Who Is The Youngest Baseball Player

Bright future: MLB’s youngest players

It is not only true that the Padres have one of the strongest teams in baseball, but they also have one of the most youthful. The San Diego Padres have two of the youngest players on the MLB Opening Day rosters, as well as two more who rank among the top ten. In addition to Ryan Weathers and Tucupita Marcano, who are both 21 years old, the Mariners also have Adrian Morejon and Fernando Tatis Jr., who are both 22 years old and made their major league debuts two seasons ago. Tatis and Juan Soto, two of the game’s most prominent players, are included on the list.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., one of the most brilliant hitting prospects in recent memory, has already been a regular for two seasons and might be on the verge of a breakout season in 2021 if all goes according to plan.

Three players have tested positive, and a fourth is thought likely to test positive, which means the team will not be able to play its first game until Monday at the earliest, according to the club.

His birthdate of May 16, 2000, would make him the youngest player in the Majors at the time of his signing.

  • Ryan Weathers, left-handed pitcher for the Padres (age 21, DOB: Dec.
  • Weathers, the son of 19-year major leaguer David Weathers, was selected seventh overall in the 2018 Draft and saw his fastball and slider pick up 4-5 mph in velocity while pitching at San Diego’s alternative site during the summer of 2018.
  • Tucupita Marcano, Padres infielder (age 21, DOB: Sept.
  • He’ll almost certainly be sent to the Minors once Trent Grisham returns from the disabled list, but he’s a fascinating long-term possibility as a bat-first infielder in the big leagues.
  • Garrett Crochet, left-handed pitcher for the White Sox (age 21, DOB: June 21, 1999) Crochet became the first athlete to make his Major League debut since Mike Leake did it a decade ago when he signed with the Chicago White Sox in September of last year.
  • 4.
  • He graduated from the same Venezuelan program that produced Carlos Carrasco, and he shares a comparable physique and other characteristics with Carlos Carrasco, who is at the same point of his career as he is.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays (age 22, DOB: March 16, 1999) He has yet to wreak havoc on major league pitching, but his averages in his age-20 and -21 seasons (.269/.336/.442) have been better than the league average and comparable to those of Willie Mays.

With a 114.1 mph single off Gerrit Cole on Opening Day, Vlad Jr.


27, 1999) The Padres spent $78 million in incentives and penalty tax on its foreign crop in 2016-17, including a $11 million bonus and matching tax for Morejon, which brought the total to $78 million.

He also possesses one of the hardest sinkers in the Majors, with an average velocity of 96.6 mph last season.

Fernando Tatis Jr., second baseman, San Diego Padres (age 22, DOB: Jan.

demonstrates some of the most exceptional talent and flare in the game.

Cristian Pache, OF, Atlanta Braves (age 22, DOB: Nov.

His excellence in center field will bring back memories of Andruw Jones for Atlanta fans.

Blue Jays’ pitcher Alejandro Kirk (c) (age 22, DOB: Nov.

He’ll start the season as Danny Jansen’s backup, but if he improves his defensive game, he might eventually replace him as the starter.

25, 1998) He is one of the game’s most promising young players and possesses one of the game’s most lethal hitting talents, slashing.295/.415/.557 with 69 homers and 228 walks in 313 games before turning 22 years old.

The National League’s leading hitter (.351) and the Majors’ leading slugger (.695) and on-base percentage (.499) were both achieved by him last season, and only Mel Ott, Tony Conigliaro and Eddie Matthews have hit more home runs during their age-21 seasons.

The youngest ballplayer ever was HOW old?

Photo courtesy of Gwendolyn Reliford; art courtesy of Tom Forget An earlier version of this story appeared in the February 2021 issue of The New York Times. When Joe Louis Reliford visited Blue and Grey Park, the home of the Fitzgerald Pioneers of the Georgia State League, he was in the same place he usually was: he was in his element. The town’s train tracks are a long way up above the outfield fence, beyond the outfield fence. The area above was where he and his pals would have their own baseball games while they watched the professionals practice below them.

  1. His mother, who suffered from arthritis, was raising 10 children on her alone – his father having died away years before – and the 10-year-old felt he needed to obtain a job to help out with the household chores and finances.
  2. There was just one problem: it was 1950 in the Deep South, and Reliford was a black man.
  3. Because they were not permitted to go any closer to the stadium, Reliford and his companions sat on the train tracks outside it and watched the game.
  4. He approached him and asked whether he would be interested in being the team’s batboy.
  5. Following her arrival and assurance that her kid would be well cared for, the task was his to take over.
  6. But no one, not Joe, not Adams, and certainly not anybody connected with the initial half of the narrative, could have imagined that two years later, Reliford would do something that would propel him into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
  7. “I’ve heard the tale so many times, I remember everything,” Gwendolyn Reliford, who lives in Douglas, Georgia, tells me over the phone.

His wife, Gwendolyn, on the other hand, was more than delighted to share her husband’s story.) “He said he always felt horrible that his mother had to care for all of his siblings since he didn’t have a father,” Gwendolyn recalls.

As a result, Joe (4-foot-11, 68 pounds), who wasn’t tall enough to ride most of the attractions at an amusement park, traveled across the country with a group of adult white males.

When the Pioneers were away from home, there were some venomous remarks made by some of the players.

“It was just because he was Black.” During an interview, Joe stated that “just one or two people didn’t want anything to do with me.” “They were both pitchers, and they knew they wouldn’t be able to win.

Charley Ridgeway, a former player and manager, was his closest confidante.

On addition, when they took the bus, he always sat next to him in the front seat.

Ridgeway was a fairly decent baseball player, and he took me under his wing,” Reliford said in a 2007 interview with MiLB.com.

The women tell me that when they found somewhere to eat, they’d go inside the restaurants and there was a Black lad working there, he’d say, “We don’t serve Blacks,” and they’d be turned away.

They were not going to dine in the restaurant.

They’d get up and go look for one.” As the years passed, Ridgeway granted Joe permission to participate in team practices on the field.

“Joe was a huge baseball fan,” Gwendolyn recalls.

Despite his little stature, he was an above-average baseball player in his youth.” Then I went out to the field and played catch with them all, and they threw the ball rather hard at me.” “Joe shared his thoughts with the Courier-Herald.

If you maintain practicing and learning anything on a constant basis, you will eventually become rather proficient at it.

Until the day of July 19, 1952, when the unthinkable took place.

The youngest player to achieve it in the history of organized baseball.

They were also in the midst of a dreadful season, with a record of 14 games below.500 and a deficit of 20 games over first place.

Something amusing to do.

Despite the fact that it was against the rules for Joe to serve as your batboy, Ridgeway believed he had earned the opportunity.

He felt apprehensive.

There it was, almost too fantastic to be true: it was the truth.

The audience was on edge, relieved that they had gotten what they wanted and anticipating whatever may come next.

“He threw to him like he was a grown man,” Gwendolyn recalls.

Despite his best efforts, he was thrown out at third by the third baseman, who made a spectacular play in the hole to throw him out by a stride.

“They had no expectation that he would strike the ball.” To put the ball in play may have been enough to make a famous narrative, and it certainly could have been.

Nobody would ever be able to beat that.

Ridgeway handed him a glove and instructed him to “go on out there.” “Gwendolyn expresses herself.

Joe took a stride out to right field and, unlike any of us if we were thrown into a professional baseball game as children, he expressed an interest in receiving a pitch.

As part of the eighth-inning outing, Joe produced an incredible play that will go down in baseball history.

Harold Schuster, the best player in the state of Statesboro, went up to the bat.

He was on the lookout for a home run, casting a glance in the direction of the youngster in right field.

Despite the fact that the fence was not particularly high, Gwendolyn recalls that when he put out his hand, it almost touched the top of the fence.

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One of my homers was stolen by a 12-year-old who couldn’t even reach over a five-foot fence to get it.

They poured out onto the field, sprinting for their new baseball idol, Alex Rodriguez.

“He was apprehensive,” Gwendolyn explains.

“I caught a ball despite the fact that I was not meant to be on the field.

But they were genuinely thrilled for me, and I was completely unaware of it.” Pats on the back and money put into his pockets were showered upon him by onlookers.

Soon after the game, once the headlines made their way through the local media, the league fined and banned Ridgeway for bringing Joe into the game.

According to Gwendolyn, “He was a Black person, and he wasn’t meant to be out there in the first place.” This was the last time he played at that particular venue.” Joe’s notoriety (and skill) landed him a position as a member of a local Negro League club named the Lucky Stars, and he went on to become a standout football, baseball, and basketball player during his high school career.

  1. Instead, he went on to become an electrician, and after relocating to Douglas, Ga., following graduation, he was employed as the city’s third African-American police officer.
  2. Joe’s first appearance as a batboy was included.
  3. He’s also been invited to Nationals games, when he’ll throw out the first pitch and take a seat in the upper level of the ownership box.
  4. So that’s the gist of the narrative.
  5. He feels that the attention he received as a result of his look paved the door for future Black players such as Willie McCovey, Hank Aaron, and Willie Mays to be able to compete against whites in the South.

Who could ever have a doubt about him? Reliford stands in front of a Douglas, Georgia, placard commemorating his historic occasion from 1952.

8 Youngest MLB (Major League Baseball) Players Ever

After the National Football League, Major League Baseball is the second most popular sport in the United States. Year after year, the game attracts millions of viewers, with years such as 2001, 2004, and 2016 averaging more than 23 million viewers on television alone. Over the years, the league has seen a plethora of stars, particularly young stars, shine brightly. Many players entered the game early as a result of the two world wars, which created gaps on the clubs’ rosters. Young players were required by Major League Baseball as a result of the high expense of recruiting more experienced players and the ongoing war on drugs.

As a result, the Major League Baseball (MLB) has more youthful talent than it has ever had.

Let’s get started!

8. Mel Ott

Age at first appearance: 17 years, 1 month, and 25 days The New York Giants were the team that made their debut. The date of the debut was April 27, 1926. Rightfielder and third baseman are the positions. Baseball history comes to life in this photograph. Melvin Thomas Ott is considered to be one of the all-time greats in the sport of baseball. His professional debut as a teenager was one of the earliest in the twentieth century, and it acted as a springboard for the future Hall-of-career. Famer’s Mel Stottlemyre spent 22 seasons with the New York Giants, establishing himself as one of the best baseball players in history.

Mel made her stage debut on April 27, 1926.

Mel has led the National League in home runs six times, has been selected to 11 all-star teams throughout the course of his career, and has driven in more than 100 runs nine times.

Mel Ott began his professional baseball career when he was just 17 years old, shortly after World War I, and continued to play for 22 years before new 16-year-old talents knocked him off the pedestal as the youngest Major League Baseball player of the twentieth century.

7. Alex George

Age at first appearance: 16 years, 11 months, and 19 days. The Kansas City Athletics are the team that made their debut. On September 16, 1955, the number 16 made its debut. Photograph courtesy of MLB Reports. Position:Shortstop and Pinch Hitter Alex Thomas is a writer who lives in New York City. Michael George is one of the MLB’s youngest debutants, having played in the majority of his team’s games while still under the age of 17. The fact that he was proficient with both hands, hitting with the left and throwing with the right, contributed to his success.

Because the club was eager for a victory in the league, they had faith in his abilities.

His following game did not go as well — in fact, after such a poor showing, he was sent to the lower leagues in order to acquire some more experience, but his career never recovered.

What If I Told You? Alex George is one of the youngest MLB players, and he is in the minority of individuals who have played all of their Major League Baseball games while still in the minors.

6. Rogers McKee

Age at first appearance: 16 years, 11 months, and 2 days The Philadelphia Phillies are the team that made its debut. The date of the debut was August 18, 1943. pitcherPhoto courtesy of SBNation.com, position:pitcher The term “fair use” refers to the use of something for which it is not intended to be used for another purpose. Roger Hornsby is a musician from the United Kingdom. McKee is a baseball player whose statistics in the Major League Baseball are sometimes ignored owing to the little amount of games he has appeared in.

The 16-year-old rookie was the youngest player in the National League game that season, which took place in 1943.

The game took place on this date as part of a doubleheader, with him throwing the entire game and winning 11-3.

What If I Told You?

5. Putsy Caballero

Age at first appearance: 16 years, 10 months, and 9 days The Philadelphia Phillies are the team that made its debut. The date of the debut was September 14, 1944. Second baseman, third baseman, and pinch runner are the positions available. image courtesy of Crescent City Sports Ralph Joseph “Putsy” Caballero was a child prodigy who showed great promise. During the 1943 and 1944 seasons, he and his high school team won the state title as well as the American Legion championship, further enhancing his standing as a player.

  1. Because his contract was worth $10,000, the club was eager to put his abilities on show.
  2. The event was exhilarating and historic, and Putsy went on to become the youngest third baseman in Major League Baseball history until his death in 2016.
  3. Putsy’s baseball career was interrupted, as was the case for the majority of other baseball players of his generation, by a period of military duty.
  4. His professional baseball career spanned the years 1948 through 1952.

4. Carl Scheib

Age at the time of debut: sixteen years, eight months, and five days. Philadelphia Athletics is the team that made its debut. The date of the debut was September 6, 1943. Position:Pitcher The New York Times provided the photograph. He is a guy of firsts and records, and by 1950, he was the American League’s leader in wild pitches, with nine in the league’s history. In 1948, he had 34 hits in 104 at-bats, including two home runs and 21 runs batted in. He also had two stolen bases. Carl batted 250 in just 11 seasons, over 47 full games, during the course of his entire Major League Baseball career.

Louis Cardinals, among other teams.

Despite the fact that Carl was a pitcher, he also served as a pinch hitter and a reserve outfielder on occasion.

He held the record for being the youngest player to ever play in the Major League Baseball until it was broken the following year by Joe Nuxhall.

What If I Told You? Carl’s baseball career was cut short when he was recruited to serve in World War II in 1945, but he returned to the game a few years later to recapture his former supremacy in the sport.

3. Jim Derrington

Age of debut:16 years and 306 days Debuting Team:White SoxDate of Debut:September 30, 1956 Position:Pitcher photo source:Getty Images Charles James Derrington holds the distinction as the youngest pitcher to start a game since the beginning of the 20th century. His luck in playing in the MLB partly has to do with his father, Charles, who was a minor league ball player for the Cleveland Indians. Derrington practiced with his father and joined the school’s team at a young age. In 1956, Derrington became the Los Angeles City player who attracted the majority of scouts; eventually White Sox owner Chuck Comiskey offered him a contract to play for the team.

Unfortunately for Jim, this was the highlight of his career, as he never played in the MLB again.

Derrington skipped two classes during school in order to play with seniors, despite his young age.

2. Tommy Brown

Age at the time of debut: 16 years and 241 days. The Cincinnati Reds were the team that made its debut. The date of the debut was August 3, 1944. Shortstop, pinch hitter, and leftfielder are the positions available. Baseball in Nashville is shown in this photograph. Thomas Michael Brown had a strong debut, hitting for the cycle for the first time in the major leagues and fielding three chances with only one error. Despite his amazing performance, the Cincinnati Reds were defeated on that particular day.

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Their records have yet to be broken, given both of their debuts came as a consequence of a lack of available players.

He had played 494 games at the time of his retirement in 1953, and he had even been in the 1949 World Series.

Thomas Michael Brown is still alive and well today, and is considered to be one of the world’s oldest living baseball players.

1. Joe Nuxhall

Age at first appearance: 15 years and 316 days The Cincinnati Reds were the team that made its debut. The date of the debut was June 10, 1944. Position:Pitcher image courtesy of Getty Images Joe Nuxhall is the youngest player in the history of Major League Baseball. Joseph Henry Nuxhall spent the most of his professional baseball career with the Cincinnati Reds, pitching in 484 games for the team — a record for a left-handed pitcher at the time. On June 10, 1944, he turned 15 years, 316 days old and played in his first-ever game.

Joe did not appear in another major league game until 1953, which was more than a decade after his debut.

He was a standout player who had a lengthy and successful career that spanned 16 seasons in the NHL.

Following his formal retirement from baseball, he joined the Cincinnati Reds’ broadcast crew.

What If I Told You? It was the Reds that selected Joe Nuxhall over his father, who had been eying him at the time but had been more pleased by his performance, finally electing to pick him rather than the elder Nuxhall.

Yearly League Leaders & Records for Youngest

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Dodgers legend Roy Campanella now youngest player in MLB history

Joe Nuxhall earned a spot in the annals of major league baseball. He was the youngest player in Major League Baseball history when he made his debut at the age of 15 years and 316 days, a scenario that came about as a result of World War II. He was a decent pitcher and an amazing commentator. Dodgers great Roy Campanella, on the other hand, has him beat. Now that the Negro Leagues, at least until 1948, are legally acknowledged as being a member of the major leagues, Campanella has earned the distinction of being the first African-American to do so.

Due to the fact that Campanella did not turn 16 until November 19, he is currently regarded the youngest player in the history of the Major League Baseball.

Dodgers legend Roy Campanella sets a new mark

While Campanella had more playing time than Nuxhall when he was 15 years old, he was still only played on a limited basis. Even though he only had 20 plate appearances, the future icon managed three hits, including a double, and drew a walk in his brief career. Given his youth and the fact that he was up against some of the greatest players in the history of the Negro League at the time, that was a respectable start. As a 16-year-old, he didn’t get to play much more than that, receiving 31 plate appearances in his nine games.

  • The legendaryBiz Mackey took the youngster under his wing and taught him all he needed to know about the position.
  • Campanella began playing catcher for the Elite Giants when he was 18 years old, and he went on to be named to three Negro League All-Star teams throughout his career.
  • He clearly went out of his way to do so.
  • In that time, he hit.276/.363/.498 with 242 home runs and a batting average of.276/.363/.498.

Despite the fact that it has been more than 60 years since Roy Campanella last played in the majors, he has established a new standard. The Los Angeles Dodgers legend holds the record for being the youngest player in Major League Baseball history.

Joe Nuxhall makes MLB debut at 15

Joe Nuxhall, then 15 years old, becomes the youngest person ever to play Major League Baseball when he pitches in a game for the Cincinnati Reds on June 10, 1944. Nuxhall is the youngest person ever to play Major League Baseball. He was pulled after one wild pitch and allowing five runs on five walks and two singles in an 18-0 defeat to the St. Louis Cardinals. Nuxhall pitched two-thirds of the ninth inning in a loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. During World War II, when it became usual for adolescent and older players to step in for major leaguers serving overseas, the game was played.

Roosevelt wrote to Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis, requesting that baseball continue despite the fact that the United States was about to enter World War II: “I honestly believe that it would be best for the country if baseball continued.” More people will be employed, and everyone will work longer and harder hours than they have ever done in their careers.

  • Hank Greenberg, the first baseman for the Detroit Tigers, was one of the players who enlisted even before 1941, when he was in the heyday of his Hall of Fame career.
  • During this time, the major leagues had to make due with whoever was available, and the 15-year-old Nuxhall was just one of a slew of newcomers who, under normal circumstances, would have had little chance of making it to the big leagues.
  • Louis Browns in 1945, and Carl Scheib, a 16-year-old pitcher who pitched for the Philadelphia A’s in 1943, were among those who played for the A’s in 1943.
  • A number of older players got involved as well, like Mike Ryba and Al Simmons, who were both previous major leaguers who returned to fill in for their younger counterparts on the international stage.
  • He finished his career with a record of 135-117 and an earned run average of 3.90.
  • On June 10, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York, author and illustrator Maurice Sendak is born.
  • First.

Nazi Germany had began its invasion of Norway on April 9, two months earlier, and had captured the country.

The message, which was smuggled out of Robben Island jail under extremely dangerous circumstances, read: “UNITE!

Fight until the finish!

She was the first colonist to be prosecuted in the Salem witch trials.

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  7. click here to find out more On June 10, 2007, almost 12 million people tune in to see the series finale of HBO’s highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning Mob-family drama The Sopranos, which concludes its third season.

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Nats’ García is youngest player with multi-homer game in 2021

Nationals Among the numerous young players in the Nationals’ system who have been given the opportunity to play every day since the team’s roster was drastically reduced following the trade deadline last week, Luis Garca is one of them. Although the 21-year-old infielder had struggled with his batting since being called up on July 29, his two home runs against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday helped him snap his drought in spectacular fashion. Garca is the only player in the league that is 21 years old or younger who has hit multiple home runs this season.

  • Garca’s manager, Davey Martinez, has noted a change in his technique, which he feels has resulted in his growth into a more dangerous home run hitter in the future.
  • “He remained on a fairly nice fastball against Moore and drove it in the opposite direction,” says the pitcher.
  • “He had a couple of solid at-bats today.” Garca’s second home run came off left-handed pitcher Matt Moore, and he hit it in the opposite direction as the first, something the left-handed batter worked on throughout the winter.
  • Garca stated in 2020 that he was attempting to mimic Soto to the greatest extent feasible.
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As Martinez explained it, “he’s attempting to adopt the same strategy up there.” “He’s attempting to move the ball up and away from the middle of the field while remaining focused on the ball and hitting it to left-center field.” However, as you can see, once the ball is in his hands, he is really swift on the inside as well.

Youngest Minor League Players By League In 2021

Josh Norrison contributed to this article. The date is May 7, 2021. Every year on Opening Day, Baseball America loves to take a look at the players who are the youngest in each of the minor leagues at that level. Tradition dictates that we include the big leagues as well, but because MLB Opening Day was almost a month ago, we’re just include the minor leagues this season. The Marlins’ righthanderEury Perez, who turned 18 only a few weeks before Opening Day, holds the record for the youngest player in the minor levels.

League Player Position Organization Age
Triple-A East Wander Franco SS TB 20.18
Triple-A East Luis Garcia SS WAS 20.97
Triple-A East Gabriel Arias SS CLE 21.18
Triple-A East Matthew Liberatore LHP STL 21.49
Triple-A East Deivi Garcia RHP NYY 21.96
Triple-A East Rafael Marchan C PHI 22.19
Triple-A East Isaac Paredes 3B DET 22.21
Triple-A East Drew Waters CF ATL 22.34
Triple-A East Mario Feliciano C MIL 22.45
Triple-A East Jonathan Arauz SS BOS 22.75
League Player Position Organization Age
Triple-A West Ramses Malave C ARI 20.59
Triple-A West Roimer Bolivar CF LAD 21.40
Triple-A West Tucupita Marcano 2B SD 21.63
Triple-A West Jarred Kelenic CF SEA 21.80
Triple-A West Jose Martinez RHP LAD 22.03
Triple-A West Jo Adell CF LAA 22.07
Triple-A West MacKenzie Gore LHP SD 22.19
Triple-A West Ryan Vilade SS COL 22.21
Triple-A West Luis Campusano C SD 22.60
Triple-A West Leody Taveras CF TEX 22.65
League Player Position Organization Age
Double-A Central C.J. Abrams SS SD 20.58
Double-A Central Bobby Witt Jr. SS KC 20.89
Double-A Central Ivan Herrera C STL 20.92
Double-A Central Nolan Gorman 3B STL 20.98
Double-A Central Alek Thomas CF ARI 21.02
Double-A Central Cole Winn RHP TEX 21.44
Double-A Central Geraldo Perdomo SS ARI 21.53
Double-A Central Yefri Del Rosario RHP KC 21.61
Double-A Central Eguy Rosario 2B SD 21.69
Double-A Central Sherten Apostel 3B TEX 22.15
League Player Position Organization Age
Double-A NE Riley Greene OF DET 20.60
Double-A NE Simeon Woods Richardson RHP TOR 20.60
Double-A NE Bo Naylor C CLE 21.20
Double-A NE Elvis Luciano RHP TOR 21.22
Double-A NE Gabriel Moreno C TOR 21.22
Double-A NE Triston Casas 3B BOS 21.30
Double-A NE Joey Cantillo LHP CLE 21.38
Double-A NE Mark Vientos 3B NYM 21.40
Double-A NE Roansy Contreras RHP PIT 21.49
Double-A NE Francisco Morales RHP PHI 21.52
League Player Position Organization Age
Double-A South Jhonnys Cabrera C MIL 18.91
Double-A South Daniel Castillo SS MIL 20.27
Double-A South Brice Turang SS MIL 21.45
Double-A South Victor Vodnik RHP ATL 21.57
Double-A South Hunter Greene RHP CIN 21.74
Double-A South Reid Detmers LHP LAA 21.82
Double-A South Christopher Morel 3B CHC 21.86
Double-A South Shane Baz RHP TB 21.88
Double-A South Max Meyer RHP MIA 22.15
Double-A South Faustino Carrera LHP TB 22.15

2022 Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects Podcast

Josh Norris and Kyle Glaser discuss the Marlins’ farm system in this episode of the Marlins Podcast.

League Player Position Organization Age
High-A Central Joe Naranjo 1B CLE 19.98
High-A Central Aaron Bracho SS CLE 20.03
High-A Central Jose Tena SS CLE 20.12
High-A Central Malcom Nunez 3B STL 20.15
High-A Central Edgar Martinez RHP SD 20.18
High-A Central Brayan Rocchio SS CLE 20.30
High-A Central Andy Pages RF LAD 20.40
High-A Central Carlos Rodriguez OF MIL 20.41
High-A Central George Valera CF CLE 20.47
High-A Central Nathanael Heredia LHP STL 20.65
League Player Position Organization Age
High-A East Matt Allan RHP NYM 20.05
High-A East Ronny Mauricio SS NYM 20.08
High-A East Michael Harris OF ATL 20.16
High-A East Pedro Martinez SS TB 20.26
High-A East Liover Peguero SS PIT 20.34
High-A East Colin Barber OF HOU 20.41
High-A East Quinn Priester RHP PIT 20.63
High-A East Victor Santos RHP PHI 20.81
High-A East Ronny Henriquez RHP TEX 20.87
High-A East Oswald Peraza SS NYY 20.88
League Player Position Organization Age
High-A West Julio Rodriguez RF SEA 20.34
High-A West Adam Kloffenstein RHP TOR 20.69
High-A West Corbin Carroll CF ARI 20.70
High-A West Helcris Olivarez LHP COL 20.74
High-A West Livan Soto SS LAA 20.87
High-A West Leodany Perez 2B ARI 20.97
High-A West Eddy Diaz SS COL 21.22
High-A West Juan Then RHP SEA 21.24
High-A West Drevian Williams-Nelson LF LAA 21.31
High-A West Jordyn Adams CF LAA 21.54
League Player Position Organization Age
Low-A East Evan Carter OF TEX 18.68
Low-A East Yohendrick Pinango OF CHC 18.99
Low-A East Nick Yorke 2B BOS 19.09
Low-A East Luisangel Acuña SS TEX 19.15
Low-A East Bryan Ramos 3B CWS 19.15
Low-A East Gabriel Rodriguez SS CLE 19.20
Low-A East Ed Howard SS CHC 19.26
Low-A East Angel Martinez SS CLE 19.27
Low-A East Omar Hernandez C KC 19.40
Low-A East Joey Estes P KC 19.57
League Player Position Organization Age
Low-A Southeast Eury Perez RHP MIA 18.05
Low-A Southeast Rafael Ohashi RHP TOR 18.57
Low-A Southeast Alexander Mojica 3B PIT 18.75
Low-A Southeast Jose De La Cruz OF DET 18.84
Low-A Southeast Maikol Escotto SS PIT 18.92
Low-A Southeast Jordan Walker 3B STL 18.95
Low-A Southeast Sergio Campana OF PIT 19.10
Low-A Southeast Pete Crow-Armstrong OF NYM 19.11
Low-A Southeast Masyn Winn SS STL 19.12
Low-A Southeast Starlyn Castillo RHP PHI 19.19
League Player Position Organization Age
Low-A West Robert Puason SS OAK 18.64
Low-A West Brayan Buelvas CF OAK 18.90
Low-A West Euribiel Angeles 2B SD 18.98
Low-A West Jose Bonilla SS LAA 19.09
Low-A West Alex De Jesus 2B LAD 19.12
Low-A West Luis Matos OF SF 19.26
Low-A West Zac Veen OF COL 19.39
Low-A West Tyler Soderstrom C OAK 19.44
Low-A West Kyren Paris SS LAA 19.48
Low-A West Noelvi Marte SS SEA 19.55

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Youngest Minor Leaguer? – Society for American Baseball Research

It was written by L. Robert Davids, who is also known as L. Robert Davids. This article was originally published in the Baseball Research Journal in 1972. It is commonly accepted that Tigers coach Joe Schultz was the youngest player ever to participate in a regular O.B. game when he pinchhit for Houston at the end of the 1931 season, just a few days after his 13thbirthday, according to legend. When he was younger, Joe worked as a batboy for the Texas League team, which was managed by his father, Joe Sr.

Joe Schultz, the current Tiger coach, is widely believed to have been the youngest player ever to participate in a regular O.B.

When he was a kid, Joe worked as a batboy for the Texas League team that his father Joe Sr.

The Georgia State League was hosting a game on July 19, 1952, and a 12-year-old Negro child was reported to have taken part in it.

Fitzgerald lost 13-0 in the 8th inning.

Reliford sent a hard ground ball to the third baseman.

The next day, following a meeting of the league’s board of directors, the umpire was sacked and the manager was fined and suspended for five days.

The batboy, who had inadvertently crossed the color line in the Georgia State League, was fired a few days later.

When it came to playing on a more regular basis, Bill Sarni was unquestionably one of the more inexperienced players.

In 1951, he was promoted to the Cardinals’ organization.

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