added durability. It boasts a pro-comfort grip that provides a combination of tack and cushion with a brief break in time between shots. If the product is purchased through an authorized dealer such as Amazon, the manufacturer will provide a one-year guarantee.

Review of the Literature ALouisville Sluggeron any top baseball bat list would be incomplete without include one.

This is the only three-piece bat on the list, and it performs really well.

When a mishit happens, the player receives little to no feedback. The end cap is excellent for enhancing swing speed and control, and the bat is overall a well-balanced piece of equipment. Pros

  • This bat is available in two drop weights: (-10) and (-8). It is a composite bat with an optimized sweet spot. You may choose from 27″ to 32″ in length. Three-piece construction allows for independent movement of the barrel and handle. In addition, it has a balanced swing weight and composite end cap. This model includes a pro-comfort grip that offers a combination of tack and cushion with a short break in time. When purchased through an authorized dealer such as Amazon, a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included. Additionally, the kid version of this bat is named number one in our list of the finest youth baseball bats for the year 2022. Examined by us Including a Louisville Sluggeron any top baseball bat list would be incomplete. No one will be disappointed with this slugger. For the simple reason that it performs well, this is the only three-piece bat on the list. Both the handle and the barrel are connected by an elastic connection that allows the components to move independently, which is advantageous for controlling and vibrating the instrument. When a mishit happens, there is minimal to no feedback. Moreover, it is a well-balanced bat that benefits from the end cap, which increases swing speed and control. Pros

2. DeMarini 2022 Voodoo USSSA Bat

This hybrid bat is available in drop weights of (-10) and (-5) and in lengths ranging from 28″ to 32″. With a composite handle and an alloy barrel, this two-piece bat is lightweight and durable. Because of the use of 3Fushion technology, there is enhanced weight control and sensation in the hand grip. The composite handle improves the feel and pace of the game. The metal barrel ensures long-term durability and performance. In the event that you purchase this bat through an authorized dealer such as Amazon, you will be covered by a one-year guarantee from DeMarini.

  1. Review of the Literature There is a reason why this is the only hybrid bat on the list, and that is because we believe it to be the finest of the best.
  2. It would be good to utilize this bat after using a DeMarini CF Zena because the grips are quite similar.
  3. The feel of the composite handle in the player’s hands is comforting, and there is little feedback when a mishit occurs.
  4. This bat outperforms the competition because it was designed with speed in mind.
  • Durable
  • Hybrid build to optimize the bat’s performance
  • (-5) excellent transition bat from BBCOR

3. Marucci CAT 8 Senior League/USSSA Bat

This one-piece bat is available with a drop weight of (-10) pounds. In sizes ranging from 27″ to 31″, it is constructed of alloy, making it ideal for use in chilly climates. The CAT 8 features thinner barrel walls as well as a multivariable wall design that allows the sweet spot to be expanded. In order to assist with feedback, an anti-vibration knob is provided at the bottom of the control handle. The barrel is created using a ring-free technique that is advantageous to the hitter’s performance.

  • The CAT 8 Series from Marucci is available in a variety of sizes and leagues to suit your needs.
  • This specific CAT 8 (-10) bat has a faster reaction rate and is more durable than comparable alloy USSSA bats on the market today.
  • A fantastic feel and less negative feedback are provided by the anti-vibration knob on this bat.
  • We were unable to locate a weak point in this bat, and the flex is exceptional.

4. Easton Ghost X Hyperlite USSSA Bat

In this case, the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite bat has a drop weight of 1.25 lbs (-12). It is a one-piece bat that is available in sizes ranging from 25″ to 27″. A composite bat with a cushioned flex grip and a lizard skin texture that is great for feel, cushion, and tack on the field. It boasts a 20 percent softer barrel, which provides a more comfortable feel and increased performance. The pop of this bat is enhanced with a freshly modified speed cap, which also provides flexibility in the barrel.

The pop of this bat, as well as the force behind the swing, will appeal to any young player.

We believe that this bat is the best option for a smaller USSSA player. The decreased swing weight results in increased speed behind the ball, which allows you to hit the ball out of the park. The length of the barrel increases the size of the sweet area, resulting in fewer mishits. Pros

  • Last year’s bat was at a lower cost
  • For (-12), the barrel length is: Smaller players will benefit from this.

5. Rawlings 2022 5150 USSSA Bat

With a synthetic rubber grip, this Rawlingsbat may be used to reduce vibration. It is available in a variety of lengths ranging from 26″ to 31″. This bat, which is made of one-piece metal and has a drop weight of (-10), is said to be radically sensitive. It is a reasonably light bat that is ideal for athletes who are graduating into USSSA. Our Unbiased Opinion It has a very classic feel to it, with a wide sweet spot in the middle of the board. It provides excellent performance and is extremely long-lasting.

We were able to swing more quickly because to the Hyperlite speed restriction.

The lack of vibration and feedback is a significant improvement over the previous year’s model.

It is critical to find the sweet spot in the middle.


The USSSA hopes that one of these bats will help you have the finest season your player has had thus far, regardless of whether you are new to the organization or a seasoned veteran. Investigating the characteristics and quality of the bats will offer you greater confidence in your purchase. Remember to look for the USSSA fingerprint and the 1.15 BPF stamp of approval, as well as the list of bats that are not permitted to be released. Have a wonderful season!

Best USSSA Bats in 2022 – Top 10 Bats for Baseball and Softball

You are here: Home/Youth Bat/Top 10 USSSA Bats for Baseball and Softball in 2022 | Best USSSA Bats in 2022 In order to get a baseball bat that is big league ready, you should search for one that has been approved by the United States Softball Association (USSSA). So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top USSSA bats for the next season. The United States Specialty Sports Association has approved the use of the USSSA bats, which are imprinted on the bat. Baseball bats that fulfill the highest performance requirements have been established by them as the criteria for manufacturing baseball bats.


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  • 5 Best Drop 8 Bats for 2022
  • Choosing Youth Baseball Bats for 2022 and How to Size Them

Best USSSA Bats 2022

  • 1.Slugger 2022 META® ONE (-12)
  • 2.DeMarini 2022 THE GOODS ONE PIECE (-10)
  • 3.DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Sotball Bat Series
  • 4.DeMarini 2022 Nautalai USA 13′′ Midload USSSA 240 Slowpitch Softball Bat
  • 5.DeMarini 2021 CF Glitch (-10)
  • 6.Slugger 2021 Omaha (-10)
  • 7.Marucci CAT9 COMPOSITE
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1.SLUGGER 2022 META® ONE (-12)– Best USSSA Baseball Bat

The Meta One is designed to provide you with the most lightweight experience possible. It’s designed primarily for younger players, as its drop weight is an incredible -12 pounds. This implies that you will be able to enjoy playing with a lightweight bat without having to be concerned about the weight at all. Not only that, but the fact that it is made of a single piece contributes to its lightweight feel and ease of use. It is really easy and pleasant to play with for the players that choose to use this bat.

With its EKO composite barrel, it provides you with a firmer feel while also providing you with exceptional energy transmission every time you play with it.

With an excellently balanced swing weight, this composite bat allows you to make the most of your opportunities to hit the ball hard. If you want to enhance your overall hitting percentage, this might be an excellent addition to your game. Features:

  • EKO Composite Barrel
  • GT1 End Cap
  • Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Ultra Balance Swing Weight


If you’re seeking for something that’s both sturdy and long-lasting, the Goods One Piece is the way forward. You’ll find that this baseball bat will provide you with excellent performance and more. The drop 10 weight is appropriate for the majority of players, and you’ll find yourself quickly becoming accustomed to it. In addition to this, the X14 Alloy barrel is a standout piece of equipment on its own. Despite the fact that the barrel is huge, it is packed within an exceptionally lightweight frame, allowing you to avoid feeling the weight of the barrel.

  • It’s designed to allow you to demonstrate your strength and abilities on the field.
  • Further ensuring that you feel light on your feet while on the field is made possible by the Tracer end cap.
  • It’s very fantastic and will undoubtedly provide you with the most enjoyable experience possible on the field.
  • Features:
  • 2 3/4″ Barrel
  • Lightweight Composite Material
  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Tracer End Cap
  • One-Piece Construction

3.DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Sotball Bat Series– Best USSSA Fastpitch Softball Bat

Are you looking for something that has exceptional control? The DeMarini CF Fastpitch series will undoubtedly wow you with its numerous outstanding characteristics. The baseball bat is constructed of paraflax with a composite barrel, which allows you to have the most lightweight feel possible while still being able to make the most of your game. The barrel gives you with the most amount of sweet area, allowing you to experience a fantastic sound with every hit. It is possible that the paraflex and composite barrel is one of the most sensitive barrels ever created.

  • Not only that, but the Type V connection that this baseball bat brings to the table adds even more to the overall feel of the bat.
  • With this bat, you’ll be able to witness yourself hitting those home runs in no time.
  • Unique in its form and functionality, the end cap’s lightweight composite material helps you to keep your balance throughout the whole process while delivering incredible power and control.
  • Different drop weights are available, allowing you to select the one that is most appropriate for you.
  • Maximum Barrel Control
  • Lightweight Composite Material
  • Type V Connection
  • Tracer End Cap
  • Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel

4.DeMarini 2022 Nautalai USA 13″ Midload USSSA 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat– Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

For your USSSA events, there is nothing better than the DeMarini Nautalai bats from DeMarini. The softball bat is constructed from some of the most advanced composite materials available, allowing you to make the most of your game. Its 2 14-inch barrel diameter and 13-inch barrel length provide you with a very lightweight feel, so you won’t have to worry about carrying too much weight in your hands while on the field. While there are many of one-piece construction bats on the market, this one has a unique two-piece structure that helps to balance the weight even more effectively.

There is less chance of damage while also ensuring that you have complete control over how you play the game.

Each of these color combinations has its own distinct and lovely appearance.

The mid-load swing that this bat provides you is truly amazing, as it allows you to demonstrate your power in a way that no other bat can. Feel the energy travel from your body to your bat and produce hits like you’ve never done before. Features:

  • It has a midload swinging feel, is two-piece constructed, has a 2 1/4″ barrel diameter, a composite barrel, and a barrel length of 13″.

5.DeMarini 2021 CF Glitch (-10)

DeMarini bats are the stuff of legend, and for good reason. The fact that they give excellent performance for strong striking makes them the best in the business. So, let’s have a look at the CF Glitch, which is the newest product from DeMarini and its predecessors. This bat is a certified USSSA bat, which means that it is utilized in all of the major youth leagues in the United States and Canada. The CF Glitch is constructed of two pieces in order to ensure that the weight is distributed equally.

The barrel of the bat is made of a composite material, which gives it a vibrant feel.

In addition, the 3Fusion Connection design is employed to create an overall streamlined bat that absorbs extra vibrations and helps you to handle the bat more effectively, allowing you to strike more precisely with the bat.

It is constructed from a combination of lightweight and durable materials to guarantee that the bat is robust enough to hit hard while remaining lightweight to allow for maximum bat speed.

  • A two-piece bat structure, a composite barrel with a 2 3/4-inch barrel diameter, a 3Fusion connection, a dual-construction Reaction end cap, and a 3Fusion connection are all included.

6.Slugger 2021 Omaha (-10)

The Slugger is the next item on our to-do list for today. This baseball bat is also authorized by the United States Softball Association (USSSA), and it is constructed with a specific ST7 alloy barrel. In addition, the barrel’s walls are exceptionally thin, which allows it to produce a magnificent pop when the ball is struck. In contrast to the CF Glitch, the Slugger bat is made of a single piece of material, which allows it to better manage energy. Every ounce of energy from your arms is transmitted to the bat in this manner, allowing you to hit a ball straight out of the field with relative ease.

Additionally, by making the Slugger bat extremely lightweight, the -10 weight decrease leads to a more balanced swing feel overall.

  • One-piece ST7 alloy barrel
  • 6-star end cap
  • Weight decrease of -10
  • Balanced swing weight

7.Marucci CAT9 COMPOSITE USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat

In addition to being a USSSA-certified bat, the Cat9 by Marucci also has a powerful action on a major league pitch. It has a one-of-a-kind multi-directional composite barrel that provides increased response. The barrel is also ring-free, allowing it to keep its rigidity for forceful striking while being lightweight. In addition to being a big positive, the absence of rings means that the bat has a large sweet area with practically no dead patches. This gives the gamer the ability to hit hard and hit quickly.

When the handle is attached, a specific outer-locking mechanism is employed to guarantee that any additional vibrations are kept to a minimum, resulting in a pleasant, powerful swing.

In addition, the Cat9 features an extra-long barrel length of 28 inches, which provides a larger than normal area of contact with the target.

This bat helps the player to swing harder and drive the ball further out from the plate when compared to other more standard bats that can be found on the market these days for a reasonable price. Features:

  • A multi-directional composite barrel with an outer locking system
  • A two-piece composite barrel construction
  • A barrel length of 28 inches
  • A barrel construction that is devoid of rings

8.Anderson Rocketech Carbon -10

Let’s take a look at some of the top softball bats that have been authorized by the USSSA. The Anderson Rocketech Carbon bat, for example, features a multi-layered reinforced composite barrel with a barrel diameter of 2 14 inches and a barrel diameter of 2 14 inches. Strong, yet well-balanced swing is achieved by the utilization of the materials employed in the construction of the barrel. Although the barrel is incredibly sturdy, it is also constructed of two pieces, which guarantees that the player keeps control over the bat and can hit with pinpoint accuracy.

This bat also has a barrel length of 31 inches, which means that it will provide good performance and terrific pop virtually every time it is used.


  • Composite barrel with multiple layers of reinforcement
  • The barrel measures 2 14 inches in diameter and is constructed of two pieces. It has a light swing. Weight loss of -10 pounds

9.Axe Bat 2020 Element (-12) Fastpitch Bat

When it comes to a decent fast pitch bat, the Axe Element bat is the greatest option available on the market. It features an alloy barrel that is made of a single piece and is extremely robust. The HyperWhip End cap has a streamlined design that emphasizes the sweet spot for forceful swinging while being lightweight. The innovative handle design of the Axe bat is the finest feature of the bat. The Axe handle is meant to give a stronger grip than the typical knob handle, allowing for more precise and forceful hitting when compared to the latter.

Another advantage is the -12 weight drop rating, which indicates that this is one of the lightest bats available, allowing for a simple and well-balanced swing with little effort.


  • Anodized aluminum barrel
  • HyperWhip end cap
  • Patented axe handle
  • Endogrid technology
  • Weight reduction of -12 pounds.

10.Miken 2021 DC 41

Finally, but certainly not least, we have the incredible Miken DC 41, which is without a doubt the most efficient slow pitch softball bat on the market today, according to the experts. It also carries the USSSA accreditation and adheres to the strictest bat production guidelines. All right, let’s get down to business with the specifics. Featuring a Triple Matrix Core Composite barrel with a diameter of 2 1 4 inches and a length of 14 inches, the Miken DC 41 has a total length of 14 inches. Because it makes use of F2P Barrel Flex Technology, which is precisely engineered to produce powerful hits over long distances, it allows you to drive the ball far out on the field at all times.

It is constructed in a durable manner and will last you for a long time, even after many hours of intensive use on the field.

  • F2P Barrel Flex Technology
  • Designed for slow pitch softball
  • 2.25-inch barrel diameter
  • 14-inch barrel length
  • Triple Matrix Core Composite barrel

Which USSSA Certified Bats are to be used in Baseball and Softball?

Prior to making your purchase of a USSSA certified bat, there are a few things you should examine to ensure that you are purchasing the most practical and effective bat possible. A stamp on all baseball bats that have been authorized by the USSSA will show that they were made in accordance with USSSA specifications. Additionally, a high-quality baseball bat will be built to deliver exceptional performance. Weight drop rating -10 and a strong composite barrel are typical characteristics of this weapon.

When purchasing softball bats, look for the USSSA stamp or the green knob, which indicates that the bat has been approved by the USSSA.

However, before you make your final decision on the bat of your choice, consider the format for which it was created.

Make sure to examine the marks on the barrel to ensure that you are purchasing the proper one. You could have a lot of questions concerning the USSSA bats on your thoughts right now. Let’s take a look at some of the questions that are frequently posed.

Those made by DeMarini are among of the greatest alternatives available for USSSA bats, and we recommend them to anybody seeking for one. What is the reason behind this? In the first place, they’re unquestionably one of the most dependable solutions now accessible on the market. They provide you with excellent control, a powerful impact, and a very lightweight feel. The DeMarini bat will always be the hottest USSSA bat, as they have been for quite some time and have maintained a high level of popularity in the industry.

  • What is the difference between USSSA bats and US bats and how do they differ?

The biggest difference between USSSA and USA bats is the way they are used and how well they function. USA bats are primarily intended for usage by younger players due to the fact that they are extremely lightweight and simple to learn to play with. Bats for the United States Squash Association (USSSA) are often heavier, and are mostly used by pros or those competing in USSSA events. Shortly said, you can use USA bats in USSSA competitions, which is the quick answer to the question. Professionals, on the other hand, would always advise against using them since they do not provide the power and performance necessary in a USSSA competition setting.

USSSA bats are heavier and should not be used in these kind of competitions.

USSSA bats are heavier than other bats and should only be used in tournaments where they are authorized to be used.

  • The distinction between USSSA and Bbcor bats is explained here.

When comparing the Bat Performance Factor of USSSA and BBCOR bats, the former has a greater value than the latter, according to the data. USSSA bats are available in a variety of barrel diameters and are mostly utilized at the youth travel baseball level. Because USSSA bats have a greater BPF than other baseball bats on the market, they tend to have more pop than most other baseball bats. Consequently, you will love playing with USSSA standard bats since they will provide the enjoyable sound you are hoping for upon making contact.

There isn’t a better alternative for you to consider.


That’s all there is to it! You should now be aware of which USSSA-certified bats are the most worthwhile to purchase. No matter what sport you play, whether it’s baseball or softball, there’s something on this list for everyone. The information provided in this instructive guide should provide you with all of the knowledge you require to choose a high-quality USSSA bat that consistently performs above and beyond expectations. Hello and welcome to everyone. My name is Darron, and I’m the site’s chief editor.

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