Who Got Hit In The Face With A Baseball

Mets player hit in face by pitch in ‘scary,’ bloody scene has ‘multiple nasal fractures’

Correction The Mets’ catcher’s initial name was misspelled in an earlier version of this story, which has been corrected. James McCann is the proper given name. The article has been updated to reflect this. Kevin Pillar of the New York Mets was smacked in the face by a 95-mph fastball on Monday, a scenario that several Mets players characterized as “frightening.” The 32-year-old outfielder was finally able to walk away from the field at Atlanta’s Truist Park on his own, but not before ESPN’s national television audience seen him hunched over in the dirt with blood flowing down his face.

In the seventh inning, with the bases loaded and two outs and the Mets leading 1-0, the incident occurred on a two-to-one count with the bases loaded and two outs.

“Right now, he’s in the hospital,” says the doctor.

“They’re performing a CT scan,” he remarked after the game.

  • “KP is in our thoughts and prayers.” After that, Pillar tweeted, “Scary moment, but I’m alright!” “Scary moment, but I’m fine!” Kevin Pillar was struck in the face by a Jacob Webb pitch during the first inning.
  • Nonetheless, it was a disturbing scene.
  • The third-year pitcher was removed from the game before he had a chance to face a second hitter.
  • Webb, who is 27 years old, was later shown sitting on the Braves’ bench, taking instruction from coaches Kevin Seitzer and Rick Kranitz.

That was a disgrace, and everyone should remember to keep him in their prayers.” A horrific scene, according to Snitker, was “about as nauseating a thing as you could ever witness on a baseball field.” Athlete Pillar was hailed as a “gamer” and a “pro” by Atlanta’s general manager, who lauded his “professional demeanor and the way he plays the game.” Pillar became the second big leaguer to get struck in the face by a pitch in as many weeks this week.

While playing against the St.

Harper was out of the game.

However, Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals, a former teammate of Harper’s, expressed dissatisfaction with what that situation revealed about the status of baseball in general.

and the club doesn’t seem to care.” Basically, they’re just checking to see whether they have anything in them.” According to the 36-year-old first baseman, “a few of years ago, these guys would have stayed in Double-A or Triple-A for another year, working on their pitching skills, but today clubs simply bring them up to see if they can kind of hit lightning in a bottle.” “If they don’t, they’re sent back down.” They don’t give a damn if they hit four players on the opposing squad; it makes no difference to them.

  • Because the general manager of the other club is not in the box, he is unconcerned.
  • Males are always attempting to gain more weight and body mass.
  • “A typical person standing in the box doesn’t comprehend how quickly the ball is coming in and how quickly you have to react to it.
  • Starting pitcher Taijuan Walker, who went three scoreless innings but appeared to be in discomfort on the mound, was removed from the game due to “left side stiffness,” according to the organization.
  • Despite the fact that Jacob deGrom has an MLB-best 0.68 ERA, the team’s rotation has been hindered by right side soreness in his last two outings.
  • Following a defeat to the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday, the New York Mets placed two more players on the disabled list before Monday’s game: infielder Jeff McNeil and outfielder Michael Conforto.
  • Injury-plagued outfielders Brandon Nimmo and Albert Almora Jr., as well as infielder Luis Guillorme and utility man J.D.
  • As a result of Nimmo’s absence from the lineup, Pillar, who is in his debut season with the Mets after playing for four different organizations, has been earning greater playing time.
  • “This guy’s a warrior,” Rojassaid of his opponent.

“He shows up every day and puts forth a lot of effort. He rose to his feet and walked away.” “There was no way I imagined he’d be able to do that after getting smacked in the face,” I said. But he got up and walked away, and it was at least one bright spot in an otherwise gloomy situation.”

Chris Bassitt suffers facial fracture after getting hit with 100-mph line drive; A’s pitcher has normal vision

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images This past Tuesday night at Chicago’s Guaranteed Rate Field, there was a terrifying incident. A rocket from White Sox hitter Brian Goodwin was launched at the mound, striking Oakland Athletics pitcher Chris Bassitt on the side of the head in the bottom of the second inning. The line drive hit the ground at 100.1 miles per hour right away, and it didn’t look that Bassitt had a glove on it at all. It wasn’t a light slap on the wrist, either. Bassitt was struck directly in the right side of the face, in the upper cheek region, by the projectile.

  • He was moving about a little, but not much, and he never took the towel off his head or pulled it from his face.
  • The White Sox went on to win the game, 9-0, over an A’s team that looked obviously frightened.
  • “There was a gloomy cloud hanging over that game the entire time,” La Russa said (via Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago, who said La Russa called Bassitt his No.
  • The Athletics Department provided another report on Bassitt on Wednesday.
  • Once the swelling has subsided, he will be scheduled for surgery in a few days.
  • he was treated for two face lacerations with sutures and was later diagnosed with a displaced tripod fracture in his right cheek, which would need surgery.
  • In addition, a CT scan of the skull confirmed that there was no additional harm.
  • As new information on Chris becomes available, we’ll update this page.
  • As a result, he placed seventh in the Cy Young voting last season and was on course to finish much higher in 2021, which will be his first season on the All-Star roster.

Mets’ Kevin Pillar suffers multiple fractures after getting hit in face with fastball vs. Braves

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images On Monday night, there was a scary scene at Truist Park. In the seventh inning of their series opener against the Atlanta Braves, New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillart received a 94.5-mph fastball to the face from Braves reliever Jacob Webbin (NYM 3, ATL 1). It was a straight blow on the head. Pillar didn’t have time to turn around, and he fell to the ground, where he was instantly bleeding profusely. After Pillar conducted a CT scan at a nearby hospital on Tuesday morning, the team provided an update on his condition, indicating that he had been diagnosed with “many nasal fractures,” according to the team.

Pillar spoke to the media later on Tuesday through a Zoom call, which you can listen to below: Pillar stated in the phone chat that he will be undergoing plastic surgery to correct the nasal fractures in the near future, and that he expects to be back in action within 10 to 14 days of the procedure.

Additional information from Pillar: Here’s the pitch-by-pitch breakdown of the hit.

Recently, the Mets have been hampered by injuries to key players.

After three innings of work on Monday, Taijuan Walker was forced to leave the game due to side pain. Please tick the opt-in box to confirm that you would want to be included to the mailing list.

Thanks for signing up!

Pillar, 32, agreed to terms with the Mets on a two-year deal during the previous summer. In 27 games before to Monday’s game, he had a.247/.284/.377 batting line.

Pillar has nasal fractures after scary HBP

Kevin Pillareexited the game in the top of the seventh inning of Monday night’s 3-1 Mets victory at Truist Park after getting struck in the face by a fastball clocked at 94.5 miles per hour. Pillar was able to walk off the field and into the Mets’ locker room on his own after receiving medical attention from the team’s medical personnel. He was rushed to the hospital, where he got a CT scan to determine the extent of his injuries. The Mets said on Tuesday that it had been found that he had sustained several nose fractures.

  1. The next day, Pillar tweeted roughly an hour after the game, even managing to make light of the fact that his hit by pitch ended up being the game-winning run.
  2. “I’m alright despite the frightening situation.
  3. “This guy’s a fighter, no doubt about it.” Luis Rojas, the Mets’ manager, said, “He comes in every day and works hard to win.” “You guys saw him, he rose up on his feet and went,” Rojas added.
  4. “I simply keep that child in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Obviously, that was not something he want to accomplish.
  6. All we can do is pray that he is okay, no matter how much it stinks.” Pinch-hitter Khalil Lee replaced Pillar, who was hitting.250 with two home runs this season.
  7. This was not the first time Pillar had been hit in the face by a baseball fastball.
  8. Pillar made his major league debut on April 8, 2016, against the Boston Red Sox, while playing for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Despite the fact that the bases were loaded, Pillar took a fastball to the bill of his helmet, limiting the damage. The second incident occurred on August 30, 2019, against the Padres, when Pillar was hit in the jaw by a 97-mph fastball while playing for the Giants.

MLB Must Act Before Beanballs Hurt Players and the Game

On Monday Night Baseball, another incredibly nasty hit-by-pitch stole the stage with a spectacular display of force. A 94-mph fastball from Braves reliever Jacob Webb struck Kevin Pillar in the face in the seventh inning of a 1–0 game against the Mets. Pillar was out of the game and the bases were loaded. Pillar’s nose instantly began to bleed profusely as he hopelessly crawled around the batter’s box, waiting for emergency medical assistance to arrive. The resulting gore had to be dusted over and blended into the earth by the grounds team before the game could be restarted properly.

  • It looked as though every player had been disturbed to some degree, which sapped the energy from the show’s broadcast.
  • Despite the dire circumstances, a bleeding Pillar (who was taken to a hospital for a CT scan Monday night) was able to walk off the field very swiftly despite his injuries.
  • Pillar sustained “several nasal fractures,” according to the Mets, who revealed the news on Tuesday.
  • “It’s true that these things happen in baseball, but players have been being beaned much too frequently lately—at an unprecedented rate, in fact.
  • This season has the highest number of batters hit by pitches since 1901.
  • This isn’t even the first time in Pillar’s professional career that he has been hit in the face by a pitch.
  • During that time, Pillar stated, “For me, the most difficult thing was being able to step back into the box against the same opponent.” Despite the fact that I was able to do so and remain in the room, I didn’t feel like it had any effect on me.
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It was a terrifying experience for everyone.

Harper, like Pillar, seemed to be in good spirits.

Giancarlo Stanton, then with the Miami Marlins, was struck in the face by an 88-mph fastball from Mike Fiers during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers in 2014.

After Stanton was carried off the field on a stretcher and sent to the hospital in an ambulance, the grounds crew had to clean up the blood that had accumulated in the batter’s box.

Even though his injuries were severe, the situation could have been far worse.

I could easily stuff a platter in my mouth.

A couple of lost teeth is preferable to all of that.

I’m capable of losing as many teeth as I want.

Morry Gash for the Associated Press Stanton was also unsure of how he would behave when he returned to the office following such a horrific encounter.

His face guard has been affixed to his helmet ever since, and he has stated that having the added protection is reassuring.

When I was in elementary school, I got touched on the back by a couple of pitches, and it knocked my confidence for virtually the entire season after that.

However, it might be frightening to go back into the line of heaters that have the ability to knock you unconscious.

Even while hits by pitches are very unusual in the big scheme of things, they have climbed to record levels in recent years, and pitchers are throwing harder than they have in the past.

This is becoming a player safety concern, and it has the potential to lower the value of MLB’s product.

Pillar’s absence, according to ESPN’s broadcasters, put a cloud over the ballpark on Monday, despite the fact that the Mets were playing on the road in Atlanta.

Is it possible that they would wait for another player to follow in the footsteps of Ray Chapman, whose death after being struck in the head in 1920 sparked a nationwide crackdown on doctored balls?

Perhaps the mound could be moved back a few feet to allow players more response time (which would also help to lessen the oppressive number of strikeouts that currently exists in the sport).

More MLB coverage may be found at: What is the cause of baseball’s hit-by-pitch epidemic, asks Verducci?

After a tense situation, Martell believes that the Major League Baseball should amend the three-batter rule. Pujols outduels Bumgarner in a perfect Dodgers game, according to the rules. Inside the Devastating Gig Economy of Disaster Relief Pitching by DebutVerducci

Mets’ Pillar feels ‘lucky’ despite nasal fractures

The date is May 18, 2021. During a game against the Atlanta Braves on Monday night, outfielder Kevin Pillar was struck in the face by a fastball from reliever Jacob Webb, resulting in numerous nasal fractures for the Mets outfielder. The horrifying spectacle left both teams shaken. When Pillar brought out the lineup card before Tuesday night’s game, it made everyone feel a lot better. Following a consultation with a face expert to identify the best course of action for his recuperation, Pillar was at Truist Park.

  1. Actually, I’m in a really good mood.
  2. “The only thing that is difficult is that my right eye is swollen and I am unable to fully breathe through my nose at the moment.
  3. The experienced pitcher was 32 years old at the time.
  4. “That is the most painful aspect of the situation.
  5. The fact that I am unable to play every day bothers me.
  6. Pillar grinned and shook hands with everyone, despite the fact that his face was bruised and severely swollen, and that a little pad had been inserted into his right nostril.
  7. Pillar’s presence provided a significant lift to the Mets.

“Seeing him here to support us, that’s a great leader,” said the group’s leader.

Pillar stated that he had no ill will against Webb at this time.

In Pillar’s words, “I know this person didn’t want to strike me, didn’t want to punch me in the face.” “Accidents do happen from time to time.

We had a long conversation last night and today.

“I wasn’t aiming to hit him,” the pitcher stated, visibly shaken by the experience even a day after it had place.

I knew exactly what I was doing when I tossed it.

Later, in the dugout, Braves coaches Kevin Seitzer and Rick Kranitz each had extensive chats with the pitcher, in an attempt to assist him in dealing with his remorse and shame.

“When someone else is hurt, I understand how difficult it may be to feel responsible for their own injuries.

I’m very aware that it was unintended.

I’m going to be OK.” Pillar was slammed to the ground, and blood gushed from his nose when he attempted to lift his head from the ground.

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The Mets acquired veteran outfielder Cameron Maybin from the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday in exchange for monetary considerations.

Maybin, a career.256 hitter in 14 major league seasons, spent the most of the season with the Cubs’ Triple-A affiliate.

Between now and then, infielderWilfredo Tovarwas picked from Syracuse to take Pillar’s place on the team’s active roster.

Webb stated that his main worry was for Pillar’s well-being.

“I was the one who hurt him.

It’s simply something you have to get out of your head and get back to doing what you’re doing right now.

In Snitker’s words, “you just have to do it the next time he gets the call to come in and pitch.” “You have to earn a livelihood somehow.

You despise it.

Walker barely lasted three innings, allowing one hit and no runs, before being forced to leave the game because to discomfort in his left side.

“The results of the MRI were negative.

It’s not a problem from one excursion to the next.

With hamstring issues, both Conforto and second baseman Jeff McNeil were placed on the 10-day injured list.

Taking a week-to-week strategy is what Rojas is referring to. “We’ll just have to wait and watch how they respond to the various therapies they get.” This article was written with assistance from the Associated Press.

Bryce Harper got hit in the face with a 97 mph fastball and can’t believe he’s OK

Bryce Harper, who was struck in the face by a 97 mph fastball on Wednesday night in St. Louis, felt his cheek and nose to check whether he was bleeding or merely bruised as he lay on the ground. “It didn’t seem like there was gushing water,” said the Phillies slugger of a tiny cut on his hand. Following that, Harper heard the home-plate umpire, who was only a few feet away when the pitch hit him, tell him to stay on the ground. Harper complied. and I said to myself, ‘No, that’s not it.’ “I’m going to get up,” Harper stated on Friday.

  1. Whatever happens, I’m going to get up.
  2. I have no choice.
  3. Despite the fact that he was anticipating a curveball from Cardinals left-hander Génesis Cabrera on the opening pitch, the reliever came inside with a fastball on the first pitch.
  4. Following his exit from the field, he was taken to a neighboring hospital, where he was joined by President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski.
  5. All of the tests came out negative.
  6. He was not seriously injured.
  7. she is a great person and I adore her,” Harper expressed his feelings for the woman.

I’m simply grateful and lucky to be in the position I’m in right now.

There isn’t anybody who can accomplish it, in my opinion.

Harper participated in a game of catch and batting practice on Friday afternoon, but he didn’t feel well.

“And if I am able to go tomorrow, I will.

“I simply want to be as clever as possible about it.” Right now, I’m in a terrific mood at the plate.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

“Right now, all I want to do is be clever.” When Harper entered the clubhouse after going off the field, he felt emotional for the first time.

Harper stated that a fraction of an inch here or there may have made a significant difference in the outcome.

“I believe baseball has been pushed to the sidelines, right?

As a result, you begin to consider more significant issues.

You begin to consider your children and wonder, “What if?” » MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Cardinals pitcher Génesis Cabrera expresses regret for striking Bryce Harper.

He FaceTimed his parents, who weren’t at the stadium but received an alert on their phones that their son had left the game after getting struck by a pitch when they weren’t looking at it.

“My wife, she doesn’t really stress out unless she has to,” Harper said of his spouse.

Consequently, if you have a broken finger, it’s not a huge concern, is it?

She’s been a rock in my life for a long time.

She did a terrific job.

He couldn’t help himself from revisiting the game, wondering how he had gotten away without being seriously injured.

To inform Harper that the Cardinals wished him well and that they were thinking of him, he wanted to call him up.

He was struck in the face by a pitch traveling at 97 miles per hour, yet he was determined to walk away on his own.

“So I sat there and texted him back, saying, ‘You know, I’m thinking about Génesis,'” I added.

And I just want to make sure he’s okay before I leave.

Alternatively, you may just forward this message to him and assure him that everything is OK.

“I harbor no ill will against him in the least,” Harper stated.

He’ll be a successful pitcher in this league for very some time, so I just wanted to make sure he’s all right,” says the manager. He’s got some very outstanding material. “I simply wanted to make sure he was okay,” I explained. “I felt really lucky to be in the situation I was in.”

MLB’s Kevin Pillar Shows Wounded Face After Being Drilled In Face By 94-MPH Fastball

3:23 p.m. PT- Kevin Pillar is a tough as nails outfielder, as seen by his return to the media less than 24 hours after the terrifying incident that took place. After being hit in the face by a fastball, he is proud to show off his war scars. Pillar stated that he will be “fine” and that he is aware that Webb did not want to strike him. “I know he’s in a poor way, and I know that me and him had a conversation last night and today,” Pillar added. In fact, I’m nearly more concerned about him than I am about myself.

  1. He has to maintain his self-assurance and belief in himself.” On Jacob Webb striking him in the facepic, Kevin Pillar had this to say.
  2. Pillar, please be well soon.
  3. He will need to undergo more testing and consultations with physicians in order to determine his next steps in rehabilitation.
  4. Kevin Pillar, a New York Yankees outfielder, was struck in the face by a 94-mile-per-hour fastball and sent to the hospital right away.
  5. Kevin, a 32-year-old outfielder who is regarded as one of the hardest men in the Major League Baseball, was unable to get out of the path.
  6. Kevin Pillar is in our thoughts and prayers.
  7. pic.twitter.com/ClNayXVDyQ Pitcherclips (@pitcherclips)May 18, [email protected] — Pitcherclips The pillar fell to the ground in a heap.

However, after a few seconds on the ground, Pillar was able to get to his feet and walk away from the field on his own strength.

They’re putting you through a CT scan.

Following the game, the individual tweeted, “Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch with me!

RBIgamewinner.” Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch with me!

The game-winning run came in the form of an RBI.

Despite the fact that the Mets went on to win the game 3-1, the players were noticeably displeased afterward.

Kevin, please get well soon. Originally published at 5:59 a.m. Pacific Time.

New York Mets’ Kevin Pillar hit in the face by a pitch, leaves game vs. Atlanta Braves

  • ATLANTA — The city of Atlanta is home to the Georgia Dome, which was built in the early 1900s. Kevin Pillar sank to his knees on the dirt immediately after. A large amount of blood splattered over his nose — so much so that the grounds workers at Truist Park raced onto the field to wipe it away. The fastball from Atlanta reliever Jacob Webb hit Pillar in the face with a 95 mph fastball in the seventh inning of Monday night’s game. The bases were loaded. James McCann, who was on third base, walked toward the mound to speak with catcher Jeff Mathis and inquire as to whether or not he witnessed where the ball struck Pillar. Freddie Freeman, the Atlanta Braves’ first baseman, stood with his hands behind his head, his face exhibiting clear distress. Webb had a dejected expression on his face since he had no intention of hurting Pillar. Tomás Nido, the catcher, described the situation as “devastating.” “I was sick to my stomach,” says the author. WARNING: This video contains graphic content. In Atlanta, there is a frightening scenario. Kevin Pillar of the New York Mets was struck in the face by a fastball. He got up and went off the field. So that’s a good thing. But, gosh, it was a challenge. They’ve really taken a break from the game to clean up the mess. pic.twitter.com/qn6enR8j7t — Gary Parrish (@GaryParrishCBS) on May 18, 2021 on Twitter “It’s a little frightening,” McCann said. “It’s as though everything comes to a halt for a split second. My thoughts immediately turn to him getting hit by a pitch, and the last thing on my mind is going to touch home plate.” “Man, it’s a little frightening,” right-hander Taijuan Walker said. “There’s nothing worse than seeing someone get struck in the face or in the head by a ball, especially when the ball is traveling at that speed.” Pillar is a man of action. This is one of those situations when you just shake your head and feel ill to your stomach.” “It wasn’t an easy situation,” manager Luis Rojas said afterwards. “Our thoughts and prayers are with KP. Everyone in the room feels sorry for him and his family back home, who most likely viewed the video. “It’s a difficult situation.” Pillar was transported to the hospital by Mets chief sports trainer Brian Chicklo, where the outfielder had a CT scan and other tests. Pillar was still having testing when Rojas talked to media following the club’s 3-1 victory against Atlanta, so the manager was unable to provide an update on the status of the player. Pillar, on the other hand, tweeted: “Thank you to everyone who has contacted out! “It was a scary moment, but I’m fine!” Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch with me! I’m alright despite the frightening situation. RBI gamewinner — Kevin Pillar (@KPILLAR4) The date is May 18, 2021. And right after it all happened, McCann saw Pillar walking around. He took that as a good sign, even if the play made him cringe. As someone who has been around the game a long time, Rojas has been on both ends of these scary plays. He’s seen his hitters get plunked with high-velocity pitches and his pitchers get hit by hard-hit balls. “You think about the player’s career, you think about a lot of things in the moment and you get emotional,” Rojas said. “The best you can do in the moment is pray and ask God for the understanding and the best on the guys, that they have a prompt recovery and that they can get back in the game if that’s the plan.” Pillar had performed well in Brandon Nimmo’s absence. He’s hitting only.250, but he’s launched a couple important home runs, has notched a few key hits and has played great defense in the outfield. He then became the latest Met to suffer an injury. “This guy’s a warrior,” Rojas said. “He shows up every day to play hard.” “Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with him,” McCann said. “That’s just a scary moment.” Justin Toscano is the Mets beat writer for NorthJersey.com
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Mets’ Kevin Pillar given CT scan after taking 95mph fastball to face

Despite taking a 95 mph fastball to the face during his team’s victory over the Atlanta Braves on Monday night, New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar looked to avoid a catastrophic injury. The fastball from Jacob Webb struck Pillar square in the face in the seventh inning, with the bases loaded and the game tied. After being slammed to the ground and bleeding profusely from his nose, the experienced outfielder collapsed. In the process of being removed off the field, Pillar was soon assisted to his feet and given cloths to cover his face.

  • A CT scan was performed.
  • Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch with me!
  • The game-winning run came in the form of an RBI.
  • The date is May 18, 2021.
  • “It was a scary moment, but I’m alright!” he said on Facebook.
  • The Braves’ players, including Webb, were taken aback by what they saw.
  • “This man is a fighter,” Rojas remarked following the game, according to Kevin Maher of News12.

You folks saw him, he rose to his feet, and he walked out the door.

It was encouraging to see him get up and go; it was at least one encouraging sign.” Jacob Webb was in a state of shock after he was hit by Kevin Pillar.

In the words of Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker, “you never want to see someone get struck in the face or in the head by a ball, especially when it comes at that velocity.” “Pillar is a difficult person,” says the author.

He barely lasted three innings, allowing one hit and no runs, before being forced to leave the game because to discomfort in his left side.

Jacob deGrom, the Mets’ ace starter, has already been placed on the injured list while recuperating from right side discomfort.

Conforto and McNeil join a list of injured players that includes third baseman JD Davis, outfielder Brandon Nimmo, reliever Seth Lugo, starting pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Noah Syndergaard, as well as a couple of big league backups in outfielder Albert Almora Jr and infielder Luis Guillorme.

Conforto and McNeil are the latest additions to a list that already includes third baseman JD Davis, outfielder

Oakland pitcher out of hospital after being hit by line drive

During the second inning of the Oakland Athletics’ game against the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field on August 17, 2021, medical personnel assist starting pitcher Chris Bassitt (40), who covers his face after being hit by a ball hit by Chicago White Sox left fielder Brian Goodwin during the game. Featured Image courtesy of Kamil Krzaczynski/USA TODAY Sports

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(Reuters) – On August 18, a Reuters poll found that A line drive struck the face of Oakland Athletics pitcher Chris Bassitt, who was taken to a hospital in Chicago and later discharged. Bassitt will require surgery on the fractured bone in his face, according to the Major League Baseball team, which announced the release of Bassitt on Wednesday. A statement from the Athletics claimed that the ace right-hander, who was injured during a Tuesday game in Chicago, had two stitches for facial lacerations and was diagnosed with a “displaced tripod fracture” in his right cheek.

In addition, the researchers reported that a computed tomography scan confirmed that there was no more head injuries.

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After being named to his first All-Star team this season, Bassitt took to Twitter to express his gratitude for all the love he has gotten and to express his excitement at the prospect of returning. Bassitt was struck by a batted ball that was apparently traveling at 100 miles per hour during the second inning of a game against the Chicago White Sox. He instantly went on the ground and remained there for many minutes after being hit by the ball. Trainers from both teams hurried to the pitcher’s mound, where Bassitt lay motionless for many minutes before being hoisted onto a cart and wheeled away from the field while the other players stood by in quiet, unable to say anything.

“Chris will be better than ever and back to doing what he loves as soon as possible,” Meister Sports Management stated.

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Frank Pingue contributed reporting from Toronto. Toby Davis was in charge of the editing. The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles serve as our benchmarks.

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